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  • TV-Y7
  • 2002
  • 1 Season
  • 6.1  (2,750)

Power Rangers Wild Force is a thrilling live-action series from Saban that aired from 2002 to 2003. The show follows a group of young heroes as they fight to protect the planet from evil forces. The series takes place in the fictional city of Turtle Cove, California, where a team of Power Rangers are assembled to protect the Earth from the threat of the Orgs, monstrous creatures who are bent on destroying humanity and taking over the planet. The Power Rangers are led by Cole Evans (played by Ricardo Medina, Jr.), a young man who has come to Turtle Cove in search of his missing parents.

Cole is joined by four other Rangers, each with their own unique powers and abilities. There's Taylor Earhardt (played by Alyson Kiperman), the Yellow Ranger, who is a skilled pilot and martial artist. Max Cooper (played by Phillip Jeanmarie), the Blue Ranger, is a computer genius and expert hacker. Danny Delgado (played by Danny Slavin), the Black Ranger, is a nature lover and animal enthusiast who can communicate with animals. And finally, there's Alyssa Enrile (played by Jessica Rey), the White Ranger, who is a talented artist and empathic healer.

Together, the Power Rangers must use their skills and courage to fight against the Orgs and their leader, the mysterious Master Org. The Rangers are aided in their fight by a wise old sage named Princess Shayla (played by Ann Marie Crouch) and her loyal animal companion, a flying wolf named Animus.

Throughout the series, the Power Rangers face a number of challenges and obstacles as they do battle with the Orgs. They must learn to work together as a team, overcome their differences, and harness the power of their individual abilities to defeat their enemies. Along the way, they grow stronger and more confident, and learn important lessons about friendship, courage, and perseverance.

Power Rangers Wild Force is filled with thrilling action sequences, stunning special effects, and complex characters who are both relatable and inspiring. The show has a strong message of environmentalism, with many episodes focusing on the importance of protecting nature and preserving the planet for future generations.

Overall, Power Rangers Wild Force is a fun and exciting adventure series that will appeal to fans of all ages. With its dynamic characters, exciting storylines, and positive message, it's no surprise that this show has remained popular with viewers for over 20 years.

Power Rangers Wild Force is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (40 episodes). The series first aired on February 9, 2002.

Power Rangers Wild Force
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The End of the Power Rangers: Part 2
40. The End of the Power Rangers: Part 2
November 16, 2002
Rain pounds down as an army of Putrids continues its assault on the city. The powerful Org vines creep across Turtle Cove, strangling the life out of all vegetation. Meanwhile, the Animarium plummets uncontrollably to the Earth. The Teens and Princess Shayla grab onto anything they can to brace themselves as the floating island crash lands in the center of the city, directly on top of Turtle Lake. When the Teens recover from the impact, they look up to see the giant Master Org stalking through the city. Even though they are without Zords and powerless, the Teens agree that they must protect the Earth at all costs. They chase after Master Org, fighting through the army of Putrids the entire way. Suddenly, Cole hears the sound of a child crying. He looks up and sees a little boy stuck on a balcony several stories up. A legion of Putrids is ascending a staircase, heading towards him. It's a seemingly hopeless situation, but just then, Cole's jungle instincts begin to take over. He rips off his shirt, grabs onto an Org vine, and swings himself up the building, landing on the little boy's balcony. Just as the Putrids arrive, Cole picks up the child and swings down to safety. Inspired by Cole's act of heroism, the other Teens, battered from their battle with the Putrids, pick themselves up and follow Cole as he swings off in pursuit of Master Org. The Teens make it to a rooftop where they're able to square off face to face with Master Org. Knowing that they're powerless against him, Master Org toys with the Teens. As the Org giant prepares to destroy the Teens, they stand up to him defiantly, saying that they're still Guardians of the Earth, with or without their powers, and that they'll continue fighting with every last breath. Suddenly, bright orbs of light illuminate the dark sky. They swirl all around Master Org, and chase the Putrids through the streets, zapping them into oblivion and causing the sun to come out again. The orb
The End of the Power Rangers: Part 1
39. The End of the Power Rangers: Part 1
November 16, 2002
The teens and the Princess throw a victory party in the Animarium realizing that their long-fought battle is finally over. They take some time to reflect with sadness upon their time together and realize that their days as a team are over, and it's time to move on with their lives. Without warning, evil vines begin to grow around the city of Turtle Cove strangling the life out of the vegetation they touch. The Teens are shocked to find the source of it - Master Org. His metamorphosis complete, Master Org is more powerful than ever with a new body, which he uses to effortlessly beat the Power Rangers. As he grows giant sized, Animus arrives to do battle with him. Merrick joins Animus in his battle with his Predazord but Master Org is far too powerful for them and destroys both Megazords, destroying Merrick's Zords and Lunar Wolf powers, and severely injuring Animus, turning him back into his avatar - Kite. Merrick takes Kite and retreats with the other Rangers onto the Animarium in the sky, with Master Org in pursuit. In the Temple, Kite offers some last words of encouragement and fades away into light leaving the Rangers to fight Master Org on their own. Master Org arrives on the Animarium and starts destroying the Wild Zords one by one. Unwilling to give up, the Rangers and the remaining Wild Zords fight with all they've got against Master Org to protect the Animarium, but are not enough. Master Org destroys all the Wild Zords and the Rangers' powers, before crippling the Animarium, sending it plummeting back down to Earth. Master Org arrives back in the city and turns day into night. Rain falls down from the sky, making the Org vines grow even more and worsening the plight of nature, as Master Org walks through the city unopposed.
Sealing the Nexus
38. Sealing the Nexus
As Jindrax and Toxica catch up, Jindrax tells her that Master Org is back and has captured the Princess. Toxica realizes that Master Org is after the Princess' necklace because of the great power it holds. She tells Jindrax that with the power of the necklace, they'll never be safe from Master Org. Meanwhile, the Rangers search by ground and air for the hidden Nexus, where they hope to find the Princess. In the Nexus, the Princess tries to convince Master Org that he once had good in him and can still be redeemed, but to no avail. As the Teens continue their search, they're surprised to come across Jindrax and Toxica, who tell them that they've come to help them rescue the Princess. The Teens are suspicious, but realize they have no other leads. Toxica tells them that the Nexus is a maze that only Orgs can navigate, and that Master Org put up a force field to hide the Nexus and prevent anyone from rescuing the Princess. The force field is generated by three statues. Once they're destroyed, Jindrax and Toxica can enter the Nexus and rescue the Princess. Meanwhile, Master Org sets his plan in motion, charging the Org Heart with the power of the Princess' necklace, and the Org Spirit Gate. The Rangers split up and search for the three generator statues, but are surprised when the ghosts of the defeated Org Generals, Nayzor, Mandilok, and Retinax appear to defend them. In the Nexus, Master Org takes the powered up Org Heart and swallows it where it glows red, beating in his chest. The battle is tough, and the Rangers are finally able to destroy the generator statues, but the Ghost Generals still remain. As the force field disappears, Jindrax and Toxica quietly sneak into the Nexus that has begun to shake and crumble. Master Org continues to sit in a trance, oblivious to all that's going on around him. Jindrax and Toxica finally locate the Princess and break her out of her prison cell. As they race to escape, they enter the main chamber of
Fishing for a Friend
37. Fishing for a Friend
November 2, 2002
In the Nexus, Master Org prepares for something diabolical as he places a strange artifact, the "Org Heart" on an altar. Meanwhile, Jindrax, hiding from Master Org in an abandoned warehouse, grips Nayzor's mirror tightly, wishing Toxica were still with him. Suddenly, a voice echoes from deep within the mirror. It's Toxica communicating with Jindrax from the spirit world. She tells him that the power that sent her there can bring her back, adding that she's counting on him. Jindrax stands up with a new sense of purpose, determined not to let Toxica down. He remembers that it was the Rangers' Jungle Blaster that destroyed her, and realizes he needs to find a way for the Rangers to use it again so he can power up Toxica's horn and rescue her. Before he can do that, Jindrax figures that he needs more equipment to enact his plan and heads off to a sporting goods store to buy a fishing rod and reel. Back in the Temple Ruins, as the Teens discuss how to find and rescue Princess Shayla, the pond bubbles signifying the presence of a new Org. The Rangers arrive on the scene and confront the Locomotive Org. Seeing the Rangers occupied with another Org, Jindrax is relieved that he doesn't need to fight them himself in order to power up Toxica's horn, but becomes worried again as the Locomotive Org appears to be winning the battle. The Rangers are helpless against the powerful Org, and Jindrax realizes there's only one thing he can do...he attacks the Locomotive Org himself, holding it back, and begging the Rangers to finish it off. The Rangers seize the opportunity and form the Jungle Blaster. As the blast is fired at the Org, Jindrax thrusts Toxica's severed horn into its path, powering it up. The Rangers thank Jindrax for his help, but he tells them he was only helping himself and tosses magic beans at the destroyed Locomotive Org, making it grow. The Rangers call upon the Wild Force Megazord to battle the giant Org as Jin
The Master's Herald: Part 2
36. The Master's Herald: Part 2
Jindrax contemplates how Toxica was betrayed by the Orgs and wonders if there's anyone left he can trust. Meanwhile, as Merrick and the others discuss how they let the Princess down, an image of Onikage appears before the Teens, ordering them to meet him in the Rock Quarry if they ever want to see the Princess again. When the Rangers arrive in the quarry, they see Mandilok, Onikage, and the captured Princess Shayla standing high above them. Onikage uses a ninja trick to create shadow images of the Rangers that turn and attack them. Mandilok is impressed by Onikage's shadows, but is shocked when Onikage reveals that the whole time, he has been serving his true master, Master Org. With renewed powers and an authentic Org horn, Master Org steps forward and destroys Mandilok. Jindrax, realizing he's next, grabs Princess Shayla and teleports away. The Rangers use this distraction to escape as well. Master Org calls out to Jindrax, promising forgiveness if he returns with the Princess, but sends Onikage after him anyway. Deep in the forest, Princess Shayla tries to comfort a distraught and confused Jindrax. Realizing there's nowhere he can hide, Jindrax decides to bring his prisoner back to Master Org, but just then, he's ambushed by Onikage who beats him soundly despite the Master's promise of forgiveness. Onikage grabs the Princess and joins Master Org, who has located the Rangers and sent the shadows after them again. Suddenly, Jindrax appears, ranting about how evil the Orgs are for betraying Toxica and destroying one of their own kind. Master Org tells Onikage to put Jindrax out of his misery. Onikage prepares to use his ninja trick and destroy Jindrax with his own shadow, but just as the attack comes, Jindrax cowers behind Nayzor's mirror, deflecting the energy back at Onikage, creating an Onikage shadow. The Rangers take this opportunity to destroy the Ninja Duke Org, but the battle isn't over. Master Org tosses his magic be
The Master's Herald: Part 1
35. The Master's Herald: Part 1
October 19, 2002
Duke Org Onikage arrives in the Nexus with a plan to infiltrate the Rangers' Animarium and capture Princess Shayla.
Forever Red
34. Forever Red
Buried beneath the surface of the Moon lies the dreaded Serpenterra - the most powerful Zord ever built. For years it has remained undisturbed, but now the forces of evil have finally rediscovered this colossal terror. The remaining forces of the evil Machine Empire, under the command of General Venjix, have discovered this weapon of great destructive power and are preparing to unleash it on the people of the Earth once again. But already, the forces of good are preparing to stop them. Under the command of the great veteran Red Zeo Ranger - Tommy, the mightiest team of superheroes ever gathered is assembling. From every group of Power Rangers on Earth, and even those across the galaxy, the leaders of their teams are banding together to form the Earth's last line of defense against the threat of Serpenterra. Commemorating, the tenth year anniversary of Power Rangers, all ten Red Rangers from the series' history unite. This time, taking the battle to the enemies and ridding the galaxy of the menace of the Machine Empire and Serpenterra once and for all.
The Soul of Humanity
33. The Soul of Humanity
October 5, 2002
On the Animarium, the Rangers discover the slumbering Princess and lament the loss of their Zords and mentor, while back on Earth, the Orgs prepare for their final assault and send the Toy Org to attack a nearby factory. The downtrodden Rangers are reluctant to go back into action, knowing that they cannot win without their Zords. Thanks to a pep talk from Alyssa, the Rangers all rally together and charge back into action, determined to protect the Earth until their last breath.Merrick, distraught over how the Zords and the Princess are gone, wanders back to the ancient warriors' tombstone looking for guidance. As he wonders what he can do, Kite appears at the tombstone and tells Merrick that since he is not from this modern time, he is not responsible for the crimes of modern humans. A ray of light appears in the sky and Kite offers to take Merrick with him to live with the Wild Zords in peace if he chooses to forsake this world.The Rangers continue their losing battle against the ferocious Toy Org. Toy Org's assault brings down the roof of the factory trapping a worker and young girl underneath some girders, while the other workers flee in panic. Mandilok taunts the Rangers telling them to watch the true nature of humans, tripping over each other, fleeing in the face of danger, leaving others behind, only caring about themselves. Suddenly the workers return with rescue equipment and get to work freeing the trapped workers. The Rangers tell Mandilok that is the true soul of humanity, that people make mistakes but still have the inner heart to help each other out in times of need. And because of that heart, the Orgs will never succeed in defeating humanity.Merrick and Kite hear the entire exchange on the Lunar Caller. Merrick tells Kite that he will always view Animus as a friend, but now his new friends - the people of this time need him. Merrick tells him that he cannot abandon them, and that without Zords all humans have to rely upon is each other. Merrick ru
Monitoring Earth
32. Monitoring Earth
September 28, 2002
In the Nexus, Mandilok realizes just how powerful Kite is and decides that he needs to recruit him onto his side. Meanwhile, the Rangers and Princess Shayla watch in confusion as Kite stares in wonder at Max's old TV, watching news reports about the environment, unable to take his eyes off the screen. When Taylor gently asks him if he sees anything familiar, Kite, upset, fires question after question at her, inquiring how humans can allow the Earth to be polluted and entire animal species to become extinct. Taylor snaps at Kite and tells him that he is just a kid and shouldn't be talking in such a way prompting Kite to run away. The other Rangers, worried about him, search for Kite while Taylor waits for him up on the Animarium. Kite wanders around Turtle Cove surveying everyday pollution with great sadness. Eventually Kite bumps into Mandilok, Jindrax, and Toxica who take him to a landfill where Mandilok explains to Kite how all humans do is create trash and pollute the planet with it. Orgs are the result of this carelessness as they are born from the humans' trash. While his words sink in to Kite, they watch as from a pile of garbage the Monitor Org is born. Monitor Org uses his powers to display himself on any monitor and suck anybody who is watching into his own dimension. He appears on the monitors in the office of a computer company, sucking in several employees, and then visits a soccer stadium on the big screen, sucking in all of the players and fans. The Rangers arrive at the stadium to stop him and are shocked to see Kite with the Orgs. Kite tells them that the Rangers aren't worthy of protecting the Earth and that he will not return to them. As the Rangers battle the Monitor Org, a large SUV gets blown off the ground and tumbles towards Kite, who stuns everyone by stopping the vehicle from colliding with him by raising one hand. Finally, the Rangers defeat the Monitor Org, releasing all of the people it captured, but Toxica quickly makes it grow to
Taming of the Zords
31. Taming of the Zords
September 28, 2002
On the Animarium, Kite watches in the magic pond as Princess Shayla and Merrick play for the Deer Zord. Kite tells Max that he feels like he's been friends with Merrick for a very long time. Meanwhile, Jindrax and Toxica, come across the Lion Tamer Org who unsuccessfully tries to tame an alley cat. Disappointed, they don't see how this weak Org could do them any good, but the Lion Tamer Org assures them that the cat he was trying to tame was too small. He can only tame big animals. Toxica realizes that they can recruit the Lion Tamer Org and use his ability to tame the Wild Zords. The Rangers are alerted to the presence of an Org, and rush to the plaza to confront it. After the Lion Tamer Org forces Alyssa to jump through a hoop, and trains the other Rangers to "sit," Toxica surmises that if the Lion Tamer Org were bigger, he could tame even larger animals. She shoves a handful of her magic beans into his mouth, and the Org grows to giant size. The Rangers then summon their Wild Zords to compete with the overgrown Lion Tamer Org, but he quickly takes control over them and forms the Wild Force Megazord. As the Wild Force Megazord attacks the Rangers, Lunar Wolf arrives in his Predazord to defend them. After the Predazord defeats the Wild Force Megazord it goes after the Lion Tamer Org. The Org tries to gain control of the Predazord, but realizes it can't because the Predazord is inhabited by a pilot. Instead, Lion Tamer forces the WF Megazord back onto its feet. The Rangers decide to counter, by summoning the Kongazord Striker. The Rangers in the Kongazord try to subdue the WF Megazord without hurting it, but have a tough time standing up to the Megazord's attacks. Jindrax and Toxica take the role of sports announcers and commentate on the battle as if they were watching a boxing match. Lion Tamer Org then summons the Elephant and Giraffe Zords, combining them with the Megazord in "Sword and Shield" mode, and then switching to
Team Carnival
30. Team Carnival
September 21, 2002
While walking through the city, Max bumps into Kite, who is running from an angry street vendor he stole an apple from. Max gives the apple back to the vendor, and tells Kite that stealing is wrong. When he realizes that Kite only steals food because he's hungry and has nothing to eat, Max decides to take him back up to the Animarium to get him some food. Meanwhile in the Nexus, after yet another gaff, Jindrax, feeling worthless, decides to branch out on his own and form his own team with his brother Juggelo - Team Carnival. After getting a bite to eat on the Animarium, the Teens decide that they need to help Kite find his family. Max volunteers to take Kite back to the city to start looking for his parents, and Taylor reluctantly agrees to go along "to babysit the two kids." As the three of them happen to wander by an amusement park, Kite tells them that he thinks he might remember where he lives if they go inside. Max excitedly agrees as Taylor reluctantly follows. In the park, it becomes clear that Max and Kite are only there to have fun. As Taylor half-heartedly follows the "kids" from ride to ride, getting sick on a roller coaster, she doesn't realize she's being followed by "Team Carnival." Jindrax and Juggelo disguised in Rabbit and Panda costumes repeatedly try to attack the Yellow Ranger by surprise, but fail each time. Finally, the two Orgs decide to try for an easier target, finally managing to trap Kite on a ride. Max and Taylor battle Jindrax and Juggelo, trying to rescue Kite, but are forced to drop their weapons in order to preserve Kite's safety. Finally, in the nick of time, the other three Rangers arrive, carrying brand new weapons - the components of the Jungle Blaster. They rescue Kite from the Orgs and give Taylor and Max their new weapons, the Armadillo Puck and Sword of Pardolis. The Rangers then combine their weapons and use the Jungle Blaster to destroy Juggelo. Jindrax, distraught, uses Tox
The Flute
29. The Flute
October 21, 2002
As Merrick and Princess Shayla perform their daily song for the Deer Zord, down below in Turtle Cove people have mixed reactions about the song. As Kite listens to it, the song hits a chord deep inside himself that not even he understands as tears stream down his face. Mandilok is infuriated by the song and cannot enjoy his breakfast because of it. Meanwhile, an Org spirit inhabits a flute in a music shop, becoming the Flute Org. Determined to not be outdone by Merrick's flute playing, the Flute starts piping his own song.Up on the Animarium, Merrick and the Princess hear the awful tune and the Princess mistakes it for Merrick's playing. As the two argue about where the sound came from, the argument quickly degenerates into an issue over Merrick's "Lone Wolf" attitude towards the team. Leaving in a huff, the two decide not to play their song together for the Deer Zord anymore. Impressed by the Flute Org's song, Mandilok recruits the Flute, who is able to control children and make them dance. He then powers the musical Org up, so that it's able to force everyone in the world to dance.Worried about Kite, Cole searches the city for him and finally catches up with him. The two bond over some ice cream as Cole learns that the boy does not remember his parents or where he came from. Meanwhile downtown, the Flute Org appears and causes a crowd of people to dance uncontrollably to his song. The Rangers show up, but before they can stop the Org, it causes them to dance as well. Merrick arrives on the Animarium and apologizes to the Princess for his stand-offish attitude. He explains how he has a very difficult time adjusting to the modern world and memories of the past still haunt him. Being on the Animarium reminds him of all of his long deceased friends from 3000 years ago.The two reconcile and go down to Earth to play their song to counteract the Flute Org's song. Their song lures the Deer Zord down to the city who uses his deer healing ability to break
28. Homecoming
September 14, 2002
Jindrax and Toxica lead their new master, the Org General Mandilok, to their base of operations - the Nexus. They return to find a sea of rubble covering the floor of the Nexus, all that remains of the other Org Generals that were imprisoned in statues. Realizing Mandilok is the only Org General left, he decides his position as leader of the Orgs is secure, and adds to his followers by discovering two remaining statues hidden in a corner of the Nexus. From them he releases the Duke Orgs Helicos and Artilla and sets off to go destroy the city of Turtle Cove above them. While wandering through town, Cole meets a young boy named Kite who is stealing food from a construction site. Cole tries to help Kite find his home, but the boy doesn't want his help, and runs away. The Rangers sense a new Org in the city, and come face to face with Mandilok for the first time. Mandilok declares that he shall eat everything that humans built and rid their legacy from the Earth. Toying with the Rangers, Mandilok and his Dukes quickly defeat them. As Cole searches the city for Kite, he finds that Mandilok and his Duke Orgs have the child cornered. Cole sacrifices his Savage Cycle as he selflessly tries to protect Kite from them. After regrouping on the Animarium, the Rangers decide to get the help of the Lunar Wolf Ranger and go after the new Orgs while Princess Shayla searches for Kite. The Rangers succeed in finding Mandilok, but now, they receive no help from their Wild Zords as if something is blocking their Zords from hearing them. Meanwhile in a nearby construction yard, Princess Shayla tries to find the homeless Kite so she can take him to safety. Attempting to lure the boy with food, Princess Shayla unexpectedly also attracts the glutton Mandilok who demands she give him her food. The Lunar Wolf Ranger rushes to their aid, and manages to repel Mandilok, who leaves to aid his Duke Orgs. As Mandilok orders Jindrax and Toxica to make Artilla and Helicos grow, the Rangers atte
Unfinished Business
27. Unfinished Business
September 14, 2002
In the dark forest, the three pieces of the broken Mask of Zen-Aku whisk together and recombine. The mask levitates, surging with renewed evil energy. The next day, Merrick practices his Lunar Break on the pool table at Willie's Roadhouse. He hits the familiar 3-ball formation with practiced accuracy and the balls careen into the pockets. Watching, Willie tells Merrick he's going to teach him a new shot. He picks up a cue and then pointing it straight down at the cue ball, hits it with so much English, it lands in front of Merrick, spins in place, then suddenly pops up at him. Merrick catches the ball just inches from his face. As Willie re-racks the balls, preparing for a game, a gust of wind blows through Merrick's hair, alerting him to danger. As Merrick races towards the source of the wind, he is stopped in his tracks by the haunting sound of a familiar old melody. Merrick looks up to see Zen-Aku appear in a tunnel, playing his flute and walking towards him. The magic pond alerts Princess Shayla to Zen-Aku's presence. She quickly calls the other Teens, telling them that Merrick is in trouble. Merrick and Zen-Aku engage in battle. Merrick quickly morphs, but is still no match for Zen-Aku's renewed powers. The other Teens arrive on the scene and are shocked by what they see. Max remarks that he thought Merrick was Zen-Aku. The Teens prepare to morph, but Lunar Wolf yells out to them to stay out of it, it's his fight not theirs. The Teens respect Lunar Wolf's wishes, but when Zen-Aku is about to finish him off, Alyssa can't help herself. She morphs and carries Lunar Wolf to safety, jumping off of the cliff, into the water below. Climbing out of the water, Merrick is irate that Alyssa interfered. He calls for his Savage Cycle and rides off, leaving her behind. As the other Rangers battle Zen-Aku, Lunar Wolf rides up on his bike. He charges straight for Zen-Aku, jumping off at the last minute with a spectacular drop kick, just
The Master's Last Stand
26. The Master's Last Stand
August 10, 2002
The long-lost scientist Dr. Viktor Adler reappears in Turtle Cove. Seeking information from this former colleague of Cole's parents, Cole and the Rangers go to the hospital to meet him but are captured instead. Viktor Adler reveals himself as Master Org and explains his connection to Cole's parents. 20 years ago Cole's mother, father, and Dr. Adler were colleagues researching the fabled ancient kingdom of Animaria. Dr. Adler, jealous of the love between Cole's parents, plotted to kill them both while on an expedition in the Amazon rain forest after discovering the remains of the original Master Org. Cole's mother hid the baby in the jungle before Dr. Adler could kill her along with her husband. Thus Cole was eventually discovered by a local tribe of natives and raised by them. Cole morphs into the Red Ranger and fights Master Org in an epic duel, eventually using his Animarian Armor to defeat the villain. When Master Org begs for Cole to kill him and end his misery, Cole shows him mercy and leaves him be. When Master Org meets up with Jindrax and Toxica, he discovers they have discovered and freed the powerful Org General Mandilok. Realizing he is a human, the three Orgs turn on him with Mandilok sending him flying off a cliff to his apparent death. But as the three Orgs walk away Viktor Adler's body begins a strange transformation...
Reinforcements from the Future: Part 2
25. Reinforcements from the Future: Part 2
September 3, 2002
The Wild Force Rangers, Wes, and Eric, are reinforced in their battle against the Mut-Orgs when the Power Rangers Time Force travel back in time to the present in order to stop the Mut-Orgs for good. The Time Force Rangers reunited join the Wild Force Rangers on the Animarium along with Ransik and Nadira. Jen, skeptical of Ransik, must put aside their past and accept his help in dealing with the Mut-Orgs. Ransik tells of how in the distant future while he was still angry at the world, he freed the three Mut-Orgs and allowed them to merge with his own mutant DNA so they could threaten humanity. The three Mut-Orgs join forces with Master Org, recognizing him as the 'true Master.' Together, they attack the Turtle Cove power plant, seeking to cause an environmental disaster to create an army of Orgs to rule the future. The combined Ranger teams, Ransik, and Nadira battle it out with the Mut-Orgs. During the battle, Ransik sacrifices himself to negate their mutant DNA powers. The Mut-Orgs now weakened are destroyed by the Rangers and Ransik is miraculously cured from his unstable mutations for good. The two teams of Power Rangers join together for a victory party on the Animarium.
Reinforcements from the Future: Part 1
24. Reinforcements from the Future: Part 1
July 27, 2002
Three fugitive Mut-Orgs from the year 3001 travel back in time to help Master Org change history. The Wild Force Rangers team up with the Silver Guardians, Wes, and Eric, to battle these Mut-Orgs. Meanwhile across town, a mysterious cloaked agent from the future tracks the fugitive Mut-Orgs from the shadows. In the future, Time Force Rangers Lucas, Katie, and Trip seek help stopping the rogue Mut-Orgs from their former enemies Ransik and Nadira. When the Wild Force Rangers, Time Force Red Ranger and Quantum Ranger lose badly in battle against the Mut-Orgs, they are saved at the last second by the mysterious cloaked agent - Time Force super-cop Jen, the Pink Time Force Ranger!
The Wings of Animaria
23. The Wings of Animaria
July 20, 2002
Using Nayzor's crown, Master Org, Super Jindrax, and Super Toxica resurrect Nayzor as Super Nayzor to fight the Power Rangers. In a devastating battle, Super Nayzor badly injures Taylor, Alyssa, Max, and Danny. Retreating back to the Animarium, Cole and Merrick are the only Rangers left able to fight the Orgs. While they go to Turtle Cove to fight Super Nayzor, the other four comatose Rangers enter a dream state where they hover between life and death. There they are guided by a mysterious boy of regal bearing who tests them to unlock the previously unknown Zord that has slumbered on the Animarium for 3000 years - the Falcon Zord. Using their brains and courage to solve the puzzle of the Falcon, they return to good health with the Falcon powers to augment Cole. Cole unlocks the Animarian Armor mode and uses his new Falcon Summoner to defeat Super Nayzor with his friends' help.
Sing Song
22. Sing Song
July 13, 2002
Believed to be dead by the modern world, Master Org finds his tombstone in a cemetery in Turtle Cove and creates the Tombstone Org from it. While battling it, the Rangers discover the Deer Zord in the wild - a wild beast that recognizes Merrick, but has sore feelings toward him. Princess Shayla explains that 3000 years ago, every morning she would sing to the Deer Zord while Merrick played his flute for it, and it is probably upset that nobody has sang to him since. Merrick and Princess Shayla reunite to play their song for the Deer Zord to entice it into helping the Rangers finish the Tombstone Org.
A Father's Footsteps
21. A Father's Footsteps
July 6, 2002
Alyssa's father comes to Turtle Cove to visit his daughter. Disappointed that she has apparently neglected the family's tradition of practicing martial arts, he scolds her. Alyssa pleads with him to allow her to focus on her own path in life by going to Turtle Cove University and studying environmental science instead of taking over the family dojo. But when the Rangers battle Samurai Org, Alyssa's father sees the White Ranger expertly use martial arts techniques he taught his daughter. He realizes that his daughter has honored his teachings while seeking her own path.
Three's a Crowd
20. Three's a Crowd
June 29, 2002
The Rangers must battle Wedding Dress Org to save brides from being turned into mannequins as Danny competes with another man for the affections of his true love Kendall. Worried that he can't compete with his wealthy rival for Kendall's affections, Danny finds his confidence waning. But when Kendall tells Danny that she cares about him over her other suitor, Danny is invigorated with enough strength to take on an army of Orgs by himself.
The Tornado Spin
19. The Tornado Spin
June 15, 2002
Max must convince his former bowling mentor, Don, to help the Rangers defeat the powerful Bowling Org. Max reflects how he had to give up an opportunity to learn from Don before when he was recruited to become a Power Ranger. Believing Max is a quitter, Don refuses to teach him his famous tornado spin. After watching Max dedicate himself to practicing, Don finally believes Max is sincere and has matured as a person. He relents and teaches Max his famous Tornado Spin that helps the Rangers defeat the Bowling Org.
Secrets and Lies
18. Secrets and Lies
June 8, 2002
Alyssa and Cole seek information about Cole's parents at the library. Before they could find relevant information, they are called by the other Rangers to fight Org monsters. During the battle, Cole is injured and develops amnesia. Just when the teens find Cole on a farm, they are attacked by Orgs. Cole finally recovers his memory after defeating the Orgs. Later, the kids learn that Cole's parents are presumed dead when they discover their grave stones. But Cole takes heart as his tombstone is right next to his parents, and after all he turned out to be alive after being presumed dead. Elsewhere, Jindrax and Toxica discover Master Org's shocking secret - that he is a human pretending to be an Org. Also he is the missing person in the photo Cole carries with him of his parents and himself as a baby. When Jindrax and Toxica revolt against Master Org, the Master uses his powers to enslave them into mindless fighting machines as Super Jindrax and Super Toxica.
Power Play
17. Power Play
June 1, 2002
Merrick adjusts to life in the 21st century and defends a rural road stop from a band of punks. The kind owner, Willie takes in Merrick and gives him a job and a place to stay; along with some new clothes! Jindrax plots to become a general but is beaten to the punch when Necronomica, the new Org General, appears. Lunar Wolf Ranger arrives in the nick of time, rescuing the others from Necronomica and the new Org, Karaoke Org. Necronomica, defeated, reverts back to her true form - Toxica. She confides to Jindrax that she posed as an Org General so that they could branch out on their own and not have to live in fear of Master Org. Meanwhile, Princess Shayla has a heart-to-heart talk with Merrick. Merrick however refuses to live with the other Rangers on the Animarium, and assures the Rangers that if they ever need his help the wind will let him know.
The Lone Wolf
16. The Lone Wolf
May 18, 2002
The Rangers break the curse of Zen-Aku and now with his memory restored and the evil spell finally broken, Merrick must decide whether to team up with the Rangers or remain on his own. Seeking to trick Jindrax and Toxica, Merrick asks them to take him to Master Org. Master Org and Nayzor see through his trick and strike him down. Master Org takes the four stolen Animal Crystals that Merrick took from the Rangers while he was Zen-Aku to create Quadra Org. The Rangers battle Quadra Org and Merrick risks life and limb to help them. Zen-Aku's Animal Crystals, moved by Merrick's courage, rush to his aid and give him the powers of the Lunar Wolf Ranger. Merrick uses the Predazord to help the Rangers destroy Quadra Org. Nayzor tries to retreat with the Animal Crystals but Merrick intercepts the General Org and destroys him regaining the Animal Crystals. Merrick returns the crystals to the Rangers but refuses to join them as part of the Wild Force team, much to the surprise of the Power Rangers and Princess Shayla.
The Ancient Warrior
15. The Ancient Warrior
May 11, 2002
With his memory blocked, Zen-Aku obediently turns the Rangers' stolen crystals over to Nayzor who then orders Zen-Aku to destroy the Rangers. During a lunar eclipse, Zen-aku temporarily returns to his human form of Merrick. He tells the Rangers about his journey from good to evil - 3000 years ago Merrick placed a Wolf Mask on his face in order to defeat Master Org but discovered he couldn't remove it. As the mask begins to turn him into Zen-Aku, Merrick begs the other Ancient Warriors to destroy him. Their hearts wouldn't let them do it, so they entombed him instead. The Rangers and Princess Shayla realize that the Moon is what gives Zen-Aku his power. Armed with this new knowledge, the Rangers set out to break the spell over Merrick once and for all.
Identity Crisis
14. Identity Crisis
May 4, 2002
Depressed after losing four of the Animal Crystals to Zen-Aku, the teens decide to reclaim their crystals. Using their Wild Force Megazord, the Rangers confront Zen-Aku. Attaching his newly acquired Bear Zords to the Predazord, Zen-Aku attacks the heroes when a mysterious figure appears from the sky and pleads with Zen-Aku to remember his past. After the battle, Zen-Aku reflects upon the mysterious person when Nayzor approaches him and tricks him into opening a box containing a fly that blocks his memory. It doesn't take long for the teens to discover that Zen-Aku is really an ancient Animarian warrior named Merrick.
Revenge of Zen-Aku
13. Revenge of Zen-Aku
April 27, 2002
While Zen-Aku kidnaps Princess Shayla, Taylor is confronted by an Org she couldn't defeat during her first assignment as a Ranger. Shaken by her experience, Taylor nevertheless helps the Rangers rescue the Princess but they are later defeated by Zen-Aku when he uses their own captured Zords against them. Making matters worse, Zen-Aku successfully steals Taylor's Bear Crystals.
Predazord, Awaken
12. Predazord, Awaken
April 20, 2002
Max is forced to hand over his Giraffe Crystal to Toxica in exchange for the safety of the passengers riding an out of control bus with no driver. Max and Alyssa evacuate the passengers from the bus just as it transforms into the newest Org, Bus Org. The Rangers fight fiercely to retrieve the crystal only to have it stolen by Zen-Aku who combines his Dark Wild Zords to form the powerful Predazord.
Battle of the Zords
11. Battle of the Zords
April 13, 2002
Princess Shayla tends to the Rangers' wounds after their disastrous battle with the evil Wolf Duke Org Zen-Aku. Saddened that her crystal was stolen, Alyssa secretly leaves her friends in search for her it. Meanwhile, Nayzor confronts Zen-Aku and demands the Elephant Crystal. The defiant Zen-Aku declares that he will no longer take orders from Nayzor or Master Org. Later, the Rangers join Alyssa in her search for her crystal and confront Zen-Aku. Zen-Aku, however, reveals that he controls three Dark Wild Zords of his own.
Curse of the Wolf
10. Curse of the Wolf
April 6, 2002
Using his magical staff, Master Org transforms an ancient stone statue into Nayzor, a powerful Org general. Under orders from Master Org, Nayzor releases the wolf-like Duke Org Zen-Aku from the tomb that has imprisoned him for the past 3000 years. Zen-Aku proceeds to attack and defeat the Rangers and steals the Elephant Zord Crystal.
Soul Bird Salvation
9. Soul Bird Salvation
March 30, 2002
Jindrax and Toxica find the Org General Retinax wandering along some train tracks. Retinax was Master Org's bodyguard 3000 years ago and has wandered the Earth in shame ever since he failed to prevent his destruction. Toxica is happy to see a former confidante of Master Org as he can confirm whether Master Org is an impostor or not. While the Rangers wait for the Soul Bird egg to hatch, they are sent to stop the Freezer Org. As Retinax joins in the battle, the Power Rangers face their toughest fight yet. When the Soul Egg finally hatches, the Soul Bird arrives to help the Rangers defeat Freezer Org and Retinax. Badly injured from the battle, Retinax climbs up out of a pile of rubble to see Master Org awaiting him. Retinax does not recognize him, but before he can say anything else Master Org destroys the wounded Org General.
Soul Searching
8. Soul Searching
March 23, 2002
With the Red Lion Zord injured, Cole and the rest of the Rangers go on a quest to find the mythical Soul Bird - an elusive creature from ancient times that had the power to heal the Wild Zords. Jindrax and Toxica recruit the Bull Dozer Org to level the forest before the Rangers can find the bird. When Toxica makes the Org grow, Red Lion risks it all to help the Rangers by jumping into battle despite his injury. When Red Lion is hurt again in battle, the other Rangers engage in battle with Jindrax, Toxica, and the Putrids while Cole runs through the jungle in search of the Soul Bird. On his own, Cole comes face to face with the Master Org. Master Org attacks Cole. In the battle, Cole's photo of himself as a baby and his parents falls from his pocket. Master Org is shocked to see the photo and as he picks it up he begins to recall sketchy memories of his own past where he chased Cole's parents and baby through a jungle. As Master Org used his vine powers on Cole's parents, it is unclear what happened to them next. Cole snatches back his photo from Master Org just as the Soul Bird appears to them both. Master Org zaps the Soul Bird causing it to flee. Taunting Cole, Master Org informs him that the Soul Bird never appears twice and thus the Lion is history. From the depths of the jungle, the Gorilla Zord rushes into battle helping the other Wild Zords fight the Bull Dozer Org. Combining with the Gorilla, the Wild Zords form the Kongazord and defeat the Org. As the Rangers lament their missed chance to find the Soul Bird, they discover its nest and find a Soul Bird egg inside it. Finding new hope, the Rangers take it back to the Animarium as Cole comments how this Soul Bird in the egg, much like himself, will never know its mother.
The Bear Necessities
7. The Bear Necessities
March 16, 2002
Taylor meets two mysterious twins dressed in white and black sneaking around her old Air Force Base. Taylor reflects on how she discovered the Animarium one year ago and has been considered Missing In Action since. When she battles the Cell Phone Org, gobbling up people's cell phones, she is injured in battle but is saved by the two mysterious twin boys. While the other Rangers are forced to fight the Cell Phone Org without their powers, Taylor helps the two twin boys sneak back into the military base and retrieves two flowers for them. Rewarding her for her bravery, the two boys reveal themselves to be the long lost Polar Bear and Black Bear Wild Zords. They combine with the Megazord and allow the Rangers to defeat the Cell Phone Org. Unfortunately their raw power is too much for the Red Lion and the Megazord disengages. The Rangers are left wondering how to cure the injured Red Lion Zord.
Wishes on the Water
6. Wishes on the Water
March 9, 2002
Alyssa reads Max and Danny a fairy tale book about a person who throws a bottle with a wish written on a note inside into Turtle Lake to have the wish granted. Meanwhile the Rangers embark on a battle with the Ship Org. Max has recurring visions of the Megazord in battle and hears a mysterious voice telling him to use the 'Spear of Pardolis.' Princess Shayla tells Max Pardolis was an ancient warrior from the days of Animaria. Telling Max that this refers to a Wild Zord calling out to him, she instructs Max to open his heart and call out to the Giraffe Wild Zord. Heeding Max's call for help, the Giraffe Zord awakens and combines with the Megazord.
Ancient Awakening
5. Ancient Awakening
March 2, 2002
On a class field trip to some nearby caves for her archaeology class, Alyssa discovers a symbol on a cave wall that matches her Ranger belt buckle. Princess Shayla and Cole accompany Alyssa down to Earth to investigate, but the Tire Org captures Princess Shayla and speeds off with her. To help the Rangers catch up with this high speed Org, the Wild Zords transform into Savage Cycles - sophisticated living motorcycles for the Power Rangers to ride on. While the Tire Org grows giant-size to fight the Rangers' Megazord, Jindrax and Toxica take Princess Shayla to Master Org in the cave with the symbol. Master Org commands Princess Shayla to release the Wild Zord trapped by the symbol, but the Princess says only the Wild Zord can choose who can release it from the cave. Alyssa arrives to rescue Princess Shayla and the Elephant Zord trapped in the cave chooses to give its Animal Crystal to Alyssa. Alyssa summons the Elephant Zord to combine with the Megazord allowing the Rangers to defeat the Tire Org. Princess Shayla and the Rangers realize there are other Wild Zords still out there waiting to be discovered.
Never Give Up!
4. Never Give Up!
February 23, 2002
When Danny meets his old love interest Kendall, he immediately falls back in love again. Danny and Max's friendship is tested when Kendall diverts Danny's attention away from Max. When Max is captured by the Bell Org, Danny remembers how he owes his life to Max and considers him his best friend. Remembering Max's mantra of 'never give up,' Danny is determined to rescue Max at any cost. Finding newfound confidence in himself, Danny tries to tell Kendall how he has always loved her but gets cold feet at the last second.
Click, Click, Zoom
3. Click, Click, Zoom
February 16, 2002
On the Animarium, Princess Shayla informs Cole about the events that happened 3000 years ago which are affecting the present. She tells him how the Kingdom of Animaria fell to the Orgs during a great battle. To protect the Wild Zords and the Princess of the Kingdom, six ancient warriors - the predecessors of the Power Rangers Wild Force - used their magical abilities to cause the Valley of the Wild Zords to lift off into a floating island in the sky where it would be safe from harm. This turtle-shaped island left a turtle-shaped hole in the Earth which would eventually become Turtle Lake - the center of the city of Turtle Cove. Cole disregards Taylor's rule book for the Wild Force team, finding her leadership style too rigid. Unhappy with this new style of leadership, Taylor goes off on her own to fight the Camera Org. But when the Camera Org takes her picture, she becomes invisible. Cole must use all his instincts to outwit the Camera Org and save Taylor's life.
Darkness Awakening
2. Darkness Awakening
February 9, 2002
The evil Jindrax and Toxica find the Nexus, birthplace of the Orgs, underneath the city of Turtle Cove. Hoping to find the Master Org there, they find a slightly different incarnation of their master, who easily intimidates them into following him. Master Org then sends the Barbed Wire Org and his foot soldiers, the Putrids, to fight the Rangers. Cole tries to reach out to the Orgs, believing that all living creatures have hearts, but he is horrified to find out that the Orgs don't have any. When Toxica uses her magical powers to make the Barbed Wire Org grow giant size, the Red Lion instructs Cole how to make the five Wild Zords combine into the Wild Force Megazord to fight back. With the power of the Megazord's Megaroar attack, the Power Rangers save the day.
1. Lionheart
February 9, 2002
Cole, a young man raised in the Amazon rain forest journeys to the city of Turtle Cove in search of clues to where he came from. While adjusting to life in the concrete jungle, he is soon approached by four well-meaning teens who take him up to their home - a floating island in the sky called the Animarium. The Animarium is a giant nature preserve for gargantuan beasts known as Wild Zords, including the Red Lion Zord which calls out to Cole specifically. In the ruins of an ancient temple, Cole meets Princess Shayla and is recruited to become the Red Ranger and leader of the Power Rangers Wild Force. The five Rangers' first mission is to defeat the nefarious Plugma Org and Turbine Org, with the aid of their Wild Zords.
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