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  • TV-Y7
  • 2008
  • 1 Season
  • 6.7  (2,089)

For 10,000 years a secret Kung Fu clan called the Order of the Claw have been keeping the evil spirit of Dai Shi locked away. The order of the Claw appointed three member's to be guardians of Dai Shi's spirit. Theo, Jarrod, and Lily were those members, however Jarrod proved to be UN-trustworthy. He tried to take the container holding Dai Shi's spirit and in the struggle it fell and broke open freeing Dai Shi's spirit. Dai Shi killed their Master Mao and possessed Jarrod's body.

After the tragedy of Master Mao's death, the three were sent to the city of Ocean Bluff to find a new master. They found a man named RJ who gave them each a special gift allowing them to transform into Power Rangers. They are now the only hope the planet has in defeating Dai Shi.

Dai Shi along with his companion Camille and undead warriors called the Rinshi try to do anything in their power to make it so that the earth is ruled by animals. Dai Shi unleases the five fingers of poison to wreck havoc on the world but they fail and are defeated by the Power Rangers.

When a Rinshi Warrior poses too much of a threat to the Power Rangers, each is trained by a retired master. Lil learns the way of the Elephant from Master Phant. Theo is trained by a blind master in the ways of the Bat. Casey is trained by RJ's father in the ways of the Shark. Together they will use their new abilities they have learned to fight Dai Shi.

Dai Shi and Camille revive the overlords of fear, deceit, and terror to learn their ways. In turn this strips Jerrod of his humanity and he is no longer the same. After Dai Shi's training he fights the Power Rangers and defeats them. RJ is then kidnapped by Dai Shi and in order to save him the Power Rangers go with Master Mao to the Spirit world to be trained by three fallen Masters. With Their Training they upgrade to Master Mode and have new weapons and jets.

Since RJ received the Wolf spirit from straying from his father's path, he tries to take care of his situation on his own without any help and is turned into a werewolf by Dai Shi. When he finally learns to lean on his friends for help he becomes the Wolf Power Ranger.

Jarrod eventually is freed from the clasps of Dai Shi but is ashamed of his bad deeds. He later on decides to Join the Power rangers and together they defeat Dai Shi.

Power Rangers Jungle Fury is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (32 episodes). The series first aired on February 18, 2008.

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Now The Final Fury
32. Now The Final Fury
November 3, 2008
If Dai Shi can raise enough power he can call back all his warriors that have fallen. The Rangers try to think of a way they can battle him. Their last battle they barely stood a chance. Casey thinks they should try to ask Jarrod for help again. Jarrod was the only one in the last battle that stood half a chance against Dai Shi. Casey, Lily and Theo find Jarrod and ask him if he will join them in the Beast War. Jarrod is ridden with guilt at all the harm he has done and refuses. Camille thinks he should. There is little time for the Rangers as they must battle Dai Shi's last Phantom Beast General, Scorch. Scorch is the most powerful phantom beast and the Rangers try their best to keep up. As the fight escalates to a Megazord proportion, Rinshi begin invading the city and all is in chaos. Master Swoop, Finn, and Phant show up to lend a hand. If Dai Shi collects too much fear, he will begin a new Beast War. The Rangers manage to destroy Scorch but they are too late to stop Dai Shi as a huge vortex appears and Dai Shi calls on all the fallen warriors to be resurrected. Our heroes are vastly outnumbered but they stand ready to fight. The Rangers try their best to stand their ground against the evil hordes of enemies. Suddenly Master Mao, Lope, Guin, and Rilla step in to lend a hand. They explain that they slipped through the portal when Dai Shi opened it up to the spirit world. The Rangers are encouraged to be fighting side by side with all of their masters. This is a Beast War, Dai Shi will not win! Flit flies back to Camille to tell her the Beast War has begun. Camille goes to help the Rangers leaving Jarrod to his thoughts. Voices run through his head of how he is needed. Dai Shi has turned into a giant dragon monster. He has the Rangers cornered and is ready to destroy them. Dominic calls his Megazord and hits the dragon with all he's got. Dai Shi stands unscratched by the Megazord firepower. Nothing the Rangers throw at Dai Shi seems to weaken him. Suddenly Jarrod
Path Of The Righteous
31. Path Of The Righteous
November 3, 2008
Casey is still quite bothered that no one believed him when he said that Jarrod was still alive inside Dai Shi. After talking to Dominic about what Jarrod was really like in Pai Zhuq, Casey knows what he has to do. Theo and Lily think Casey is upset about not becoming a Master. Lily wants to do something fun to celebrate her and Theo getting their stripes. Theo declines leaving Lily a little hurt. Fran confronts Theo about never really being upfront about his feelings towards Lily. She tells him that everyone knows he likes Lily and that he never really asked her out.Making his way to the Dai Shi Temple, Casey is stopped by Master Mao. Mao tells Casey that it is too late for Jarrod. Casey argues that he doesn't think so. Mao tries to reason with Casey but Casey presses on. Battling tons of Rinshi, Casey makes it inside the throne room and the doors slam shut behind him. Casey comes face to face with Dai Shi. Casey tells him that he is here for Jarrod as a friend. Dai Shi has this internal struggle, as the real Jarrod inside tells Casey that the only friend he has ever had was Dai Shi. The two break out in a fight as Camille watches in the background, still unsure if her feelings are for Jarrod or Dai Shi.Back at the loft, everyone is working when Fran runs in telling them to come to the monitors. They are all shocked to find out that Casey would venture to Dai Shi's temple alone! They rush to join their friend when RJ stops everyone. He tells them that Casey needs to do this on his own because it is his destiny. Worried for their friend, they crowd around the monitors to watch.The battle rages on between Casey and Jarrod. All the while, Casey calls out to Jarrod telling Dai Shi to let him go. Casey manages to get the upper hand but he refuses to destroy Jarrod. Casey stops fighting and says that if Jarrod is no more, then he should destroy Casey. Jarrod begins to lunge at Casey but at the last moment, he screams with all his energy ejecting Dai Shi from his bein
To Earn Your Stripes
30. To Earn Your Stripes
October 20, 2008
RJ announces that Casey, Lily, and Theo are going on a little field trip. They head to Pai Zhuq and find out that they will be given a test to earn their master stripes. They are to battle their master to pass the test. Lily and Theo jump into battle with Masters Phant and Swoop. Casey is quite nervous about battling Finn. He ends up copying whatever Lily and Theo does. RJ calls time and Lily and Theo are excited to see their stripes magically appear on their arms. Master Finn tells Casey that he did not pass the test. Hurt that he did not pass, Casey goes off on his own to think about why he did not pass. Meanwhile, Dai Shi and Jarrod struggle to share the same body. Jarrod's human feelings are starting to surface. Scorch and Snapper see this and think that it is because Jarrod has feelings for Camille. They plot to have Camille destroyed for the sake of Dai Shi. They send out monsters to hunt Camille down. Camille is ambushed and overpowered by them. She tells them that she is Dai Shi's top warrior and that Dai Shi will greatly punish them for this! The monsters accuse her of being a traitor. Suddenly Jarrod shows up and saves Camille. He orders the monsters to leave her. Camille is shocked as he tells her that it is not Dai Shi that cares for her, but Jarrod. Casey sees this all happen in the background and starts to see that Jarrod might still be alive inside Dai Shi. Casey runs to tell the others what he saw and how he thinks Jarrod is still alive. But one of the monsters, Lepus, ambushes him. Hoping to redeem himself by destroying the Red Ranger, Lepus and Casey begin to fight. The other Rangers quickly join in and the battle grows to Megazord proportions. Scorch and Snapper join in on the fight but they soon leave knowing that they must face Dai Shi for plotting against Camille. Back at the loft, Casey tells of how Jarrod protected Camille when Dai Shi wouldn't. Lily and Theo tell him that there is only Dai Shi and they as guardians must destroy Dai Shi. Fru
Maryl And The Monkeys
29. Maryl And The Monkeys
October 20, 2008
Camille attacks a young scientist and steals a very important briefcase. The Rangers show up in time to intervene. Dominic is struck by Maryl's beauty and makes an extra effort to be the one to save her. Camille manages to break the briefcase away and she disappears. Maryl rushes off extremely worried about the loss of her briefcase. Dominic tells the others all the information he's found out about Maryl. She's a scientist, a genetic engineer, oh and by the way, she's beautiful. Fran is not amused at Dominic's little infatuation. The others ponder as to why Camille would attack her and what would be in that case. They come to the conclusion to talk to Maryl and find out more information. Dominic offers to be the one to ask her and he heads off. In Dai Shi's temple, Scorch and Snapper watch as Camille shows Dai Shi how she stole a cloning formula that will turn Grinder into thousands of monkeys. Scorch and Snapper become increasingly displeased with Dai Shi's growing favor for Camille over them. Dominic catches up with Maryl. He tries to ask her what was in the briefcase but she refuses to tell him. She doesn't want to tell her secret. He tells her he needs to know and reveals to her that he is the Rhino Ranger. He brings her to Jungle Karma Pizza in order to find out more information. Confused as to what Dominic might be doing, the others continually spy on the two. Noticing this, Dominic excuses himself and heads to the kitchen to tell his friends that he's going to find out what was in the case because Maryl likes him. Maryl overhears Dominic's overconfident nature and she storms out. Fran alerts everyone that a monkey is attacking the city. The Rangers show up just in time to see Grinder pour the vial over his head and he begins to multiply. Dominic tells the others that he's got to try one more time with Maryl. She's got to know how to stop these monkeys. The others agree and continue fighting the monkeys as Dominic slips off. He apologizes to Maryl for acting
The Spirit Of Kindness
28. The Spirit Of Kindness
October 13, 2008
Dai Shi sends out Badrat and Rammer to collect fear from the humans. Their magical dust will trap the humans and raise their fear. Dai Shi dismisses Whiger for having failed to destroy the Red Ranger. Whiger's Rinzin power is taken away from him and now he will fade away. At the pizza shop, the Rangers deal with a different kind of rat as they chase and plot to catch the rat running around Jungle Karma Pizza. They are called to face Badrat and Rammer as the alarms sound. RJ tells Casey to stay and watch the store because of his spirit still being weakened from Whiger. Badrat and Rammer are a dangerous duo as they use their dust to make people disappear. A battle breaks out with the Rangers. The magical dust is thrown onto the Rangers making our heroes disappear. They wake up to find themselves in a giant rattrap! Thousands of rattraps hang from the wall holding the people Badrat and Rammer have captured. Whiger is bent on getting revenge and restoring his honor by destroying Casey. He lures Casey out and the two begin to fight. But without his Rinzin, Casey overpowers him and Whiger slips off a cliff hanging on for dear life. Casey helps him up and Whiger is even more disgraced because his enemy helped him. Casey's kindness touches Whiger and makes him think. He begins to fade away as Casey runs to find his friends. Casey sneaks into the evil lair with Whiger following close behind. Whiger says he wants to help Casey because Casey helped him. Dai Shi is the enemy and as tigers, they must help each other. Camille finds the two of them and laughs knowing that both are weak and are no match for her. Whiger gives Casey back his Tiger spirit and together they blast Camille. Having used up the rest of his energy, Whiger fades away. Casey morphs into the Red Ranger and begins freeing all the captives and finds his friends. United, the Rangers search out Badrat and Rammer. The tricky duo proves to be powerful opponents. Calling all of their animal spirits, the Rangers use
Tigers Fall, Lions Rise
27. Tigers Fall, Lions Rise
October 6, 2008
Capturing the Masters and using them to create Spirit Rangers was impressive. But when the Rangers got a hold of them, things became pathetic for the Phantom Beasts. Dai Shi demands that the Phantom Beasts prove themselves to him before he will become their king. He commands Whiger to steal the spirit of the Red Ranger because they share the same spirit of the tiger. Whiger ambushes Casey and pulls his tiger spirit out of him. RJ leaps in and knocks Whiger out of reach of Casey. RJ and Casey manage to get away. Casey is greatly weakened. Back at the loft everyone is really worried as to what Dai Shi might be up to by sending a Phantom Beast out on Casey like that. RJ tells Casey to try unleashing his spirit to see if everything is ok. Casey does his pose and summons his energy. But nothing happens. RJ explains that this Whiger could be bad news. He tells of how Whiger, Snapper, and Scorch fought in the Ancient Beast War against Dai Shi. If they team up with Dai Shi, they would be unstoppable. In his Kung fu class, Casey is dealing with a bully situation. Todd has been picking on a smaller Jimmy ever since Jimmy claimed to have seen the Power Rangers. Today Jimmy decided to fight back and Casey sees that Jimmy has the spirit of the tiger. But Todd pulls some cheap shots and overpowers Jimmy. Casey consoles Jimmy and tries to encourage him that it is the spirit that matters, not the size. With Whiger having taken the tiger spirit, Dai Shi agrees to become the Phantom Beast King. The Phantom Beasts surround him and energy surrounds them bonding their spirits to that of Dai Shi. Dai Shi transforms into a mighty Phantom Beast King. The Phantom Beast King demands that they make Camille a Phantom Beast General. Reluctantly the Phantom Beasts turn Camille into a Phantom Beast, giving her the power of the Phoenix. Together, the evil forces show up to face the Rangers. Dai Shi is even more powerful but the Rangers manage to escape. Whiger is sent out to finish off Casey. Sti
Don't Blow That Dough
26. Don't Blow That Dough
September 29, 2008
A cable guy pushes his way past Fran claiming to fix the TV monitors in RJ's loft. He quickly pulls out a fancy remote and puts Fran on pause, freezing her as she speaks. The mysterious cable guy continues to tweak the TVs as Casey, Theo, Lily, and Dom enter the loft looking for Fran. They see Fran and begin to charge the cable guy when the cable guy suddenly turns into a Rinshi. The Rinshi zaps them with the remote as their Morphers hit the floor. Our heroes appear on the set of a creepy game show with their hands and feet bound. The game show begins and out comes the host Cheese McAllister. The teens find themselves competing against monsters from the past. A question is asked to Dominic and Buffalord. Dominic doesn't answer fast enough and Cheese McAllister points a remote at Dominic and he disappears. Camille comes out of the shadows to join Cheese McAllister and the Rangers know they must play to win or face their doom. Back in the loft, RJ comes up and sees a frozen Fran. He unfreezes her with the remote and they find the Rangers on the game show on the monitors. RJ does his best to figure out what happened and how his students ended up inside his TV. It seems that the signal only goes in and RJ won't be able to get the Rangers out of the game show. Fran finds the Solar Morphers on the ground and mentions that its too bad RJ can't send the Morphers through. An idea clicks in RJ's head and he begins working. The game show continues and the Rangers try their best to answer questions about the things in the past. But being hosted by Camille, it seems the game is rigged on evil's side. One by one Theo, and then Lily are cancelled. Casey does his best to stay on top of the questions but Cheese McAllister and Camille find any little reason to cancel him. Suddenly Casey's Morpher appears in his hands and before he can be zapped by the remote, he morphs into the Red Ranger. Casey grabs the remote from Cheese and he hits a button. The Rangers tumble out on the floor o
One Last Second Chance
25. One Last Second Chance
August 18, 2008
The new and improved Claw Cannon is their only hope in fighting the Spirit Rangers. But the blast can very well destroy the real masters. RJ knows they must take the risk and yells for Casey to fire upon Master Finn's Spirit Ranger. After an explosion of energy from the Shark Spirit Ranger, the other Spirit Rangers disappear. Lily tries to comfort RJ telling him its what his dad would have done. RJ sits in sadness at the loss of his dad.But Master Finn's spirit was not actually destroyed. The Rinzin power flowing to Master Finn burst outward and he was sucked up into the Crystal Eye, doomed to the same fate as the Phantom Beasts. Dai Shi maliciously orders to have the Eye thrown into the forgotten sea. Before it touches the water, an unseen Flit buzzes past and snatches it up flying off into the distance.The alarm sounds and the Rangers go out to face Unidoom, leaving RJ to mourn the loss of his dad. Flit comes buzzing in and gives the Crystal Eye holding Master Finn to RJ. Flit explains that Master Finn is alive inside the Crystal Eye. Something clicks inside RJ and he begins to think of how he can solve things. He remembers something his dad said to him and RJ rushes to Master Finn's garage and finds the telescope he was told not to touch yet. If RJ is right, Master Finn captured some of the starlight when the stars were in alignment. Master Finn must have known this might happen. RJ opens the telescope and light streaks out hitting the Crystal Eye. Master Finn's body slowly materializes. Master Finn and RJ decide to save the other Masters from Dai Shi's temple.Snapper reports to Dai Shi that the Rangers take a beating from the Spirit Rangers. Snapper also tells Dai Shi that Master Finn and RJ have broken into the temple. The Phantom Beasts ready to stop the invaders but Dai Shi demands that he be the one to stop them. Dai Shi blocks the path that the Pai Zhuq Masters attempt to use as an escape. The Masters try to reason with him and call out the buried Jarro
Blue Ranger, Twin Danger
24. Blue Ranger, Twin Danger
August 11, 2008
The Phantom Beasts use the crystal eyes to control the masters. Under their control, the masters' spirit Rangers fight our heroes. Confused as to what exactly is happening, the teens engage the Spirit Rangers. The Spirit Rangers fight with all the knowledge and technique of the masters. The Rangers try their best to battle their teachers' spirits. RJ comes face to face with the Shark Spirit Ranger. Momentarily the teal helmet becomes the face of his father. Master Finn breaks loose from the control of the Phantom beasts. Finn's outburst breaks the spell on the masters as the Phantom Beasts tackle him and restoring their order. The Spirit Rangers disappear before the Rangers. Back at the loft, the Rangers try to figure out what is happening, RJ holds out a new device. He thinks that the Phantom Beasts are controlling their masters and using them to control the Spirit Rangers. His device will detect a signal and momentarily make the Spirit Rangers disappear. The Rangers still need to rescue the masters. Until then, the Spirit Rangers will still be coming back. Meanwhile, Theo's twin brother comes to visit. Lewen is the exact opposite of Theo. He jumps out of planes; scuba dives with sharks and always has a fantastic story to tell. Lewen is kind of surprised to find that Theo has just been practicing his kung fu and making pizzas. Theo confesses to Lily that he's jealous of Lewen and all his stories. Dynamir goes out with the Spirit Rangers to capture the Rangers in his mirrors. One by one, the Spirit Rangers ambush the teens and they are sucked into Dynamir's mirrors. RJ tries to use his device, but he is thrown and the device lands under a bush. Thinking he has caught all five of the Rangers, Dynamir turns to find Theo. The twin in the mirror must be Lewen! Theo grabs RJ's device and uses it on the Spirit Rangers before they get to him. The Spirit Rangers become fuzzy and then disappear as the masters wake up from their trance. Theo takes on Dynamir. Lewen's mirror
Fear And The Phantoms
23. Fear And The Phantoms
August 4, 2008
The Rangers have destroyed Carnisoar and Grizzaka. Dai Shi now searches for the last traitorous Overlord, Jellica, unaware that Jellica has three of the crystal eyes. She brings the Phantom Beast Generals, Snapper, Whiger, and Scorch back to life. Confident that the Phantom Beasts will back her up, Jellica confronts Dai Shi and demands his throne. To everyone's surprise, the Phantom Beasts turn on Jellica, destroying her. Their allegiance only belongs to Dai Shi. Dai Shi is skeptical and says for them to capture the 3 masters in order to prove their loyalty.The Phantom Beasts catch the masters off guard and take Master Swoop and Phant. Hearing of the disappearances of Swoop and Phant, RJ talks to his dad. Master Finn only knows that the stars were in perfect alignment last night if someone was to bring back the phantom beasts. RJ leaves to help the Rangers battle Sonimax in the city. Whiger shows up and kidnaps Master Finn.Sonimax proves to be a tough monster. He scoffs at the Rangers and declares that they don't stand a chance against his Phantom Beast Power. The Rangers are shocked and now realize that the Phantom Beasts must have been brought back to life. The Phantom Beasts must be the ones taking their masters. The Rangers battle Sonimax at a Megazord height. Sonimax is about to be defeated when suddenly General Snapper shows up. Snapper tells Sonimax to retreat and fight the Rangers another day. The Rangers try to stop Snapper from leaving but with no effort at all, Snapper flings the Megazord sending it flying through the air. The villains disappear.In Dai Shi's temple, the Phantom Beasts have captured all three masters. Swoop tries to reason with Jarrod, telling him to resist Dai Shi's evil. There is nothing they can do as the Phantom Beasts continue their plan. A crystal eye is placed near each of the masters. The Phantom Beasts use their power over the eye. The power continues to flow from the crystal eyes into each of the masters.The Rangers regroup.
Arise The Crystal Eyes
22. Arise The Crystal Eyes
July 28, 2008
It is all over the news as an archaeologist has found five crystal eyes. RJ tells the others how these crystal eyes are much more than everyone thinks. During the Beast War, the eight Phantoms were the baddest beasts around. One-by-one they were destroyed and a crystal eye was left in the ashes. If the starlight shines through the eye, the Phantom Beast comes back to life. With the stars in such a rare alignment tonight, the Rangers must not let those crystal eyes fall into the hands of evil. With Carnisoar destroyed, Grizzaka and Jellica search for the Crystal Eyes. Dai Shi won't stand a chance against them with the command of such beasts. Grizzaka sends out the Rinshi to search for the rest of the eyes. Casey decides to try and warn the archeologist of the danger that is looking for the crystal eyes. He tells Dr. Jennings to let him hold onto them for her to protect them. She laughs and tells him she has spent her whole life researching and finding these crystals. She refuses not knowing the danger they will bring. Casey leaves and Dr. Jennings lets in her next guest, a photographer. She tells the photographer of her current research. The photographer asks to see the crystal eyes and suddenly turns into Camille. Meanwhile, RJ, Lily, Theo, and Dominic are protecting the city from the oncoming hoard of Rinshi. The Rinshi are everywhere looking for the eyes and gathering fear for Grizzaka. The Rangers come to an area where several buildings have been destroyed. They come face to face with the Sky Overlord. They begin to fight. Casey sees Camille run out of the building holding the box of crystal eyes. He follows her into the forest. Up ahead he sees Camille give Dai Shi the case of eyes. Dai Shi pulls out a smaller pouch and takes out three more crystal eyes. The set of eight is complete. Camille slips away leaving Dai Shi with all the Crystal eyes. Suddenly Casey streaks in and the two break into a fight for the eyes. While the two battle it out, Jellica secretly w
Race To The Nexus
21. Race To The Nexus
July 21, 2008
The power of the Rhino Nexus must not fall into the hands of Dai Shi. With such power the Power Rangers will easily defeated, as well as the Overlords. The Rangers travel in their Jungle Master Megazord towards the Nexus. The Overlords race past the Rangers and get to Dai Shi first. Grizzaka faces off with Dai Shi in a battle to the death. Grizzaka grows to a giant size in order to destroy Dai Shi for good. The Rangers quickly catch up to the Overlords and the Megazord begins fighting the giant Grizzaka. As the two giants battle, Camille and Dai Shi slip away. Things look dim for the Rangers, as they have never been up against such force as Grizzaka. Suddenly sand snakes that protect the Nexus begin swallowing up the Overlord. The Rangers use this chance to catch up to Dai Shi. Dominic becomes increasingly worried that Dai Shi will steal his destiny. He leads the way through the landscape as his friends try their best to keep up. A blast of power strikes the Rangers from behind as Carnisoar comes up from behind. RJ motions Dominic to keep going as the Rangers take on the next Overlord. Dominic is torn, but realizes it's the only choice. He continues to race ahead, but Jellica blocks his path and a fight ensues. Jellica taunts him of how his destiny will be stolen from him either way. Dominic continues to get up blast after blast from Jellica. He summons the rest of his energy and uses his weapon to send Jellica into the distance. Dominic uses this time to quickly dart off towards the Nexus. With the Control Dagger, Dai Shi and Camille easily enter the Rhino Nexus. They stand before a magnificent statue of a rhino. Dai Shi is about to insert the dagger to release the power of the Nexus when Dominic calls for him to stop. Just before entering, the dagger stops and refuses to go in. A pulse of energy radiates from the dagger blowing Dai Shi backwards. Dominic takes the Dagger and inserts the key, unlocking the power of the Nexus. The statue of the rhino begins to rise
Dash for the Dagger
20. Dash for the Dagger
January 1, 1998
Jarrod has found the Rhino Nexus. All he needs is the Control Dagger key to tap into the power. Dominic is startled by a dream of Master Mao telling him to protect the Control Dagger as it holds the key to his destiny. The race is on for the dagger as everyone is after it. Camille gets hold of the dagger and brings it to Jarrod. The winds of fate are about to change
Path of the Rhino
19. Path of the Rhino
July 7, 2008
Dominic was sent out by Master Mao to find purpose for his life. He finds out that RJ and the others are Power Rangers and he wants to join them.
True Friends, True Spirits
18. True Friends, True Spirits
June 30, 2008
Grizzaka uses one of Dai Shi's spirits to possess the Wolf Ranger. mid-battle against Barakooza, the yellow spirit flies into the Wolf Pride Megazord cockpit and engulfs the Wolf Ranger. Suddenly RJ turns back into a werewolf and the Wolf Pride Megazord begins attacking the Jungle Master Megazord. There is a huge explosion and everyone is demorphed. Among the debris RJ is frustrated and confused as he thought he had control of his spirit. He hears a call for help under a pile of rubble. Instinctively, RJ pulls concrete aside and finds that the call for help came from Flit. RJ tells him he is not going to hurt him, Camille and Flit are the ones always trying to hurt people. RJ makes his way back to the loft and Flit continues to try and justify himself saying how he is not really all that bad. RJ tells him to buzz off back to Dai Shi and Camille. At the loft, the Rangers and RJ try to figure out what might have happened to throw RJ's animal spirit out of control. The teens are shocked when they catch Flit spying on them. RJ explains that he saved Flit's life. Flit tells them how he really was not spying and he was once human as well. A battle with Camille turned him into a fly and now he is forever cursed to live by Camille as a fly. Flit also tells of how Grizzaka sent an evil spirit to possess RJ's animal spirit. Relieved at the explanation, the teens all turn to find that RJ has turned back into a werewolf. The werewolf bounds out of the loft and out into the city before the teens can do anything. The Rangers split up. Theo and Lily go after Barakooza while Casey and Flit search for RJ. Flit tracks down RJ and Casey holds him down. Through radar waves, Flit is able to enter RJ's head. Inside, RJ is battling the Wolf spirit. Flit urges RJ to get out the animal form. The battle between man and beast continues. Flit tells the two that they should be working together to battle Grizzaka, not against each other. Touched, RJ begins to get the upper hand and the yellow s
No 'I' In Leader
17. No 'I' In Leader
June 23, 2008
Grizzaka uses his Zokado power to call upon two Super Guards to collect fear for him. Jarrod watches seething with anger at being overthrown by the OverLord. He maliciously plots to regain his throne once he has mastered the Zokado secrets. RJ is quite excited about being a Ranger. Now he can help his students out even more. He wants to test out his Morpher powers against the Rangers' Claw Cannon powers. RJ and the Rangers blast each other. But the blast from the wolf Morpher easily exceeds the power of the Claw Cannon. Confused as to what happened, RJ explains that it could have been because one of their animal spirits wasn't up to par with the rest. Embarrassed, Casey walks away knowing it was he. The Super Guards are on the move again and RJ tells Theo and Lily to stop them while he has a heart to heart talk with Casey. Casey tells RJ that he has worked really hard to be up to speed with Lily and Theo. But now he feels like a cub all over again because RJ is calling all the shots. RJ explains to him that the Tiger is always going to lead this outfit, not the Wolf. Learning to be a leader is not something you forget. RJ tells him that instinctively, Casey is a leader. A bit skeptical Casey and RJ head out to help out the rest of their team. Meanwhile, Jarrod has gone off on his own to master the Zokado art. He battles thousands of Rinshi in hopes that it will unleash his Zokado powers. Exhausted, he falls to his knees when suddenly the spirit of Master Mao appears to him. Master Mao urges him to step off this evil path. Jarrod sneers and declares he is infused with Dai Shi. Master Mao says that Dai Shi's powers cannot match the power of the Nexus between Jarrod and the Lion spirit. Something in his words of a Nexus makes Jarrod think. Jarrod begins to calculate a devilish plan. On the battlefield, Casey instinctively calls out the shots as a leader. RJ makes it a point to follow Casey and to help him out. Things look good for the Rangers when suddenly the two sup
Friends Don't Fade Away
16. Friends Don't Fade Away
June 16, 2008
The last OverLord pledges his allegiance to Dai Shi. But at the sight of Dai Shi in human form, Grizzaka is enraged. The OverLord refuses to take orders from a human. Dai Shi stands no chance and is overpowered by Grizzaka's Zokado power. They try and plead with Grizzaka to teach Dai Shi the secrets of Zokado in order to be an invincible team. Arrogantly, Grizzaka refuses and declares he already is invincible. Grizzaka sends out Munkeywi to gather human fear. At Jungle Karma Pizza, RJ has been acting quite odd. Fran confronts RJ about his weird behavior. She finds out that ever since Dai Shi attacked RJ, his animal spirit has been out of control. Without having control over his animal spirit, RJ could be a real danger to anyone around him. He hasn't told the Rangers because that would distract them from fighting Dai Shi. RJ leaves and runs into Munkeywi attacking civilians. RJ does his best to fight off Munkeywi while trying to control his wolf spirit that wants to come out. The Rangers show up in the nick of time to help RJ fight off Munkeywi. The pain is too much for RJ and right before his students, he turns into a snarling werewolf! The teens are stunned as their friend charges them and attacks them. They hold the werewolf down and after a moment, RJ returns to human form. Back at the loft, RJ explains himself to the Rangers. If he can't control his spirit, he might be a werewolf forever. The alarm sounds as Munkeywi continues collecting fear. Fran volunteers to watch over RJ as the Rangers head out to fight. Suddenly the pain returns and RJ transforms back into a werewolf. Staring at the menacing werewolf, Fran decides not to run away. She declares that she's not afraid of RJ because she knows the real RJ. The werewolf pounces on her ready to attack. It stops mid-attack and transforms back into RJ. Excited about being able to control his animal spirit once again, RJ heads out to help the Rangers against Munkeywi. The Rangers try to stand their ground against M
Bad To The Bone
15. Bad To The Bone
June 2, 2008
Jarrod vents for having lost to the Rangers once again. The Overlords agree that they must find a greater power to destroy the Rangers. Disappointed at another defeat, Camille sends out Porcupongo. Before she leaves, Carnisoar hands her a life talon and the Overlord bracelet. He tells her to find the third Overlord.Theo and Casey tease Lily about being too considerate to people. As they head into battle against Porcupongo, Lily objects to their teasing. While in battle, Lily decides to take on the monster on her own to prove that she's not too nice. But Porcupongo knocks Lily down.Back at the loft RJ pulls out the quills from Lily's shoulder. Lily seems unusually irritable she storms out fed up with people telling her what to do. Theo and Casey help Fran out with the lunch rush when Lily pulls up on a motorcycle in full biker garb. Theo and Casey can't believe the new look Lily has. Fran sends Theo and Casey to check on RJ as she watches a rude Lily push customers around. Fran confronts Lily about her behavior and hears her Morpher go off. Fran urges her to help because Theo and Casey might be in trouble. Lily refuses and Fran grabs the glasses and declares that she will. A scuffle breaks out between Lily and Fran as they fight over the glasses. They both have a good fall with Fran landing on Lily. A porcupine quill comes shooting out of Lily. Lily comes to her senses and Fran realizes that's why she was acting so weird. Lily grabs her Morphers and rushes to help her friends.The Rangers morph into their full fury mode and battle Porcupongo. The Rangers combine their forces and blast Porcupongo. It does nothing but make him grow. The Rangers call on their Megazord to battle it out with the monster. They combine with the Elephant Zord and knocks Porcupongo to his doom.Dai Shi ponders his latest defeat against the Rangers. Jellica confronts him telling him that Grizzaka blames him for losing the Beast War. And now in human form, Grizzaka will detest him even more.
Ghost Of A Chance, Part 2
14. Ghost Of A Chance, Part 2
May 19, 2008
The teens are sucked into the vortex and land in an eerie place. Master Rilla, Master Guin, and Master Lope leap in surprising the Rangers. The Rangers plead for the Masters to hurry and teach them because they don't have much time. They boast to be not afraid of anything. Master Guin says that everyone is afraid of something. She turns to Lily and has her close her eyes. Lily opens her eyes to find that she's inside a dark cave filled with spider webs. Master Lope tells Theo to close his eyes and he opens them to find himself on a stage with a harsh spotlight. Theo can't see anyone but can hear a voice announcing that Theo Martin will be the next karaoke performer. The crowd begins to chant for him to sing. Theo begins to sweat profusely, his eyes filled with terror. Knowing he's next, Casey steps forward closing his eyes as Master Rilla strikes a pose. Casey wakes up in a dark bedroom. Casey clicks on a lamp and he recognizes it as his old bedroom. A terrifying sound comes from the closet and the door shakes. Casey gulps and pulls the blankets up to his chin remembering his childhood fear. The thing behind the door begins to break through. Casey comes to a realization and leaps out of bed opening the door. Lily cautiously moves through the cave trying her best to avoid the webs. Ahead she sees a light behind one of the biggest webs. She braces herself as a huge spider crosses the web that blocks her path. She quickly reaches for the light and goes through web after web. The crowd becomes louder as they wait for Theo to sing. Theo takes a big gulp as he tells himself he's doing this for RJ. Theo beings to belt out words to a song. The crowd goes wild. The three Rangers stand in front of the masters having overcome their fears. The Rangers urgently say they must go back to save RJ from Dai Shi. Alarmed at Dai Shi's escape, the Masters send them back. Fran has kept JKP running wondering all the while where everyone is. She becomes very curious and decides to check o
Ghost Of A Chance, Part 1
13. Ghost Of A Chance, Part 1
May 19, 2008
The Rangers once again foil Camille's plans and destroy Mog. The three high five each other, confident that nothing can stop them. RJ cuts their victory short calling them up to the loft. They continue to bubble about their victory and ask about their master tattoos. RJ chuckles and says that victory is good but overconfidence is not. He tells them to practice their basic stances. Having reached a new level of power, Jarrod, flanked by two guards, demands a fight with the Power Rangers. Evil energy glows around him as the Rangers run up. RJ warns the Rangers as Jarrod's energy is off the charts. Overconfident, the Rangers rush into battle. Jarrod morphs to Black Lion and takes on the Rangers. Everything they throw at him does nothing. One by one, Jarrod takes down the Rangers. Jarrod laughs, as the Rangers stand no chance against him. Jarrod blasts the teens with a massive energy ball. Our heroes fly through the air struggling to get up. Jarrod raises his hand filled with pulsating evil energy when a powerful kick knocks Jarrod. RJ stands between Jarrod and the fallen Rangers. RJ surrenders himself to Jarrod in order to save his students. The teens watch defeated on the ground as their master is taken away. Jarrod walks into the evil temple with RJ in tow. He offers to destroy RJ in front of Jellica as a gift for his training. Excited, Jellica commands Camille to prepare the stadium for a battle. The spirits of the teens are shattered, as they don't know what to do without their master. The three decide they need to rescue RJ but in order to do that they need more power. They head to the Forbidden Room, the place where it all started for them, in search of answers. Along the walls of the room, they find etchings of the masters they have learned from. Lily goes on to find etchings of a Gorilla, Antelope and Penguin Master. Master Mao's spirit appears and says that those are the masters that reside in the spirit world. He tells them that they shouldn't head there bec
One Master Too Many
12. One Master Too Many
May 12, 2008
Theo practices with his Jungle Fans. Lily practices with her Jungle Mace. Casey looks at his team and knows he has a master coming for him too. RJ says that he is Casey's master and to not worry about anything else. Casey tries to ask RJ again but the alarm sounds and the teens head for the beach. They run into Camille and a swarm of Rinshi. A man walks up the shoreline holding two sabers. With the sabers, he easily slashes the warriors off of Casey. The man introduces himself as Master Finn. Casey is excited to finally have found his new master. At Jungle Karma Pizza RJ approaches the teens and greets Master Finn as his father. The Rangers are shocked. Although they are both Pai Zhuq Masters, Master Finn still comments on RJ's living arrangements in a fatherly way. There is some tension between the two of how RJ didn't want to learn the ways of the shark spirit. Casey interrupts and asks Master Finn if he has time to train him. RJ is stung left feeling replaced. Master Finn trains and shows Casey how to master the Shark Sabers. As Casey picks up the technique, Master Finn smiles proud as a father would smile. RJ sits in his loft staring out into space. Theo and Lily approach him about what he has against his father. RJ admits that he's scared he's going to lose Casey as a student. The others say they have all trained with other masters, but they still follow RJ. RJ agrees but is hurt when Casey comes in beaming and asking why RJ never took on the shark techniques. RJ leaves. Casey heads out to find RJ but instead runs into Camille and Crustaceo. He pulls out the Shark Sabers and calls Theo and Lily for back up. A fight breaks out and Crustaceo grows to a huge size. The Rangers form their Megazord and begin to batter the crab's tough shell. Master Finn tells Casey to use the Shark Zord in order to break the shell. The Rangers call the Shark Zord to attack the giant crab. In an explosion of lights, the crab disappears into the Shark Zord. The Rangers think they have
Pushed To The Edge
11. Pushed To The Edge
May 5, 2008
Carnisoar gives another hard blow to Dai Shi and demands that he be strong and get back up. Camille doesn't like what she sees and tells him to stop. Dai Shi tells her to leave. Camille changes her look and wanders the city. Hungry, she unknowingly walks into Jungle Karma Pizza for some food. She demands food from Fran and is very rude. Always looking on the bright side, Lily offers to handle Fran's difficult customer. Camille recognizes Lily and is shocked but remembers that Lily can't recognize her. Lily is really nice and says that Camille can always talk to her. Camille admits that someone she cared about is letting her down. Lily advises her to give her friend another chance. Camille also confides in her that her boss thinks she is useless. Lily says that's nonsense and that she should get a new boss. Upon hearing these words, Camille bolts for the door; she knows now what to do. With the Life Talon and the OverLord bracelet in hand, Camille searches for the Sea OverLord. She jumps into the sea and swims deep until she finds a regal figure on the ocean floor. Camille brings Jellica the Sea OverLord back to life. As Jellica rises, Camille knows she will be the perfect master for her Dai Shi. The sparring in the temple comes to a halt as Jellica glides into the temple. Camille declares that Carnisoar's services are no longer needed, as Jellica will be Dai Shi's new master. Jellica laughs and says that Camille will be her new student. The alarms sound, warning the Rangers of evil around the harbor. A giant Jellica arises from the sea. The Megazord tries its best to hit her, but she dodges each hit and re-forms behind the Megazord. Jellica laughs and blasts the Rangers sending them to the ground. Jellica says that her new student Camille will be destroying the Rangers. Jellica holds up Lily in her tentacles as Camille remembers how nice Lily was earlier. Camille hesitates and Jellica zaps Camille. The Sea Overlord is disgusted with such a weak student and prepares
Blind Leading The Blind
10. Blind Leading The Blind
April 27, 2008
Theo reads a book, folds napkins and fills cheese shakers at the same time. Lily points out to him that all the cheese shakers he just filled have really been filled with salt. Theo's multitasking begins to get out of hand. Theo comes across Casey and RJ meditating. They say that Theo should try it because it clears the mind. Theo refuses saying his mind is in tip-top shape. RJ points out that last night Theo forgot to close the fridge and everything spoiled. Remembering, Theo apologizes and explains that he was trying to work on something new and restocked the whole kitchen upside down. RJ isn't impressed. The alarms sound and the Rangers head out to fight the baddies. Bai Lai and Carden jump from rooftop to rooftop causing havoc. The Rangers whip out their weapons and ready for battle. Instead of continuing the fight with Carden, Theo runs to help the others. Theo explains that he's going to help them out with Bai Lai and then fight Carden. This allows Carden to blindside the Rangers. The Rangers fly from the blast. The fowl beasts grow to an enormous size and fly around the Megazord. The Megazord can't fly and its attacks don't even touch the birds. Carden and Bai Lai head off to finish their plans of destroying the city. Back at the loft, they try to figure out how to defeat the flying enemies. Theo announces that he's going to make pizza sauce. The others can't believe him. Lily tells him that they need him to really focus on what is important. Suddenly Master Swoop flies in. Privately, Master Swoop tells RJ that they can't win with Theo so scattered. Master Swoop offers to train him. In the woods, Theo is enthusiastic but a little impatient. Theo declares that he is a master at doing three things at once. Master Swoop tells Theo that without focus, he will let his friends down. Master Swoop levitates over the water and beckons Theo to join him. Theo tries hard, but can't seem to leave the ground. He tells the master that he can't focus because he's been juggl
Good Karma, Bad Karma
9. Good Karma, Bad Karma
April 21, 2008
Jarrod has found the place where Carnisoar has fallen. With a life talon, he brings the Sky OverLord back to life. Jarrod blasts Carnisoar to test his powers. When Carnisoar easily deflects his attacks, Jarrod bows and pledges his allegiance. Carnisoar says that Dai Shi is weak because of the human form. Carnisoar takes Jarrod back in time to erase the good in him.At Jungle Karma Pizza, business has gone up quite a bit with the grand opening of the new toyshop across the street. Kids are everywhere enjoying their pizza. Casey catches Josh swiping a tip that was left on the table. The chase is on as Josh runs out the doors. Casey manages to corner Josh and asks him what does he think he's doing. He sees Josh look up at a kite in the toy store window. Casey realizes that Josh is stealing so he can buy a kite. Casey tries to explain to Josh that stealing is not right. The right way and the wrong way are hardly ever the same way. Casey's Morpher sounds as he leaves Josh to make his choice.The Rangers come face to face with a slippery eel. Slickagon uses his slime to try and rid the city of humans. The Rangers' weapons can't even make a dent because they keep slipping off the eel. Slickagon sends slime at the Rangers sending them sliding down the street.Casey's heart sinks as he sees Josh come out of the store holding the kite. He tries to reason with Josh, but Josh just wants to fly the kite. Suddenly Slickagon comes down the street sending people sliding away. Yellow and Blue Ranger show up trying to ward off the monster. Josh is excited to see them. Casey tells him to duck because the Power Rangers don't like bad guys and Josh is a bad guy because he stole money for the kite. Josh is sad and decides he wants to be a good guy. Josh hands Casey the kite and runs home after thanking Casey. With kite in hand, Casey morphs and jumps into battle. With the kite, Casey whips the slimy eel. The slime begins to rub off of Slickagon as Casey uses the kite to fight him. With
Way Of The Master
8. Way Of The Master
March 31, 2008
The Rangers were in an embarrassing battle up against the Pangolin. None of their weapons worked against the tough armor. RJ tells them that the only weapon that can penetrate the armor is in possession of Master Phant. Master Phant has since left Pai Zhuq and turned into a hermit. Determined to find him, Lily drags Theo and Casey through a jungle searching for the lost master. The five poisons have failed Dai Shi's plans. He calls Camille to bring him the three bracelets of the Overlords. Dai Shi plans to bring back Carnisoar, the Sky OverLord to help him reach his evil potential. The teens stumble upon an old shack. Inside they find Master Phant. They ask him to help them and to teach them how to use the Jungle Mace. Phant refuses as he has given up that way of life. Casey and Theo can't believe that he won't help. The fate of the world is at stake! They leave. Lily decides to stay until Master Phant has taught her how to use the Jungle Mace. Casey and Theo come across Camille and Pangolin as they prepare for Carnisoar. Camille fights with the Rangers while Pangolin continues to dig a huge hole in the Earth. Master Phant tells Lily that he is no longer a master and that he was put out to pasture and no longer has purpose in life. Lily disagrees and says that the great master is still inside Phant. The moment is cut short when Rinshi attack the place. Lily does her best to fight against all of them. Master Phant rushes inside and grabs his Jungle Mace. Proudly with Jungle Mace in hand, Phant fights off all the Rinshi telling them to step away from his student. With Casey and Theo battling Camille, Pangolin digs his hole deeper and deeper into the Earth's core. Luckily Lily shows up holding the Jungle Mace. She uses the weapon to bring the monster out of the hole. The Pangolin stands no chance in battle against the powerful weapon. Camille makes Pangolin grow and the Rangers call their Megazord. The Pangolin knocks the Megazord out. Master Phant meditates and tells
Pizza Slice Of Life
7. Pizza Slice Of Life
March 24, 2008
RJ leaves Casey in charge of the JKP while he is off on a trip. Theo is shocked that he wasn't left in charge. Casey didn't even want the responsibility. So he splits everything up and says that everyone is in charge of his or her own post.Naja approaches Camille about overthrowing Dai Shi. Shocked to hear such treason, Camille quickly attacks Naja. Naja uses his life talons to bring himself back to life. He clangs his swords together and throws a fiery energy ball at Camille. Camille is hit hard and demorphs to her Rinshi form. Naja laughs at her weakness and kicks her off a cliff.Casey's plan of leadership sounded simple enough. But things get crazy when the three of them all fight over Fran to help out at their post. They fight even more over whom does the most work. The fighting doesn't quiet down until their Morphers beep of evil on the move. The three rush out leaving Fran in charge.Camille determined to stand her ground against Naja decides to use the Rangers as a practice. The Rangers come with their Claw Cannon and blast Camille. She takes a hard hit, but gets back up a bit wobbly. The Rangers fire again. Camille is thrown but gets back up. They are all confused as to what Camille is up to. She calls at them to blast her again. The cannon is fired and this time, Camille stands her ground and fends off the blast. Excited about what she has learned, Camille darts off thanking the Rangers for the lesson. Our heroes are left unsettled at what had just happened.Meanwhile, Naja uses two of his life talons to bring back Gakko and Rantipede to help in overthrowing Dai Shi. They creep up on Dai Shi while he is deep in meditation. Dai Shi quickly transforms into his black lion. Dai Shi quickly blasts Rantipede. Gakko runs off and Camille offers to take on Naja.Gakko scares and torments civilians. The Rangers rush out to defeat him once again. In order to defeat him, they have to listen to one person calling out the shots. Lily and Theo agree that they will list
Dance The Night Away
6. Dance The Night Away
March 17, 2008
Every second Tuesday of the month Lily and Theo go out to lunch to a new place. He is shocked and a little hurt to find out that Lily has been upstairs showing Casey a new dance routine. Lily says she needs one to catch and one to throw her for her next routine. RJ agrees that teamwork is what they will need in order to use the new Claw Cannon. Theo argues that he should catch her because he and Lily go way back. Casey is just the new guy. This hurts Casey when suddenly the alarms sound. The Rangers head out to find Stingerella and her dancing Rinshi. With their toxic dance, the Rangers have a hard time hitting their enemies. Stingerella knocks the Rangers into a pile. From a distance, Toady watches, in love with the beautiful Stingerella. Stingerella holds Theo close getting ready to finish him off. Toady becomes enraged that another male is touching his love. He runs out and grows to a giant form. Toady declares that he is saving Stingerella from these Rangers. Not impressed, Stingerella walks off with her dancing Rinshi. The Rangers quickly call their Megazord and battle the giant Toady. Flit comes out of Camille and announces the action. Flit calls the action and mentions that Toady's love; Stingerella is nowhere to be seen. Upon hearing this, Toady is mortified at what he has done and runs away. Camille consoles Toady and tricks him to think that if he destroys the Rangers, he will win Stingerella's love. Empowered, Toady is determined to destroy the Rangers next time. Casey and Theo seem to be in some sort of competition with each other. Their dispute carries out into the battlefield as they try and stop Stingerella. Toady shows up and the Rangers call the Claw Cannon. But without the three of them working together, it won't work. Toady blasts the Rangers and Stingerella is struck by his chivalry. The two lovebirds head off leaving the Rangers in a pile of rubble because they could not work together. Back at the JKP, Theo and Casey begin blaming each other fo
Can't Win Them All
5. Can't Win Them All
March 10, 2008
Out of the three Rangers, Theo is the star student. He can out spar the both of them at once. Even in the pizza parlor, Theo excels over all. The others wonder how Theo can be so good. Suddenly their Morphers beep and they are all off leaving Fran wondering where in the world they always rush off too. Gakko has been sent to destroy the city. Using his gecko like powers, he stands on the side of a tall building challenging the Rangers to fight him on his own ground. The Rangers try their best, but their attacks don't even hit Gakko on the side of the building. Determined to put the gecko in its place, Theo tries to climb on the side of the building. Slowly Theo manages to get up the side of the building, barely hanging on. Gakko easily knocks Theo off and continues to mock the Blue Ranger for trying to beat Gakko at what he's best at. Theo is hurt by the defeat and mockery. Back at Jungle Karma Pizza, Theo doesn't see the point in things anymore. He sits there staring out into space as his friends try to cheer him up and get him to snap out of things. He heads upstairs and he tells RJ that he gives up because he was beat in a fight. RJ thinks for a minute and then tells Theo that the two of them are going on a road trip. Dai Shi sends Gakko back out to destroy the Rangers. Casey and Lily meet up and the fight is on. The two Rangers stand their ground, but more Rinshi show up. Casey calls RJ to send Theo, but RJ says Theo is busy. Hearing the call, Theo wants to join his friends. RJ says there is no hope because Theo lost his confidence. Perhaps if Theo can finish climbing to the top of the tree, he'll consider letting Theo save his friends. After more odd training from RJ, Theo gives up. RJ tells him Theo was able to do anything because he had confidence. It's ok to lose as long as we pick things up after we lose. Theo must change his state of mind in order to find his confidence again. Lily and Casey have Gakko on the ropes until Gakko jumps on the side of a tall b
A Taste Of Poison
4. A Taste Of Poison
March 3, 2008
Ranitpede, Naja, Stingarella, Gakko, and Toady are the five poisons. Dai Shi is confident he will rule the world with such a powerful force backing him. Rantipede strikes the Rangers with 100 legs. Naja slashes at the Rangers with his fangs full of venom. Stingarella dances circles around the Rangers with her toxic dance. Master of trickery and deceit, Gakko proves to be a cunning adversary. Finally, Toady with skin stronger than armor, proves to be an enemy that can't be weakened. The Rangers try their best but stand no chance against all five of the poisons. In a bolt of lightning, Dai Shi appears on the battlefield. The Rangers are shocked to see none other than Jarrod, their former classmate. Dai Shi explains that Jarrod is no more as he is now the powerful Dai Shi in human form. Casey, eager to get back at Jarrod for the way he treated people in Pai Zhuq fights with Dai Shi. With the power of Dai Shi, Casey stands no chance. Stingerella poisons Casey. In order to reach the antidote, the Rangers must fight all five poisons in a giant state. Things look bleak but with an unexpected turn around, the Megazord spin kicks and jumps over the poisons, reaching the antidote. The Rangers quickly rush back to the loft to make sure Casey is ok. Lily was really worried about Casey. Going up against Dai Shi one-on-one was a reckless thing to do. Back at Dai Shi's temple, the poisons were humiliated by their loss. Rantipede vows to regain Dai Shi's honor by destroying the Red Ranger. Rantipede heads out calling for Casey and challenging him to a fight. At RJ's loft, Lily hears the alert of Rantipede first. Determined to protect Casey, she goes to face Rantipede on her own. Disappointed that the Red Ranger didn't show, Rantipede unleashes his centipede-like strikes upon Lily. Casey and Theo quickly join the fight and battle the oncoming Rinshi. With the new Strike Rider, Casey easily overpowers the Rinshi and Camille. The Rangers regroup when Rantipede grows to an enormous si
Sigh Of The Tiger
3. Sigh Of The Tiger
February 25, 2008
RJ challenges Lily, Theo, and Casey to hit him if they can. They all try their best to gang up on RJ but to no avail. Its obvious that Lily and Theo have more technique and skill to their kung fu instead of just jumping in like Casey. Casey asks RJ for one on one training to get him up to speed with the others. RJ agrees and tells Casey to rub his shoulders. Casey is taken aback but follows RJ's strange orders. Things are cut short when the alarms sound that Camille is robbing a museum. The Rangers quickly rush to stop her and her gang of Rinshi. A fight breaks out. Using her chameleon skills, Camille slips away from the Rangers. She brings Dai Shi the spirit of the buffalo and turns a Rinshi into a ferocious Buffalord in order to carry out Dai Shi's bidding.RJ continues "training" and tells Casey to fix his chair and to wash his yoga mat. All the while, Casey becomes impatient as to when his one on one "kung fu" training will actually begin. The Rangers are forced back out when Buffalord attacks the city. Buffalord escapes from the Rangers in order to harness more power. Casey storms back into RJ's loft wondering why RJ has been wasting time. Perhaps if RJ actually taught Casey something, Buffalord would be history by now. RJ says he has the perfect plan now that they know what kind of monster they are up against. RJ tells Casey to scrub the floors. Appalled by RJ's orders, Casey scrubs the floors. The alarm sounds again. RJ says Casey will not be allowed to leave until the floors are clean. Lily and Theo leave shocked that RJ would keep Casey from saving the world in order to keep the floors clean.As Lily and Theo try their best to hold their own against Buffalord, Casey confronts RJ about his ways of training. RJ throws a punch at Casey and shows him how he used the same movement of fixing the chair. RJ charges Casey and shows how he can throw his opponent like he was shaking the yoga mat. RJ tells Casey to stay low like he was cleaning the floors in order to
Welcome To The Jungle, Part 2
2. Welcome To The Jungle, Part 2
February 18, 2008
A huge Mantor looms over the city, ready to bring an end to the Rangers. Master Mao's spirit flies to the rescue and takes the teens away to a safer place. Master Mao tells the teens that RJ must teach them how to fight their enemies at a huge size. After asking RJ, the teens are shocked to hear that he can't because they aren't ready. RJ assigns the Jungle Chucks, Jungle Tonfa, and the Jungle Bo Staff to each of the Rangers. After they have mastered their weapons, then he will teach them how to grow big. Casey, still new to this whole kung fu thing, is obviously the one holding the team back. Lily and Theo don't think its fair that they must be held back because of Casey. RJ tells them that this is no longer a kung fu school. They are fighting Dai Shi as a team and must work together as a team. Meanwhile, Camille meets with Mantor to devise a plot to break the dam in order to flood the whole city with water. Back at JKP, Theo teaches Casey how to master his Jungle Chucks. Suddenly they are alerted of Mantor's attack on the city. The three head out but are stopped by Camille and her Rinshi army. The Rangers face off with the Rinshi using their new weapons. Casey puts his training on the Jungle Chucks into action. The Rangers defeat the Rinshi and now prepare to fight a giant Mantor. With respect for each other as part of a team, RJ tells them that they are ready to go big. The Rangers combine their animal spirit to form the Jungle Pride Megazord. Now the odds are even as the Jungle Pride Megazord battles Mantor. Camille watches from a distance hoping the Mantis will do away with the Rangers. The Rangers deliver their final blow and the Mantor explodes.
Welcome To The Jungle, Part 1
1. Welcome To The Jungle, Part 1
February 18, 2008
Pai Zhuq has been guarding the evil spirit of Dai Shi for thousands of years. Each generation the duty was passed on from the three masters to the three best students. Lily, Theo and Jarrod easily show their skill against other students. Instead of Jarrod, Master Mao picks Casey, a new recruit to join Lily, and Theo in the forbidden room. Master Mao tells them of the Dai Shi and how Pai Zhuq has been guarding it for generations. It will now be their job to keep the Dai Shi from being released. Suddenly Jarrod bursts in, angry that he was not chosen to be a guardian. Although he was the best, Master Mao tells him that his heart was not right. Through a fight, Master Mao is greatly weakened and the Dai Shi is released. Casey, Lily, and Theo are given instructions on where to find their new master, one who will help them fight Dai Shi. The three reach the address of Jungle Karma Pizza. No one inside seems to look like their new master. They run into RJ, the owner of JKP. He hears about their search for their master and tells them they can wait and work here until their master arrives. Theo greatly objects to working at a place like JKP, they are Pai Zhuq students. Suddenly a group of Rinshi and Mantor attack the city. The teens rush out and try their best to stand their ground against Dai Shi's minions. The teens are tossed around quite a bit as Mantor toys with them. Mantor is about to finish them off when RJ stops Mantor. RJ reveals himself as the master the three were looking for. RJ invites the three to his loft above JKP. This will be their training area as the teens begin their journey to capture Dai Shi. As the teens acquaint themselves with the new place, an alarm alerts them of more Rinshi attacking the city. Before the teens head out, RJ hands them their Solar Morphers. He tells them that with these, they will have the power to become Power Rangers. They will need all the power they can get while battling Dai Shi's forces. The three head out to battle the Ri
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