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  • 2001
  • 1 Season
  • 7.7  (48)

Pigs Next Door is an American animated television series produced by Saban Entertainment Inc. The show premiered on September 9, 2000, and ran for one season with thirteen episodes. The series was directed by Charlie Bean, and the writers were Thomas Parkinson, Len Uhley, and Larry Swerdlove.

The show followed the lives of four pigs, Bella, Lester, Lionel, and Ella, who live next door to a family of eccentric humans. The pigs got up to various misadventures while trying to blend in with their human neighbors and keep their true nature a secret.

Bella was the matriarch of the pig family. She was always uptight and worried about the pigs being discovered by the humans. She was very strict and was always telling the other pigs what to do. Lester was the laid-back family member who loved to eat and spend his time lounging around. He was always seen napping and snacking. Lionel was the clumsy one of the group. He was the muscle man and had a heart of gold. He was always ready to fight for his family, even if it often landed him in trouble. Ella was the brainy pig. She was always eager to learn new things, and she was often seen with her nose buried in a book.

The human family that the pigs lived next door to were equally interesting. They included Mr. and Mrs. McPhearson and their children, Lily and Gideon. Mr. McPhearson was a wacky inventor who was always coming up with strange new gadgets. Mrs. McPhearson was an artist who loved to paint portraits of her family. Lily was a tomboy who loved to play sports and skateboard. Gideon was a nerdy kid who loved to read and was always trying to invent something of his own.

The show was a mix of comedy, adventure, and educational content. Each episode featured a specific theme or lesson aimed at young viewers, such as learning about teamwork, the importance of friendship, and the dangers of judging people based on their appearances. The episodes were also filled with slapstick humor and visual gags, making them appealing to children of all ages.

The animation style of the show was unique and charming. The backgrounds were often drawn in a whimsical and colorful style, and the characters were designed to be adorable and appealing to young viewers. The voice acting was also top-notch, with each character having a distinct and memorable voice that added to their personality.

Overall, Pigs Next Door was a fun and entertaining show that captured the imaginations of young viewers. Although the series only ran for one season, it remains a beloved classic among fans of Saban Entertainment and animated television.

Pigs Next Door is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2001.

Pigs Next Door
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Swine Anxiety
13. Swine Anxiety
In an attempt to boost sales at Jackson Motors, Jungle George does the absolute opposite as the sales staff morale lessens and lessens. Phil believes that if he was running the dealership, things would be a lot better. In a card game, Phil finds himself winning and taking over Jackson Motors. Phil quickly realizes it's not easy being "Boss."
Hog Squad
12. Hog Squad
Due to a sudden police sick out, the Stymingtons, Crenshaws and Stumps must insure that their neighborhood is a safe place by forming a neighborhood watch. Phil and an unenthused Stump go on patrol together and end up in a porto-potty joy-ride.
The Hamchurian Candidate
11. The Hamchurian Candidate
In order to pay off a debt to "Joey Bag Of Donuts", Jungle George needs to have the Schlichter Falls Library demolished so he can open his new R.V. Center. With Councilman Schlichter gone, they need to find a new candidate to follow through with their sinister plans. They then con Phil into running for office. It isn't long before Phil learns how dirty "people" politics can be.
Pink Panther Party
10. Pink Panther Party
It's "Bring Your Daughter To Work" day at Jackson Motors. April is on her best behavior... that is, until she notices the new butcher shop window across the street features a pig poster which diagrams various cuts of meat. April is hog-bent to get rid of the obnoxious, offensive poster. She wants to start a protest and is angered when Phil refuses to join in.
Chuckie's In Love
9. Chuckie's In Love
At a school dance where he finds himself delegated off to the side with Ben, the foreign exchange student and other losers, it becomes apparent to Chuckie that he's being shut out of the dating game. After all of Ben's attempts to play cupid backfire, Chuckie falls for a blind girl he meets at the veterinarians office. Complications ensue when he neglects to mention he's a pig.
Stand By Your Ham
8. Stand By Your Ham
Clara, now living in a world where women expect romance, realizes that as pigs, she and Phil have none. (They mated but never dated). This ultimately leads to family discord as Phil is pressured to deliver on the romantic front. Untimely, the decision is made to be the first pigs to formalize their union and get married.
The Hog Whisperer
7. The Hog Whisperer
In a desperate attempt to drive the Stymingtons out of the neighborhood, Stump has come up with his latest "brilliant" plan; he has tracked down and hired "The X-treme Hog Caller." A mythical, shadowy figure whose sinister hog calls have the ability to make the Stymingtons run wild, jump through hoops or do the jig.
Pig In Hong Kong
6. Pig In Hong Kong
Poor Chuckie. It's "Salute To Parents Who Have A Fulltime Job" week at school. All the other kids father's have cool jobs... airline pilot... Elvis Impersonator. Chuckie dreads Phil coming in to talk about selling cars. But, facing unemployment, Phil lucks out by becoming the stand-in for the star pig in the Hollywood production, "Pig In Hong Kong." Now Phil becomes Chuckie's hero.
Hog Island
5. Hog Island
Now living in the human world, the Stymingtons are drifting further and further away from their roots and basic pig traditions. They all forget the holiest pig holiday, All Hogs Day. The family re-embraces their swine values when the mythical pig god, The Grand Porcenus, arrives at their house and transports the family to Hog Island where the Stymingtons re-establish connection to their pigness.
La Cage Au Leo
4. La Cage Au Leo
Just when the family thinks they've assimilated into the neighborhood, (even Stump has run out of insults) Clara's Uncle Leo, the ultimate pig, arrives at their doorstep and disrupts the entire neighborhood.
High On The Hog
3. High On The Hog
Phil starts winning big at the track. How? As a kid, his mother made him study "horse" as a second language, which gives him the unique advantage to eavesdrop on the thoroughbreds learning whose turn it is to win. Meanwhile on the other side of town, we enjoy watching Clara's secret part time job. At "The Mud Pit" she is the new mud wrestling sensation, Clara "Pretty In Pink" Stymington.
Pig Skin Hero
2. Pig Skin Hero
Chuckie gets tapped a la "The Water Boy to play on his junior high football team. He quickly becomes the star of the team gaining wide spread adulation from his fellow students. Meanwhile at work, Phil, whose status has improved as the father of the team's most valuable player. It all goes to hell when Chuckie discovers that footballs are made of pigskin.
Movin On Up
1. Movin On Up
Meet the Stymingtons, a family of pigs who dare to leave the barnyard and attempt to fit into human society.
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Pigs Next Door is available for streaming on the Saban website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Pigs Next Door on demand at and Tubi TV.
  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 2001
  • IMDB Rating
    7.7  (48)