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In this fourth season of the Power Rangers franchise, the team of superheroes is transformed into the Zeo Rangers via the power of the Zeo Crystal, which they find in the rubble of their recently destroyed Command Center. The series aired on the Fox network in 1996. It was preceded by Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers and was followed by Power Rangers Turbo.

Power Rangers Zeo is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (50 episodes). The series first aired on April 20, 1996.

Where do I stream Power Rangers Zeo online? Power Rangers Zeo is available for streaming on Saban, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Power Rangers Zeo on demand at Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV online.

1 Season, 50 Episodes
April 20, 1996
Action & Adventure
Cast: Catherine Sutherland, Nakia Burrise, Steve Cardenas, Johnny Yong Bosch, Jason David Frank
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Power Rangers Zeo Full Episode Guide

  • When Prince Gasket and Archerina return, Prince Sprocket offers to help them defeat the Zeo Rangers by letting Klank and Orbus make them grow. Tommy asks Katherine for a date when Ernie puts on a Luau at the beach club, but Gasket and Archerina spoil the party by sending Cogs to trash the place. The evil duo grow to enormous proportions, and the Rangers call on the Super Zeo Megazord and the Zeo Megazord to defeat them. Losing the fight, Gasket and Archerina flee, and Tommy and Katherine decide to enjoy a nice quiet date at the movies.

  • Alpha is finally able to teleport Billy out of the Zeo Megazord, but King Mondo puts his Cog monster inside the Megazord cockpit and attacks the Super Zeo Megazord. The Impursonator reappears, taking over the Super Zeo Megazord, and the two vehicles battle each other under control of the monsters. The Alien Rangers assist the Zeo Rangers in battling the Cogs, while Auric is called upon to help break up the monster fight, but unfortunately Auric is unable to defeat the monsters when they combine to form the Hybrid monster, forcing the Zeo Rangers to call upon all of their resources to ultimately defeat it. Bringing Billy to the Eternal Falls on Aquitar, Cestria of Aquitar is able to restore Billy to his normal age. Billy decides tos tay on the Alien Rangers' home planet to be with Cestria and bids his friends a final farewell.

  • Prince Sprocket and Queen Machina cast a spell on Tommy and Tanya so that every word they utter comes out in song. Prince Gasket and Archerina show up at Bulk, Skull and Det. Stone's fishing trip and turn Stone's lure into the Mechatepillar monster. Gathering in the Power Chamber to figure out what's wrong, the Rangers discover that in his present state Tommy is no longer in control of the Red Battlezord, and seeing this, Queen Machina sends Cogs to attack the Zord holding bay, with the Gold Ranger rushing off in an effort to stop them. When the Mechatepillar monster grows, the rest of the Rangers rush off for battle, with Adam piloting the Red Battlezord the best he can. Once Gold Ranger defeats the Cogs, he joins the Rangers in their battle, and with the help of Pyramidas, they defeat the monster. The spell on Tommy and Tanya is broken, and King Mondo returns to reclaim his throne, while Prince Gasket and Archerina retreat in fear of his wrath.

  • As the mystery in the old mansion begins to unfold, the teens are one at a time captured by Archerina, until only Katherine is left. Jealous of Katherine, Archerina confronts her, challenging her to a battle, but when Katherine refuses to fight, Archerina threatens to hold her friends captive forever. Reluctantly Katherine agrees to the battle, but when she wins Archerina is angered even further, calling on the Nuklifer monster to attack. Zordon dispatches Auric to help, but he is wounded. Finding a way out of the dungeon, the Rangers join Katherine just as Nukifier grows, and calling on the Super Zeo Zords they finally defeat the monster with the help of a restored Auric.

  • Prince Gasket and Archerina have created the Chronosapios, a crystal ball-like device which alters the space-time continuum, causing it to repeat, but so far only Tommy has been affected. When the Rangers discover the plot and go to destroy the device, Prince Gasket sends the Protectron monster to guard the crystal ball. The Rangers manage to destroy the Chronosapios, but when the Protectron grows to huge proportions they must first call on the Super Zeo Zords, and then the Warrior Wheel, to destroy it and set time back to normal.

  • When Tommy, under the influence of Prince Gasket, attacks Jason, the other Zeo Rangers watch from the Viewing Globe in horror. Realizing that they must go and help their friend, Billy tries to teleport them, but is unsuccessful. Seeing this, Rita and Lord Zedd manage to teleport the Rangers, hoping they can defeat the Machine Empire for them. The Rangers appear in the arena and confront Tommy, and a battle ensues. Katherine, deciding that if Tommy sees the real face of his friends he will believe they aren't his enemies, demorphs and faces him without her powers. Soon the others follow her lead, and at last Tommy realizes he was tricked by Prince Gasket. Furious, Prince Gasket releases all the monsters on the teens, and unwittingly Bulk and Skull, who were accidentally teleported, break the force field allowing everyone to teleport to safety.

  • Prince Gasket uses a brain device to erase Tommy's memory, transferring his powers to the Altor monster, the victor of the monster battles. While the Rangers watch on in horror, Gasket convinces Tommy that he is King of the Machine Empire, and that the Zeo Rangers are evil. Jason and Kat decide to go to the portal in an effort to free Tommy, but Jason, along with Bulk and Skull, gets transported to the other dimension, where they find themselves waiting their turn to do battle in the arena. Jason tries to talk to Tommy, but because he is brainwashed Tommy forces him to battle Altor. After defeating the monster, Jason challenges Tommy to a battle, leaving his friend no choice but to confront him.

  • Prince Sprocket is upset by the arrival of Prince Gasket, his older brother, and Archerina, his sister-in-law, as Prince Gasket is intent on taking his father's place as King of the Machine Empire. Queen Machina tells them that it is actually Louie Kaboom who is trying to take the helm of the empire, so Archerina shoots Louie with her arrow, causing him to fall in love with her. Now under her spell, Archerina commands Louie to destroy the Power Rangers, so Trey of Triforia sends Pyramidas back to Earth for Jason to pilot in their defense. When Louie grows to mammoth proportions in an effort to overcome the Zeo Rangers, they call on their Zords, and together with Pyramidas, they form the Zeo Ultrazord and blast Louie away. Defeated for now, Gasket and Archerina vow that they will return again to face the Zeo Rangers.

  • The huge Midas Hound turns Jason into gold, and when the other Zeo Rangers call on the Super Zeo Zords to help in the fight, he turns their Zords to gold as well. Billy manages to change Jason back, and as the Gold Ranger he rushes off to help his fellow Rangers in distress. When the Midas Hound changes into the Midas Monster, the Zeo Rangers call on Auric for help, and together they defeat the monster, return all the gold items to normal, and manage to attend Katherine's ballet, which is a great success.

  • Tanya is determined to travel to Mysterio Island to search for her parents. On the island, her parents come across the Lost Tiki of Auric. Louie Kaboom confronts Tanya's parents, stealing the Tiki and unleashes Auric the Conqueror, demanding that he help him destroy Earth. Auric refuses to fight on the side of evil, and frustrated, Louie tosses the Tiki away, where it is retrieved by Prince Sprocket. Sprocket convinces Auric that the Zeo Rangers are evil, and even when Jason takes Pyramidas and tries to talk to Auric, he is unable to convince him of the truth. When the rest of the Rangers meet Auric, they finally convince him they aren't evil. He agrees to assist them in their fight against the Machine Empire, and once that threat is eliminated, Tanya is reunited with her parents.

  • Bulk and Skull are working undercover at the fashion show, with Skull dressed in a skunk costume as the Mr. Stenchy mascot, when Queen Machina confiscates the costume and turns it into the Stenchy Monster. The Zeo Rangers confront the monster, but are blasted with its Rank Ray, making them smell awful. Alpha devises a way to make them invulnerable to the Rank Ray, while Trey of Triforia sends down the Warrior Wheel to help the Rangers in their battles. Confronting the monster again, they use the Super Zeo Megazord, as well as the Warrior Wheel, and are able to defeat the monster.

  • On the Moon, Rita and Zedd plot to overthrow the Machine Empire with their latest creation, Louie Kaboom, but Goldar and Rito botch things up when they lose the control device. When Jason spots Emily, a member of the tough gang of teens at the Youth Center, she confides that she is ashamed of her friends' behavior, but since she is new in town she doesn't know anyone else. Louie Kaboom arrives and confronts Jason and Emily, turning her necklace into the Tuff Tusks monster, but Jason manages to get Emily to safety before slipping away and morphing into a Zeo Ranger. The Zeo Rangers battle Tuff Tusks, but have a difficult time until they are joined by the Gold Ranger. As a final effort, Tuff Tusks grows, and is about to defeat the Rangers, until they call on the Super Zeo Megazord to destroy it. Back at the Beach Club, Emily's friends are so grateful to Jason for helping her that they agree to help set up the Beach Club.

  • The Cogs try to prevent Tommy and his friend from getting to the Power Chamber, but when they finally do arrive, it is revealed that their old friend Jason is the candidate for becoming the Gold Ranger. Mondo and Machina treat their robots with a neo-plutonic armor, which makes them nearly invincible, and when the Zeo Rangers face Silo, they find that their Zeo Zords are ineffective. The Treys must leave for Triforia, but in gratitude, leave the Rangers with the Super ZEO Zords, an amazing fleet of fighting machines, and Jason is infused with the Gold Ranger powers. When Mondo and Machina send an army of robots to attack the city, the Zeo Rangers call on the Super Zeo Zords and defeat them, after which they all welcome Jason back into the Power Ranger team.

  • Due to curiosity, the teens continue their search for the identity of the Gold Ranger. The evil King and Queen have the same idea, except they want revenge. King Mondo teams up with the Varox bounty hunter, who followed the Gold Ranger to Earth, in order to seek him out and destroy him. The Gold Ranger informs the Zeo Rangers that he is in danger, and they teleport him to the Power Chamber for safety. The Rangers then face Varox, using the Power Cannon to weaken him, but unfortunately the Varox comes back at the Rangers stronger and more powerful than before, until the Rangers call out the Zeo Megazord to defeat him. Before Alpha and Zordon can discover the Gold Ranger's true identity, he zaps out of the Power Chamber, continuing to be a mystery.

  • King Mondo plans to tire out the Zeo Rangers with continuous raids, sending the Somnibot monster to place a sleeping spell on the people. The Rangers try to stop Somnibot from singing its lullaby, but they too are put to sleep. The Gold Ranger appears, awakens the Rangers, and proceeds to blast Somnibot, as Mondo counterattacks by amplifying the strength of Somnibot's lullaby. Together the Rangers combine their powers, using the Zeo Ultrazord, and send an electric surge through Somnibot that breaks the spell once and for all.

  • Katherine's friends all show up to support her when she enters a surfing competition. King Mondo and Queen Machina decide that it's the perfect time to send the evil Leaky Faucet monster to put Cog Oil in the waters of Angel Grove. Seeing the Cog Oil in the water, David and Tommy dive into the ocean and swim out to warn Katherine, managing to get her back to dry land before they are overtaken by the toxic water. On shore, the Rangers fight Leaky and, with the help of the Zeo Ultrazord, defeat it. Kat might have lost the surfing competition, but she is content with the knowledge that the waters of Angel Grove are safe.

  • Tommy, Kat, and their science project partner Raymond, are working on a terrarium in the desert when Prince Sprocket sneaks up on them with a shrinking ray device. The Rangers are shrunk and placed into a terrarium with a hungry tarantula. Raymond, who has missed the whole incident, runs back to the Youth Center, telling Tanya he was abandoned in the desert. In the terrarium, the Gold Ranger arrives just as the spider is about to swallow Kat and Tommy, which angers Mondo, causing him to send an army of Cogs to capture the Gold Ranger. The other Rangers, sensing something was wrong, show up and send the Cogs running. Frustrated, King Mondo unleashes the Tarantabot the city. Kat and Tommy are restored to normal size just in time, and join the others in battling the monster. The Zeo Megazord and the Gold Ranger's Pyramidas combine to form the mighty Zeo Ultrazord and defeat the creature, after which the Gold Ranger once again disappears before his identity can be uncovered.

  • King Mondo's new plan is to divide and conquer the Zeo Rangers by ambushing them with Cogs and the Wolfbane monster, thereby splitting the team apart, and weakening their powers. Suddenly the battles are interrupted by a tremendous force, the fighting stops, and everyone is stunned to see a gigantic Pyramid-shaped craft landing on Earth. As King Mondo calls his army to retreat, Billy discovers that the energy from the Pyramid is similar to the one from the Zeo Crystal. When King Mondo resumes his onslaught with a huge army of Cogs and Wolfbane, the assault proves to be too much for the Rangers. Just when all seems lost, a mysterious Gold Ranger appears to help them. Wolfbane grows larger, and the Rangers call on the Zeo Megazord, but Wolfbane is about to defeat them when the Gold Ranger calls on his Zord, Pyramidas. Pyramidas destroys Wolfbane, after which the Gold Ranger vanishes out of sight. When Mondo vows revenge on the Gold Ranger, the Zeo Rangers know they must find him first.

  • Adam and Shawn are competing to win the Angel Grove Kung Fu Competition and Shawn shows his girlfriend a secret medallion which is part of his plan to win. The teens find a similar medallion in the woods and take it to the Power Chamber, where they discover that the medallion has the power of invisibility. Meanwhile, King Mondo has sent Admiral Abominator to build an armada, with the medallions acting as a cloaking device to shroud the ships in secrecy. Aware of this plan, Alpha creates a complicated three dimensional grid to locate the armada, and the Rangers use a laser to ruin the energy source of the medallions. Destroying the fleet, the Zeo Rangers put an end to Admiral Abominator's evil actions. At the Kung Fu match, Shawn has had a change of heart, and decides to compete with honor.

  • The teens are decorating the Juice Bar for "Ernie's After Hours," a new cabaret, where Tanya will be singing for the first time in front of an audience. King Mondo and Queen Machina give Prince Sprocket a birthday present, the Wrecking Ball robot, and he vows to destroy the Power Rangers Zeo once and for all. As the Wrecking Ball begins to destroy the city, Tommy calls on the Red Battlezord to defeat the robot. Tanya is a great success on her opening and is offered a record contract from a visiting agent. Forced to make the biggest decision of her life, she turns it down to stay with her friends. 149

  • Bulk falls in love with the police captain's daughter Connie, and tries to impress her by acting like a different person. As the teens prepare for a charity Toy-A-Thon dance, a surprise visitor, Prince Sprocket, appears with his new toy, the Googleheimer robot, and begins to shoot at them. Quickly the teens Morph into the Power Rangers ZEO and freeze the Googleheimer with their Zeo Cannon. When Klank and Orbus show up, and make the robot ten times as large, the Rangers call on the Zeo Megabattlezord to defeat Googleheimer. Lieutenant Stone, who has taken a liking to Bulk, asks if he would like to be a detective in his new company. Bulk agrees, while happily discovering that Connie really likes him for himself.

  • Adam falls asleep while watching a monster movie in the Resource Center, and when he awakes he is shocked to find Rita and Zedd there with him. Rita and Zedd inform Adam that the world has been taken over by the Machine Empire, and if he is to reverse this catastrophe, he must bring four items to the wise sorcerer named "The Great Zordonicus." Gathering the items, Adam is surprised to encounter Tommy, as a vampire; Rocky, as a werewolf; Tanya, as the "Bride of Frankenstein;" Billy, as a mad scientist; and Katherine, as a witch. Presenting his items to the sorcerer, he finds that he has been tricked by Mondo, but awakening, Adam is relieved that it was all just a dream.

  • During the Angel Grove Martial Arts Expo the teens help Penny, a blind martial artist, pick up her dropped belongings, but she snaps at them, explaining she doesn't need help from others. Meanwhile, King Mondo sends down the Defector robot who is made from old parts of a Sky Base. The Defector robot begins to gain the Rangers' trust by rescuing a dog moments before it is hit by a car, but the Rangers follow the Defector suspiciously, where they spot him fighting a group of Cogs led by Klank. When the Rangers jump in to save the Defector robot, Klank grimaces slyly and the Defector robot turns on the Rangers, shooting at them. The blast throws the Rangers off a cliff, with the exception of Rocky, who climbs into the Defender Wheel and destroys the robot. The Rangers learn a lesson in trust, as does Penny, who learns to trust the teens as her new friends.

  • King Mondo gains full possession of the arrowhead and continues to keep Tommy's brother David, trapped in the cave which holds the spirits of ancient evil creatures. Tommy and the Rangers continue to battle Mace Face with the Red Battlezord, finally forming the ZEO Megabattlezord to defeat the monster. In the Viewing Globe, the Rangers can see David being threatened by Autochton, an ancient monster spirit. When Tommy suddenly discovers that whoever has the arrowhead controls the spirits, he is able to rescue David before it is too late. King Mondo then forces the Autochthon to battle the Rangers as a last effort to destroy them, but luckily, Tommy retains the arrowhead and control of the ancient spirits. To retaliate, King Mondo makes Autochton grow larger, and the Rangers defeat it once again with the ZEO Megabattlezord. Tommy and David are finally reunited, agreeing that they better keep both halves of the arrowhead separated from now on.

  • Tommy is stunned to learn that he has a brother. David tells him that the arrowhead they possess has significant powers and must never fall into evil hands. When David is abducted by Cogs, and sent to an ancient cave, Mondo and Machina send the Mace Face monster to destroy Angel Grove. Billy is meanwhile working to combine the Red Battlezord and the Zeo Megazord, but because Tommy is upset at his brother's abduction, this new vehicle is ineffective. King Mondo decides to take advantage of the situation, and blackmails Tommy into surrendering the arrowhead in exchange for his brother.

  • Tommy follows the young man in order to discover who he is. Stopped by Sam Trueheart, he tells Tommy that he must go on a vision quest to gain answers concerning the young man, and the other half of the arrowhead that Tommy carries with him. Sam tells Tommy to let the falcon be his guide on the quest. When Adam decides to take boxing lessons at the Youth Center, Prince Sprocket gets the idea to create the Punch-a-Bunch Monster to do battle with Adam and kidnap him. Tommy is called away from his vision quest to battle Punch-a-Bunch, which he defeats with the Red Battlezord, and freeing Adam, he can now return to his quest. Finally, Tommy meets the young man who introduces himself as David Trueheart, Tommy's brother. Tommy is also shocked to discover that David has the other half of the arrowhead.

  • Tommy has been having a recurring nightmare about the Zeo Megazord being destroyed and rushes to the Power Chamber to make certain everything is all right. When Mondo and Machina send the Main Drain monster to Earth to suck the power out of the city, an unusual power surge occurs. Meanwhile, the Youth Center is sponsoring a Native American art show where Tommy meets Sam Trueheart, who bears a striking resemblance to True of Heart from his Zeo quest. During a confrontation with Main Drain, severe damage is caused to the Zeo Megazord. Billy presents Tommy with the Red Battlezord, but warns him that his mind must be at peace to control it. At first Tommy's turmoil makes it difficult to control the Zord, however, eventually he is able to control it and defeat Main Drain. Continuing his journey to find True of Heart, Tommy discovers a young man who looks remarkably like himself.

  • When Tommy is called away to help the Zeo Rangers battle Defoliator, Heather is none too pleased with their constant, unexplained interruptions, and decides to leave. With the greenhouse effect causing serious problems for Earth, the Rangers battle and defeat the Defoliator, returning temperatures to normal. When Katherine attempts to console Tommy about Heather's leaving, we begin to see a spark of attraction between the two Rangers. 146

  • Heather challenges Tommy and Billy to ski down the championship Widow Maker slope, and even though the Cogs try to keep them occupied and away from the other Rangers, a message gets through to Tommy that he's needed to help defeat Robocupid. Once Robocupid is successfully defeated, Tommy, Katherine and Billy return to the ski slopes with hopes of continuing their vacation. Determined to use this opportunity to defeat the Rangers, Mondo and Machina now create Defoliator to destroy all plant life, and create a greenhouse effect in Angel Grove. Katherine, still concerned for Tommy's broken heart, devises a plan that will allow he and Heather to enjoy a romantic dinner alone, but Tommy is again called away to battle this latest monster.

  • In order to cheer Tommy up after he receives Kimberly's "Dear John" letter, Kat and Billy take him for a weekend snowboarding trip. While they are away, Mondo and Machina send down the Robocupid, which causes the citizens of Angel Grove to fall in love with machines. While on the mountain, Tommy meets Heather Thompson, a championship snowboarder, who takes a liking to him. Seeing the attraction between the two, Mondo and Machina send the Cogs to the ski slope to keep them occupied, and apart from the other Rangers who go in pursuit of Robocupid.

  • Billy, on his return from Aquitar in an Aquitian space capsule, is set off course by a photon Blaster belonging to Machina and Mondo, sending his ship into the gravitational pull of the Machine Skybase. Their plan is to take him prisoner, and get all the knowledge of the Power Rangers in the process, but when this is unsuccessful, he is sent on a collision course with the sun. The Rangers manage to blast him back into the correct flight path and a safe return to Earth. Entering a warehouse to retrieve an auxiliary fuel cell, the Rangers come face-to-face with Mechanizer, which they are finally able to destroy with the help of the Zeo Blaster.

  • Mean Screen downloads his virus, wreaking havoc throughout the city and also disabling the ZEO Megazord. The Rangers try to fight the monster, but Mean Screen infects all of their weapons with the virus. When the monster grows, the Rangers are helpless to fight it. Adam seeks help from Raymond, who creates an anti-virus that wipes out Mean Screen's virus. The Zeo Megazord is back in action and destroys Mean Screen.

  • A mysterious musician eludes the invading Cogs, which prompts Mondo to create Fortissimodo, a monster made from the school's piano. The Rangers protect the musician when he is attacked by Fortissimodo, but the musician flees before the Rangers can discover his identity. When Klank and Orbus make the monster grow, the Rangers summon the Zeo Megazord to bring down Fortissimodo. Adam discovers that the Mysterious Musician is none other than Skull, and convinces him to perform in the big school recital. Everyone, including Bulk, is surprised and impressed by Skull's hidden talent.

  • When Skull steals a clipping of Rocky's plant for his project, Machina and Mondo decide to turn the plants into the Pollinators; two ferocious metal eating menaces. Pollinator confronts Rocky, spraying him with powerful pollen which causes him to develop leaves, and turn into a plant. The Rangers go to face the Pollinators, being informed by Zordon that pure oxygen will reverse the effects on Rocky, and that they should use the same method to destroy the Pollinators. Zordon's method is successful, the monsters are defeated, and Rocky is returned to normal.

  • Billy works on using his knowledge of technology to develop a Zeo Blaster for the Ranger's use. The situation becomes critical when the Hydro Contaminator lands on Earth, intent on stopping Cestro from accomplishing his mission, by contaminating the Earth's water. Billy is able to finish the Zeo Blaster just in time and teleports it to the Rangers, who destroy the Hydro Contaminator. Deciding he must go to Aquitar to help adapt the weapon on their planet, the Rangers wish Billy the best of luck in his exciting adventure.

  • When the Cogs capture the monster costumes from the movie set, the Rangers are transported to a surreal green room to wait for their scenes in Sprocket's twisted film, where they are forced to battle Leaky Faucet, Sir Bucket O' Bolts and the Pumpkin Sorcerer. When all seems doomed, the Rangers manage to change the ending of the movie from a tragedy to a happy ending, and this returns them to the real world. Sprocket is furious and combines all of his monsters to form Loco Nut. The Rangers counter by calling on the Zeo Megazord and are able to destroy the monster.

  • The Puppet Man turns evil and transmits a beam that turns the well-behaved children of Angel Grove into raving brats, leaving the Rangers helpless to defend themselves. Mondo and Machina are delighted at the results and send Puppet Man to the communications center to broadcast his evil beam to children all over the world. Billy and Alpha devise the Defender Wheel, which the Rangers use to break the evil spell over the kids, but when the Puppet Man grows in size, the Rangers must use their Zeo Zords to defeat the monster.

  • While the Rangers are test driving their amazing new Zeo Jet Cycles, Katherine is excited about a new Civics project -- a specially trained dog that has been taught to sniff out danger. Mondo and Machina's latest scheme is to unearth a hidden pocket of magma and release it in the streets of Angel Grove. When they send the Digster monster to start digging, Smokey smells the lava and takes off. Katherine follows Smokey, and when she runs into the Cogs, Smokey brings the Rangers to her rescue. When the Rangers confront Digster, they call on the Zeo Megazord, the monster is defeated and Smokey is lauded as a hero.

  • Tanya's boyfriend, Shawn, is jealous when she makes the baseball team. Watching the game, Prince Sprocket has an idea. He will turn the batting machine into the People Pitcher. Rocky and Adam are practicing, but the People Pitcher captures Rocky inside of it without his Zeonizer. As the Cogs arrive, the Rangers are preparing to do battle, when Tommy is sucked inside the People Pitcher as well. Now able to give Rocky his Zeonizer, they morph and are able to get out of the monster. As the battle begins, the Rangers call on the Zeo Megazord and are able to defeat the monster. PR-ZEO4-

  • With the aid of Boo Hoo the Clown, King Mondo administers a spell on the baby that Tommy and Katherine are taking care of. As the baby cries, the volume keeps increasing causing the Earth to shake. When Katherine takes the baby to the park, where an Earthquake from the crying will cause less damage, the Cogs appear, and a battle with the Rangers ensues. Boo Hoo stuns the Rangers with his frequency ray and the Cogs are able to steal the baby. At the Angel Grove power plant, Boo Hoo places the baby atop a tower, hoping that when the baby awakes from his nap and cries, the chain reaction will destroy the city. By calling upon their Zeo Zord Power, the Rangers manage to destroy Boo Hoo, and stop King Mondo's destruction of the city.

  • Rocky is working on a computer project with Jennifer, an intelligent girl he has a crush on. King Mondo and Queen Machina want the software from the teen's computer for their Silo monster and they send the Cogs down to steal the password. Getting the program, they download it into Silo. Billy and Alpha are working on the Zeo helmets, additions to the Zeo Megazord, which will give it different powers. Machina and Mondo modify Klank and Orbus with the new program giving their monster the ability to grow to huge proportions. Once the monster is enlarged, the Rangers call on their Zeo Zords to battle it and, using their Zeo Battle helmets, to defeat Silo.

  • Tanya is upset when her new boyfriend, Shawn, feels he must cheat to pass an exam. As Billy and Alpha work to finish the Zeo Zords, Mondo and Machina send a squadron of Cogs to sabotage the Zords. When the Cogs are defeated by the Zeo Rangers, the royal couple breaks out the big guns in the form of Staroid, a huge mechanical monster. Staroid begins to ravage the city and the Rangers are forced to call on their, still untested, Zeo Zords. After an intense battle, the Rangers bring the Zeo Zords together to form the Zeo Megazord, which is successful, and Staroid is vanquished. Back at the Youth Center, Tanya convinces Shawn that cheating is wrong and says she will help him study for the exam.

  • Lord Zedd, Rita, Finster, Squatt and Baboo are preparing to flee the Moon in Serpenterra as their palace is attacked by Quadrafighters sent by King Mondo and Queen Machina. With no place else to go, Rita decides they will have to move in with her father, Master Vile. Back at the Command Center, the Rangers watch in amazement as the ground beneath them rumbles and the walls of the Command Center appear to rebuild themselves. As the ground continues to shake, the Rangers suddenly disappear into the ground. Arriving in the basement of the Command Center, they are reunited with Zordon and Alpha. Zordon informs them that a dark force has entered the galaxy, more treacherous than Rita and Zedd, called the Machine Empire.