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  • TV-Y7
  • 2000
  • 1 Season
  • 6.4  (2,159)

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue is an American superhero television series produced by Saban Entertainment and aired from 2000 to 2001. The show features a team of five superheroes who are recruited by an elite rescue organization called Lightspeed to protect the world from a looming threat of evil.

The main characters of the show are made up of the five Power Rangers, each with their own unique color and set of skills. First up is the leader Carter Grayson, played by Michael Chaturantabut. Carter is a brave, selfless firefighter who takes on the role of the Red Ranger. He is joined by Joel, the Green Ranger and expert in mechanical engineering, Kelsey, the Yellow Ranger and expert in extreme sports, Chad, the Blue Ranger and expert in martial arts and aquatic environments, and Dana, the Pink Ranger and expert in medicine and science.

Together, the Power Rangers work for Lightspeed Rescue, which is a top secret organization dedicated to protecting the world from an ancient demon named Diabolico and his army of monsters. With their advanced technology and training, the Rangers use their unique abilities to fight back against Diabolico’s forces and keep the world safe.

One of the key features of the show is the Rescue Zords, which the Rangers use to combat the monsters. The Zords are large, specialized vehicles that combine to form the powerful Omega Megazord. Additionally, the Rangers have access to a range of weapons, such as the Lightspeed Rescue Blaster and Rescue Bird to help them in their battles.

Over the course of the series, the Rangers face off against a range of different villains, each with their own unique abilities and motivations. Some of these include the evil Queen Bansheera, who seeks to merge with the physical world and bring about the apocalypse, and the deranged scientist Olympius, who seeks to destroy the Rangers and Diabolico to achieve his own twisted goals.

Throughout the show, the Power Rangers must not only fight the villains but also deal with their own personal struggles and relationships. Carter, for example, has a complicated past with one of his fellow Rangers, while Kelsey struggles to balance her responsibilities as a Ranger with her passion for extreme sports.

Overall, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue is an action-packed show full of adventure, heroism, and exciting battles. It features a diverse cast of characters each with their own unique skills and personalities, and its overarching themes of teamwork and good vs. evil make it a classic example of superhero storytelling.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (40 episodes). The series first aired on February 12, 2000.

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The Fate of Lightspeed: Part 2
40. The Fate of Lightspeed: Part 2
November 18, 2000
Joel, Dana, Chad, and Kelsey, along with Miss F and the Captain, narrowly escape their crumbling Aquabase onto their submarine. Once they emerge from the sea, the Rangers observe Ryan and Carter destroying the Megazord that Jinxer has stolen. Meanwhile, the Queen has transported her large sarcophagus that connects to the Shadow-world into the middle of the city and has begun to call forth the demons. Catching the Queen in the midst of her plan, Red Ranger tackles her resulting in both falling into the sarcophagus. To the Rangers' horror, they spot Carter hanging on the lower ledge of the Sarcophagus, and the Queen threatening to drag him down with her to the Shadow-world. From the depths of the Shadow-world, Diabolico's vengeful spirit appears and strikes the Queen with his staff, sending her spiraling into the flames. Just as the teens celebrate their victory, they are called back into duty as a fire truck with its sirens wailing blazes by them.
The Fate of Lightspeed: Part 1
39. The Fate of Lightspeed: Part 1
Jinxer secretly implants a device on the Rangers' Lifeforce Megazord, which results in scattering menacing Battlings throughout the Lightspeed Aquabase. With the Rangers' home base overtaken by the Battlings, Jinxer steals the Lifeforce Megazord to destroy the Rangers' shelter, trapping the Ranger team, except for Ryan and Carter, in a room that is leaking water. Meanwhile, Carter and Ryan attempt to thwart Queen Bansheera's evil plan to use the monsters from the Shadow-world to take over Mariner Bay. However, just as they confront her, she blasts them away, sending them free falling from The Skull Cavern. With all the Rangers out of commission, the people of the city are left undefended.
Rise of the Super Demons
38. Rise of the Super Demons
November 16, 2000
Miss F is trying to harness the Rangers' life energy to power the strongest weapon they have thus far, but to no avail. In the meantime, Olympius and Diabolico meet again and a battle between them ensues. Diabolico is defeated by Olympius and is transformed into a zombie. Both Olympius and Diabolico commence in destroying the city, creating the biggest explosions the city has ever seen. When Diabolico awakens from his trance, he and Olympius embark in a duel, which results in both monsters exploding. But when the Queen resurrects them, transforming them into Dragon Olympius and Super Diabolico, the Rangers' only hope is the Lifeforce Megazord! The Pink and Yellow Rangers bring the device to Lifeforce Level Three, and the amazing energy flow is enough to defeat the two monsters. With all of her warriors destroyed, the Queen is left to do her own bidding.
Wrath of the Queen
37. Wrath of the Queen
November 15, 2000
Vypra is summoned to Queen Bansheera's chamber. Frustrated with Vypra's failures, Bansheera absorbs Vypra's life energy, killing her and restoring Queen Bansheera's full body in the process. Loki, one of Queen Bansheera's minions, lures the Rangers, except for Carter, to the stadium where he and Diabolico plan to destroy them. When the Rangers, Loki and Diabolico arrive, all of them are transported to The Skull Cavern, where the Queen is awaiting them. Determined to obliterate the Rangers, the Queen forces Diabolico to shoot blasters at them, accidentally killing his friend Loki in the process. Distraught over the loss of his friend, Diabolico vows never to serve evil again and helps the Rangers defeat the Queen. But when the Rangers believe that they finally defeated their greatest foe, the Queen reappears and begins destroying the city. Confronted by the Rangers once again, the Queen disappears in a blast of light. The Rangers will soon learn the true magnificence of her power...
In the Limelight
36. In the Limelight
November 14, 2000
Dana becomes a supermodel when she is hired to be the new "Glitz Girl." But while the rest of the Rangers are risking their lives to destroy the evil Vypra and her monster, Treevil, Dana is getting her measurements taken for the fall fashion shows. Thankfully, Dana decides that her friends are more important than fashion and joins the other Rangers in a battle against Treevil.
Web War
35. Web War
November 13, 2000
Diabolico hires the evil Arachnor, a spider monster, to eliminate the Rangers. In return for her services, Arachnor, who has the power to erase the Ranger's weapons data, asks only to be given humans to feed her young. After wreaking havoc in the city and trapping all the other Rangers in her web, Red Ranger transforms his ultra-powerful Trans Armor Cycle into Mega Armor mode and defeats Arachnor, saving his friends and the city!
Neptune's Daughter
34. Neptune's Daughter
November 11, 2000
Determined to destroy the Rangers, Diabolico calls upon Aquafiend to steal Neptune's Trident and use it to drain the water from Mariner Bay, making the Lightspeed Aquabase vulnerable to an attack. When Aquafiend steals the Trident, Marina, Neptune's daughter, warns Chad of Diabolico's plan. Together, the Power Rangers fight Aquafiend and sabotage their foe's devious plot. In the meantime, unbeknownst to the Rangers, the evil Jinxer begins to nurse Olympius back to health.
Olympius Unbound
33. Olympius Unbound
November 10, 2000
Jinxer notifies his master, Olympius, who is still trapped in Shadow-world, that in order to escape, Olympius must destroy the monster army found in the Shadow-world and absorb their spirits. After Olympius defeats the monster army, he absorbs their energy and becomes the all-powerful Super Olympius. Meanwhile, Captain Mitchell has been hypnotized by Jinxer and is tricked into draining the energy from the Lightspeed Aquabase which is then fed to Olympius. While Miss F releases the Captain from hypnosis, the Power Rangers defeat the powerful Olympius. After the battle, Jinxer pulls his defeated master from a pile of rubble and vows to avenge his master.
Sorcerer of the Sands
32. Sorcerer of the Sands
November 9, 2000
Ryan, the Titanium Ranger, searches for the sorcerer who can read an ancient text that includes a spell that will banish Queen Bansheera from Earth. When Ryan finds the wizard, they work together to decipher the cryptic writing. In the meantime, Olympius traps the other Rangers in Shadow-world, a place where monsters reside that have been previously killed. Using his powerful staff, Olympius orders the monsters to attack the Rangers. Watching from the shadows, Diabolico takes this opportunity to eliminate his rival and destroys Olympius' staff, traps him in the Shadow-world, and takes the Golden Key that controls the main portal. While fighting the monsters, the Rangers discover a secret portal to the city and make their escape. Meanwhile, just as the Sorcerer deciphers the ancient spell, Diabolico shoots beams of energy towards the wizard, transforming him into glitter and reducing Ryan's ancient book to cinders.
The Last Ranger
31. The Last Ranger
November 8, 2000
Diabolico sends Memorase to destroy the Power Rangers' memories. The Pink Ranger is the only Ranger who escapes Memorase's debilitating energy. Dana, with her memory still intact, guides the rest of the Rangers back to the Lightspeed Aquabase. At the Aquabase's infirmary, Miss F attempts to restore the Rangers' memories. Meanwhile, with the Rangers out of commission, Memorase begins to destroy the city. When the others regain consciousness, they join Dana in a fight against Memorase, forming the Lightspeed Megazord that helps them defeat their foe.
Trakeena's Revenge: Part 2
30. Trakeena's Revenge: Part 2
November 7, 2000
After being blasted by Triskull into an abyss, the eight exhausted Rangers crawl up to safety. Joined by the remaining Lost Galaxy Rangers, the heroes attempt to defeat Trakeena, who has become increasingly more powerful since ingesting human energy. During the battle, Olympius throws his poisonous dagger into the machine that is transporting human life energy into Trakeena and transforms her into a giant purple beast. While Trakeena attempts to destroy the city, the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers desperately try to stop her using their Omega Megazord but ultimately fail. Meanwhile, the Lost Galaxy Rangers enlist the help of the Galactabeasts, their super powerful accessories, and join the battle. Once Trakeena is defeated, the Lost Galaxy Rangers return to the planet Mirinoi.
Trakeena's Revenge: Part 1
29. Trakeena's Revenge: Part 1
Back from the dead, Trakeena, the sworn enemy of the Planet Mirinoi, lands on Earth. With the help of Triskull and a few ghouls, Trakeena designs an elaborate arrangement to steal human life energy and use it to restore her lost powers. Olympius and Triskull make a promise to work together but neither intends to keep the pact. Olympius believes Triskull is stealing people's life energy for his mother, Queen Bansheera, but in reality Triskull is actually working for Trakeena. In the meantime, the Lost Galaxy Red Ranger travels to Earth to warn the other Rangers of Trakeena's evil plan. But when the Lost Galaxy Red Ranger and the Lightspeed Rangers join forces in an attempt to destroy Triskull , they are blasted into an abyss.
Ocean Blue
28. Ocean Blue
November 4, 2000
Chad finally finds the girl of his dreams...but she's a mermaid! Saved from an underwater avalanche by Marina, a beautiful mermaid, Chad is unable to forget about her. Likewise, Marina confides to the evil Vypra her enchantment with Chad. Sensing an opportunity to finally eliminate one of the Rangers, Vypra tricks Marina into giving Chad a silver Dolphin statue as a token of affection. When Marina and Chad meet at the dock, she gives him the gift, but the statue transforms into chains that encases Chad. As Vypra appears from the shadows ready to destroy Chad, Marina, horrified, attempts to stop her. Vypra's minions, however, trap Marina in a net bound with heavy weights and cast her into the sea. But just when it looks like doom for Chad and Marina, Chad reaches for his Morpher, transforms into the Blue Ranger, defeats Vypra and frees Marina.
The Great Egg Caper
27. The Great Egg Caper
Olympius enlists Jinxer to take care of an egg that, once hatched, will become a very powerful being. While Jinxer bathes the egg in a nearby pond, he discovers a teenage thief spying on him. But before Jinxer's minions attack the teenager, the Rangers come to the thief's rescue. When the battle between Jinxer's minions and the Rangers ends, they realize that the thief has stolen the egg. Both the Rangers and Jinxer along with his new cohort, Bird Bane Monster, embark on an egg hunt across the city. After duping Jinxer into giving him a large ransom in return for the egg, the thief is attacked by Bird Bane but saved by the yellow Ranger, who admonishes him for stealing. Developing a change of heart, the thief helps the Rangers destroy Bird Bane and in the process the egg is destroyed.
The Mighty Mega Battles
26. The Mighty Mega Battles
October 28, 2000
Olympius and the monster, Infinitor, return to destroy the Rangers once and for all. But when a battle ensues, the Rangers are nearly defeated before they learn about and use their new Mega Battle gear. After Olympius and Infinitor are defeated by the Rangers, Olympius returns to the Skull Cavern, only to be humiliated in front of his rivals by his mother Queen Bansheera, who berates him for failing to destroy the Rangers once again. Meanwhile, Joel must contend with Miss F's great admiration for Clark, the genius scientist responsible for creating the Mega Battle suits and possibly Miss F's new boyfriend.
In the Freeze Zone
25. In the Freeze Zone
October 21, 2000
Freezard and the newly released Diabolico join forces and attack the Rangers at their Lightspeed Aquabase. After Freezard successfully freezes, shrinks, and swallows all of the Rangers, except for Ryan and Carter, he, along with Diabolico, pays Olympius a visit. As a sign of peace, Diabolico offers Olympius the chance to eliminate Carter. But when Olympius and Freezard challenge Carter, the Red Ranger uses his new weapon, the thermoblaster, to free his friends from Freezard's belly. Once the heroes are saved, they unite their power and defeat the icy villain while Olympius escapes. Meanwhile, back in the desert, Ryan is determined to uncover the ancient ruin's secrets.
As Time Runs Out
24. As Time Runs Out
October 7, 2000
Vilevine, a hideous herbal monster working for Olympius, captures the Rangers and adheres tiny flower pods on their bodies. Once they free themselves from Vilevine's grasp, the Rangers must find a way to remove the attached pods before they hatch and release toxic fumes across the city. With swift thinking, the Rangers board their Megazord, travel out to space and open an air hatch that successfully pulls the pods from the Rangers bodies into outer space. Meanwhile, Vypra and Loki escape a sand trap set by their rival Olympius and stumble upon an ancient ruin. When they read aloud the ruins' cryptic writings, Diabolico arises from his tomb! Unbeknownst to Vypra and Loki, Ryan witnesses this prophetic event.
Yesterday Again
23. Yesterday Again
September 30, 2000
While learning how to fly the new Mobile Armor vehicle in a flight simulator, Carter mystically foresees the future -- one in which the Rangers are annihilated. The next day, Carter is horrified to find that his psychic visions are being realized. Now, he must use the knowledge he gained the day before to save his friends. With his new Mobile Armor vehicle, Carter helps the Rangers defeat Olympius and his monster Mantevil.
The Chosen Path
22. The Chosen Path
September 23, 2000
Loki creates Cyclopter, a one-eyed monster, to defeat the Rangers. When the monster confronts the teen heroes and challenges them to a fight, he is defeated by Chad's former martial arts instructor, Mr. Tamashiro, who is displeased that Chad abandoned karate to become a Ranger. The monster, humiliated by being defeated by an older man, begs Mr. Tamashiro to teach him to become the greatest karate expert. Once the monster becomes the ultimate warrior, he embarks on a quest to eliminate the Rangers once and for all. It is up to Chad to use his supreme martial arts skills to battle the monster. When the Rangers join in the fight, the monster is defeated, and Mr. Tamashiro admits that, although he is the teacher, he has a lot to learn from his former student.
The Fifth Crystal
21. The Fifth Crystal
September 16, 2000
Vypra has created a laser machine capable of destroying Mariner Bay. In order to supply the machine with added power, she has stolen four out of five special crystals. The authorities and the Rangers find the fifth crystal and orchestrate a trap to catch Vypra to destroy her sinister plan. The Rangers, however, are tricked, and Vypra and Moleman escape with the last crystal. Together, the Rangers must find and prevent Vypra and Olympius from using the fifth crystal to energize Vypra's destructive laser machine.
The Omega Project
20. The Omega Project
September 9, 2000
Olympius creates an asteroid and sends it on a path of mass destruction towards Mariner Bay. With the help of their new friend Simon, the Rangers locate and attempt to destroy the asteroid with their power lasers. But Olympius foils the Rangers' effort by deflecting their lasers. Now, the teen heroes must use their Rescue Trains and the Omega Megazord to destroy the asteroid before it reaches the city.
The Queen's Return
19. The Queen's Return
September 2, 2000
The Rangers must find a way to stop the monstrous wizard, Spellbinder, from reviving Queen Bansheera or else Mariner Bay will be history! Queen Bansheera materializes over the city in the form of a giant tidal wave, threatening to wash away the community. As the tidal wave approaches Rescue Bay, the Rangers fire their powerful Megazord cannons to destroy the monster.
A Face from the Past
18. A Face from the Past
August 26, 2000
Captain Mitchell orders the Rangers to take a well-deserved day off to relax. Carter explains he has trouble relaxing and that he always drives himself to excel ever since the day he was rescued by a heroic firefighter who inspired him to try and live life as a hero. Carter and Captain Mitchell work to rescue some people trapped in a blazing inferno which finally allows Carter to realize that Captain Mitchell was the firefighter who rescued him as a child.
Olympius Ascends
17. Olympius Ascends
August 19, 2000
The majestic demon Olympius hatches from Impus' cocoon and captures Dana, Kelsey, Chad and Joel. Now able to change his shape to resemble the captured Rangers, Olympius infiltrates the Aquabase.
The Cobra Strikes
16. The Cobra Strikes
May 27, 2000
In order to cure the Cobra tattoo curse, Ryan must go to the ancient tomb and battle the dangerous cobra. Defeating the snake, the curse on Ryan is finally broken and the cobra tattoo disappears. Ryan morphs and joins the Rangers fighting Diabolico. With the combined might of their Zords, the Rangers manage to destroy Diabolico.
Strength of the Sun
15. Strength of the Sun
May 20, 2000
Despite his father's wishes, Ryan joins his Lightspeed Rescue teammates in a fierce battle with Diabolico's monsters. Ryan's health begins to deteriorate due to the increased effects of the Cobra tattoo curse. Still he perseveres and pilots the Max Solarzord into battle helping the team destroy Falkar and Thunderon. Unfortunately, as a result of his morphing, Ryan's cobra tattoo has accelerated its way up his back, threatening his life if he ever morphs again.
Curse of the Cobra
14. Curse of the Cobra
May 13, 2000
Ryan adjusts to his place in Lightspeed while also trying to hide his cursed cobra tattoo from the other Rangers. Despite the jeopardy he is in, Ryan assists the Rangers in destroying Demonite but this makes the cobra curse strengthen. After learning about his son's curse, Captain Mitchell orders Ryan not to morph again.
Ryan's Destiny
13. Ryan's Destiny
May 6, 2000
Ryan embarks on a quest to find his true nature and place within the Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue team. However, Diabolico interrupts Ryan's soul-searching mission by attacking Mariner Bay with his minions, three fierce monsters.
Truth Discovered
12. Truth Discovered
April 29, 2000
Captain Mitchell shocks the Rangers when he reveals that the Titanium Ranger is really his long-lost son, Ryan. Ryan struggles to remember the truth behind his relationship with his father and Diabolico.
From Deep in the Shadows
11. From Deep in the Shadows
The powers of the Titanium Ranger are stolen from the Aquabase by a mysterious stRanger and used against the Power Rangers. The heroes must find the thief and defeat the Titanium Ranger's powers before it destroys the unity of the Lightspeed Rescue team.
Rising from the Ashes
10. Rising from the Ashes
April 15, 2000
Miss Fairweather ventures on a scientific expedition into the interior of a local volcano. Only Diabolico's evil Queen Bansheera commands the monstrous Magmavore to intervene and ignite the volcano. Miss Fairweather is trapped inside the explosive inferno and the Power Rangers must find a way to save her from the bubbling lava.
Go Volcanic
9. Go Volcanic
April 8, 2000
Queen Basheera's pestering three-headed beast, Trifire, initiates a volcanic quake and disrupts the Lightspeed Rescue Aquabase. Meanwhile, Dana is leaving town on a bus, but the seismic activity forces the bus to retreat. An angry passenger hijacks the vehicle and Dana calls her teammates to help save the passengers from the dangerous bandit. Together, the Power Rangers steer the bus away from the erupting volcano and Trifire.
The Challenge
8. The Challenge
April 1, 2000
The villainous Vypra recruits a vindictive bully to aid her in a quest to destroy the Power Rangers team. She challenges her student to attack and defeat the Blue Ranger. The superheroes must fend off Vypra's determined apprentice and save their teammate Chad.
Cyborg Rangers
7. Cyborg Rangers
March 25, 2000
General McKnight attempts to replace the Power Rangers with a controlled group of superhero robots. The Cyborg Rangers are mechanically programmed to fight, eliminating the chances of human error. But a glitch in their circuit composition, allows the real Power Ranger Lightspeed Rescue team to prove their superior crime-fighting status with their physical techniques of "Lightspeed power - kick - punch."
Wheels of Destruction
6. Wheels of Destruction
March 18, 2000
Evil Vypra attacks Mariner Bay in her new vehicle, the Vyparri. To combat Vypra's destructive rampage, Miss Fairweather develops the ultimate battle vehicles for the Lightspeed Rescue team. The new Lightspeed Cycles are equipped with super-sonic engines and an advanced weaponry system, enabling the Rangers to successfully defeat Vypra and her henchman, the fire-breathing Elestomp.
A Matter of Trust
5. A Matter of Trust
March 11, 2000
Trying to win her father's respect as the Pink Ranger, Dana takes on a special assignment to watch over his visiting friend. When the Rangers engage in a battle with Diabolico, Dana's father, Captain Mitchell, prohibits her from joining the Lightspeed Team. Although frustrated, Dana soon realizes that Captain Mitchell has used her absence to trick Diabolico, by storing the secret mobile fuel in her travelling vehicle. Taking great pride in her father's trust, Dana succeeds in her mission and gains her father's seal of approval as the Pink Ranger.
Riding the Edge
4. Riding the Edge
March 4, 2000
Kelsey rallies the Power Rangers to help save her new friend, the space shuttle pilot, Nancy Silverman, who is caught in one of Diabolico's disastrous tornadoes. The Green Ranger uses the Aero Rescue vehicle to help steer the space shuttle to safety on a local freeway landing strip. But poor weather conditions and Diabolico's interference shifts the space shuttle's flight pattern, and Kelsey and the other Rangers must use their Zords to help Nancy make a safe emergency landing. Combining their Zords to form the Lightspeed Megazord, the Rangers stop Diabolico's monster.
Trial by Fire
3. Trial by Fire
February 26, 2000
After reprimanding Carter for his hasty decisions in combat, Captain Mitchell issues an immediate Power Ranger training session. Carter begins to doubt his abilities as a Ranger. But Carter soon recalls a past childhood experience, when a firefighter saved him from a raging fire, and is inspired to continue his life-saving services to the needy seaside community. Carter proves himself to his teammates and successfully redeems his spot on the Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue team.
Lightspeed Teamwork
2. Lightspeed Teamwork
February 19, 2000
When the monstrous Magmavore attacks Mariner Bay with molten lava, the Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue team must save a group of citizens trapped in a blazing building. After their futile attempts, the Rangers call the Lightspeed Aquabase for assistance. Miss Fairweather and Captain Mitchell send an arsenal of weapons in the soaring Rescue Bird to aid the teen superheroes. Magmavore interrupts the Rangers' mission, but they battle the monster and rescue the citizens. Back at the Lightspeed Aquabase, Joel turns on his charm as an ace pilot, attempting to impress Miss Fairweather with his life-saving techniques and a beautiful flower bouquet.
Operation Lightspeed
1. Operation Lightspeed
February 12, 2000
Captain Mitchell recruits a team of five brave teens to stop Diabolico and his evil comrades from destroying the peaceful seaside community of Mariner Bay. The teens, Dana Mitchell - a paramedic, Joel Rawlings - an ace pilot, Kelsey Winslow - a dare-devil climber, Chad Lee - a slick aquatic master, and Carter Grayson - a brave firefighter, unite to form the new expert Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue team. By combining their special skills and their high-tech weapons, the Rescue Morphers, the Power Rangers embark on an all-new quest to eliminate the threat of Diabolico.
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    February 12, 2000
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    6.4  (2,159)