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  • TV-Y7
  • 1997
  • 1 Season
  • 5.7  (2,675)

Power Rangers Turbo is an American television show based on the Japanese series Gekisou Sentai Carranger. The series was produced by Saban Entertainment and aired on Fox Kids from April 19, 1997, to November 24, 1998. This show is the fifth installment in the Power Rangers franchise and follows the events of Power Rangers Zeo.

Power Rangers Turbo focuses on the adventures of a new team of Power Rangers, who are recruited by Alpha 6 to protect the city of Angel Grove from the evil plot of Divatox. The new team is comprised of Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank), who was previously the Green and White Ranger, Kat Hillard (Catherine Sutherland), Tanya Sloan (Nakia Burrise), Justin Stewart (Blake Foster), and Adam Park (Johnny Yong Bosch).

Tommy becomes the Red Ranger and leader of the team, and Kat becomes the Pink Ranger. Tanya becomes the Yellow Ranger, and Justin becomes the first child to ever become a Power Ranger as the Blue Ranger. Adam, previously the Black Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, becomes the Green Ranger in this series. The series introduces new Zords and weapons for the Power Rangers, and also features a new villain, Divatox (Hilary Shepard Turner).

The Power Rangers Turbo series begins with a bang, as the villainous Divatox arrives on Earth seeking revenge on the Rangers for foiling one of her plans in the previous series. Divatox is a space pirate who commands an army of monsters and has come to Earth to open a portal to the demon world, where she plans to marry the demon prince Maligore and use his power to conquer the universe.

The Rangers must learn to work together to stop Divatox and her minions from achieving their goal. Along the way, they are joined by several allies, including Carlos (Roger Velasco), Ashley (Tracy Lynn Cruz), and Cassie (Patricia Ja Lee), who become the Green, Yellow, and Pink Rangers, respectively.

Throughout the series, the Power Rangers face challenges and battles as they try to stop Divatox from achieving her ultimate goal. They also have to deal with personal issues such as adjusting to their new roles, becoming part of a team, and balancing their newfound superhero duties with their everyday lives.

Power Rangers Turbo features a mix of action, humor, and drama, making it an entertaining and engaging series for viewers of all ages. The show is known for its exciting fight scenes and impressive special effects, which were groundbreaking for their time.

Overall, Power Rangers Turbo is a fun and exciting series that stays true to the franchise's roots while bringing in new elements that make it unique. With a talented cast, impressive production values, and a compelling storyline, this series is a must-watch for any fan of the Power Rangers.

Power Rangers Turbo is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (45 episodes). The series first aired on April 19, 1997.

Power Rangers Turbo
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Chase into Space: Part 2
45. Chase into Space: Part 2
The remaining Power Rangers blast off into outer space to try to save Zordon.
Chase into Space: Part 1
44. Chase into Space: Part 1
November 21, 1997
Justin faces the possibility of having to move away. Against overwhelming odds, the Turbo Rangers charge into their final battle.
Parts and Parcel
43. Parts and Parcel
November 18, 1997
T.J. tries to help Bulk and Skull find out who is raiding Angel Grove for spare parts.
The Ranger Rivalry
42. The Ranger Rivalry
November 17, 1997
Cassie and Ashley compete for the new kid in school's affections while Porto pilots the Shark Zord into battle.
Little Strong Man
41. Little Strong Man
November 14, 1997
Justin is given superhuman strength when a radioactive ant bites him. Meanwhile, Divatox pilots the first of her Divazords into battle against the Rangers.
Carlos and the Count
40. Carlos and the Count
November 13, 1997
An encounter with a mutated lunar bat leaves Carlos with an aversion to sunlight and a powerful thirst -- for blood!
The Curve Ball
39. The Curve Ball
November 12, 1997
T.J. needs to learn how to hit a curveball if he's going to save his baseball team's chances of victory as well as the world.
Cassie's Best Friend
38. Cassie's Best Friend
November 11, 1997
As Elgar repairs his Zord, Cassie loses her dog, Jetson, but meets a mysterious new friend who knows her better than anyone.
The Accident
37. The Accident
November 10, 1997
When Carlos injures a rival, even he isn't sure if it was really by accident.
The Song of Confusion
36. The Song of Confusion
November 7, 1997
Cassie's new rock band turns out to be more than she bargained for.
Spirit of the Woods
35. Spirit of the Woods
November 3, 1997
T.J. meets a mysterious young boy named Erutan in the forest.
The Turn of the Wretched Wrench
34. The Turn of the Wretched Wrench
October 31, 1997
Ashley finds her auto mechanics class more difficult than she'd anticipated.
Fire in Your Tank
33. Fire in Your Tank
October 30, 1997
The Torch Tiger steals the Turbo Rangers' superfuel, turning him into an arsonist nightmare.
The Gardener of Evil
32. The Gardener of Evil
October 10, 1997
The Rangers and Divatox continue to search for the missing magic coin. Divatox orders the Wild Weeder monster to turn the citizens of Angel Grove into Divadrones to find the coin, with the help of the evil Blue Senturion. Bulk and Skull learn about the coin and decide to do the right thing and return it to Justin, who uses it to send the Blue Senturion back to the good side.
Beware the Third Wish
31. Beware the Third Wish
October 17, 1997
Justin's lucky coin is stolen by the Wicked Wisher monster, who takes it to Divatox with the two others he has stolen. When Divatox uses a coin to wish that the Blue Senturion become evil, he does! Elgar blows one wish on himself, and when he accidentally throws the last coin off the Space Base balcony, it is Bulk and Skull who find it. The Rangers realize that they must find the missing coin to cast off the Blue Senturion's evil spirit for good.
The Robot Ranger
30. The Robot Ranger
October 3, 1997
When Cassie and Ashley take tennis lessons from Bulk and Skull, Divatox sends Flash Head down to morph the Rangers into film reels. Meanwhile, Justin is shocked to learn that Ashley has wires in her arm and suspects that she is a robot. When Justin later discovers that Carlos is also a robot, T.J. explains that Alpha 6 and Dimitria created robotic Ranger doubles, including a robotic double of Justin, to see if they could battle the forces of evil as well as their human counterparts.
Clash of the Megazords
29. Clash of the Megazords
September 26, 1997
When the Rangers find the Phantom, they discover that in order for him to live, they must retrieve his Power Ruby. Divatox uses the Power Ruby to infuse the Turbo Megazord with her negative energy. The Rangers try to draw the Space Base to Earth with a magnetic beam, but Divatox sends the Crosspatch Monster with the reprogrammed Turbo Megazord to wreak havoc on Angel Grove. Later, T.J. retrieves the Power Ruby and overpowers Crosspatch. The Megazord is finally restored and the Rangers return the Phantom Ranger's Power Ruby to him just in time to save him.
Fall of the Phantom
28. Fall of the Phantom
September 25, 1997
General Havoc helps Divatox devise a plot to heist the Phantom Ranger's Power Ruby, which would render him powerless. General Havoc captures Cassie and offers to release her in exchange for the Phantom, but the Rangers are too late and Cassie is turned into stone! When the Phantom Ranger appears, he is tricked by Havoc who vanishes and takes the Phantom with him. Using their new Rescue Zords, the Rangers form the awesome Rescue Megazord to free the Phantom Ranger. But later they learn that the General has already stolen the Phantom's Power Ruby! 188
One Last Hope
27. One Last Hope
September 23, 1997
Intent on destroying Angel Grove, Divatox sends Metallasaurus into town. The Rangers leap into action and summon the Turbine Laser, which has little effect on Metallasaurus. Suddenly, the Phantom Ranger appears and leads them to their only hope, the Rescue Zords. With the Phantom's help, the Rangers drive their new Zords to face Metallasaurus and are able to turbo-boost him into deep space. But there is more work to be done - Divatox still has the Turbo Megazord.
The Darkest Day
26. The Darkest Day
September 22, 1997
Elgar creates a rock slide that traps the Ranger teens - but not for long. Divatox's brother, General Havoc, gives her a tour of the elaborate Space Base and introduces her to the ultimate device to defeat the Rangers - the Metallasaurus. Divatox is thrilled and moves the Subcraft to outer space. When the Rangers refuse to surrender to General Havoc, he unleashes Metallasaurus on Angel Grove and seizes their Zords. The Phantom Ranger appears with one last hope...
When Time Freezes Over
25. When Time Freezes Over
September 19, 1997
Divatox plans to freeze the sun with her icy Freeze Key, but fortunately T.J. overhears her plans and alerts the others. The Rangers use the Turbine Laser to stop the key before it reaches the sun. A furious Divatox counterattacks with the Clockster, a monster capable of altering time and almost freezes all of them in time. The Blue and Green Rangers escape the clutches of the Clockster, and together with the help of the Phantom Ranger, the other Rangers are saved. Once again, Divatox loses.
Vanishing Act
24. Vanishing Act
September 18, 1997
The teens are at the Youth Center when everything around them vanishes. Divatox's new monster the Translucitor, has been sent to make Angel Grove disappear - along with the Power Rangers. The Rangers are attacked by invisible Piranhatrons, and the mysterious Phantom Ranger comes to their rescue. Then Translucitor appears and makes the Red, Blue and Green Rangers disappear, but the girls use their Turbo Navigators to find their missing comrades and restore order in Angel Grove.
Phantom Phenomenon
23. Phantom Phenomenon
September 17, 1997
Justin's friend Nico finds a spaceship and shows it to him, swearing him to secrecy. Meanwhile Divatox sends Elgar, Rygog and Porto off to rob a bank. When the Rangers arrive on the scene, the situation has already been handled by a mysterious Phantom Ranger. In an effort to lure the Phantom, Rygog plants a detonator by the spaceship and captures Nico. The Phantom Ranger abandons the spaceship, saves Nico and then disappears as mysteriously as he appeared.
Trouble by the Slice
22. Trouble by the Slice
September 16, 1997
Porto's new transportation device backfires, sending Divatox flying across town. She gets amnesia from the fall and finds herself working in a pizza parlor. When Porto orders pizza at the shop, he sees Divatox. When she has another accident, she regains her memory and orders Porto to create Mad Mike, the nasty pizza chef monster to get revenge on the Rangers. He captures them, and just as he is about to bake them into a giant pizza, the Blue Senturion rescues them from their crusty fate
The Wheel of Fate
21. The Wheel of Fate
September 15, 1997
Justin and T.J. watch as two amazing vehicles, the Lightning Cruiser and the Storm Blaster, blast down to Earth. Divatox sends Elgar and Dreadfeather to get the cars, but the mysterious cars flee from them. Unfortunately, Dreadfeather and Elgar eventually capture Justin and the Storm Blaster and hold them captive in a warehouse. Suddenly, the Lightning Cruiser crashes through a window with T.J. and rescues them! The other Rangers appear to fight off the Piranhatrons and Dreadfeather.
Stitch Witchery
20. Stitch Witchery
September 12, 1997
Ashley is worried that she is losing her sense of style when she is approached by fashion goddess, Delisha Ennevil, who happens to be Divatox's Stitch Witch. She poisons the jackets that Ashley made for her with chemicals that force everyone in Angel Grove to argue, including the Rangers and the Blue Senturion. Ashley realizes that the jackets are the cause of everyone's anger and tells the other Rangers to take off the jackets in order to defeat the Stitch Witch.
Passing the Torch: Part 2
19. Passing the Torch: Part 2
September 11, 1997
While Tanya, Justin and Adam face the Flamite Monster, T.J., Cassie and Katherine fend off the Piranhatrons. Tommy is captured by a Putrapod and taken to the cave of doom, but fortunately T.J. and Cassie find him just in time. Flamite is defeated by the Turbo Megazord. Back in the Power Chamber, a secret mission unfolds. The Ranger teens have chosen successors to take their places as Power Rangers so they can move on to other challenges. T.J. becomes the new Red Ranger; Carlos, the new Green Ranger; Ashley, the new Yellow Ranger; Cassie, the new Pink Ranger; and Justin remains the Blue Ranger.
Passing the Torch: Part 1
18. Passing the Torch: Part 1
September 10, 1997
Divatox's mother, Mama D, tells her that to get rid of the Power Rangers, she must eliminate their leader. She then sends Piranhatrons to ambush Tommy and Katherine on their way to a camping trip and sends the Flamite Monster with a Putrapod to detain the others. Two teens named Cassie and T.J. meet on a bus traveling to Angel Grove and, realizing that Katherine and Tommy are in trouble, they help them. Tommy gets injured in the fight while the others continue to fend off the Piranhatrons.
Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers: Part 2
17. Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers: Part 2
September 9, 1997
Much to their horror, the Rangers realize they are quickly turning into bugs. They are soon engaged in a harrowing chase through the Subcraft, where they dodge Divatox and her henchmen and manage to escape on a torpedo. Then it explodes, the Rangers and Blue Senturion grow back to normal size and triumph over the monster.
Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers: Part 1
16. Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers: Part 1
May 21, 1997
The Ranger teens are involved in a recycling contest. Divatox sends the Shrinkasect Monster inside the Blue Senturion's helmet, causing him to go crazy. Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull unwittingly get a hold of a detonator and borrow Lieutenant Stone's car for a joyride. The Rangers open their friend's helmet and free Shrinkasect, who flies out, grows to full size and shrinks the Rangers and the Blue Senturion. Elgar brings the shrunken Rangers to Divatox, where they discover they're turning into insects.
Cars Attacks
15. Cars Attacks
Katherine auditions for a position in the Royal Academy of Dance along with Lieutenant Stone's unfriendly niece, Jenny. Meanwhile, a monster calling himself Wolfgang Amadeus Griller approaches Divatox and tells her that he can make any object come alive. She then sets a plan into motion to create chaos at the tryouts. Even with all of Divatox's monsters out in full force, the Rangers defeat them with the Turbo R.A.M. and rush back to get rid of the detonator at the dance hall just before Kat's audition.
A Drive to Win
14. A Drive to Win
May 19, 1997
Adam coaches the Angel Grove High soccer team and finds that Carlos, a talented yet headstrong player, doesn't know the meaning of teamwork. The team must defend themselves from Divatox's Piranhatron, giving her a chance to rig the scoreboard, which is set to explode at four goals. The Blue Senturion arrives to help the Rangers and together they defeat the Electrovolt Monster. The Rangers rush to the game and Justin disarms the detonator in the scoreboard just before Carlos makes a winning pass for Angel Grove.
The Millenium Message
13. The Millenium Message
May 17, 1997
The Blue Senturion's spacecraft is intercepted by Divatox before the intergalactic peacekeeper can get a message to Dimitria. Divatox tricks the Blue Senturion into believing that she is Dimitria, so he will play the Millennium Message for her, which states that the world's dark forces will unite at the millennium and only one force can stop them. Back at the Power Chamber, the Rangers find that the Millennium Message has been damaged and are dismayed that Divatox has this information instead of them.
Alarmed and Dangerous
12. Alarmed and Dangerous
May 13, 1997
Divatox sends Piranhatron all over town to set off false alarms, creating chaos in Angel Grove. Justin is harassed by bullies at school and uses his Ranger powers to elude them, but Katherine suggests he try to speak to them instead of misusing his powers. All of the false alarms distract the Rangers from Divatox's newest detonator, which explodes on a fire truck, turning it into the Blazinator monster. As usual, this is no match for the Power Rangers, who destroy the monster with their Auto Blasters.
Weight and See
11. Weight and See
Divatox and Numbor, who has the ability to change the weight of anything, plot to turn Angel Grove into the next Atlantis by making it sink into the ocean. Meanwhile, Katherine wins the leading role over Myrtle in "The Nutcracker," who then teases Katherine about her weight. Dimitira helps Katherine realize that inner beauty is more important that her weight, thereby breaking the Numbor's evil spell. Divatox launches torpedoes to make the monster grow but the Power Rangers destroy him in their Megazord. Back at the beach, Kat uses her Auto Blaster to destroy the detonator.
Glyph Hanger
10. Glyph Hanger
May 10, 1997
Adam and the gang walk like Egyptians for a stunt show, which reminds Divatox of her nasty Pharaoh-boyfriend from the past. She bullies the Pharaoh into planting a detonator in Angel Grove's amusement park. Adam accidentally takes Pharaoh's magic staff, thinking it's a stunt prop. The staff causes every sign Adam passes to turn into Egyptian hieroglyphics! The Rangers are finally able to zap the detonator and everything returns to normal.
The Whole Lie
9. The Whole Lie
May 8, 1997
The Mouth Piece Monster zaps Justin with the Deception Blaster, which makes him lie about everything and with each lie comes a Piranhatron. Tanya and Katherine know that something is wrong with Justin and take him to the Power Chamber to consult with Dimitria. Mouth Piece zaps the other Rangers with the Deception Blaster, causing them all to lie and create even more Piranhatrons. At the Power Chamber, Dimitria gets Justin to tell the truth with a tricky question that breaks the spell and frees Justin to help the others.
Bicycle Built for the Blues
8. Bicycle Built for the Blues
May 7, 1997
Justin is upset when he thinks his friends have forgotten his birthday. Divatox sends the Big Burpa monster to add a big bang to Justin's birthday. He is thrilled to find a birthday bicycle, which takes him for a wild ride. The Rangers chase him around town and Tommy finally gets him off the bike just before it explodes! Justin is happy when the Rangers throw him a big surprise birthday party - and his father shows up.
Built for Speed
7. Built for Speed
May 6, 1997
Adam is part of a 50s-style stunt show modeled after "West Side Story." During practice, an argument erupts among the cast and they decide to settle their differences with a car race. Divatox takes advantage of the situation by sending armed Speed Demons down until the Rangers join forces to form the Turbo Megazord. During the race, the Green Ranger realizes there's a bomb inside Rob's car and manages to deactivate it with only seconds to spare. The cast realizes that arguing is a waste of time and decides to pull together for the rest of the production.
Rally Racer
6. Rally Racer
May 5, 1997
While gearing up for the Soap Box Derby, Justin's car is hit by Warren, a big bully. Meanwhile Porto, one of Divatox's monsters, rampages through Angel Grove, forcing the teens to morph right before the race. Although Justin is disappointed over missing the race, he knows that his Ranger duties are more important. Porto disappears before the Rangers' eyes, and Divatox becomes even more determined to finish off the Rangers.
Transmission Impossible
5. Transmission Impossible
May 2, 1997
Visceron tries to transmit an urgent message to Dimitria via Tanya's radio station. Intent on intercepting the message, Divatox, Dimitria'a archenemy, plants a detonator on the station's transmitter. When Visceron is captured and refuses to talk, they turn him into a jokester to help her divert the Power Rangers. The bomb explodes in Visceron's hands, transforming him back to his former self. Dimitria uses her special powers of love and friendship to heal Visceron's wounded hands.
Shadow Rangers
4. Shadow Rangers
May 1, 1997
Divatox's new follower, the Chromite, bullies the teen Rangers until they morph into Power Rangers, just as Chromite hoped. Chromite uses their morphing beams to clone them into Shadow Rangers endowed with Turbo powers. Tanya, Kat and Adam are captured by their clones, but Tommy discovers that when they are deprived of light, they disappear. He defeats the Shadow Rangers by luring them into the shade and then he rushes off to rescue the other Rangers.
Shift into Turbo: Part 3
3. Shift into Turbo: Part 3
Alpha and Zordon are monitoring a hole that will lead them home to planet Eltar. Divatox and her gruesome gang attempt to collapse the hole while they are inside, but they manage to escape in time. The great wizard Lerigot arrives in Angel Grove to visit Alpha and Zordon and to see the Power Rangers graduate from high school. Justin scores genius level on his I.Q. test and is told he'll be attending Angel Grove High School. Alpha and Zordon leave just as Alpha 6 and Dimitria, two more forces of good, arrive.
Shift into Turbo: Part 2
2. Shift into Turbo: Part 2
April 26, 1997
In a race against time, the teen Rangers rush out of their graduation ceremony to assist Justin who is battling Divatox's powerful Piranhatrons. The Rangers use the Turbo Navigator to locate the bomb. Zordon sends a Robotic Arsenal Mobilizer (R.A.M.) to remove the bomb from the scene just before the blast knocks rocks to the ground. The Rangers return to their graduation ceremony at Angel Grove High just in time for Katherine to make her speech.
Shift into Turbo: Part 1
1. Shift into Turbo: Part 1
Divatox vows to ruin the Power Rangers' high school graduation because they ruined her plan to dominate the universe. Rocky, who was injured in a karate accident, introduces eleven-year old Justin to the team as the Blue Turbo Ranger, the youngest Power Ranger ever. When Bulk and Skull stumble upon Divatox's plan to bomb Angel Grove's power plant, Elgar turns them into chimpanzees. Meanwhile, the bomb is ticking...
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  • Premiere Date
    April 19, 1997
  • IMDB Rating
    5.7  (2,675)