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  • TV-Y7
  • 2003
  • 1 Season
  • 6.4  (3,034)

Power Rangers Ninja Storm is a television show created by Saban and aired from 2003 to 2004. It is the eleventh season of the Power Rangers franchise and stars Pua Magasiva as the Red Wind Ranger. The show opens with Lothor, an evil alien, attacking the earth with his army of space ninjas. He defeats the existing ninja academy and sends its students scattering across the globe. The three protagonists, Shane, Tori, and Dustin, are caught up in the attack and separated from their families. They end up joining Sensei, the mentor of the original academy, in his quest to defeat Lothor and his minions.

The trio are given the power of the ninja, with Shane becoming the Red Wind Ranger, Tori the Blue Wind Ranger, and Dustin the Yellow Wind Ranger. They use their powers to fight Lothor and his minions, while also dealing with their own personal issues.

Throughout the series, they are joined by two more rangers: Hunter, the Crimson Thunder Ranger, and Blake, the Navy Thunder Ranger. Hunter and Blake are initially villains working for Lothor, but they eventually turn to the side of good and join the team.

As a team, the Power Rangers face various challenges and villains throughout the season. One notable villain is Kapri, Lothor's niece, who has a crush on Dustin and tries to win his affections while simultaneously trying to destroy the Rangers.

In addition to the action-packed fight scenes, the show also explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and personal growth. The characters are seen developing relationships with each other as they overcome their differences and work towards a common goal. Shane, Tori, and Dustin all have personal struggles that they must overcome, such as Dustin's fear of heights and Tori's lack of confidence in her abilities.

The show also introduces the concept of zords, unique animal-themed robots that the Rangers can summon to aid them in battle. The Rangers have their own personal zords, which can combine to form a larger, more powerful megazord.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm is a fun and adventurous show that is sure to entertain fans of the Power Rangers franchise. With its lovable characters, exciting fight scenes, and messages of team work and personal growth, the show has something for viewers of all ages to enjoy.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (38 episodes). The series first aired on February 15, 2003.

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Storm Before the Calm: Part 2
38. Storm Before the Calm: Part 2
November 15, 2003
Lothor tells Cam his plan to use the Scroll of Destiny to open the Abyss of Evil. Meanwhile, the three teens fear that all hope is lost when suddenly, Blake and Hunter appear. They have lived through the battle with Vexacus. They are surprised once more when Sensei crawls out of the rubble, in his human form! In the fight with Lothor, he was changed back from a guinea pig to a man. Lothor uses Cam's amulet to power up the Scroll. He then leaves Cam, Marah and Kapri on the ship and sets it to self-destruct. Marah and Kapri can't believe that their uncle would betray them like this and decide to side with their cousin, Cam. The Thunder Rangers take the Dragonforce Tank to Lothor's ship in the hopes of freeing the other Ninjas. Although the Rangers are glad to see their teacher, they still have doubts over their ability to stop Lothor. Sensei shows them the end of the Scroll of Destiny and they find out that they were meant to be Power Rangers all along. With renewed spirit, they go to fight. Lothor attacks the city in a Zord and opens the Abyss of Evil. Blake and Hunter arrive on Lothor's ship and free Marah, Kapri and Cam along with the Ninja students. They escape just as Lothor's ship is blown to pieces. The monsters of the past return and attack the Action Games but the Thunder Rangers and the Ninja Students arrive to fight them. The aliens are knocked into the Abyss, but Lothor fights to the end. He is on the brink of victory when the three Rangers use their Ninja powers to knock him into the Abyss, closing it forever. Later, the kids participate in the Action Games. Now that Lothor and his army of aliens are gone, the teens are free to pursue their hopes and dreams.
Storm Before the Calm: Part 1
37. Storm Before the Calm: Part 1
November 15, 2003
The Rangers are excited to participate in the Action Games. Lothor's ultimate plan begins to unfold when he reveals he wants to open the Abyss of Evil to unleash the spirits of all the destroyed aliens. At the Action Games, our teens meet three young athletes who have lots of attitude. At the site of the games, Cam's amulet freezes up indicating something is wrong. Lothor finds out that the Rangers are at the location of the Abyss and sends Vexacus down to fight them. The Rangers call out the Megazords and battle Vexacus, but meanwhile, Lothor uses Cybercam to break into Ninja Ops. The Thunder Megazord destroys Vexacus, but is blown up in the process. Hunter and Blake are nowhere to be found. After a fight with Sensei, Lothor captures Cam, Shane, Dustin and Tori return to find Ops trashed and Sensei and Cam gone.
Down and Dirty
36. Down and Dirty
October 18, 2003
Marah and Kapri team up with Shimazu and attack the evil Zords. Blake and Hunter get in an argument.
A Gem of a Day
35. A Gem of a Day
October 18, 2003
Cam tries to track a strange radiation signal. Lothor scolds Vexacus for destroying Zurgane but Vexacus tells him that he has the ultimate fighting machine to destroy the Rangers, Condortron. Sensei tells the Rangers that they must try and free the captured Ninjas on Lothor's ship. Cam says he has been working on a new transport vehicle but needs a powerful energy source to break through the force field. Hunter gets an idea and leaves. Condortron and Hunter appear to be looking for the same thing when Motodrone attacks. Vexacus joins in the fight. The Rangers find out that Hunter is looking for the remains of the Gem of Souls, which he had saved in the hopes of someday using it to contact his parents. He gives it to Cam to break through Lothor's force field with his vehicle, the Dragonforce Tank. He takes the vehicle to Lothor's ship, but is met with laser fire. Vexacus makes Condortron grow and the Rangers must call the Megazords and fight him. Cam manages to infiltrate the Lair, but before he is able to free the Ninjas, he is attacked by Lothor and must flee. He arrives in time to help the others defeat Condortron with the Hurricane Megazord. Vexacus continues his treacherous march to power and destroys Motodrone.
General Deception: Part 2
34. General Deception: Part 2
October 4, 2003
Zurgane continues his attack on the Rangers. The Rangers are on the brink of defeat when Cam saves them with a new mode on the Samurai Star Megazord. Zurgane's Zord is destroyed, but unbeknownst to them, Zurgane has cloned their Ranger energies in a special power disk. When the other Generals hear of this, they feel threatened and continue to plot against him. Zurgane uses the disk to power up an even more powerful Zord, the Hyper Zurgane Zord. The guys, thinking all is well, continue with their camping trip. Zurgane attacks in his new Zord and the Rangers must go to stop him. With the Rangers' technology, the Hyper Zurgane Zord is their toughest opponent yet. The Rangers use all the weaponry in their Megazord arsenal, but the Hyper Zurgane Zord inflicts heavy damage. With thier Zords out of commission, the Rangers uses their Tsunami Cycles and Gliders to battle Zurgane. Cam gets the Megazords back online and the Rangers are able to destroy the Hyper Zurgane Zord. Although the Rangers' camping trip has been ruined, it is an even worse day for Zurgane. He is ambushed by the treacherous Vexacus and destroyed!
General Deception, Part 1
33. General Deception, Part 1
October 4, 2003
The guys' plans to go camping are interrupted when Zurgane decides to defeat the Rangers on his own.
Eye of the Storm
32. Eye of the Storm
Shane is dismayed when his older brother, Porter, comes to visit and tells him that he needs to get his life together. Shane is tempted to tell him that he is not wasting his life, he is the Red Power Ranger, but he knows he cannot. In the Lair, we meet, Eyezak, the monster who can make people see their greatest fears when he puts his eyeball collars on them. Eyezak comes to Earth and attacks people with his eyeball collars. The Rangers show up to confront him, and Porter sees Shane morph. Porter and Shane talk and Porter is very proud of his younger brother. Eyezak attacks again and captures the Thunder Rangers. The others show up but get the collars placed on them. They begin to freak out, seeing the things they fear the most. Shane sees Porter being very disappointed in him. Sensei is able to use his inner Ninja powers to communicate with Shane and convince him to overcome his fear and believe in himself. Shane conquers his fear and rallies the others as well. Yellow and Blue Rangers ride the Thunder Tsunami Cycles into the monster and free the Thunder Rangers. Red Ranger battles the monster in the Storm Megazord and is joined by the others. Eyezak is defeated by the new triple combination of the Hurricane Megazord.
Double-Edge Blake
31. Double-Edge Blake
Tori feels like Blake may be hiding something from her when she sees him with a pretty girl. On Lothor's ship, the generals fight over who is the most powerful. The Inflatron monster is brought out to fight the Rangers but Blake is nowhere to be found. The others go to confront him, and find that his toxic hiccups may be explosive. Blake reveals that he has been training with a new weapon, the Thunder Blade. It was given to him by his Sensei at the Thunder Ninja Academy. Tori finds him training with Leanne, a former student from the Thunder Ninja Academy. Inflatron attacks again, but this time Navy Thunder Ranger uses his training and new weapon to take the air out of Inflatron. When the monster grows, the Rangers use the Storm and Thunder Megazords along with the Mammoth Zord to defeat him.
The Wild Wipeout
30. The Wild Wipeout
September 20, 2003
Tori tries to showoff for a couple of surfer dudes by heading into a giant wave. When she recovers on the beach, she finds that she is still in Blue Bay Harbor, but everything is different. There are Kelzaks and monsters everywhere peacefully enjoying the day in the sunshine! Tori wanders through the streets of town. She overhears a breaking news story. She is shocked to discover that the Power Rangers are attacking the city. She runs off to Ninja Ops, but when she gets there, she finds that her friends are the opposite, even Sensei. Tori escapes the crazy Ops and heads to Storm Chargers, but to her dismay, things are turned upside down as well. She doesn't know where to turn for help, when she runs into Marah and Kapri, who, in this dimension, are peace-loving folk singers. They tell Tori that she must ask the Mayor for help in stopping the Rangers. Tori goes to talk to the Mayor and faints when she sees that it is Lothor. When she pulls herself together, she asks Mayor Lothor to save the city, but he is too cowardly. She must go and stop them alone. The Rangers continue to trash everything in sight, but Tori confronts them. They begin to fight and Tori is no match for the Ranger guys. Just then, Lothor and his army of monsters show up to help. The Rangers are defeated and Tori goes back home though the wave portal. When she gets back to reality, she must join the real Rangers in fighting Goldwinger. Goldwinger is destroyed and Tori is happy to be back.
Shimazu Returns: Part 2
29. Shimazu Returns: Part 2
August 23, 2003
The Rangers continue to fight Wolfblades, but he is so powerful they must retreat. Cam reads an ancient scroll that tells him where to find a new source of power. Meanwhile, the teens continue to practice for the Total Talent competition. Cam calls them together and tells them he needs their Power Disks to access the new power. The Rangers must comply and Cam goes off in his Zord. Shimazu tries to stop Cam with the Wolfblades and the other Rangers rush to help him. Wolfblade grows and the teens must fight him without their powers. Green Ranger is able to get to the secret location and use the combination of all the Rangers' Disks to access the Lightning Riff Blaster Guitar. He uses the Guitar and finds that it calls out a new Megazord, the Mighty Mammoth Megazord! With their new array of weapons, the Rangers are able to defeat Wolfblades once and for all! At the talent competition, a surprise entry beats all the Ranger teens. It's Marah and Kapri!
Shimazu Returns: Part 1
28. Shimazu Returns: Part 1
August 16, 2003
The teens are very excited about a show called "Totally Talented" that is coming to town. They devise acts and begin to practice for the show. Meanwhile, Cam is sent to a museum to pick up a package that has been left for Sensei. While there, Motodrone arrives with Marah and Kapri and inadvertently awakens Shimazu, the ancient warlord, from mummy form. As the teens continue to prepare, Lothor accepts Shimazu and allows him to stay on his ship. Shimazu sends his Wolfblades into the forest to wreak havoc, so the teens become the Power Rangers and fight with the wolves. Hunter goes after Motodrone who is at another location. Motodrone escapes from Crimson Ranger as the others defeat the wolves. Then, Red Rangers battles Motodrone at the beach and loses. The Rangers decide to retreat to Ninja Ops and regroup, but not before seeing a huge three headed wolf standing over the city!
Shane's Karma: Part 2
27. Shane's Karma: Part 2
August 9, 2003
Vexacus has captured Skyla is taking her deep into the woods to steal her powers. Shane searches feverishly, hoping he is not too late. Marah and Kapri's reunion is in full swing, consequently sending Lothor over the edge. He decides to head to Earth and confront Vexacus himself. Meanwhile, Cam is busy fixing the Megazord, while the teens continue to play jokes on each other. One of the jokes ends up getting them into trouble with a group of Kelzaks. Shane rescues Skyla from Vexacus and they flee deeper into the woods. As Vexacus gives chase he bumps into Lothor. Lothor tells him to leave his planet or be destroyed. Vexacus refuses to leave without Skyla. Skyla gives Shane the Battlizer because he is the chosen one. Shane uses it to destroy Vexacus' ship thus sending Vexacus groveling to Lothor. Lothor accepts Vexacus as one of his servants. The Rangers defeat Zurgane Zord in a brilliant Megazord fight, and learn not to take jokes too far.
Shane's Karma: Part 1
26. Shane's Karma: Part 1
September 8, 2003
As Lothor sits atop his throne, two spaceships rip past his ship heading for Earth. These ships are of great interest to Lothor, since he feels that Earth belongs to him. Marah and Kapri remind Lothor that they are having their ten-year high school reunion in the Lair. After Shane does poorly on an exam, he pleads with Sensei to give him some extra credit. Sensei agrees and sends Shane on a mission into the woods. Meanwhile the other teens play practical jokes on each other. While in the woods, Shane fights with a new monster, Vexacus, who doesn't work for Lothor. Then he meets a mysterious girl named Skyla who is bent on staying with Shane at all costs. As Marah and Kapri continue preparing for the reunion, Lothor sends Zurgane and Choobo to investigate the intruders. They find a cloaked ship in the woods belonging to Vexacus. Lothor knows Vexacus from his old academy days and surmises that he has come for revenge. Skyla finally comes clean with Shane and tells him that she is an alien and that he is the chosen one to receive her special powers, the same powers that Vexacus has been trying to capture from her. As the other Rangers are defeated in a Zord fight with Zurgane, Skyla is captured by Vexacus....
Brothers in arms
25. Brothers in arms
August 2, 2003
Blake and Hunter meet Perry, a geeky teen who is a genius when it comes to fixing motorcycles. They want him to be their personal mechanic. What they don't know is that Perry is engaged in a strange experiment to create a powerful motorcycle using human energy. When his experiment goes horribly wrong, Perry is turned into Motodrone, a mutant man/creature bent on destruction. The Rangers fight Motodrone, but he is too powerful for them. Cam finds out that Motodrone has traces of human DNA. Crimson and Navy fight Motodrone while Lothor sends Zurgane and Kelzaks to keep the Wind Rangers and Samurai Ranger busy. In the course of the fight, Crimson Ranger is captured. Cam finds out that Motodrone is Perry and Blake and the others rush to Perry's garage. Motodrone has Hunter hooked up to a machine that is siphoning his energy into a strange vehicle. The Wind Rangers distract Motodrone while Blake saves Hunter. Blake then goes to battle Motodrone and is about to be defeated when Crimson Ranger saves him on the Ninja Glider Cycle, the bike that Perry made. In destroying Motodrone, Perry is freed and does not remember his bizarre experience. He gives up his crazy experiments and becomes Blake and Hunter's mechanic and friend.
Tongue and Cheek
24. Tongue and Cheek
August 2, 2003
Dustin does a courageous deed in Ranger mode and soon the Yellow Ranger is the hot celebrity in Blue Bay Harbor. Lothor brings out, Slob Goblin, the alien who can turn people into stamps. Blake and Hunter hear that their grandmother is sick and go to visit her. Unbeknownst to them, Slob Goblin has captured her and Marah and Kapri await them at her house. Slob Goblin moves on and attacks citizens in the city. Dustin's ego continues to swell to the point that it effects his Ranger duties and his friendship with the others. Marah and Kapri's attempt to trap the Thunder Rangers fails. Shane is finally able to get Dustin to see that he's been wrong and the Wind Rangers join together to fight Slob Goblin. With the help of Cam in the Samurai Star Megazord, the Storm Megazord defeats Slob Goblin.
Sensei Switcheroo
23. Sensei Switcheroo
July 26, 2003
When Dustin shows up at Storm Chargers with his dad, Cam becomes envious of their relationship. He misses his father and would like to help him return to human form. So Cam, using his green amulet, constructs a machine that he believes will transform Sensei back into a man. Unfortunately, when he throws the switches, Shane and the guinea pig switch places. Meanwhile, Marah and Kapri have gone back to evil college to get their Master's degrees. As homework, they call forth Footzilla to battle the Rangers. Of course Sensei now inhabits Shane's body, so after a botched Skate demo, Sensei must fight as Red Ranger. After the Monster retreats, it's back to Ninja Ops to fix the body switching mix up. But when Cam tries to put Shane back into his body, Sensei becomes Dustin and Dustin becomes a guinea pig. Footzilla returns just in time for the Rangers, with Dustin/Sensei, to call forth the Zords and defeat him in a Megazord fight. Cam finally puts everyone back into the correct bodies, but Sensei remains a guinea pig - at least for now.
All About Beevil
22. All About Beevil
July 5, 2003
Dustin trusts someone to work on his MX bike, but it appears he has been taken in by a scam artist. On Lothor's ship, Marah introduces her friend Beevil. The villains think Beevil is better at being bad than Marah, so they vote her out of the Lair. Distraught, she goes to Earth and nearly gets run over by a motorcycle when Dustin saves her. She tells him that she wants to try being good and will help them destroy Beevil. She gives him a device that can neutralize Beevil and tells him that he needs to charge it at Ninja Ops. Dustin is wary, but trusts her. The others confront him, saying Marah cannot be trusted. Beevil attacks using her powerful Kelzak Furies. The others go to fight her, but Dustin stays back until the device is charged. Beevil gets the upper hand on the Rangers when suddenly she is attacked by Marah! Dustin's trust is validated and he goes to help them. He gives the device to Marah and she places it on Beevil. To the Rangers shock, it only makes her stronger. Dustin feels totally betrayed. CyberCam gives the Rangers the Gold Mode of their Ninja Swords and they use it to blow up Beevil. When she grows, the Rangers use their Storm Megazord to destroy her once and for all. Despite the fact that Marah turned on the Rangers, Dustin still believes that there is some good in her.
Good Will Hunter
21. Good Will Hunter
June 28, 2003
Marah and Kapri have decided to trade space junk over the Internet. Unfortunately they also traded away Lothor's Personal Alien Manager, or PAM. Lothor sends them to Earth to recover the device. Charlie, the nine-year-old boy that Hunter is mentoring, happens to be the new owner of the PAM. As Hunter struggles to bond with Charlie, the little boy unknowingly sends out Kelzaks and the DJ Wizzy monster all over town. These monsters are interrupting the action videos that Cam is shooting for the teens. While Marah and Kapri try everything in their power to retrieve the PAM, Hunter finally starts bonding with Charlie. The girls steal the PAM back, but the Rangers defeat the Drum monster. After the nieces return the PAM to Lothor, he makes the monster grow. The Rangers then defeat the DJ Wizzy in a Megazord fight. Hunter and Charlie become pals and the teens win the video contest.
I Love Lothor
20. I Love Lothor
June 21, 2003
When Marah and Capri convince Lothor that he needs a new image, they summon Mr. Ratwell to produce a sitcom set in Lothor's lair. Mr. Ratwell is planning to administer a love potion through the airways that will force the Earthlings to fall in love with Lothor, thus making it easier to manipulate them. Meanwhile, Marah and Capri steal some of the potion and slip it into Blake and Cam's protein drinks, hoping to find husbands. Unfortunately, Blake and Cam fall in love with Tori instead. The sitcom works to perfection as the world falls in love with Lothor. His evil plot seems to be working. Then, Blake and Cam still under the love spell, go out to the beach to ninja dual over Tori. While there, Mr. Ratwell arrives and attacks them. They morph. During the battle, Sensei sends Tori to help them. When she arrives, Navy Thunder Ranger breaks the spell because he truly has feelings for her. Navy Thunder Ranger destroys Mr. Ratwell. In the end, Mr. Ratwell grows and is defeated in a Megazord fight. The spell is broken and the world goes back to normal. Or as normal as it can with huge monsters all about.
Scent of a Ranger
19. Scent of a Ranger
June 14, 2003
Cam's combined duties as a Ranger and his responsibilities at the Ninja Ops are running him down. His father tells him not to overextend himself, but Cam has no choice. One morning, everyone notices a big change in Cam. He is not the meek, computer geek he has always been, but a self-assured hipster with a natural ability for extreme sports. The others are shocked at this new Cam and not altogether sure if they like him. The Fragra monster captures people and animals and turns them into perfume. When she attacks, the Rangers are called to action. But Cam is not enthusiastic about stopping the monster...he'd rather stay and improve his motocross time. When Tori and Dustin are captured, the other become angry at Cam for his bad attitude. They run off to find their friends. They find Fragra, but are shocked when they also encounter two Cams! The real Cam explains that he has built a cyber version of himself to help out in the Ninja Ops. However, CyberCam got out of control and locked the real Cam in the closet. The real Cam helps the others to recover Dustin and Tori and together, they are able to defeat Fragra. Cam reprograms CyberCam to be more dedicated and work with the Rangers, not against them.
Samurai's Journey: Part 3
18. Samurai's Journey: Part 3
June 7, 2003
Lothor is enraged when he finds out that Cam, his nephew, has acquired the powers of the Green Samurai Ranger. He releases five horrible monsters, Sky Scrapper, Hip Hopper, Starvark, Tentacreep and Sucker into the city. The Rangers are dispatched to fight them, but Cam is needed to stay and coordinate the Ninja Ops. When his father finally sends him to battle, Sucker nearly depletes him of his Ranger Power. When the monsters grow, the Rangers are forced to call on the Megazords to fight them. Cam is able to summon all of his strength and help them win the fight with the Samurai Star Megazord. No longer doubtful about his abilities, Cam claims his destiny as the Green Samurai Ranger, but Lothor continues to vow revenge on his nephew.
Samurai's Journey: Part 2
17. Samurai's Journey: Part 2
May 31, 2003
When time is frozen to save the Power Rangers from destruction at the hands of Madtropolis, Cam must journey back in time using the dangerous "Scroll of Time." He ends up back at the Wind Ninja Academy in olden times where he meets an arrogant young ninja student, Kanoi, who turns out to be his father! Cam also meets his mother, Miko, who bests Kanoi in a fight and becomes the first female student ever at the Wind Ninja Academy. Cam also meets his charming uncle Lothor, his father's identical twin. But Lothor's charm hides his dark spirit and evil intentions. When Lothor tries to steal Miko's green amulet - the source of her samurai powers - Cam must defend her and the entire school from Lothor's attempts to take control of it and turn it into an academy of evil. In the end, Cam saves his mother and she in turn gives him her green amulet, passing on her amazing powers to him. Cam returns from the past just in time to save his fellow Rangers from the menace of Madtropolis using the Star Samurai Megazord.
Samurai's Journey: Part 1
16. Samurai's Journey: Part 1
Having proven that he is a worthy fighter, Cam is frustrated that his father has not chosen him to be a Ranger. He leaves the Ninja Ops, angry. The other teens find out from Sensei that years ago, Sensei promised Cam's mother that he would keep Cam from danger and that is why he is so protective. Madtropolis confronts the Rangers and drains them of their powers. Cam is able to give them a temporary power boost, but he warns them that the next fight could be their last. They go out to get their powers back, but Madtropolis is also able to shapeshift into the form of the Rangers and tricks them into fighting each other. When Madtropolis grows, Cam knows that the Rangers have very little energy left. The Rangers are tossed out of the Megazord and Madtropolis goes in for the final victory. Cam acts quickly, freezing them in their tracks. He then uses the dangerous "Scroll of Time" to go back in time to find the only power source that can stop the tragic end of the Rangers. When he goes through the swirling time portal, he finds that he is back at the Wind Ninja Academy, only years in the past. He is mistaken for an intruder by a guard that turns out to be his own father!
Pork Chopped
15. Pork Chopped
May 16, 2003
Tori tries to do too much in a day and she is forced to run at super-Ninja speed between Shane and Dustin (at a skateboard championship), and Blake and Hunter (at the movies). To destroy the Rangers, Lothor sends down Trayf, the Pig Monster, and he begins by trapping Blake and Hunter inside a giant tub of popcorn. Hoping to free her friends from their nightmare prison, Tori battles Trayf and Kelzaks in the movie theatre, and once she defeats them, rushes to Shane and Dustin for help. The Power Rangers race to find their friends and they engage the Pig Monster in a rooftop battle. The Pig Monster escapes through a magical portal, and the Power Rangers follow him into another dimension. While in this strange dimension, the Power Rangers are forced to fight for their lives against the Pig Monster's attacks. Blake and Hunter must come up with a plan to escape the popcorn bucket, or face drowning in a puddle of artificial butter flavoring. Using their Ninja heat rays, Blake and Hunter sit on popcorn kernels and pop themselves free of the bucket. Once out, they find the other Rangers and join in the battle to defeat the Pig Monster with their Zord. Tori is punished for using her Ninja Power for her own benefit, and Blake is forced to take the Sensei to the movies.
Boxing Bopp-a-Roo
14. Boxing Bopp-a-Roo
May 10, 2003
As the Thunder Rangers and the Power Rangers teens train together for the first time, Shane and Hunter have some problems working together. They're both used to being "large and in charge." When their competitive natures flare out of control, Hunter and Shane decide to enter the Storm Chargers sponsored "Total Trek" event; it's an extreme race featuring skateboarding, motocross, running and rock climbing. Meanwhile, Marah and Kapri send their new boxing instructor, the alien monster Bopp-a-roo, a robotic boxing kangaroo, to Earth to attack the Power Rangers. As they train to beat each other, Shane and Hunter are attacked by Bopp-a-roo. The Boxing kangaroo defeats them because they're so competitive they each think they have the best plan for defeating him. Lothor sends down Zurgane, Marah, Kapri and a contingent of Kelzaks to assist in the attack and the battle is soon joined between the Rangers and Lothor's minions. When Shane and Hunter finally do work out their differences, they form the Thunder Storm Striker weapon to box Bopp-a-roo's ears and win the day. When the Total Trek race finishes, everyone is pleased to see Hunter and Shane win because they entered the team competition.
Return of Thunder: Part 4
13. Return of Thunder: Part 4
May 3, 2003
Choobo takes drastic measures when he is banished from Lothor's lair. He takes the Scroll of Empowerment. Blake and Hunter debate whether to stay in Blue Bay Harbor when they are captured by Choobo and transported into his weird backpack dimension. The others confront him and release Blake and Hunter. Choobo tries to get the Wind Rangers to destroy the Thunder Rangers, but their will is too strong. Choobo uses the Scroll and grows. The Rangers must combine their Megazords to battle him. The Thunderstorm Megazord defeats Choobo. He is shrunk and given to Marah as a pet. Blake and Hunter pass up a lucrative motocross opportunity to join up with the Wind Rangers in their mission to fight evil.
Return of Thunder: Part 3
12. Return of Thunder: Part 3
April 26, 2003
The cold front continues to freeze Blue Bay Harbor while the Ranger teens remain trapped on the sinking island. Crimson Thunder Ranger remains under Choobo's spell and thinks the other Rangers are his enemies. Blake tells the others of how he and his brother got their Thunder Ranger powers. The Super Toxipod Monster confronts the Rangers again and Navy Thunder fights alongside the Wind Rangers. Crimson Thunder Ranger attacks his brother and fights on Choobo's side. Navy Thunder is finally able to get Crimson to remember who he is. Cam finds the location of the island. Lothor makes Super Toxipod grow and the Storm and Thunder Megazords fight side by side to destroy it. The teens return to Blue Bay Harbor, friends at last. Lothor punishes Choobo for his failure.
Return of Thunder: Part 2
11. Return of Thunder: Part 2
April 19, 2003
The cold front continues to freeze Blue Bay Harbor while the Ranger teens remain trapped on the sinking island. Under Choobo's spell, Hunter and Blake now think that the Wind Rangers are their enemies. Choobo tells Hunter that Blake has sold him out for Tori. Hunter is enraged and begins to fight his brother. Meanwhile, the Super Toxipod Monster attacks the Rangers. Crimson, now convinced that his brother has betrayed him, has completely turned against Navy. The Wind Rangers save Navy from the hands of his brother. Cam and Sensei monitor the weather and the sinking of the island. The other teens tell Blake that they will help bring Hunter back to the side of good.
Return of Thunder: Part 1
10. Return of Thunder: Part 1
April 12, 2003
Choobo tells Hunter and Blake that he has defected from Lothor's army because he "can't get no respect." Bent on revenge against Lothor, the brothers believe him. Choobo lets the guys onto Lothor's ship, but it's a trap. They are captured and their memories subsequently reprogrammed to destroy the Wind Rangers. When they return, they are noticeably colder toward Dustin and Tori. Then Choobo, now a general, sends the Toxipod Monster down to Earth. As the Rangers are dealing with him, the Thunders arrive and attack our heroes! Assuming they are under some sort of spell, the Wind Rangers try to shake them back to reality. Sensing this, Choobo hits the Thunders with another dose of brainwashing beams. After the Wind Rangers defeat Toxipod, the Thunders attack yet again, but before the duel is complete, Lothor teleports all five Rangers out of their Megazords and onto a deserted island. Cam and Sensei cannot locate them on any sensors.
Snip It, Snip It Good
9. Snip It, Snip It Good
September 19, 2003
Sensei prepares for the international peace conference set to open in Blue Bay Harbor. Sensei sends Tori on a quest to find the Jade Turtle. But the evil Lothor has other plans for the conference. He's sending down the Snipster, a scissors-handed monster that can "cut the ties that bind" people together. When the Snipster disrupts the conference, he attacks the Red and Yellow Rangers and they turn against each other. Marah and Kapri attack Tori in an attempt to keep her from getting the Jade Turtle. The Red and Yellow Rangers use their inner ninja strength to defeat the Snipster's magic and then defeat the Snipster. The Blue Ranger outwits Marah and Kapri and recovers the Jade Turtle. Lothor makes Snipster grow huge and the Rangers defeat it with the Storm Megazord.
Nowhere to Grow
8. Nowhere to Grow
March 29, 2003
The Kelzaks plant mysterious seeds in the park. Florabundacus, an evil monster, wants to destroy the world with carnivorous plants. Seeking to prove that he has more intelligence than the Rangers, Cam gets involved against his father's wishes, and meets with a botanist for advice. The botanist tells Cam to climb a local mountain and find the water source. However, when Cam gets to the top of the mountain, he is ambushed by Kelzaks. With Shane's help, Cam defeats the Kelzaks, and Cam is forced to tell his father about his actions. The Sensei is disappointed, but Cam wants to know why his father doesn't believe that he has the strength to be a Ranger. The Sensei explains that he can never teach Cam to be a Ranger. He promised his mother to keep him safe from harm. Cam has to save his father when a Plant springs up and grabs the ginea pig. At the botanist's office, Tori and Dustin are trapped by Marah and Kapri. Tori uses her Ninja Powers to blast herself free. The Power Rangers fight the plant. Cam uses his computer to send instructions, and Shane slashes at the flower to destroy it. Flower Power goes on a rampage, but the Power Rangers jump in their Megazord to stop him. Impressed with his son's work in solving the problem, Sensei rewards Cam by giving him an opportunity to train with the Rangers.
Thunder Strangers: Part 3
7. Thunder Strangers: Part 3
March 22, 2003
As Hunter and Blake travel to the Mountain of Lost Ninjas with the captured Sensei, Cam tracks his father and sends the Wind Rangers to the rescue. Hunter and Blake need the Gem of Souls to destroy Sensei, and it can only be found in the Cavern of Spirits. Hunter and Blake are attacked by a legion of Ninja spirits and the Wind Rangers arrive just in time to help them. But before they can rescue Sensei, the Thunders run for the Cavern of Spirits as Zurgane arrives in his own Megazord. Shane and Dustin go after Sensei while Tori pilots the Storm Megazord by herself to defeat Zurgane. The others Rangers arrive to hear the Thunders say that they think Sensei killed their parents and thus must avenge them. Cam and the Wind Rangers don't believe this. Just as the Thunders are about to destroy Sensei, a voice is heard from the darkened corner of the cavern. It's Hunter and Blake's parents, Ninja Spirits from a long time passed. They explain that Lothor is responsible for their deaths. Lothor arrives at the Cavern. He tells them he deceived Hunter and Blake and demands that they turn over the Sensei. A fight ensues. Lothor realizes he is outnumbered so he returns to his ship. Shane, Tori, and Dustin return with the Sensei, but Hunter and Blake head off into the forest in search of a reckoning with the deceitful Lothor.
Thunder Strangers: Part 2
6. Thunder Strangers: Part 2
March 15, 2003
Smoke rises up from the destroyed Storm Megazord as our heroes crawl from the wreckage. Off in the distance Kelly is at the track with Hunter and Blake. The three of them run toward the smoke to help Shane, Tori, and Dustin. Back at Ninja Ops, Cam begins to repair the broken Morphers and the Megazord. A short time later, Zurgane sends Amphibidor down to Earth to battle the Rangers. Tori, alone at the beach, attempts to morph but realizes that her Morpher is not yet operational. Tori is having a hard time until Blake arrives on his motorcycle. Blake takes a hit and is knocked unconscious. Tori, not sure what to do, takes Blake to Ninja Ops so that Cam can help him. After Cam has removed the Politrons from Blake, he and Tori sneak through the secret entrance of Ninja Ops. We see that Blake has been watching this. Cam gives the Teens back their Morphers, the Rangers battle Amphibidor until the Thunder Rangers arrive and help to defeat it. Lothor is furious at the Thunders, so he makes Amphibidor grow. The Wind Rangers send for their Zords and defeat the frog in a Megazord battle. After the battle the teens enter Ninja Ops. They are met by the Thunders, who de-morph into Hunter and Blake! They explain that their fight is not with the Wind Rangers, so they disappear, but not without taking the Sensei with them.
Thunder Strangers: Part 1
5. Thunder Strangers: Part 1
March 8, 2003
Dustin is desperately looking for the missing Tsunami Cycle disk plans that Cam had trusted him to safeguard, but the disk has fallen into the hands of the Thunder Rangers. Lothor tells the Thunder Rangers and Zurgane each to go forward with plans to destroy the Wind Rangers. Cam locates some heavy energy readings in a nearby rock quarry. The Wind Rangers head out there and are attacked by the Thunder Rangers. The Wind Rangers fight with valor but are nearly defeated. The Thunder Rangers unexpectedly disappear before destroying the Rangers. Back in Ninja Ops, a frazzled team of Wind Rangers demand answers from Sensei. Sensei senses that these are ninjas from the Thunder Ninja Academy.Zurgane disobeys Lothor and teleports to the rock quarry looking for the Wind Rangers. A fight ensues but before either opponent can be victorious, Lothor zaps Zurgane back to the ship for insubordination. As the Rangers attempt to discern what is going on, they are attacked by the Thunders on their Tsunami Cycles. Again the Wind Rangers fight valiantly, but the Thunder Rangers call on their own Zords, the Thunder Zords. The two mighty robots battle, and the Thunder Megazord inflicts great damage to the Storm Megazord.
Looming Thunder
4. Looming Thunder
March 1, 2003
Dustin meets Blake and Hunter, two brothers who are amazingly fast on the motocross track. On the way home, he is attacked by Kelzaks. Red and Blue Rangers save him on their new Ranger bikes, the Tsunami Cycles. Cam gives Dustin a CD with the Cycle's data on it. Meanwhile, Lothor sends the Thunder Rangers and the Terramole Monster to shake things up on Earth. Terramole burrows under the city, wreaking havoc. Shane and Tori meet the brothers but while Tori is attracted to Blake, Shane overhears them talking trash about Dustin. He confronts Dustin about his new "friends" and tells him that his priorities are a little mixed up. Dustin gets offended and goes to hang out with Blake and Hunter. At the track, he is called to help Blue and Red fight Terramole. He must decide which is more important, his new friends, or being a Ranger. He runs off to help the others. Together, they defeat Terramole with the Storm Megazord. The others no longer doubt Dustin's commitment to the Rangers.
Beauty and the Beach
3. Beauty and the Beach
February 22, 2003
After an incident at the beach when Shane wouldn't introduce Tori to a cute guy, Tori feels her femininity is unappreciated by her Power Ranger compatriots. They think of her as "just one of the guys." Lothor's evil nieces, Marah and Kapri, play on Tori's vanity and lure her to a photo shoot. They use the Copybot monster's Clone Camera to create an evil duplicate of Tori, which they send to infiltrate the Ninja Ops by duping Shane and Dustin. The real Tori summons her ninja powers of water to escape the Clone Camera and intercept her duplicate, who has tricked the other Rangers. Finally, the Red, Blue and Yellow Rangers must take on the monstrous Copybot, Clone Tori and a contingent of Kelzaks. When Lothor makes the Copybot gigantic, the Rangers must call on the power of the Megazord to destroy the menacing monster. In the end, Shane apologizes to Tori and admits he appreciates her "feminine side."
There's No 'I' in Team
2. There's No 'I' in Team
February 15, 2003
When Shane breaks the rules of a teamwork exercise to showcase himself, Tori and Dustin become frustrated with Shane's rogue attitude. Then the Mad Magnet arrives and starts sticking innocent people together. Lothor has decided that Marah and Kapri could use a lesson about teamwork as well, so he sticks them together until they succeed in bringing down the Rangers. Shane is attacked by the Mad Magnet monster while skateboarding alone, but instead of calling Tori and Dustin, he decides to take on the monster by himself. During the battle it becomes apparent that Shane cannot handle the monster alone, so he calls to Tori and Dustin for help. Tori and Dustin arrive just in time to save Shane, receive their new Zords, and defeat Mad Magnet in a Megazord fight. Shane realizes that three Rangers are more powerful than one. There's no I in team.
Prelude to a Storm
1. Prelude to a Storm
February 15, 2003
Three teens, skateboarder Shane, surfer Tori and motocross rider Dustin rush to an appointment. In the woods they are attacked by a legion of Ninjas. Their Sensei arrives and we find out that this is part of their training; they are students in the Wind Ninja Academy. Sensei tells them if they are late again, they will be expelled. On their way to school the next day, they stop to help someone in need. Meanwhile, the evil Space Ninja, and his evil henchmen have attacked the school, with the intent of ridding the Earth of all Ninjas who might stand in his way of world domination. Lothor battles the Sensei and the two seem to have a past. The three teens arrive to see the last of the Ninjas being sucked up into Lothor's space lair. Sensei's son, Cam, leads the teens to a secret underground base known as Ninja Ops. They are shocked to discover that their Sensei has been turned into a little ginea pig and can't turn back! Despite Cam's objections, Sensei bestows Shane, Tori and Cam with Wind Morphers and tells them that as the Wind Power Rangers, they are the last hope of saving the world from Lothor. They battle the Kelzak footsoldiers and one of Lothor's evil space aliens and defeat them. Although they are happy over their victory, Sensei tells them that there are many battles ahead.
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  • Premiere Date
    February 15, 2003
  • IMDB Rating
    6.4  (3,034)