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  • TV-Y7
  • 2005
  • 1 Season
  • 6.7  (3,683)

Power Rangers SPD (Space Patrol Delta) is a science fiction action-adventure television series created by Haim Saban and Toei Company, and it was released in 2005. The show follows the Space Patrol Delta, an intergalactic police force that protects the planet Earth from various intergalactic threats.

The show is set in the year 2025, where Earth has a lot of space colonies, and the planet is threatened by a group of aliens - The Troobian Empire, who are determined to conquer the Earth. The Space Patrol Delta is an elite team of Power Rangers, who are tasked with defending the Earth from these aliens.

The Power Rangers SPD team is led by Jack Landors (Brandon Jay McLaren), who is the red ranger of the team. Jack is a former criminal who was recruited by the Space Patrol Delta to join the Power Rangers team. He is a charismatic leader who is willing to do whatever it takes to protect the Earth. Along with Jack, the team also comprises of Sky Tate (Chris Violette), the blue ranger, who is the serious and disciplined one; Bridge Carson (Matt Austin), the green ranger, who is a bit clumsy but has a great sense of humor; and Z Delgado (Monica May), the yellow ranger, who is tough and fearless.

The Power Rangers team is assisted by other members of the Space Patrol Delta, including Syd Drew (Alycia Purrott), who is the pink ranger, and is a bubbly and energetic member of the team, and Doggie Cruger (John Tui), who is the commander of the Space Patrol Delta, and also the mentor of the Power Rangers team. Other important characters in the show include Sam (Josephine Davison), who is a young orphan, who has a special connection with the Power Rangers team; Piggy (Barnie Duncan), who is a comedic alien who often helps the team; and Kat Manx (Michelle Langstone), who is the team's technical expert.

The Troobian Empire is led by Emperor Gruumm (Rene Naufahu), who is the main villain of the show. Gruumm is a powerful warlord who is determined to conquer the Earth, and he has a vast army of foot soldiers and monsters to help him in his mission. Other important villains in the show include Morgana (Olivia James-Baird), who is Gruumm's second-in-command, and who has a personal vendetta against the Power Rangers team; and Broodwing (Derek Judge), who is a black-market dealer, and who often supplies the villains with weapons.

The show features a lot of action, with the Power Rangers team engaging in battles with the foot soldiers and monsters of the Troobian Empire. The Power Rangers team has access to advanced technology and weapons, including their morphers, which allow them to transform into Power Rangers, as well as their Delta Max Strikers, which are powerful blasters that they use to defeat the villains. The show also features a lot of humor, with the different personalities of the Power Rangers team often leading to funny situations.

Overall, Power Rangers SPD is an exciting and action-packed television show, that is suitable for both children and adults. The show features a diverse cast of characters, who all have their unique strengths and weaknesses, and who work together to protect the Earth from the evil Troobian Empire. The show is highly recommended for fans of science fiction and action-adventure, as well as anyone who loves a good superhero story.

Power Rangers SPD is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (38 episodes). The series first aired on February 5, 2005.

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Endings: Part 2
38. Endings: Part 2
November 13, 2005
It seems there is no hope left with the Rangers and Cruger captured and the horrific creature Omni, almost complete. Piggy begins to feel badly that he betrayed the Rangers and asks for a sign that he did the right thing. When his café-wagon rolls down a cliff, he knows that he made the wrong choice. Kat and Boom and Omega Ranger rally the rest of SPD into fighting the Troobians. On the Terror, Piggy helps the others escape. Cruger says he must stay and save his wife. He confronts Gruumm and they begin to battle. Gruumm holds Isinia over an abyss, but Cruger is able to save her. Gruumm falls down the abyss. On Earth, the Nova Ranger arrives from the future to help her friend Omega. Suddenly, Omni lands on Earth. His size and power are no match for SPD. The Rangers arrive and fight it with the SWAT Megazord. Kat tells Cruger that he must manually shut down Omni's brain if the Rangers are to stand a shot at destroying him. Risking his life, Cruger does so. Omni is destroyed and Cruger and Isinia survive the explosion. Everyone begins to celebrate when Gruumm appears once more. Cruger is ready to end this battle. He cuts off Gruumm's other horn and confines him forever. The planet is saved. Jack decides to leave SPD to go back to helping the less fortunate with Ally. Sky is promoted to Red Ranger. SPD will go on to protect the Earth from whatever dangers lie ahead.
Endings: Part 1
37. Endings: Part 1
November 6, 2005
Gruumm holds Cruger captive and reveals that he has his wife, Isinia, as well. He then sends the A Squad to Earth to finish off the Rangers. Broodwing rallies his troops. With Cruger gone and the Rangers occupied, it is the perfect chance to attack the SPD Command Base. Using all his generals and robots, he is able to infiltrate the base. Kat and Boom hold them off the best they can, but Broodwing gains control of the Delta Command Megazord and is intent on destroying the city. The Rangers fight the A Squad as best they can. In the battle, the Delta Squad Megazord is destroyed, but the cadets retrieve the SWAT Megazord from an underground bay. Kat cuts off the power from the Delta Command Megazord. The Rangers defeat and contain the A Team, then stop Broodwing and contain him as well. Piggy tells them that he knows where to find Cruger, but leads them into a trap. The Rangers are captured and brought to the Terror. They are thrown in a cell with Cruger. Gruumm tells them that The Magnificence will soon be complete.
36. Resurrection
November 5, 2005
Jack meets Ally, a kindred soul who devotes her time to helping the less fortunate. The two hit it off and Jack beings to spend more time with her. Mora and Gruumm continue to prepare the mysterious preparations for their ultimate plan. Delex turns people into battery cells for Broodwing and the other Rangers confront him. Cruger gets angry when Jack doesn't answer his Morpher because he is with Ally and is late to the fight. Delex grows to an enormous size and the Rangers use the SWAT Megazord to contain him. Jack is admonished by Cruger for being late. Jack defends himself, saying he has a life outside of SPD. The Rangers are dispatched to a distant planet to check out a distress signal. They are shocked to discover that the signal was sent by the long-lost A Squad Rangers! When they all return to the Base, Cruger thanks the B Squad for what they have done and dismisses them, leaving them angry and insecure about their stature in SPD. In the Command Center, the A Squad reveal that they are working for Gruumm and they capture Commander Cruger!
35. Insomnia
October 29, 2005
After overhearing Cruger mention that the A squad might have defeated Gruumm already, our teens can't sleep and are left to ponder their heroic journeys thus far. During the trip down memory lane, the teens figure out that Gruumm is looting the planet of resources to build something...but what? After the teens tell Cruger about Gruumm's plan, Cruger explains his comments about the A squad, settling their nerves before readying the team for battle. Meanwhile, against her wishes, Gruumm has left Mora with Omni.
34. Badge
October 16, 2005
Sky is attacked by an alien named Icthior. Icthior beats him badly and takes his SPD badge. He is brought back to the base and put in intensive care. Cruger is worried and calls the other cadets back, but Syd and Bridge are attacked as well. We find out that Icthior is working with Broodwing. Kat finds out the ID of the attacker and Cruger is shocked to discover that it is his old rival from the SPD Academy. He tells of how Icthior was a dirty fighter and Cruger's rival for Isinia's affection. Isinia chose Anubis and Icthior has never forgiven him. Gruumm sends Morgana to steal a synthetic plasma while the Rangers are occupied. Omega volunteers to draw Icthior and is attacked. Shadow Ranger shows up and confronts his old rival. Icthior taunts Shadow with a memory of Isinia and gets the best of him in the fight. Sky, Bridge, Syd and Cruger lay injured in the infirmary and the doctor orders them to stay there. Jack and Z defy Cruger's order and go out to find Icthior. Soon, they find themselves way over their head. The others rally and arrive to help. The team fights with all their remaining strength and the foes are defeated. Before Cruger contains Icthior, Icthior tells him that Isinia is still alive! Morgana returns with the plasma and Gruumm rewards her by turning her back into little Mora.
33. Impact
September 24, 2005
As Jack and Sky train together their teamwork improves. Broodwing works with Professor Cerebros who sets a meteor on a crash course with Earth. The Rangers go to question Cerebros and find out that he is in fact a wanted criminal named Kraw. Kraw fights the Rangers but before he is captured, tells them that there is no way they can stop the meteor. Broodwing also unleashes a Dragoul monster to occupy the Rangers while the meteor draws nearer. Cruger is faced with a tough choice, someone must try to stop the meteor and there is a good chance they will not return. Both Jack and Sky volunteer. Cruger chooses Sky because he is the better pilot. The Blue Ranger takes his SWAT Flyer to blow up the meteor, while the other Rangers battle the Dragoul. The Blue Ranger gets close to his target, but is shocked to discover that the Red Ranger has tagged along! The Rangers try to destroy the meteor, but Red takes his flyer into the core and sends the Blue Ranger out of the danger zone. The meteor explodes and Sky thinks that they have lost Jack. Back at the battle, Blue joins in and everyone is happy when the Red Ranger returns safely! Together, the Rangers defeat the Dragoul. Gruumm gathers fragments of the shattered meteor for a mysterious project.
32. Wormhole
November 27, 2005
Gruumm takes his ship through a wormhole to the past. Cruger knows that his enemy has not retreated and sends the Rangers to follow him. Gruumm travels to Reefside in the year 2004. Kira, Conner and Ethan are shocked to see his ship fly overhead. Zeltrax and Gruumm make a deal to join together to destroy the Rangers. The wormhole begins to close and the SPD Rangers must act fast or they will never be able to return to their own time. Gruumm's army attacks along with Zeltrax and the Tyrannodrones. The SPD and Dino Thunder Rangers engage in a massive battle and in the end are victorious. The Rangers say goodbye with great respect for one another, but Cruger must erase all of their memories before SPD returns to the future.
31. History
October 9, 2005
Broodwing works with Professor Cerebros to use the Dino Gems to bring Kira, Conner and Ethan from the past. At the Base, Kat sees a strong surge in Ranger energy on the map and Cruger sends his cadets to investigate. They arrive just in time to save the Dino Thunder teens from Broodwing and his goons. Back at SPD, the teens explain how they were on the way to their class reunion when Broodwing brought them to the future. He tried to brainwash them into working for him, but they escaped. Broodwing attacks with the Dragoul monster and SPD must respond. The Dino Thunder teens want to help, but Cruger tells them it's too dangerous and orders them to stay at the Base. Gruumm is furious that Broodwing has initiated another attack, and he and Morgana bring down their own army to join in the battle. The SPD Rangers are soon overwhelmed. The Dino Thunder teens can't stand by and watch. They rush to help. Kat activates the Dino Thunder gems and the Dino Rangers are back in action! With the Ranger teams combined, Gruumm and Broodwing are both beaten back for now. After the battle, the Dino Thunder teens are reluctant to go back, but find out that their lives are happy and successful after their superhero days.
30. Missing
October 2, 2005
The Rangers are sent to bring in a dangerous criminal, Bork. When they split up, Green Ranger finds Bork in a shady deal with another criminal. He tries to bring them in, but he is captured. The other Rangers try to take the blame for their friend being captured, but Cruger tells him that being a Ranger is always risky. Jack is sent to find Bridge while Sky and the others are dispatched to get Bork. Piggy continues to give information to the Rangers, Broodwing and Gruumm. Bridge is held captive in a room with no windows or doors. He uses his communicator to lead Jack to him, using clues of what he hears in his surroundings. Bridge is found and they join the others. Sky and the other Rangers find Bork and when he tries to flee in a giant robot, the Rangers stop him with the Omegamax and SWAT Megazords. The Rangers are commended on another job well done.
29. Katastrophe
September 25, 2005
Commander Birdy offers Kat the position of Chief of Technology at the SPD HQ. Kat asks for time to think it over. When Boom tells the Rangers, they are sad that they might lose their friend, but realize this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for her. Z comes up with a scheme that will convince Kat that she is no longer needed. The plan works and Kat leaves. Although Boom tries his best to fill her shoes, things quickly begin to go wrong at the Base. Meanwhile, an old classmate of Kat's, Mooney, is working with Broodwing and has built the Gigabot, a robot that the Rangers can't defeat. At SPD HQ, Kat finds that her new position is mainly paperwork. When she finds out that the Rangers are in trouble, she asks Birdy if she can go back to Earth and help them. He is reluctant, but gives her a special temporary Morpher to take with her. The Rangers continue to battle the Gigabot, but discover that his power source could blow at any minute. Kat arrives and morphs into the Kat Ranger. She stops Mooney and Broodwing and the Rangers are able to stop the robot safely. The Rangers admit they really do need Kat and she is happy to return to the Base.
28. Robotpalooza
August 28, 2005
Bridge dreams that he and the Rangers are fighting three robots at once. The next day, Gruumm sends a robot to attack the city and the Rangers must stop it. Meanwhile, Broodwing blackmails three old acquaintances into helping him defeat the Rangers. Gruumm attacks again, barely giving the Rangers a chance to catch their breath between battles. Bridge has the same troubling dream. He leaves and goes to the location in his dream. There he encounters Broodwing's gang. He tries to take them in, but they won't go without a fight. The other Rangers join in and when the thugs take the fight to a giant robot, Kat tells the Rangers that she has a new Megazord for them, the SWAT Megazord. Using this amazing machine, the Rangers are able to dispatch the enemies. Gruumm begins to get suspicious of Broodwing's loyalty.
S.W.A.T.: Part 2
27. S.W.A.T.: Part 2
August 21, 2005
On the planet of Zentor, the Rangers continue to undergo a rigorous training regimen under the supervision of tough-as-nails Sergeant Silverback. Seeing that they are still not working as a team, he takes their Morphers away. Meanwhile, Piggy's friends use the stolen SPD armor technology to loot and steal. Eventually, the Rangers learn that they work best as a team and Silverback gives them their Morphers back, along with the incredible SWAT truck. Omega and Shadow confront Stench, but with the new armor, Stench and Thrasher are able to capture them. The Rangers are sent back to Earth to help. Using their new and amazing SWAT Mode, the other Rangers are able to save Omega and the Shadow Ranger.
S.W.A.T.: Part 1
26. S.W.A.T.: Part 1
August 14, 2005
The Rangers have cabin fever and their different personalities are driving each other crazy. Cruger has heard enough and orders them to stop the bickering before it costs them in battle. Meanwhile, under the order of Gruumm, Piggy has hatched a plan with a couple old friends of his to steal SPD technology. Piggy plans on giving the technology to Gruumm to avoid vaporization. Because the Rangers are not working well as a team, Piggy's goon friends steal the schematics for SWAT mode. Cruger has seen enough and sends the teens to the planet Zentor to train with Sergeant Silverback hoping they can become a true team again. After arriving on Zentor it becomes clear that this training will become the battle of a lifetime.
Reflection: Part 2
25. Reflection: Part 2
August 13, 2005
Sky feels horrible that Mirloc was able to escape because of him. Mirloc makes an alliance with Gruumm and promises to catch the Rangers for him. He captures all but Red and Omega in his mirrored dimension. When a giant robot attacks, Red takes the Omegamax Zord to fight it, but it too is captured by Mirloc. Omega faces Mirloc and is able to free the Rangers. Mirloc taunts Sky about his father again. The others stand up for Sky and Jack says that it's only right that Sky bring Mirloc in. He gives him his Morpher and Sky morphs into Red Ranger. Using the Battlizer, Sky captures Mirloc. He is sent to a planet where he can never escape again. Sky knows that his father would have been proud of him.
Reflection: Part 1
24. Reflection: Part 1
July 30, 2005
The cadets are shocked when several criminals that they have already captured show up and attack them. Back at the base, Kat shows them that the criminals are still in their containment cards. She also gives Jack an upgrade on his Morpher, the Battlizer. Sky feels a bit slighted and explains to Jack that he always wanted to be like his father, the Red Ranger. Cruger sends Sky to interrogate Mirloc, a notorious criminal who might be able to give them information. Mirloc is in a high security cell because he has the capacity to escape in reflective surfaces. Mirloc says he will help them only if Sky will come back and give him something for his collection. Mirloc tells Sky that they are looking for Slate, a copycat criminal who can disguise himself as others. Knowing who they are up against, the Rangers confront Slate. When he morphs into all five aliens, Red Ranger uses his Battlizer to finish them. Sky returns to Mirloc, who tells him he collects bad memories. Sky is forced to tell of the day that his father, the Red Ranger never returned from battle. Mirloc is delighted and taunts Sky. Sky is so upset that he sheds a tear, the very thing Mirloc uses to escape!
23. Zapped
July 24, 2005
The other Rangers are jealous when Cruger seems to be devoting more of his attention to the Omega Ranger. Morgana approaches Mysticon, a failing magician and makes him an offer he can't refuse; a real magic wand. Mysticon takes the wand with the promise that he will do a favor for her someday. With the help of his assistant, Al, Mysticon goes on a crime spree. Al is capture by SPD and tells them that Mysticon is working with Morgana. Cruger tells Omega to check it out. The others feel neglected and go on their own to investigate. Syd poses as a magician's assistant, but her cover is blown by Morgana. Mysticon puts Syd under his power. During the big magic show benefit, Morgana plots to capture a famous scientist in the audience. The plan is foiled by the Omega Ranger. Mysticon attacks in a giant robot and the Rangers combine their Zords to form the Deltamax Zord to defeat him. The cadets realize their jealousy of Omega was unfounded and they are all important members of the team.
Messenger: Part 2
22. Messenger: Part 2
July 16, 2005
The Megazord battle with Devastation is looking dire for the Rangers. Suddenly, an amazing new zord, the Omegamax Cycle comes to the rescue. Shorty is destroyed. The driver of the Zord is the Omega Ranger. He battles Devastation and Morgana with his powerful skills. The villains retreat. The Rangers want to know who this new Ranger is. Back at the base, the Omega Ranger tells them that he has come from the future to prevent the destruction of the others. The cadets are grateful, but when Morgana and Devastation return, the Omega Ranger insists on facing them himself. He is certain that the technology from the future is superior to SPD present-day vehicles and weapons. When he confronts Morgana and Devastation again, they are more powerful than he thought and he gets in trouble. The others come to save him. He realizes that courage and determination are the keys to winning the battle. The Rangers use their Megazords to defeat Devastation and Morgana returns to The Terror in defeat. The Rangers are shocked to learn the Omega Ranger is actually their friend Sam, the little boy they had befriended earlier. They invite Sam to stay with them until Kat can find a way to get him back to the future.
Messenger: Part 1
21. Messenger: Part 1
July 10, 2005
Boom intercepts a radio transmission from the future which states that the Power Rangers have lost the battle for Earth to Gruumm and his army. Although this is very serious news, the cadets decide that they must keep fighting until the end. Morgana has proven herself to be a fearsome fighter and promises to bring down the Rangers with the help of two friends. The first friend, Shorty, is a rough and tough alien bent on destruction. When he attacks the city, the Rangers try to stop him. The battle escalates and Shorty sends for more help. His brother, Devastation is summoned. Devastation's power is too much for the Rangers and when the fight goes to the Megazords, Devastation threatens to destroy them. Unless the Rangers get a miracle, the message from the future will come to pass.
20. Perspective
June 25, 2005
The Rangers are dispatched to stop a theft at the World Gold Depository. They are successful in apprehending the criminal. Cruger asks the Rangers to report on how the situation went down. The cadets all begin to speak at once. Cruger tells them to each explain what happened. One by one, the cadets tell him their version about the incident, and as it turns out, the one telling the story just so happens to be the hero of the day. Kat brings up a surveillance tape that reveals the truth. A mysterious spark of energy is actually what tipped the scales and helped the Rangers win. The Rangers continue to argue about what happened while Cruger wonders what this strange spark might be.
19. Dismissed
June 18, 2005
The Base gets a visit from the Supreme Commander of SPD Headquarters, Commander Birdy. Birdy is a strict and hardnosed leader, who finds fault with the way Cruger commands the Rangers. When Cruger refuses an order, Birdy fires him and takes his place. Green, Blue and Red Rangers are sent out to investigate a massive spike of evil energy. To their shock, they encounter Emperor Gruumm himself! The three Rangers are beaten and given a message; Gruumm has come to Earth to battle Cruger. When Birdy finds out that the Rangers lost to Gruumm, he goes to fight him himself. He turns out to be no match for Gruumm and soon finds himself in big trouble. Cruger is persuaded to come back. While the Rangers fight an evil alien, Cruger saves Birdy using a new Shadow ATV. Birdy goes back to SPD with new respect for Cruger and his team of Rangers.
18. Samurai
June 11, 2005
Jack and Cruger spar with swords. Jack is convinced that if Cruger let him use the Shadow Saber, he could win. Cruger tells him that it's the swordsman, not the sword, that wins the battle. Gruumm opens a time portal and brings Katana, the fiercest of the Samurai warriors, to present day Kyoto. Broodwing tells Katana that the Power Rangers are invaders of Kyoto, the city that Katana has sworn to protect. He fights the Rangers with honor and wins. A giant robot begins to capture the ancient buildings of the city. Cruger takes the SPD Base to stop it. Jack asks Cruger once again to use the Shadow Saber to fight Katana. Cruger relents and Jack goes to fight. Red Ranger wins the battle and Jack is able to convince Katana that he has been tricked. The two warriors say goodbye with much respect for each other. Jack finds out that he was not using the real Shadow Saber, just an imitation. He realizes that Cruger was right all along. However, while the SPD Base was in battle, Gruumm stole vast quantities of iridium for a mysterious project.
17. Recognition
June 4, 2005
RIC, the robotic dog wants to play ball with Sky, but as usual, Sky is all business. The alarm rings, a notorious alien, Wootox, is attacking the city. The Rangers bring him in for questioning and Sky takes him to his cell. The alien overtakes Sky and uses a mind meld to switch their bodies. Sky now has the appearance of the criminal and is put in jail while Wootox is free to roam the base disguised as Sky. Wootox sets out to find the cockpit of the Command Base and Sky figures out a way to escape his cell. Wootox attacks Kat and is able to gain control of the Delta Command Megazord. Sky eludes the Rangers and is able to thwart Wootox before he can destroy the city. When the two are face to face, the Rangers don't know who is who. RIC is the one who is able to tell who the real Sky is. Sky is able to get his body back and Wootox is sent away for good.
16. Boom
May 21, 2005
Kat's hapless assistant, Boom, panics when he finds out that his parents are making a surprise visit to the base. He confesses to the cadets that he told them that he was the Orange Ranger. He was too embarrassed to admit that he couldn't cut it at SPD and was kicked out of the Ranger program after five days. Morgana sets up a plan with Tomars to get rid of the Rangers. Tomars has an inter-dimensional hyperspeed relocator that has the ability to trap people in various dimensions. Jack and Sky are sent to check out a strange energy reading and are captured into the relocator. Boom's parents arrive and the other cadets help him in his ruse. When Tomars attacks, the other Rangers fight him. In an attempt to impress his parents, Boom shows up and tries to help, but his efforts only allow Tomars to get away. He confesses to his parents that he is not a Ranger, only the gadget tester for SPD. His parents tell him that they are still proud of him. Boom uses his courage and technological know-how to enter the relocator and save Sky and Jack.
Wired: Part 2
15. Wired: Part 2
May 14, 2005
Cruger is unhappy that the teens banished Sophie without finding out exactly what she was doing hacking into the mainframe. He sends them out to find her before she falls into enemy hands. Meanwhile, Valko has connected her to a massive computer and is trying to access Gorodon. With the help of Piggy, the teens track Sophie to the Wary Woods. Valko battles the Rangers, but escapes before capture and engages the machine! Gorodon rises and attacks the city. The Rangers are defenseless because Phase II of the defense system is not yet sequenced. Sophie escapes Valko and helps Kat fix the system just in time to defeat Gorodon. Sophie becomes a valuable member of SPD. Gruumm is so angry that he turns Mora into Morgana, an adult version of herself.
Wired: Part 1
14. Wired: Part 1
May 7, 2005
A new recruit, Sophie, is proving to the teens that she is not only a great fighter, but a computer whiz as well. Kat is working on a defense system for SPD headquarters and Sophie thinks she can help. Meanwhile, Gruumm is looking for a second in command and Mora thinks that Valco, a menacing villain, is perfect for the job. To impress Gruumm, Valco awakens Gorodon and searches for a computer that will allow him to control the uncontrollable beast. Later that night, Sophie sneaks into Kat's lab to hack into the computer. She is unsuccessful, but arises suspicion. After a battle, Sophie is injured and the teens find out that she is a cyborg. Not wanting to take any chances, they banish her from SPD. As she is leaving, she is grabbed by Valco!
13. Abandoned
April 30, 2005
Since the arrival of Shadow Ranger, the teens have started to slack off, much to the chagrin of Cruger. The Stone of Evil has awakened from a long hibernation and Gruumm has sent Dracel to find it and bring it back. After the Rangers' first losing effort, it becomes clear that Shadow is not going to bail them out this time. After Dracel defeats Baskin, the keeper of the stone, and heads to the Terror to deliver it to Gruumm, the Rangers have to pull it together without the help of Shadow to ensure the safety of the planet. In the end, the Rangers are victorious and Cruger has taught them a valuable lesson about commitment. They will not take Shadow Ranger for granted again.
Shadow: Part 2
12. Shadow: Part 2
April 23, 2005
The cadets and Cruger strategize on how to rescue Kat. Cruger finally tells the cadets that he lost his wife, Isinia, in the Battle of Sirius and General Benaag led the Troobians. Benaag reveals that he has Kat and challenges Cruger to come and get her. Cruger orders the Rangers to deal with the earthquake spikes throughout the city, he will deal with Benaag. Kat is held in a dangerous device that will destroy her. Cruger shows up to save her, but Benaag has set a trap. He deploys one hundred Krybots to stop him. Cruger takes out a gift from Kat, a special Morpher. He morphs into the Shadow Ranger. Using his amazing skills, he destroys the Krybots, then General Benaag. The Rangers are able to stop the robot from triggering the earthquakes. Cruger saves Kat's life and vows that as Shadow Ranger, he will continue to soldier on in the fight against evil.
Shadow: Part 1
11. Shadow: Part 1
April 16, 2005
Cruger is haunted by nightmares of the Battle of Sirius, the fight where Troobians conquered his home planet. He becomes irritable toward the Rangers. He apologizes and tells them the story of how he lost everything that day. Meanwhile, Piggy finds a winning lottery ticket and buys a café that feeds all the lowlife of New Tech City. Gruumm's henchman, General Benaag comes to the café and gives the cadets a message for Cruger; he challenges him to a battle. Cruger says he won't fight; he has hung up his sword forever. Gruumm comes to Earth disguised as a human. A robot enacts a plan to set off a series of Earthquakes. The Rangers are sent to deal with the robot. After having a fight with Cruger, Kat leaves the base and is captured by Benaag.
10. Stakeout
April 9, 2005
Syd has big plans to celebrate her birthday, but Jack disrupts them by assigning her to work a stakeout with him. Jack doesn't understand why Syd is so upset. The two cadets must observe the laboratory of Dr. Rheas, a scientist who was partners with an alien named Sinuku. Sinuku began making weapons for the evil side and was sent to prison. He escaped and Cruger thinks he might try to contact Dr. Rheas. Syd is miserable on the stakeout and Jack is insensitive to her feelings. He doesn't understand why she's making such a big deal of her birthday, and then confides that he doesn't know when his is. Syd realizes why he's been so cold. Sinuku captures Dr. Rheas and gets her to bring him to where a weapons activator is hid. The Rangers confront him, but he deploys a giant robot. The Rangers call the Megazord and defeat the robot. Sinuku is recaptured. Jack throws Syd a surprise birthday party and Syd invites him to share her birthday with him.
9. Idol
April 2, 2005
The Rangers are sent out to investigate a spacecraft that has crash-landed on Earth. Sky is surprised to find out that the pilot is Dru, his best friend from the SPD academy. Dru tells the others that he has been on a top secret SPD mission. Jack is a little skeptical, there are some points in Dru's story that just don't seem right. Dru defends his friend and gets angry with Jack for suspecting him. Dru morphs into a monster, Gigantis, and attacks the Rangers. Jack accuses Dru and is proven right. Sky takes the blame for letting an infiltrator into the base. Just then, Gigantis blasts Cruger, but he recovers. Sky is crushed that his friend would betray him. Gigantis grows and the Rangers use the Megazord to beat him. Sky knows what he must do and arrests Dru once and for all.
Sam: Part 2
8. Sam: Part 2
March 19, 2005
Mora tells Sam that she wants a special doll for her collection, an SPD doll. Z defends Sam to the other Rangers, saying he reminds her of herself when she was young. He's not evil; he just doesn't want to be treated like an outcast anymore. Cruger tells the teens that they were all chosen for their special powers and their parents worked for SPD in the past. Z finds Sam and tried to reach out to him again. Sam believes that Z is his friend, but Mora doesn't want to lose him. She sends soldiers to attack. The Rangers fight the foot soldiers and when Bugglesworth pilots a giant robot, they call on the Megazord to defeat him. The doll people are turned back to normal and Sam decides that when he grows up, he wants to join SPD and use his powers to help people.
Sam: Part 1
7. Sam: Part 1
March 12, 2005
Sam, a young, shy boy, exhibits special teleportation powers that make him the cause of ridicule on the playground. Seeing that Sam has no friends Mora lures him into helping her in her latest folly. She produces the Bugglesworth monster who is able to turn humans into dolls. With Sam's power, an entire office building is teleported out of the city and the people inside turned into dolls for her playthings. The Rangers encounter Sam and Z sees a kindred soul. She realizes that he is not evil, just looking for a place to fit in. She tries to befriend Sam, but he is wary of her help. Mora sends an Orangehead soldier to fight the Rangers and is able to convince Sam to come with her. The Rangers must find a way to turn the people back to normal before it's too late.
6. Abridged
March 5, 2005
The team is on the lookout for an intergalactic bank robber. They see a suspicious-looking alien, T-Top, near the vicinity of the crime. Assuming that they have their man, they try to arrest him, but T-Top puts up a fight and evades them. Although the evidence points to T-Top as the bank robber, Bridge is not convinced of his guilt and asks to conduct his own investigation. The others are dubious of Bridge's methods as he tries to look beyond the obvious facts and uses his intuition. Bridge questions Diane, a witness to the crime who is certain that T-Top is guilty. There is something not quite right about her. Bridge investigates clues in his own unique way. Broodwing makes T-Top grow big. The Rangers uses the Megazord to capture him, but when he is judged, he is found innocent! Bridge accuses Diane of being the real criminal and proves that he is right. Diane is in fact an alien who was trying to frame T-Top for her crimes. T-Top turns out to be a bounty hunter who was tracking her down. The others realize that although Bridge's methods may seem strange to them, in the end, they solved the case.
5. Dogged
February 26, 2005
Piggy sells Rhinix a potion that turns people into a gooey fuel. Meanwhile, Syd is annoyed by RIC, the SPD robotic dog who is always malfunctioning. When RIC follows Syd on an assignment to investigate the missing people, Syd tells him not to get in her way. She gets Piggy to help her and finds some residual goo at the crime scene. Krybots attack and Syd is in big trouble. RIC leaps in and takes a laser hit intended for Syd. He is severely damaged and Cruger regrets to tell everyone that RIC is beyond repair. He is deactivated. Syd has grown fond of the pup and asks Bridge and Boom to try and fix him. RIC is given an extreme upgrade, tricked him out with new gadgetry and weapons. Syd is convinced that his new tracking system can help locate the missing people. RIC leads them to a certain area and Syd begins to dig. After a while, the others think that RIC has lead them on a wild goose chase, but Syd still believes in RICs abilities. The four teens leave Syd to keep digging. Finally, she hits an underground cavern where the vials of missing people are. She is then confronted by Rhinix and they begin to battle. RIC leaps in once more to help her and the other Rangers join the fight as well. Using RIC's new weaponry system, the Canine Cannon, Rhinix is defeated. The missing people are saved, and because Syd believed in RIC, she is reinstated as an invaluable member of the SPD team.
4. Walls
February 19, 2005
Sky is still reeling from the fact that he is not the Red Ranger. He refuses to participate in group activities. It doesn't help matters when a giant robot escapes capture and Sky blames Jack. After Jack and Bridge are given powered up bikes, Sky has just about had it. Meanwhile, Gruumm has hatched a plan to steal a truckload of diamonds to be converted into an energy source. After the Rangers successfully stave off the attack, Jack orders Sky and Syd to stand guard. When another Robot attacks the city, Sky is unable to trust Jack's judgment and leaves his post to aid the other Rangers. The Krybots swoop in behind him and loot the remaining gems. Even though the robot is defeated, Gruumm got what he wanted. In the end, Cruger punishes Sky. He and Jack have a heart to heart talk and Sky agrees to trust Jack, but for how long?
3. Confronted
February 12, 2005
Jack finds out that being the Red Ranger also means being the leader of the team. Seeing that leadership has its privileges, Jack soon lets his ego get out of control. He bosses the other Rangers around while he takes it easy. Cruger takes note of this and is not pleased. The A Squad Power Rangers are sent into space to fight the Troobians when Gruumm launches an attack in a nearby nebula. With the B Squad left as Earth's defenders, the others begin to doubt Jack's competence as their leader. Gruumm's assistant, the evil child Mora, helps him by drawing evil creatures and bringing them to life. She creates a monster that attacks the city and the Rangers are called to fight. However, when Cruger asks the other Rangers if they trust Jack as their leader, they must admit that they don't. Cruger takes Jack's Morpher away and sends the others to man the Zords. The four Rangers are outmatched by the monster. Jack feels helpless as he watches his friends struggle. He decides that he must go and help, whether he is a Ranger or not. Cruger sees that he has learned his lesson and gives his Morpher back to him. With Red Ranger's help, the Rangers are able to use the Delta Squad Megazord to defeat the monster.
Beginnings Part 2
2. Beginnings Part 2
February 5, 2005
Jack and Z leave the others to fight the Krybots, but even with their Ranger powers, Blue, Pink and Green Rangers have a tough time. Jack and Z go back to help and together, they defeat the Krybots. However, the two thieves are still taken into custody by the SPD cadets. Cruger sees potential in Jack and Z and offers them positions on the B Squad to atone for their crimes. Z takes the offer, but Jack turns him down and is put in confinement. The others bring the Proton Accelerator to Piggy to find out what it is and are attacked by Krybots. Jack finds out that they are in trouble and decides he must help. He shows up at the fight and morphs into Red Ranger. Broodwing, an opportunistic alien who is working for Gruumm, sends a giant robot to attack. The A Squad Rangers fight it with the Delta Squad Megazord. The A Squad Rangers win and Jack decides to join the B Squad.
Beginnings , Part 1
1. Beginnings , Part 1
February 5, 2005
Years in the future, a war-torn space battleship destroys a ravished planet. Emperor Gruumm, the commander of the ship, orders his crew to head toward Earth. Earth bustles about with aliens and humans living together in harmony. Under the command of Anubis "Doggie" Cruger, a highly trained unit of police, the Space Patrol Delta, or S.P.D., has been formed to keep the peace. Three young cadets who comprise the B Squad- Sky, Bridge and Syd, train using special powers. They hope to someday work their way up to the A Squad, the elite team of cadets who are the Power Rangers. Meanwhile in a run down part of town, we meet Jack and Z, two young thieves who have spent their lives helping the less fortunate of the city get clothes and food. The B Squad is sent to investigate the two thieves, but Jack and Z elude them, displaying special powers as well. Cruger finds that Gruumm is heading to Earth and gives Sky, Syd and Bridge S.P.D. Morphers. To get his ship into the Earth's atmosphere, Gruumm needs a Proton Accelerator. The device happens to fall into the hands of Jack and Z. The three cadets confront Jack and Z again, but the group is attacked by Krybots, Gruumm's legion of Troobian foot soldiers. Seeing a chance to escape, Jack and Z flee the scene, leaving the others to fight the Krybots.
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    February 5, 2005
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