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While only running for one season, this installment of the Power Rangers saga sees the new Rangers on a mission through space to save Zordon. He has been captured by Dark Specter, and along with some classic villains from former Rangers installments, Dark Specter looks to take over the galaxy.

That is where the Rangers must step in to throw a little bit of opposition into the mix. Now being led by a human named Andros from the colony KO-35 in space. The other Rangers are from the familiar San Angeles, and have been given the honor of being Rangers just in time to be needed for this new mission.

Dark Specter has a lot of help on the evil side of things. Classic villains like Rita, Zedd, Divatox and the Machine Empire all fall in line under Dark Specter to take out the Rangers once and for all. Most of the plot to take out the Rangers begins with Specter's most loyal follower Astromena. With the Rangers no longer a problem, Specter will be able to use Zordon's power to spread evil through the whole galaxy and rule it with an iron fist.

This series will also see the introduction of the Psycho Rangers. They are the evil counterparts to the Power Rangers, and prove to be difficult opponents to defeat because they know the Power Rangers so well. The Rangers battle these Rangers, Rita, Zedd, Astromena and many other foes to save their captured leader Zordon. Each episode brings them closer to the final showdown with Dark Specter and his heavily guarded fortress, and each Ranger will have to tap into their own special ability and reach their full potential to have any hope of surviving the mission.

The Rangers within this series are portrayed by actors altogether new to the series: Tracy Lynn Cruz, Patricia Ja Lee, Roger Velasco, Christopher Khayman Lee and Selwyn Ward. Familiar faces return as well though like Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy reprising their roles as Bulk and Skull.

Power Rangers in Space is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (43 episodes). The series first aired on February 6, 1998.

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1 Season, 43 Episodes
February 6, 1998
Kids & Family
Cast: Tracy Lynn Cruz, Patricia Ja Lee, Christopher Khayman Lee, Justin Nimmo, Roger Velasco
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Power Rangers in Space Full Episode Guide

  • With Dark Specter destroyed, Astronema ascends to the throne of the Alliance as they secure the Earth. As the city recovers, Andros confides in Ashley that he must try to redeem Karone. As his friends on Earth ally with Angel Grove's populace against the enemy, Andros infiltrates the Dark Fortress and comes face to face with Zordon. Zordon begs Andros to do the unthinkable as Astronema confronts him in a ferocious conflict, and it's outcome will determine the fate of the lives that inhabit the universe

  • Dark Specter announces that the time has come to commence an assault on the universe. The combined forces of his alliance sweep over countless planets, overwhelming the Power Rangers and their allies, before reaching Earth itself. Treachery and tragedy unfold as Darkonda makes a risky decision, and Andros leads his team in a futile stand against unbelievable odds

  • The Rangers are transported to a barren desert where they are are pursued and attacked by the Tankenstien monster. Zhane intervenes with his new Lunar Rover but the creature returns to Angel Grove where a battle above the city leads to a devastating loss.

  • The Rangers are lured to an alien world, whilst Ecliptor cuts the team off from Alpha and the Astro Megaship with an impenetrable force-field, leaving the Rangers trusted robot ally and their main computer DECA alone and vulnerable against Ecliptor, who infiltrates the Megaship

  • The Rangers return to the secret city to continue their efforts to rescue the citizens imprisoned there, but the spirits of old enemies intend on regaining corporeal form at any cost

  • As Dark Specter's life force drains, Astronema becomes closer to her goal of becoming the supreme leader of his forces. Meanwhile, Psycho Red's obsession with defeating the Red Ranger could prove to be costly as both groups of Rangers engage in a final conflict

  • The Psycho Rangers assume human form and search Angel Grove, using voice identification to find the Rangers in their civiian lives. Cassie is trapped as the Psychoes close in and near tragedy leaves her no choice but to scream

  • TJ convinces the Rangers to battle different Psycho Rangers than the ones that match their colors, hoping to confuse and weaken their enemies, but when this proves to be only a short-term solution, TJ elects to try a different and more confounding strategy. by changing the Rangers colours entirely to blue. Meanwhile, tne mysterious Psycho Silver makes an apperance..

  • Cassey and Ashley have a tempered argument that leaves both unable to get along. However, when Ashley is abducted by Psycho Pink, a remorseful Cassey vows to rescue her friend

  • A little girl called Sally discovers Carlos' secret identity and blackmails him into fulfilling her every order.

  • Angel Grove is thrown into chaos when doppelgangers of the Rangers turn on the city. The real Rangers confront their duplicates, and in the ensuing battle, they discover the true nature of their enemies as the Psycho Rangers, soldiers of Astronema, prove to be a formidable force.

  • Determined to prevent the asteroid from colliding with the planet, the Rangers use all of their resources and Zords. The intervention of a familiar ally helps to turn the tide, but for the Rangers, their victory comes with a price as Karone is again enslaved to Dark Specter.

  • Dark Specter, enraged that the Rangers are in possession of his most valued ally, decides to reclaim his former servant by hurtling an asteroid towards the Earth, with the demand that the Rangers return what they have freed from his grasp or risk billions of lives.

  • Andros brings Astronema to the Megaship, much to the chagrin of his fellow Rangers. His friends begrudgingly listen to Astronema as she reveals the co-ordinates to Zordon's location, certain that they are heading into a trap that only Andros denies. Meanwhile, Ecliptor is torn between his duty as a knight of Dark Specter, and the guardian of Astronema...

  • Astronema decides to confront Andros and attempt to eliminate both the Red Ranger and sever her connection to her past life...

  • A battle with Astronema reveals a long buried secret to Andros that finally reveals the fate of his long lost sister Karone

  • Carlos faces a crisis of confidence, and only former Black Ranger Adam can help him remember that being a Ranger comes with hardship and the courage to make difficult choices, but an attack by Ecliptor and the Quantrons forces Adam to make such a choice as he risks his physical health with an unstable morpher to become a Power Ranger once again

  • The Rangers, searching for clues to Zordon's location in the depths of space, discover that inhabitants of KO-35, Andros' home world, are preparing a revolution on a barren, desert world plagued by storms. Upon the Rangers arrival, a traitor amongst the rebels schemes to frame them...

  • Zhane's unreliable powers become known to Astronema, and she schemes to exploit it in a bid to eliminate the Silver Ranger once and for all. Meanwhile, the remaining Rangers become more aware of Zhane's problems, but mistakenly believe he is dying.

  • Andros becomes jealous of Zhane's bond with Ashley

  • Arriving on a hostile planet, the Rangers are overwhelmed by the planets inhabitants. Damage to a cryogenic preservation unit however brings to life a new ally, the Silver Ranger Zhane, Andros' best friend

  • Astronema switches her body with Ashleys.

  • Former Blue Ranger Justin is visited by Storm Blaster, having escaped from Divatox's grip. The Blue Ranger and Storm Blaster unite when the remaining Rangers and Lighting Cruiser are on the verge of defeat.

  • Surviving a devastating battle with Darkonda, the Rangers flee to the moon, where they unlock the powers of Zordon's hidden Mega Voyager fleet...

  • Andros finally realizes that Darkonda was the creature that abducted his sister when he was a child, and journeys to Planet Onyx inconspicuously to gain revenge. The two face off against each other in an aggressive duel, where Andros holds back his enemy long enough to escape with important data key cards left behind by Zordon. Ecliptor exacts his revenge against Darkonda, transforming him into a terrifying creature

  • TJ suffers a severe blow to the head and develops amnesia, whist Darkonda and Ecliptor's fragile alliance is made all the more literal as they merge to form the hybrid threat known as Darkcliptor.

  • Carlos and Cassie become infected with the sting of an alien creature that is later used by Astronema to attack Angel Grove.

  • Ashley's grandmother arrives for a visit, but when she reveals her intention to pair Ashley with several blind dates, no clear way of keeping her safe from an attack by Astronema's latest monster appears to be possible...

  • A new weapon enables Astronema to turn virtually anything and anyone "evil", which leads the Rangers to face a corrupted Delta Megaship

  • The Phantom Ranger, on the run from Spectre's army, sends a distress signal to the Rangers in an attempt to alert them of the Delta Megaship, a weapon they can use to increase their efforts against the Alliance...

  • Cassie befriends a member of Dark Spectre's alliance who now seeks to break away and join the side of good, but Astornema learns of the intended defection and orders the creature's destruction.

  • When the Astro Megaship's virtual reality Craterites acheive substance and begin infesting a young boy's neighborhood, he goes on an ambitious quest to warn his neighbors and friends, but when he isn't believed, he soon faces the possibility he will have to face the suspicious Craterites without help

  • Professor Phenomenus invents a highly volatile plutonium fuel and stores it in his lab on top of a skyscraper. Astronema sends the Elephantitan monster to tip over the building and level the city. Cassie gets trapped in the skyscraper. The Rangers use the Mega Tank to retrieve the plutonium fuel and proceed to defeat Elephantitan with the Astro Megazord.

  • Andros falls in with the wrong crowd when he befriends a group of car thieves

  • Andros returns to his home colony of KO-35 looking for a familiar face, only to be confronted by Ecliptor. When Carlos is injured, Andros, guilt ridden, reveals a secret of his past

  • Astronema successfully captures and brainwashes the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, forcing them to do her bidding and lure the Rangers into a false sense of trust. The Turtles succeed in seizing control of the Astro Megaship, and it soon comes down to the Rangers challenging the five amphibians to an intense battle...

  • The Rangers return to Earth with Andros, but Astronema follows them, eager to find and destroy the Rangers shuttle craft and prevent them from forming the Astro Megazord. Andros battles his old nemesis Ecliptor

  • The Princess of evil Astronema is dispatched by the malevolent Dark Specter to locate and eliminate the Red Ranger, and she wastes little time in pinning down his vessel, the Astro Megaship, on a barren planetoid. Faced with no other option, the Ranger, Andros, enlists the aid of the other teens and gives them new powers to combat Astronema's Quantron forces...