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Based on the ever popular Sonic the Hedgehog series of video games, Sonic X was a Japanese anime that ran for a total of seventy eight episodes. The voice overs have been re-dubbed numerous times in order for the animated show to be released in a wide variety of countries, ranging from the U.S. to Singapore. A number of comic book and trading card tie-ins have been released for the show ever since its initial run.

The series begins with Sonic the Hedgehog, voiced in the U.S. by Jason Griffith, teaming up with his old friends Tails and Amy in an attempt to stop the nefarious Dr. Eggman's latest scheme. Eggman, voiced by Mike Pollock, has possession of the seven chaos emeralds. These emeralds are a source of infinite power, and he has further leverage via holding the young characters Cream and Cheese as hostages.

Sonic is separated from his friends during the assault on Dr. Eggman's base. While Tails and Amy are saved by Sonic's rival Knuckles, the blue hedgehog himself fights his way to the center of the villain's fortress. It doesn't take him long to find Dr. Eggman and engage him in battle.

The machine Dr. Eggman has hooked the chaos emeralds up to is damaged in the ensuing fight. The mystical gems react by enveloping the area in a bright light. Those who are caught in the light are transported through time and space to the human world.

Sonic spends the rest of the first season growing accustomed to his new surroundings with the help of his new human friend Chris. He also seeks out his allies, themselves transported to the human world as well, and finds himself constantly having to thwart Dr. Eggman's attempts at taking over this strange new world.

The show adapts the plot of the Sonic Adventure games in later episodes, as well as having its own original ongoing story line.

Sonic X is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (130 episodes). The series first aired on August 23, 2003.

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3 Seasons, 130 Episodes
August 23, 2003
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Junichi Kanemaru, Sanae Kobayashi, Ryo Hirohashi, Taeko Kawata, Nobutoshi Canna
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Sonic X Full Episode Guide

  • After the galaxy is saved, Sonic and his friends recalls memorable moments and anticipate their future.

  • The giant seed finally reaches the final stage of its metamorphosis, and Cosmos steps in the battle to stop it.

  • After Sonic falls into the watery planet, the gang struggles for a way to rescue him and defeat Dark Oak.

  • Sonic and the others chases after Dark Oak to a galactic coordinates where a thousand-year prophecy will bring their plan to fruition.

  • Sonic and the gang landed onto Cosom's home planet and discovers the history behind Cosmo's species and Metarex.

  • Shadow invades the Blue Typhoon, trying to kill Cosmo for reasons unknown.

  • The Blue Typhoon arrives at a planet, but Yellow Zelkova attacks the Blue Typhoon.

  • The Chaotix trio tries to aide Sonic and his friends as Metarex hunts for them.

  • Sonic and company are engaged in a fierce battle against Metarex, who with Eggman on their side.

  • Sonic and the others finds a race called Marmolians and head to their home planet.

  • While traveling through space, Dr. Eggman and his forces come across a group of humans battling the armada of Pale Bay Leaf.

  • Sonic and friends come across a barren planet with 500 Chaos Emerald signals coming from it.

  • As they travel through the Intergalactic Cloister, SOnic an dhte others run into and battles Yellow Zelkova.

  • The fight between Sonic and Dark Oak starts. While a Metarex armada, led by Red Pine, is approaching.

  • Sonic and Eggman agree on a joint effort to retrive the last two Chaos Emeralds hiden inside a Metarex fortress.

  • After the battle with Metarex's Scarship, the Blue Typhoon crashes onto a strange planet.

  • A Metarex fleet lead by Scarship sets out to destroy Eggman and Sonic with its might.

  • Sonic and company lands on a deserted planet and searches for a Chaos Emerald.

  • Chuck finds a way to teleport material objects to Sonic's world, and Vanilla asks the Chaotix to help wend them to Chris.

  • As Sonic crashes with Eggman onto a jungle planet, Amy rushes out to find him, and Cosmo and Cream follow.

  • With the help of Chris' new program, the Blue Typhoon spots a Chaos Emerald on planet Freezy.

  • After saving the planet in the former episode, Sonic and his friends are thanked in a feast.

  • Sonic and the others landed on a supposedly dry planet covered by water, and ventures deeper to find the cause of this abnormality.

  • Knowing that Metarex threaten all lives of the galaxy including their own, Sonic and the others decide to take their battle to the space.

  • In the episode's opening, Super Sonic is fighting against a mysterious robot. Super Sonic is unable to defeat him and he sends the Chaos Emeralds away to avoid his opponent to take them from him.

  • Metarex seed continues to grow into its final form and Sonic and his team are unable to stop it. As Chaotix collect Chaos Emerald now drained of its power, Dr. Eggman reveals a plan to restore their power.

  • With Sonic being knocked down to Planet Aqurius and Dark Oak still continuing the evolution to its final form, Knuckles and team come up with a plan to cut off Dark Oak's energy by firing the Master Emerald at Metarex.

  • When everyone is informed by Dr. Eggman of Metarex' gathering in accordance to a thousand-year prophecy Sonic and his crew head off for their final battle, leaving Shadow behind. However Shadow soon follows suit as Chaotix drop by to offer him a ride.

  • Blue Typhoon is mysteriously transported to an abandoned planet as Cosmo discovers that Metarex are monitoring what she sees and hears through a chip that is implanted in her. As Tails and Chris try to find a way to remove Cosmo's chip, Amy and Rouge discover that the planet is Cosmo and Metarex's home planet.

  • Shadow breaches Blue Typhoon, appearing in Cosmo's room. As he knocks Sonic and Chris unconscious, Shadow goes after Cosmo whom Tails has taken away to safety.

  • Blue Typhoon is under attack by Yellow Zelkova who is equipped with a special energy shield built by Dr. Eggman. Sonic and his crew are sent crashing down to a nearby planet where Knuckles and Sonic attempt to destroy the powerful weapon.

  • Chaotix still aren't able to find their home. Upon taking a wrong turn in space, they've landed on a planet where they are now running a caf

  • Blue Typhoon attempts to save a small ship caught in the crossfire between them and the Metarex. Unfortunately the pilot aboard the spaceship was Decoe, who was acting as a decoy to lure Sonic into the path of Megarex fleet led by Dr. Eggman.

  • When Shadow destroys the fleet of Metarex and saves Molly inadvertently, he and Dr. Eggman are welcomed by the revolutionaries against Metarex. Attempting to capitalize on their gratitude, Dr. Eggman decides to take the planet's Chaos Emerald.

  • Metarex have been following Blue Typhoon for 12 hours now. With no signs of attacks, Sonic begins to wonder if they are being led into a trap.

  • As Amy wonders about fate of Shadow and the rest of the crew begin to fix things up around Blue Typhoon, they come across a Chaotix ship who had been drifting in space since they last made their delivery to Chris.

  • Sonic faces off against Dark Oak once again, Eggman has taken control of Blue Typhoon and outside the fortress are Metarex armada led by Red Pine. The situation can't seem to get any more dire when Red Pine and his crew begin to attack their own base.

  • Discovering that the last two Chaos Emeralds are inside a Metarex fortress, Dr. Eggman suggests a truce between him and Sonic to work against their common foe.

  • As Shadow tries to recall who Sonic and his friends when a Metarex named Scarship arrives to complete its newly assigned mission: to destroy Sonic and Dr. Eggman.

  • Rouge, aboard Crimson Egg, makes a discovery of a secret room that carries a strange capsule powered by a Chaos Emerald. Much to her surprise she discovers that Shadow is hibernating inside.

  • Chuck finds a way to teleport supplies from his world to Sonic's. When the supplies are received by Vanilla, she asks Chaotix to deliver them to Chris. Now aboard the spaceship sent also by Chuck, Chaotix are off for a special delivery.

  • In pursuit of Metarex who had stolen Planet egg on a jungle planet, Sonic gets thrown down to the planet. Worried Amy, Cosmo, Cream, and Cheese organize a search party in order to find Sonic.

  • Continuing the search for Chaos Emeralds, Sonic, and soon after Dr. Eggman, heads for Planet Breezy but is faced with an attack from Metarex.

  • Sonic and his friends are the guests of honor at a feast for saving the planet. Dr. Eggman, observing the celebration, begins to plot his next scheme to steal away the Chaos Emerald.

  • As Sonic continues his journey aboard Blue Typhoon for the Chaos Emerald, they arrive on Planet Secco, a planet that's supposed to be bone dry and yet is now filled with water.

  • Chris returns to Sonic's world as his twelve year-old, joining Sonic and his friends to stop Metarex from destroying their planet.

  • Sonic activates Chaos Control in his battle against Dark Oak, most formidable enemy he's faced thus far, to scatter the Emeralds across the galaxy. Meanwhile, Tails, Amy, and Cream encounter a spaceship that's crashlanded to their planet during a meteoer shower.

  • Back in Sonic's world, everyone is wondering where Sonic is and why he hasn't come back yet.

  • Chris runs away with Sonic as Nelson sets to look for them.

  • Tails and Chuck are working on a machine to initiate Chaos Control to send Sonic and the rest back.

  • As Chuck realizes the threat of the Time Stagnation Phenomenon, he must come up with a way to return Sonic and the others back to their world.

  • While Eggman travels around on the island for his purpose, Sonic follows him to the island's subterran landscape.

  • Eggman schemes a new plan as he searches for the "nasal" of the planet.

  • The contestants who succeeded from the second round continues to fight for the prize chaos emerald.

  • To lure Eggman into the open, the President throws a tournament with the Red Chaos Emerald as the prize.

  • Mr. Stuart investigates Eggman's plan, and follows him to his secret lair in the sewers.

  • The city is overrun by manical household appliances.

  • Amy becomes angry when Sonic misses their date, and goes out with Sam instead.

  • Sonic reveals to the others that Eggman was purposely causing the Egg Moon to obstruct the sunlight.

  • Eggman is praised as a hero, Sonic looks like a villain.

  • As the Chaotix Detective Agency trio came from Sonic's world, they set out to understand this unfamiliar world, along with their search for Cream.

  • As the Space Colony Ark heads for the Earth, the combatants put aside their differences to stop the descent.

  • Sonic and his friends arrive at the ARK to battle Eggman in order to halt his world domination plan.

  • Eggman starts to get the Eclipse Cannon ready to destroy the Earth!

  • Sonic is being held in Prison Island, and Eggman raids the facility to claim the Chaos Emerald hidden inside.

  • Sonic is confused for Shadow

  • Dr. Eggman learns of Project: Shadow.

  • Sonic transforms into Super Sonic.

  • Fed up at the treatment he received under Eggman, Gamma declares his independence and reprograms the other E-100s.

  • Sonic and Tails try to rescue Amy and Lily from Eggman.

  • Chris and Big find Froggy, E100 turns agains Dr. Eggman.

  • Knuckles has a mysterious vision, Amy is kidnapped.

  • Eggman has also been strangely quiet during these six months, and G.U.N. is desperately searching for him.

  • With everyone back in their home worlds the crisis has been averted and all seems to be back to normal. Except, no one seems to know where Sonic is. His friends and even Eggman begins to wonder where the blue hedgehog might be.

  • Chris is unable to come to terms with the idea of parting with Sonic and decides to run away with Sonic. As the time runs short for Chaos Control to send Sonic back to his world before the two worlds merge, Chris and Sonic say their good byes one last time.

  • As Chris spends his last day with Sonic while they prepare for their trip home, President's army colonel decides to act on his own to capture Dr. Eggman.

  • Dr. Bickley discovers that Sonic's world and theirs were once one and the same. As the two world slowly completes its reunification, she realizes that the process would ultimately cause time to stop. The only solution? Send Sonic and the rest back home.

  • Sonic and his friends are in pursuit of Dr. Eggman who has fled into the volcano which lies at the world's bellybutton. They come upon the Murasians ruin which attributed its destruction to a supposed dragon god.

  • When Dr. Eggman learns that Knuckles has just discovered the oldest map in the world, which holds the location of the lost continent of Murasia, he sends Decoe and Bocoe on a mission to take the map away from Knuckles.

  • The fight tournament draws to a close with Emerl being the winner. However, Emerl starts going beserk after holding the Chaos Emerald and begins to destroy everything in his path. When Amy, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Rouge are unable to stop it, Cream shows up to confront her robotic friend. Will she be able to talk Emerl into ceasing his uncontrollable mayhem, or will she have no choice but to fight and shut him down?

  • The battle for the red Chaos Emerald is heating up. As contestants duke it out for the glory and the prize it's Emerl who wins the tournament. But when Emerl receives the emerald, its power forces him to go on a rampage and attack everyone in the stadium.

  • Stewart keeps a close eye on Eggman. Unfortunetly for him, Chris, Helen, Danny, Cream, Cheese, and Emerl stick with Stewart for the ride. When they are all captured by Eggman, they must try to find a way out, or at least figure a way to contact Sonic to help...

  • As Nelson tries to maintain the faltering Thorndyke Industries due to his employees joining the Freedom Movement to emulate Sonic's carefree lifestyle, kitchen appliances begin to cause havoc around town.

  • Sonic is supposed to have a date with Amy, but he doesn't show up. So instead, she has a date with Sam Speed. Meanwhile on Eggman's old island base, Bokkun finds one of Prof. Gerald Robotnik's other creations: Emerl & tries to tell him to defeat Sonic. Bokkun opens the door, & he & Emerl walk to the tank. Sonic is trying to get to his date with Amy, but Bokkun stops him to free Eggman, Decoe & Bocoe from jail with the new tank. Can Sonic stop Bokkun & Emerl from freeing Eggman? Or will he be late for his date with Amy?

  • After the success of the sunshine balls, Eggman then tries to execute the rest of his plan. Sonic explains how Eggman eggmoon is moving to block, meaning Eggman set up the eggmoon as part of his master plan. Eggman then captures the president, and as he starts to make his own money, Sonic and Tails crash the X-Tornado into the white house and explain what happen while Mr. Tanaka and Topaz move the eggmoon out of the suns path. Sonic then set up a trivia challenge and traps Eggman by hitting him on the head with a big metal pan, and Eggman is sent to jail.

  • When an eclipse from the newly-repaired moon blocks the sun, Station Square faces a risk of panic. Eggman steps in and creates an artificial sunlight orb to provide light through out the city. It seems like Eggman is truly doing some good. Unfortunately, Sonic dosen't think so...

  • Sonic's world and its creatures called Flickies begin to appear in Chris' world. As the President and his staff discuss how to keep them isolated; Chris worries about what they might do with Sonic.

  • To complete his final revenge, Dr. Robotnik's revenge was to crash ARK into earth, destroying everything and everyone. Sonic must now convince Shadow to help save the world from destruction.

  • Sonic and Shadow face off while the rest of the crew seek Dr. Eggman who is now in posession of seven Chaos Emeralds. As the battle unfolds, Knuckles take on Rouge for the control of Master Emerald.

  • After the destruction of Prison Island, Sonic searches for Chris whom Amy suspects was taken to Dr. Eggman's secret base by Shadow.

  • After Shadow steals one of the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic is blamed for the crime and finds himself on the run from the law. As he does so, he runs into Shadow, and realizes why he's suddenly become a wanted criminal, because Sonic and Shadow look very much alike. As the two collide, Shadow reveals his ability to harness the power of the Chaos Emerald to use Chaos Control, which gives him an edge over Sonic.

  • After accidentally finding Prof. Gerald's diary, Eggman breaks into the military searching for the ""Ultimate Creature"": Shadow. Thanks to the Egg Mobile, Eggman finds the console & finds an unknown creature...

  • It's total chaos! Chaos absorbs the 7th Chaos Emerald and starts to destroy Station Square! Now with the Emeralds drained of their power, Sonic & friends must use their friendship to power the Emeralds and Sonic changes to Super Sonic! Will Sonic be able to defeat the mystical sea monster known as Chaos?

  • After the missle attack was prevented, E-102 Gamma deletes master obedience data and heads off. Meanwhile, Amy sets of to find Lilly's brothers. Then, Sonic explores an ancient temple and gets a vision of the past. Then, he fights the Egg viper. Gamma frees Delta, Epsilon, and Zeta. But, Beta tries to destroy him. Can Gamma free Beta?

  • It's a battle on the Egg Carrier. Knuckles tries to get the last peices of the master emerald, Big and Chris need to get Froggy, and Sonic and Tails need to get Eggman. But when Chaos turns into Chaos 6 and captures Froggy, Big ,and Chris, It's up to Sonic and Knuckles to set them free. When Eggman launches a missle to destroy Station Square, It's all up to Tails to detonate it.

  • What has happened? Two huge islands formed on the shores of Station Square, one of them being Angel Island, which is falling! Chaos Control apparently brought Sonic's world to Station Square, leaving Chris happy but Eggman to formulate a way to destroy the city. Next, Eggman is instructing his E-100 team to set out and destroy things. Even more terrible, Chaos is loose on Station Square streets reeking havoc! The beginning of the Sonic Adventure adaptation has begun!