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The Addams Family is a television show about a gruesome family. Gomez and Morticia are the head of the household. They have two children, Wednesday and Pugsley. Grandma, Cousin Itt and Uncle Fester reside in the home as well. They have a butler named Lurch and Thing is a hand that comes out of a box every now and then to help with some small chores.

The show is a scary comedy that ran from 1964 to 1966. The family lives in a huge house across the street from a cemetery. The town is Anywhere, USA. There are a lot of scary surprises for guests that visit the home. The family does the opposite of what other families may do. For instance, Wednesday's dolls have no heads on them. They sleep on beds of nails and there is some indication that Lurch is a zombie.

The children are encouraged to be sad rather than happy. Although that is not what most parents would do, it seems to work for this family. Gomez and Morticia are madly in love with each other. This is evidenced when Gomez grabs Morticia's arm, kisses it from her hand to her neck and speaks in French. Morticia shows little to no emotion in these moments, but it is evident that she loves him just as much.

Lurch appears when one of the family members rings the bell. He helps take care of anything they ask of him without question. He looks a bit scary, but there is something endearing about him. It may be his longstanding loyalty to the family that makes him such a huge hit.

Uncle Fester is a bald, portly fellow. He is an ornery guy who sometimes has too much time on his hands. A fan favorite is seeing Fester place a light bulb in his mouth and watching it light up. Fester is an experimenter. He will try anything once and often blows things up in the house. He is one of the most fun characters on the show.

The Addams Family is a show the entire family can watch. Although the theme is scary, the characters are anything but scary. It actually promotes a little diversity as well. It teaches people that appearances are not everything.

The Addams Family is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (69 episodes). The series first aired on September 8, 1973.

Where do I stream The Addams Family online? The Addams Family is available for streaming on MGM, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Addams Family on demand at Amazon, Sling, Google Play, Apple TV, Tubi TV, Pluto TV online.

3 Seasons, 69 Episodes
September 8, 1973
Cast: Ted Cassidy, Jackie Coogan, Cindy Henderson, John Stephenson
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The Addams Family Full Episode Guide

  • When Ophelia laments that she has been jilted, Morticia suggests a career as an alternative to marriage. She tries chemistry first (with explosive results) then turns to operatic singing. Cousin Itt is summoned to coach her to stardom.

  • Pugsley shocks his parents when he gives up his new atomic reactor as kid stuff and announces that he wants to find his own job. His first try is as a medical assistant to Dr. Bird. He turns up, scalpel in hand; ready to help during an operation.

  • Because she thinks Fester and Grandmama are spoiling the children, Morticia hires a governess to watch them. Insulted, Fester paints a white line down the center of the Addams house, dividing it in half.

  • Gomez plays host to Don Xavier Molines, a family friend during his childhood in Spain, and his daughter Consuella. Morticia's hospitality changes to horror and shock when Consuella, believing Morticia to be Gomez's sister, reveals that she has been promised in marriage to Gomez since childhood and has come to marry him.

  • Prompted by Morticia's invitation, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Courtney visit the Addams house for tea, hoping to meet a number of the social set who turns out to be Gomez's cousin by marriage. Fred Clark guest stars.

  • Ophelia arrives with boyfriend troubles again so Morticia helps her forget by taking up singing. Gomez hires Signor Bellini to give her lessons and sets up an audition with opera star Signor Rudophio.

  • Lurch falls in love with Morticia's old school friend but is painfully shy around women. Gomez and Fester try to give him advice to overcome his shyness.

  • Fester accidentally burns up the families stuffed polar bear and wants the insurance company to replace it. Having thought he had canceled their policy, Mr. Digby gets fired by the company. Hearing this, Gomez decides to open his own insurance company.

  • Feeling Lurch is overworked Gomez builds Smiley the robot as an assistant for him. Soon Lurch feels jealous and unwanted of his mechanical counterpart.

  • Kitty Cat is sick and the witch doctor refuses to do a house call. After finding a veterinarian to take a look at Kitty he soon loses his nerve . The family tries boosting his confidence by curing each one of them first.

  • After threatening to have the kids expelled from school Morticia decides to put the children in a private school run by Mr. Hilliard. Once he finds out they are enrolled Hilliard resigns and Gomez takes over.

  • Fester joins the Peace Corps in order to find Ophelia's beau Montrose and return him home. But the Corps refuses Fester and the Addams family are afraid to tell him and break his heart

  • Morticia decides to become a decorator and Gomez tries to woo in the new neighbors the Digby's as her first client by investing a million dollars of insurance in Digby's company.

  • It's grandma Frump's birthday and the Addams family plan to send her to a beauty spa as a present. Pugsley mistakingly tells her that they are sending her to Gomez's new retirement home.

  • Pugsley wants to work so after trying out a few different jobs with no success he tries cutting hedges. After cutting them into evil monsters, a neighbor threatens to sue the Addams'.

  • Ophelia meets Horatio Bartholomew at a Lonely Hearts' Club, and Grandma Frump objects to him. Morticia and Gomez also believe he's a phony and tries to convince her to marry Cousin Itt.

  • The Family discovers Great-Grandfather Pegleg's old sea chest, complete with a treasure map. The hunt is on to find the hidden booty.

  • Grandmama and Fester move out of the mansion after Morticia and Gomez accuses them of spoiling the children.

  • Morticia pretends to be the mother of Diana the bearded lady, a pen pal of Fester's, after he proposes to her through the mail.

  • An old family friend Don Xavier Francisco de la Mancha Molines is coming to visit. His daughter Consuela is getting married and assumes Gomez is the groom. After seeing his lifestyle he's afraid Gomez is building a harem.

  • Morticia gets Gomez to learn to drive just so he can get his picture taken by a photographer who once took a great picture of him. But he now works as the department of motor vehicles photographer.

  • After reading Robin Hood, Gomez becomes a burglar while sleepwalking and stores the loot in the basement.

  • Abigail Addams has arrived in town to remove Gomez as head of the family fortune. Mrs. Courtney would like to meet her while she is around and encourages her son Robespierre to get to know Wednesday, who she believes is Abigail's daughter. Wednesday already likes Robespierre and asks for advice in getting his attention.

  • Morticia takes up sculpting, but after 3 weeks no one is impressed by her work. So Gomez hires Sam Picasso to find a buyer for her great artwork.

  • Mortica is appalled after the kids tell her that the books in school portray witches and dragons as evil. After deciding to write her own stories, Gomez gets worried that she has become consumed and is losing her to the writing. Gomez convinces Fester to change the stories before sending them to the publisher but he instead thinks she is brilliant.

  • It's Uncle Fester and his chemistry project to the rescue after cousin Itt starts losing his hair... and his charmingly good looks.

  • After receiving his new tax bill, Gomez is convinced the Mayor is incompetent and decides to run for the office himself. After a debate it's Gomez's honesty that nearly gets him elected until a technicality has him disqualified.

  • Pugsley and Wednesday are eager to hear the rest of the story of Ophelia and Gomez's planned wedding.

  • It's Gomez and Morticia's 13th wedding anniversary and they tell the children the story of how they got together instead of him marrying her sister Ophelia.

  • Gomez has written a play for Wednesday's birthday and hires a director in hopes of rekindling his career. After Fester, upset that Cousin Itt got the lead role, locks him in his room in order to play the role himself.