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  • 1958
  • 4 Seasons
  • 7.7  (1,389)

Sea Hunt was a popular American television series that ran from 1958-1961, starring Lloyd Bridges as Mike Nelson, a deep-sea diver who worked as a freelance underwater investigator. The series was produced by MGM Television and was created by Ivan Tors. Each episode of Sea Hunt followed Mike Nelson as he embarked on a new adventure, diving into the ocean to solve various mysteries and track down missing objects or people. The show was known for its stunning underwater cinematography and exciting action sequences, which often involved dangerous stunts performed by Lloyd Bridges himself.

The plot of Sea Hunt was simple but effective, with each episode following a similar formula: Mike Nelson would be hired to investigate a new case, usually involving a lost or stolen object or a missing person. He would then dive into the ocean, using his expert knowledge of underwater diving techniques and marine life to solve the mystery.

Along the way, Mike would encounter various obstacles and dangerous situations, such as shark attacks, equipment malfunctions, and treacherous underwater currents. But with his quick thinking and resourcefulness, he always managed to find a way out and complete his mission.

One of the most impressive aspects of Sea Hunt was its use of actual underwater footage. To capture the stunning beauty of the ocean and its creatures, the show's crew would often dive into the ocean themselves, filming everything they saw using handheld cameras and special underwater technology.

This commitment to realism helped make Sea Hunt a groundbreaking show for its time, as it showcased the underwater world in a way that had never been seen before on television. And with Lloyd Bridges' natural charisma and talent for action, the show quickly became a hit with audiences of all ages.

Over the course of its three-year run, Sea Hunt produced a total of 155 episodes, each one showcasing a different adventure for Mike Nelson and his team. From rescuing trapped divers to recovering stolen treasure, Mike's exploits captured the imagination of viewers across the country.

And even after the show went off the air, its legacy lived on. Sea Hunt inspired a new generation of divers and adventurers, who were drawn to the beauty and excitement of the underwater world. And with its unforgettable theme song and iconic imagery, the show remains a beloved classic of American television to this day.

In conclusion, Sea Hunt was a groundbreaking television series that captured the beauty and excitement of the underwater world like never before. With its stunning camerawork, exciting action sequences, and charismatic star, the show became a popular favorite with audiences across the country and helped to inspire a new generation of adventurers.

Sea Hunt is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (154 episodes). The series first aired on January 4, 1958.

Sea Hunt
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Round Up
38. Round Up
September 23, 1961
Mike must disarm a torpedo that's been sent into the outflow tank of a hydroelectric plant.
Crime at Sea
37. Crime at Sea
September 16, 1961
When her father is murdered, the daughter of Mike's old Navy UDT commander gets our hero to investigate.
36. Skipper
September 9, 1961
Mike investigates when a hydroplane rams into a Coast Guard ship during a race.
Starting Signal
35. Starting Signal
September 2, 1961
Someone is sabotaging a series of experiments that Mike is conducting for the Coast Guard.
P.T. Boat
34. P.T. Boat
August 26, 1961
A rich eccentric has invented a remote control guidance device and hires Mike to test it out but some baddies are out to steal the device.
33. Roustabout
August 19, 1961
Mike once again finds himself in a full blown mess when he travels to South America. This time, his assistant is trapped underwater by an overturned truck containing drums of poison that could endanger the water supply of a port city.
32. Superman
August 12, 1961
Mike must get insulin to a diabetic whose boat has been sunk--by his wife.
31. Impostor
August 5, 1961
An impostor posing as Mike is stealing diamonds from a sunken yacht but Mike is unable to provide an alibi for himself due to the fact that he's on a top-secret mission for the government.
The Saint Story
30. The Saint Story
July 29, 1961
Once again, Mike is somewhere in Latin America. This time he's searching a harbor for a sunken statue and discovers a homing beacon being used to guide submarines into the harbor.
Hit and Run
29. Hit and Run
July 22, 1961
After a friend of his is seriously injured in a speedboat accident, Mike goes after the no talent assclown movie star responsible.
Sunken Car
28. Sunken Car
July 15, 1961
Mike discovers that a sunken truck is tied into the murder of a political boss and the killer is someone close to him.
Dark Evil
27. Dark Evil
July 8, 1961
A hot chick and her father become homicidal after eating a type of fish that causes hallucinations while vacationing in the Bahamas.
The Meet
26. The Meet
July 1, 1961
This time, Mike gets involved in couterfeiting and kidnapping when he's hired to work for the Treasury.
Underwater Pirates
25. Underwater Pirates
June 24, 1961
Mike is hired by an old Navy buddy to salvage a sunken freighter but pirates are out to make sure they get there first.
Confidential Mission
24. Confidential Mission
June 17, 1961
Mike goes undercover once again, this time as a tourist, in order to locate an underwater missile launcher in the Caribbean.
23. Baby
June 10, 1961
Hostile natives interfere with Mike's passage downriver when he attempts to get a missionary's baby to a hospital for medical attention.
Lost Island
22. Lost Island
June 3, 1961
Mike and an escaped Mexican convict uncover nefarious activity on an atoll off the South American coast.
21. Quicksand
May 27, 1961
Mike tries to make sure two salvage divers don't disappear while diving on a sunken boat off the coast of Yucatan. It seems as though a previous diver vanished completely.
The Octopus Story
20. The Octopus Story
May 20, 1961
Marking on the body of a dead diver convince a marine biologist that a killer octopus inhabits a lagoon. Mike must prove or disprove the theory.
18. Cougar
May 6, 1961
Mike's attempts to capture a poisonous lion fish are complicated by the presence of a restless youth and his galpal.
17. Niko
April 29, 1961
Mike and two other divers try to disarm a pair of unexploded torpedoes at the bottom of a busy harbor.
The Defector
16. The Defector
April 22, 1961
An man offers to pay Mike extra to continue teaching diving lessons to an inept student.
15. Bionics
April 15, 1961
After a man is killed testing an underwater device, Mike convinces his hesitant daughter to continue her father's work.
14. Expedition
April 8, 1961
Mike helps his former college history professor search for buried pirate treasure off the North Carolina coast.
Survival Kit
13. Survival Kit
April 1, 1961
A German consulate hires Mike to salvage a survival kit from the wreckage of a World War II U-Boat.
The Aquanettes
12. The Aquanettes
March 25, 1961
Mike helps three hot chicks undergoing astronaut training and must face unexpected perils.
11. Amigo
March 18, 1961
With the help of a young Mexican boy, Mike locates a safe entrance to an underwater fossil cave.
Sonar Story
10. Sonar Story
March 11, 1961
Mike goes up against underwater heroin smugglers and uses sonar to foil their scheme.
Hot Tracer
9. Hot Tracer
March 4, 1961
A youth to whom he's been giving diving lessons complicates Mike's efforts to retrieve a pair of radioactive cylinders.
Mercy Trip
8. Mercy Trip
February 25, 1961
Mike is assigned to chart a path through mine infested waters to that medical supplies can reach a port city suffering from an epidemic of cholera.
7. Rescue
February 18, 1961
Mike sets a charge to blow up a sunken ship that is a threat to a busy shipping lane but is unaware that a treasure hunting friend is trapped inside.
Sperling of Lamatsue
6. Sperling of Lamatsue
February 11, 1961
Mike must retrieve a cache of medical supplies that were dumped in a river before a dictator can get his hands on them.
The Dancer
5. The Dancer
February 4, 1961
Mike must rescue a scuba diving ballerina when she catches her foot between loose plates of a sunken freighter.
Vital Error
4. Vital Error
January 28, 1961
A newspaperman becomes convinced that he's dying from a fatal illness and tries to end his life in such a way that his wife can collect his insurance.
The Destroyers
3. The Destroyers
January 21, 1961
Mike investigates when a radar jamming signal causes two sea vessels to collide with one another.
River Treasure
2. River Treasure
January 14, 1961
Mike happens upon a jealous couple prospecting for emeralds while surveying a remote river in South America.
Point of No Return
1. Point of No Return
January 7, 1961
This time it's Mike who needs rescuing when the cable attached to his Scubasphere breaks.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 4, 1958
  • IMDB Rating
    7.7  (1,389)