Poltergeist: The Legacy

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Poltergeist the Legacy is a television series that was made in Canada. This show is in the horror genre and is therefore one that is thrilling and scary at the same time when watching it. This show aired from 1996 to 1999 and was about a secret society known as the Legacy. They were looking to protect the human population from the occult. Despite the name being Poltergeist, there is no relation between the show and the movie trilogy of the same name. When the show started out it was shown on the cable station Showtime. After three seasons the show was canceled. In recent years the show was released on home video so fans of the show will be able to purchase all of the seasons and episodes of this show at their own convenience.

The storyline of the show is quite intriguing. A group known as the Legacy was established in England, near London during the 6th century. This society was looking to gather ancient knowledge, collect artifacts and deal with paranormal problems. They were also looking to protect the human population from evil supernatural spirits. Shortly after the establishment of the secret society, it expanded all over the world. During the expansion of the organization they made branches in other cities and countries which had small groups of specialist members. In each house there is a ruling party known as a Precept. This individual wears a ring with a L logo on it. Over the course of the series other houses are mentioned but the show focuses on the San Francisco location. The main protagonist is Dr. Derek Rayne who is the Precept of the San Francisco house. He is in charge of the house which is located in a mansion on Angel Island. In order for the house to hide its true identity it poses as the Luna Foundation which collects artifacts and antiques along with participating in charitable causes. Throughout the show, the Legacy members always look to find the secrets of supernatural terror and protect people from the evil and darkness that is causes. Those who like shows with a horror theme will likely enjoy this show. Anyone who likes to watch shows that have suspense and thrills will also like this show quite a bit.

4 Seasons, 90 Episodes
April 21, 1996
Science Fiction, Drama, Horror & Suspense
Cast: Derek de Lint, Helen Shaver, Martin Cummins, Robbi Chong, Alexandra Purvis
Poltergeist: The Legacy

Poltergeist: The Legacy Full Episode Guide

  • A deck of anciet tarot cards provides a bit of fun for Alex, Derek and Nick at the Legacy House. However, each reading comes with painful reminders of what their work within the Legacy has cost each of them.

  • Nick comes home and isn't quite in a "Honey I'm Home" mood as his first priority is to kill Alex!! Realizing something is wrong Alex does the only thing she can do to protect herself and help her friend...tie him up and search the database for answers as Nick continues his hallucinagetic trip down memory lane.

  • Kat's insistence in once again renewing a friendship with Miranda puts her in mortal danger. Her refusal to listen to anyone but Miranda puts her soul in danger as her body is taken over and has no other option but to hope her family will find out the truth before its too late!

  • After inheriting the family estate Rachel's patient begins having haunting experiences relating to her family's tragic endings. Rachel and Derek find more than a ghost story as they begin searching through the girl's life and realize that someone may want her dead in order to get her fortune...

  • Alex and Rachel discover the portal to Hell lies under their very Legacy House as strange occurences happen all over the world and one of their own comes down with a deadly disease. Depending on their own faith to get them through it all help comes in the unexpected form of an old friend...

  • Reed Horton returns determined to give Derek a final and unpredictable blow with an explosive ending for certain reporter. Alex must race to help Derek as he becomes certain he must defeat Horton alone and is trapped by him.

  • Reed Horton's plan to place an unfix-able hole in the Legacy begins to work as Kristin leaves the Legacy for good after the death of her brother. Derek, Nick and Phillip are on their own as most of the Boston House has been taken down and the Catholic Church refuses to acknowledge any truth to Mordecai ever existing. Ultimately, a takes one of the member's to sacrifice themselves in order to stop Mordecai for good and put a temporary hold on Horton...

  • Kristen returns to Boston at Jane Witherspoon's request to help with a series of disappearances and deaths she fears have a supernatural explanation. Jane isn't mistaken as the catacombs under the city meant to hold the spirit of a malevolent preacher is opened by two city workers. Unbeknown to both Legacy teams, SF & Boston, Dr. Benjamin Church joins forces with Reed Horton and both plan revenge on those closest to them as well as any innocent that gets in the way. Phillip Callahan returns to help the team as best he can while tending to his dwindling flock.

  • While shopping around in an antique store Milo, Derek's old friend, comes across a bottle containing a female Genie he's spent a lifetime searching to possess. However, before he can complete his wishes the Genie, Janelle, tricks him and knocks him out in order to seek revenge on her previous masters. Milo calls on Derek to help him find his beloved Genie in order to complete his wishes but things change for the worse when Megan becomes trapped in Janelle's bottle in order to gain her own freedom.

  • Kat expands her tutoring sessions in magic with Miranda much to Rachel's char-grin and rebels even against her once close Legacy friends. Her tricks and games again place one of the team member's lives in danger.

  • Driving late at night Nick runs into a man claiming to be his deceased brother and newly escaped from Hell. Nick must decide whether to help the man or let him once again meet his fate by allowing the deadly Soul chaser hot on his trail trap him. The decision could cost Nick his own soul in exchange.

  • Franklin Cross takes over as interim Precept after Derek's apparent demise. The team blindly, but somewhat reluctantly, believed Derek as guilty the evidence again begins to change. Nick follows his instincts rather than the incriminating paper evidence and unreliable witnesses against his mentor to find a deadlier and more sinister plot.

  • Alex returns after an unexpected sabbatical as the team turns on Derek when an old case is re-opened. The twenty year old evidence begins pointing towards Derek as a cold blooded killer and old witnesses can no longer rely on their own accounts to save him. As he stands firm in his innocence those closest to him, except for one, lose all confidence in their friend, mentor and Precept.

  • A patient of Rachel's mysteriously vanishes after their last session and bequeaths her a beautiful but odd painting. After learning more about the young woman's disappearance and the history behind the painting itself the team becomes convinced it must be destroyed. Kat's new friend decides to teach Kat the art of the craft and Kat learns new secrets about herself in the process but puts an old friend's life in danger.

  • In a town where the locals keep a deep dark secret Derek and Kristin are asked to investigate the death of a young man by strangulation. Soon the number of bodies seem to escalate faster than Derek and Kristin can investigate...the cause...revenge.

  • Corvus was put to death but the murders continue...Alex forms an alliance with one of the victim's fiance and vows they will find her killer. Derek and Nick trail a reporter on a scoop to find the killer and a close encounter with an early demise of her own...as Rachel becomes to object of the Harvester's obsession. The team must come together with all their new found information and find were this new killer keeps his layer in order to stop him before they lose one of their own to his monsterosities.

  • Rachel performs a psychiatric evaluation on Raymond Corvus as Derek is convinced he is responsible for a series of murders identical to those he was tried and found guilty of committing. As Rachel struggles with the results of her evaluation and the knowledge it will put a man to death the team continues to research who is behind the newest 'harvester' type murders...

  • A mysterious White haired lady narrates this clip show meant to be a season ending cliff hanger. Foes from episodes_4-18 past show up once again as examples of how the team's good work hasn't managed to overcome the evil that follows. Their work is hidden behind self righteous acts of hypocrisy the Lady claims as she urges one of the team members to join them...and at the end it seems she's succeeded...but for how long??

  • Once again on her quest for answers relating to her father's disappearance Kristin is on a mission. After receiving a map of the Holy Land written in archaic French and a cryptic message to meet in Istanbul Kristin is off on her own. The Legacy team must decipher the clues left on the map in order to find her and help her bring to a close a painful chapter in her life.

  • Jeffrey Starr returns to San Francisco and his old tricks but when a psychic intervention goes awry the Legacy is called in to help. Reluctant to help Derek gives in when it becomes clear that Jeffery's life is in more danger than they first realized. Jeffery also must learn to stop his tricks and appreciate his gift before its too late!

  • With the boys out of town Alex, Rachel and Kristin are left to work on a special project. The women must uncover the secrets to a cube dating back to the Han Dynasty. Arriving to help them in this project is Nicholas Oldman but as he gets closer to each it becomes evident to at least one of them he has other plans for them and the cube.

  • Kristin in her continuing quest to find her father enlists Rachel's help. Together the two visit a Sanatorium that leads them to Sommerville. Unknown to them is the fact Sommerville was once a Japanase American concentration camp and that one of its former prisoners is about to imprison them. Rachel and Kristin must work together to form an escape plan while Nick and Derek quickly work from the outside to save the rest of their team.

  • A bolt of lighting strikes an autistic young man and returns him to normal. Nick and Derek investigate when the young man quickly grows into a genius and people around him start losing their health and intelligence...including Alex.

  • Kristin is reunited with her first love, world famous concert pianist, Eugene Kadar. The reunion is bittersweet as people that could influence Eugene's career begin mysteriously dying of heart attacks and his agent becomes even more controlling. Kristin chooses to ignore the problem and live her love with Eugene to the fullest until Eugene begins to spin out of control. Derek and Nick are to the rescue but Eugene may already be lost...can they save Kristin?

  • Alex begins having dreams that cause her to sleepwalk. Grandma Rose worries for Alex's health and asks her to come home. Alex agrees and Nick accompanies her to see Rose. The dreams continue and grow more intense as the days go by. Rose begins to tell Alex of her ancestor, La Belle, and so the search for the truth behind Alex's dreams becomes clearer. A spirit from the past looks to come back through a familiar spirit...Alex's!

  • A psychiatric patient of Rachel's attacks her during a session as time progresses Rachel becomes aggressive and exceedingly paranoid. The rest of the team try to help by investigating but she keeps pushing them away. Soon they have no choice but to step in and force Rachel to again come to terms with her demons before its too late.

  • Kat is on the job when the team is put in charge of cataloging and disbursing the bequeathed estate of Hanney Ellen Keane and Derek makes a grave error. Taking a few drinks from a cursed Irish Jug causes two ne'er-do-wellers escape from the Jug and possess Derek and Milo. Once the boys realize what year they're in and the fortune the one called Derek possesses they soon decide to stay awhile but before they can enjoy the riches they must get rid of the women. Being the only one that sees the two impostors for what they are Kat must think quickly and convince Alex to help her as Rachel is nowhere to be found.

  • After a freed cop killer is killed Derek and the team investigate when it becomes obvious it was a ritualistic murder. More importantly, the murder was done using an artifact stolen from a Legacy collection on display by a former member. Though, Det. Carmack is set against allowing the team to help he has no choice as the Legacy is set on solving the case and retrieving their stolen property. Soon the investigation leads Derek to a truth he had secretly hoped wasn't the truth...

  • A handsome man begins frequenting Rachel after offering to take her picture with Kat one day. Rachel quickly falls for him much to Kat's disappointment. While Rachel thinks he's perfect, Kat believes the man is a phony and distrusts him much like Derek who runs a background check. The only one that seems happy for Rachel, besides Rachel, is Alex. However, after their first encounter alone Rachel realizes the man she's falling for has ties to the dark side and those ties are after her child...

  • Nick and Alex investigate an arson case sent to them from the Boston House...churches are being burnt all over the country beginning in Boston, then Dallas and now San Francisco. Soon after a young woman arrives claiming to be sent by the Boston House...Nick and Alex are suspicious but knowing she's a Legacy member give her the benefit of the doubt on Derek's order. However, the young woman's way of working puts them off. Especially after placing all their lives in danger when she gives away their location calling out to her brother in league with the cult they're investigating. Kristin Adams joins the house as a visiting Boston Legacy member and her first case with the team teaches her the Legacy is more than just a job to the SF house...its family.

  • The fight for Alex's immortal soul continues is this second part episode. The object of Alex's lust for blood lies in a hospital bed fighting to get back in the game. Philippe continues to work his seduction game on Alex and urge her to complete her mission so that he may make her live forever. Both sides fight and argue trying to win Alex back to their side...ultimately, Alex alone can make the choice...

  • Alex takes a trip to the dark side. On an R&R visit to New Orleans Alex runs into an old friend that has more than a quick bite in mind.