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  • TV-14
  • 1996
  • 4 Seasons
  • 6.9  (1,924)

Poltergeist: The Legacy is a Canadian-American horror television series that premiered in 1996 by MGM. The show ran for four seasons until 1999 and comprises a total of 88 episodes. The series revolves around a secret society called the Legacy who have been tasked with protecting the world from supernatural and paranormal threats.

Led by Dr. Derek Rayne (Derek de Lint), a renowned paranormal investigator, the Legacy is comprised of different members with unique abilities and skills. Nick Boyle (Martin Cummins) is a former soldier-turned-occult researcher, Alex Moreau (Robbi Chong) is a psychic, and Dr. Rachel Corrigan (Helen Shaver) is a psychiatrist with a keen interest in paranormal phenomena. The youngest member of the team, Kat Corrigan (Alexandra Purvis), is Rachel's niece and has inherited her psychic abilities.

The show's format follows a typical horror procedural structure. Each episode introduces a new case where the Legacy team investigates paranormal activity and devise ways to stop it. Some of the cases featured on the show include malevolent ghosts, cursed artifacts, and even demon possession.

One of the standout features of Poltergeist: The Legacy is its dark and eerie atmosphere. The show's setting is a massive mansion in San Francisco that acts as the Legacy's headquarters. The estate is said to have supernatural origins, and the Legacy team often encounters dark entities lurking in its shadowy corners. The show's cinematography and music add to the overall mood of the show, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Another highlight of the show is its strong character dynamics. The Legacy team has a familial bond, and each member has a distinct personality, making each episode entertaining to watch. Derek Rayne, the de facto leader of the Legacy, is the show's moral center. He is sometimes conflicted with the team's methods but is always willing to make the difficult decisions. Nick Boyle, on the other hand, is a lovable rogue and often the comic relief of the series. Alex Moreau, while sometimes teetering on the verge of being underutilized, is a valuable member of the team despite her sometimes abrasive attitude. Meanwhile, Rachel Corrigan serves as the show's voice of reason, and her psychic powers often come in handy in cases that involve supernatural possession. Kat Corrigan's youthful inquisitiveness adds a unique perspective to the team, and her connection to the supernatural world is often a focal point of the show.

Overall, Poltergeist: The Legacy is an exciting series that successfully blends supernatural horror and detective procedural elements. The show's strong character development and eerie atmosphere make it a classic horror series that can still give audiences chills today. Its cult following has even paved the way for a possible reboot, which will delight old and new fans of the series alike.

Poltergeist: The Legacy is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (90 episodes). The series first aired on April 21, 1996.

Poltergeist: The Legacy
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The Beast Within
22. The Beast Within
November 12, 1999
The series finale comes with an explosive end. The team has battled many enemies in the field in the past four years but the final battle is one fought in their own home. While Kristin's sacrafice held off the seal to hell from being temporarily opened it will take another to seal it completely...the question is can the Legacy team go on after losing their home and perhaps friend??
Infernal Affairs
21. Infernal Affairs
November 5, 1999
A deck of anciet tarot cards provides a bit of fun for Alex, Derek and Nick at the Legacy House. However, each reading comes with painful reminders of what their work within the Legacy has cost each of them.
The Mephisto Strain
20. The Mephisto Strain
October 8, 1999
Nick comes home and isn't quite in a "Honey I'm Home" mood as his first priority is to kill Alex!! Realizing something is wrong Alex does the only thing she can do to protect herself and help her friend...tie him up and search the database for answers as Nick continues his hallucinagetic trip down memory lane.
Sabbath's End
19. Sabbath's End
October 1, 1999
Kat's insistence in once again renewing a friendship with Miranda puts her in mortal danger. Her refusal to listen to anyone but Miranda puts her soul in danger as her body is taken over and has no other option but to hope her family will find out the truth before its too late!
18. Gaslight
September 24, 1999
After inheriting the family estate Rachel's patient begins having haunting experiences relating to her family's tragic endings. Rachel and Derek find more than a ghost story as they begin searching through the girl's life and realize that someone may want her dead in order to get her fortune...
The Portents
17. The Portents
September 17, 1999
Alex and Rachel discover the portal to Hell lies under their very Legacy House as strange occurences happen all over the world and one of their own comes down with a deadly disease. Depending on their own faith to get them through it all help comes in the unexpected form of an old friend...
Forget Me Not
16. Forget Me Not
September 10, 1999
While watching an old home video Rachel and Kat notice a discrepancy in the film. Further investigation reveals a long kept secret by Rachel that threatens Kat's life in the form of a new friend.
Body and Soul
15. Body and Soul
August 27, 1999
Reed Horton returns determined to give Derek a final and unpredictable blow with an explosive ending for certain reporter. Alex must race to help Derek as he becomes certain he must defeat Horton alone and is trapped by him.
She's Got the Devil in Her Heart
14. She's Got the Devil in Her Heart
August 20, 1999
Karen Morgan is released from her watery grave and is intent on rekindling a romantic relationship with Nick. Disguising herself and under another alias she seeks out Rachel as psychiatrist and Nick's friend, Mike McCreedy, as a "love" interest. Karen's unquenchable thirst for sucking life out of men, however, soon puts the team back on her trail...but will it be too late?
The Sacrifice (2)
13. The Sacrifice (2)
August 6, 1999
Reed Horton's plan to place an unfix-able hole in the Legacy begins to work as Kristin leaves the Legacy for good after the death of her brother. Derek, Nick and Phillip are on their own as most of the Boston House has been taken down and the Catholic Church refuses to acknowledge any truth to Mordecai ever existing. Ultimately, a takes one of the member's to sacrifice themselves in order to stop Mordecai for good and put a temporary hold on Horton...
Unholy Congress (1)
12. Unholy Congress (1)
July 30, 1999
Kristen returns to Boston at Jane Witherspoon's request to help with a series of disappearances and deaths she fears have a supernatural explanation. Jane isn't mistaken as the catacombs under the city meant to hold the spirit of a malevolent preacher is opened by two city workers. Unbeknown to both Legacy teams, SF & Boston, Dr. Benjamin Church joins forces with Reed Horton and both plan revenge on those closest to them as well as any innocent that gets in the way. Phillip Callahan returns to help the team as best he can while tending to his dwindling flock.
Still Waters
11. Still Waters
June 25, 1999
Alex wrestles with the guilt and grief of losing her Grandmother as Rose's spirit urges her to save another from the same fate. The spirit of a young boy drowned years prior has returned to seek revenge on another and Alex must help convince the boy to resist vengeance and move on.
Wishful Thinking
10. Wishful Thinking
June 18, 1999
While shopping around in an antique store Milo, Derek's old friend, comes across a bottle containing a female Genie he's spent a lifetime searching to possess. However, before he can complete his wishes the Genie, Janelle, tricks him and knocks him out in order to seek revenge on her previous masters. Milo calls on Derek to help him find his beloved Genie in order to complete his wishes but things change for the worse when Megan becomes trapped in Janelle's bottle in order to gain her own freedom.
9. Initiation
June 11, 1999
Kat expands her tutoring sessions in magic with Miranda much to Rachel's char-grin and rebels even against her once close Legacy friends. Her tricks and games again place one of the team member's lives in danger.
Brother's Keeper
8. Brother's Keeper
June 4, 1999
Driving late at night Nick runs into a man claiming to be his deceased brother and newly escaped from Hell. Nick must decide whether to help the man or let him once again meet his fate by allowing the deadly Soul chaser hot on his trail trap him. The decision could cost Nick his own soul in exchange.
Double Cross (2)
7. Double Cross (2)
April 30, 1999
Franklin Cross takes over as interim Precept after Derek's apparent demise. The team blindly, but somewhat reluctantly, believed Derek as guilty the evidence again begins to change. Nick follows his instincts rather than the incriminating paper evidence and unreliable witnesses against his mentor to find a deadlier and more sinister plot.
The Traitor (1)
6. The Traitor (1)
April 23, 1999
Alex returns after an unexpected sabbatical as the team turns on Derek when an old case is re-opened. The twenty year old evidence begins pointing towards Derek as a cold blooded killer and old witnesses can no longer rely on their own accounts to save him. As he stands firm in his innocence those closest to him, except for one, lose all confidence in their friend, mentor and Precept.
The Possession
5. The Possession
April 16, 1999
Grandma Rose makes the trip from Baton Rouge to San Francisco to give Alex a special medalion in order to keep her safe. While in San Francisco Rose becomes ill and falls into a coma leaving with no hope of recovering as the doctors can find nothing physically wrong. Rose's deterioring health leaves Alex with no choice but to release the only one she can think to cure Rose from the very curse he placed on her...Euware.
The Painting
4. The Painting
April 9, 1999
A patient of Rachel's mysteriously vanishes after their last session and bequeaths her a beautiful but odd painting. After learning more about the young woman's disappearance and the history behind the painting itself the team becomes convinced it must be destroyed. Kat's new friend decides to teach Kat the art of the craft and Kat learns new secrets about herself in the process but puts an old friend's life in danger.
3. Vendetta
April 2, 1999
In a town where the locals keep a deep dark secret Derek and Kristin are asked to investigate the death of a young man by strangulation. Soon the number of bodies seem to escalate faster than Derek and Kristin can investigate...the cause...revenge.
Bird of Prey (2)
2. Bird of Prey (2)
March 26, 1999
Corvus was put to death but the murders continue...Alex forms an alliance with one of the victim's fiance and vows they will find her killer. Derek and Nick trail a reporter on a scoop to find the killer and a close encounter with an early demise of her own...as Rachel becomes to object of the Harvester's obsession. The team must come together with all their new found information and find were this new killer keeps his layer in order to stop him before they lose one of their own to his monsterosities.
Song of the Raven (1)
1. Song of the Raven (1)
March 19, 1999
Rachel performs a psychiatric evaluation on Raymond Corvus as Derek is convinced he is responsible for a series of murders identical to those he was tried and found guilty of committing. As Rachel struggles with the results of her evaluation and the knowledge it will put a man to death the team continues to research who is behind the newest 'harvester' type murders...
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  • Premiere Date
    April 21, 1996
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (1,924)