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  • TV-PG
  • 1967
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.7  (577)

Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot is a popular Japanese science fiction television series that was dubbed in English and distributed by MGM in the United States between 1967 and 1968. Originally known as "Janborg 7: The Magnetic Monster," the show follows the adventures of a young boy named Johnny Sokko and his giant robotic ally, known as Giant Robo, as they battle evil forces intent on taking over the world.

The show begins with Johnny Sokko, a young boy who is recruited by a secret organization known as Unicorn to help them fight against their enemies. In return for his help, Unicorn gives Johnny control over the mighty Giant Robo, a massive robot that can fly, swim, and even shoot missiles from its fingers.

Together, Johnny and Giant Robo battle a number of villains and monsters, including the evil Emperor Guillotine and his diabolical henchmen. The show is filled with action-packed scenes of Giant Robo battling various monsters and robots, as well as suspenseful moments as Johnny and his friends try to outsmart their enemies.

One of the most memorable aspects of Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot is the design of Giant Robo itself. The robot is shown to be incredibly powerful, able to take on multiple foes at once without breaking a sweat. Its towering size and imposing presence make it an unforgettable character in the show, and its many weapons and abilities make for thrilling battles throughout the series.

Another notable aspect of Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot is the music and sound effects used in the show. The theme song is an iconic piece of music that has stayed with fans of the show for decades, and the sound effects used during action scenes are incredibly innovative and thrilling.

Despite its age, Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot remains a beloved show among science fiction fans to this day. Its fast-paced action, innovative special effects, and memorable characters have helped it to stand the test of time and remain a classic of the genre.

Overall, Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot is a thrilling science fiction series that is sure to captivate audiences of all ages. Its unique characters, exciting action scenes, and memorable music and sound effects make it a must-watch for anyone interested in the history of science fiction television.

Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (42 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 1967.

Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot
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The Last Of Emperor Guillotine
5. The Last Of Emperor Guillotine
January 2, 1967
Tokyo and the entire Earth is lying in peace. But there is deep in the hearts of the people a faint foreboding that something terrible might happen. EMPEROR GUILLOTINE is still bent on invading the Earth and there could be the decisive battle to be fought. Japan Branch of Unicorn is feeling uneasy. The first suspicious move caught is a wireless wave of an odd frequency. It comes from a nearby building. The Unicorn men break into the building and into the room but there is nothing but a small wireless apparatus. It is a trap.
Drakulon, Creature Of Doom
4. Drakulon, Creature Of Doom
January 1, 1967
U13, member of the Japan Branch of Unicorn, is on night patrol. At the entrance of a town he picks up a girl who is half frantic with fright. The girl explains that all the people of the town are dead. So it is. The street is littered with corpses. He shouts but there is no response. A door opens. He enters thinking that someone should be inside alive. He finds an old man who introduces himself as a vampire. U13 tries to run away, but his escape is blocked by the girl he had left in the car. The girl now has the vampire look.
Dr. Eingali, Master Of Evil
3. Dr. Eingali, Master Of Evil
January 1, 1967
U7, member of Japan Branch of Unicorn, is the one who controls the gigantic GIANT ROBO with the wrist-watch controller microphone. One day, he receives from his father a parcel as a birthday gift. It is a kit for constructing a man-size robot. But the actual sender of the gift is PROFESSOR GURAMA whose home is a 4th dimensional nebula. The robot is completed. And, when U7 puts the switch in to animate it, a sudden change comes over the robot. There is, facing U7, another U7, exactly the same self to the last detail. The new U7 grabs the control wrist-watch. Just then, other members of the Unicorn come to see U7, and find two U7s, each claiming that he is the real U7.
Hydrazona, A Terrifying Bacteria
2. Hydrazona, A Terrifying Bacteria
January 1, 1967
Tokyo's night sky is hit with flood of headlights flowing through the veins of elevated speedways. But below, the ground is dark and gloomy. From a manhole, a large blotch of black liquid oozes out and starts climbing one of the giant pillars supporting the speedway. Where it touches, the steel rots and softens like a sponge. The speedway crashes down, cars tumble in heaps and burn. The black ooze is HYDROZOON, the micro bean monster that eats up metal. Skyscrapers and towers crumble down. Tokyo is in turmoil.
Metron, The Mysterious Space Man
1. Metron, The Mysterious Space Man
January 1, 1967
A saucer-shaped spaceship approaches Earth, and heads for Tokyo. It lands on a forested hill not very far from the city. But it is discovered lying harmlessly awkward. Two Unicorn men enter the hatch, and find a creature beamed down on the floor under the fallen control panel. They drag out the creature. It is no human being. It has three eyes. The creature is grateful for being rescued, and offers the men small pills which it claims is space food that would support a man without food for a year. But as soon as they take the pills, they fall stiffened like stone.
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Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot is available for streaming on the MGM website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot on demand at Amazon and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 1967
  • IMDB Rating
    7.7  (577)