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The classic science-fiction television series, Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot, detail the accounts of a young boy who stumbles across a giant robot being designed for global destruction alongside other giant monsters. Johnny is given access to the robot by its creator who was captured by the evil organization, Gargoyle. The scientist who created the robot is shot and killed, but in his last moments detonates an atomic blast which provides power to the robot so that Johnny can escape.

The Japanese series original title was Giant Robot and was created by Mitsuteru Yokoyama. It was produced by Toei Company Ltd and was broadcast on TV Asahi. The show ran from October, 1967 to April of 1968, airing in the United States for the first time in 1969. It totaled 26 episodes and was eventually dubbed in english and developed by American International Television through Reuben Guberman. Along with the title of the show, many other translations changed when being distributed for American Television, including the organization known as Big Fire, which would be changed to Gargoyle.

Each episode Gargoyle would release a monster to cause destruction for which Johnny and his robot would have to stop. Because of his unique control of the robot Johnny was given an invitation to a secret peace-keeping organization known as Unicorn. Mitsunobu Kaneko, who played Johnny Sokko, retired from acting not long after the series ended and passed away in 1997.

The violence of the series was new to the American viewers due to the fact that it was not edited for content as much as other Japanese exports had been. It wasn't anything different than what Japan was already broadcasting at the time.

Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (42 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 1967.

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3 Seasons, 42 Episodes
January 1, 1967
Action & Adventure
Cast: Mitsunobu Kaneko, Toshiyuki Tsuchiyama, Kôichi Chiba, Akio Itô
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Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot Full Episode Guide

  • U13, member of the Japan Branch of Unicorn, is on night patrol. At the entrance of a town he picks up a girl who is half frantic with fright. The girl explains that all the people of the town are dead. So it is. The street is littered with corpses. He shouts but there is no response. A door opens. He enters thinking that someone should be inside alive. He finds an old man who introduces himself as a vampire. U13 tries to run away, but his escape is blocked by the girl he had left in the car. The girl now has the vampire look.

  • Tokyo's night sky is hit with flood of headlights flowing through the veins of elevated speedways. But below, the ground is dark and gloomy. From a manhole, a large blotch of black liquid oozes out and starts climbing one of the giant pillars supporting the speedway. Where it touches, the steel rots and softens like a sponge. The speedway crashes down, cars tumble in heaps and burn. The black ooze is HYDROZOON, the micro bean monster that eats up metal. Skyscrapers and towers crumble down. Tokyo is in turmoil.

  • GIANT ROBO is invincible. Flashbacks show its past deeds: slaying of LICON, the phantom beast, shattering to pieces the super-robot beast UNBALAN, the last sputtering of space plant SANTALAWS, etc. The Japanese government is asked by the Republic of Merea, the largest power of the world, to reveal the secret of GIANT ROBO's brain. The fact that Japan has the most powerful robot in the world is embarrassing to the people of Merea, the nation which surpasses every other nation in everything except robot-technology. Japan is on friendly terms with Merea, and the government authorities decide to do as proposed. The news reaches the Japan branch of Unicorn as the middle of the GIANT ROBO's birthday party and the party is ruined.

  • Red fluid is poured into the water tank towering over rows of apartment houses. People living there drink the water, writhe with pain, and become motionless. Newspaper headlines say "Residents of Apartment Town Victims of Mummifying Water". The members of the Japan Branch of Unicorn receive a tape from the MUMMY MAN of the BF clan. The taped words threaten that unless Unicorn surrenders its GIANTROBO to the BF within 24 hours, the entire population of Tokyo would be mummified. Just then the Unicorn radar satellite catches a shining object plummeting down to earth, aimed somewhere north of Tokyo.

  • The office of Unicorn Chinese Branch is attacked by tank corps led by Red Cobra. Chang, its head, asks the help of the Japanese Branch. Azuma, Daisaku and Minami fly there on Giant Robo's back. The robot destroys the tank corps at once and Red Cobra is arrested. Asuma and Chang leave for New York by helicopter to take the prisoners to the headquarters, and Daisaku and Minami return to Japan with the robot. On their way, the helicopter is swallowed by Iron Power, enemy's new weapon with huge iron teeth. Azuma and Chang are taken to a secret base of the syndicate in the heart of Mt. Izu. Azuma, however, succeeds in communicating with the branch by a transmitter he has put in his shoe.

  • There is a small quiet Allah Republic at the foot of the Alps. The only product of this beautiful country is gold. Her peace is broken when a vein of new ores is found in a gold mine. It turns out to be dreadful Miracle Ion whose energy can melt the earth. King Allah receives a letter from Emperor Guillotine in which he demands MiracleIon. Unicorn Branch in the country ask the help of the Japanese Branch. Arriving there, Daisaku and Minani learn that Black Dia and his men have sneaked into the country although Miracle Ion is under the guard of Unicorn members. When they see Princess Sasal, king's granddaughter and only family, they are surprised at her resemblance to Marie.

  • One day, a huge ball of fire appears in the space and blasts the communications satellite of Unicorn Organization. To investigate the course of the accident, Azuma sends Giant Robo to space. When the robot tries to catch the ball, it explodes and Glober, a huge magic globe, appears. It emits strange rays at the robot, making it stop spouting the jet stream. Then it catches Giant Robo with its long three legs. They fall down to earth and fall into sea. Daisaku and Minani leave by helicopter to search for the robot. When it is flying on a small island near Izu Peninsula, Daisaku's locater reacts to the transmitter he has set in the robot. Red Cobra and his men who have occupied the island shoot missiles at the helicopter. It explodes and disappears.

  • Unicorn members locate the secret headquarters of the Japanese Branch of BF Syndicate. They attack the house and arrest Dr. Over by taking his blue star-shaped metal on his chest, the source of his magical power. Daisaku leaves the metal with Marie, a young girl who has lately joined the organization. After having a narrow escape, Black Dia is told by Emperor Guillotine to take back Over by using Unabalan, a synthetic monster. Next day, Azuma is asked to investigate strange case in Uano zoo. A python dies and a hard substance like a fossil is found in its belly. And all the snakes in the zoo are found dead. Azuma brings the substance to the headquarters and puts it in the medical room. That night, it turns into a dreadful monster and helps out Over from the prison by killing a guard.

  • Emperor Guillotine gives Dr. Over a spaceship equipped with all kinds of scientific weapons. After landing at the earth, Over sends an electric monster called Sparky to the ground of a soccer game and kidnaps all 30,000 spectators as hostages. Then Black Dia announces that he will be killed if Giant Robo takes action. Daisaku puts a small radio in Over's car to locate their headquarters. Over finds it and is exasperated. He tells them that he will have Sparky destroy the whole city of Tokyo unless the Japanese Government surrenders unconditionally by next day's noon.