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Among fans of this cult classic it is called ST:TAS for short. This is the animated adventures of the crew of the USS Enterprise as they roam the galaxy in search of new worlds and new races. The show aired for two consecutive seasons on the NBC network beginning in 1973 and ending its run in 1974.

Each of the twenty two episodes are a half of an hour in length. This series was a joint venture between Paramount Productions and Filmation. Originally the idea was to have younger officers assigned to each of the important crew members. This could only be done if series creator Gene Roddenberry agreed to sign away creative control. He refused and instead made sure the animated series would continue to follow the plot lines and ideas he originally envisioned.

The show began on September 8, 1973 and was aired on Saturday morning's ensuring the time slot would be best suited for children. While it aired originally in the United States it was dubbed into many different languages allowing the episodes to air worldwide. The series also won a Daytime Emmy Award.

This series had two interesting and important things to note. One was the introduction of a holodeck. On the animated series it is known as the rec room but it is indeed the first such appearance of a holodeck of any kind. The other had to do with the space suit. In order to allow the characters to breathe outside the ship the animators decided to create a specialized suit that the characters would wear. This modified suit consisted of a belt drawn around the characters waist that created a yellow colored field around them.

Star Trek: The Animated Series is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (23 episodes). The series first aired on September 8, 1973.

Where do I stream Star Trek: The Animated Series online? Star Trek: The Animated Series is available for streaming on NBC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Star Trek: The Animated Series on demand at Paramount+, Amazon Prime online.

2 Seasons, 23 Episodes
September 8, 1973
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, George Takei
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Star Trek: The Animated Series Full Episode Guide

  • The Enterprise inadvertently locks a tractor beam on a ship diving into a nova, and finds itself pulled into a bizarre parallel universe where time flies backward and the crew becomes younger at an alarming rate.

  • Backtracking a mysterious probe, the Enterprise confronts a ship in the form of a giant feathered serpent. Its captain, Kukulkan, insists on putting Kirk and others through a test to determine if they have grown sufficiently to receive his wisdom.

  • The Enterprise goes to the planet Dramia II to deliver medical supplies, only to have McCoy arrested and put on trial for deliberately spreading a disease that wiped out an entire colony. Now Kirk must clear his friend's name before the doctor is executed.

  • After avoiding a Romulan ambush by entering a strange energy cloud, the Enterprise finds itself at the mercy of an insane ship's computer that indulges in a series of increasingly aggressive practical jokes.

  • The Enterprise plays host to Ambassador Bem, an arrogant member of a neutral race. However, Bem endangers all of their lives when he conducts a test of suitability upon Kirk and Spock during an exploratory mission on a primitive planet.

  • Kirk leads a party to retrieve a religious relic that was stolen. However, he is faced with sabotage from within the group by someone who doesn't want the relic to be found, which will trigger an intergalactic jihad.

  • Kirk and Spock are chosen by a mysterious race to lead an expedition of alien specialists to an "insane planet" and recover a missing artifact, the Soul of Alar, before the avian Skorr go on a galactic jihad.

  • The Enterprise go looking for a lost expedition and a landing party finds the missing crew: trapped in an alien zoo in which they themselves are soon taken as prisoners. Now they must somehow establish communications with their evolved slug-like captors who think of them as primitive animals.

  • While exploring an aquatic planet, Kirk and Spock are lost at sea. They are later found... but have been transformed into amphibious life forms. Now they must track down the planet's mysterious inhabitants and find a cure, or be left to live as freaks in the Federation.

  • The Enterprise is sent on a mission to explore a "Bermuda Triangle of Space," only to find itself and a Klingon ship trapped in a timeless piece of eternity inhabited by other lost ships. The two ships must work together before their only exit back to real space closes for good.

  • The Enterprise responds to an old-style distress signal from an unknown "Terratin" colony, and follow it to its source: an uninhabited planet about to shatter from internal stress. However, a mysterious beam strikes the ship and the crew begins to shrink... and shrink...

  • Harcourt Fenton Mudd returns with a love potion which he claims can cause any male and female to fall in love. He inadvertently releases it into the Enterprise's ventilation system and they discover that his claims are true.

  • The Enterprise travels to the shore leave planet for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. The planet can create organic androids based on the crew's imagination, but they soon discover that the planet has a hostile mind of its own.

  • The Enterprise travels to the center of the galaxy only to discover themselves sucked into a dimension where the laws of time and space no longer apply, and "magic" functions for those capable of grasping its fundamentals.

  • The Enterprise discovers a planet inhabited by a once vast plant-based civilization that have been reduced to a few survivors. They are now led by Dr. Keniclius, a human grown to giant proportions... and he wants Spock to join him.

  • The Enterprise rescues Carter Winston, a financier and philanthropist who has been missing for years. However, it soon becomes clear that Winston is harboring a secret of his own, and is allied with the Romulans.

  • The tribbles are back, and are causing problems for the Klingons.

  • While exploring a mysterious section of space, the male crew are attracted by a mysterious signal. Kirk beams down with a landing party and encounters a race of seductive women, who harbor a dark secret.

  • An enormous space-going entity consumes whole planetary systems... and a Federation colony is next in its path. The Enterprise must brave its antimatter interior and find a way to stop it.

  • An accident during a time travel excursion causes Spock to be replaced by an Andorian first officer. To restore the timeline, Spock must travel back to his childhood and make sure he survives a boyhood testing ritual.

  • Stardate: 5221.3The Enterprise discovers an ancient derelict alien ship orbiting a dead star. Upon investigation they discover that the crew destroyed themselves, rather than letting a malignant alien escape the dead star.

Star Trek: The Animated Series Video Clips & Extras

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