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This British situation comedy is set in a discount supermarket and follows the antics of the store's staff and customers. It debuted on Sky 1 in August 2011, and its sixth season began airing in November 2016. The series stars Jason Watkins, Chanel Cresswell, Carl Rice, Beverly Rudd, and Rita May. The first five seasons of the series, including its annual Christmas special episode, are available on DVD. While the series has proven popular, it gets generally mediocre reviews from critics, who tend to find it a bit too broad and obvious.

Sky One
5 Seasons, 52 Episodes
August 4, 2011
Cast: Rita May, Jason Watkins, Faye McKeever, Carl Rice

Trollied Full Episode Guide

  • Gavin can't avoid the situation he's in anymore. Valco celebrates 50 years of value.

  • While Gavin frets about his relationship, Katie is tasked with the tough challenge of training the staff to recognise which fruits are which.

  • Pharmacist Brian proves sceptical about giving blood when a donor bank sets up in store.

  • Arch-enemies Gavin and Cheryl begin to get on well after calling a truce. Could love be in the air for the Valco manager?

  • Neville's insecurities show when girlfriend Linda runs into an old flame. Meanwhile Charlie discovers an embarrassing secret about Daniel.

  • Everyone is on high alert as big Valco boss Brendan O'Connor descends on the store.

  • Gavin assembles a team of spies to infiltrate the competition and discover what Lauda has to offer.

  • It's charity day at Valco and everyone's doing their little bit to help.

  • Rose and Margaret receive a blast from the past when they realise they know each other from a former life. A special guest stops by the store, too in the form of Freddie Flintoff.

  • Gavin is determined to make Charlie look good when dad Brendan swings by the store. Plus, Colin forces Rose and Lisa to resolve their differences.

  • The staff are unhappy because canteen prices have been hiked up. Charlie puts a smile back on their faces though.

  • Brian struggles to hide his scepticism when first aid training gets under way, while security guard Ian is outfoxed by an unwelcome visitor to the store.

  • Gavin happily welcomes assistant manager Daniel into the Valco family. Stress levels rise, however, when new till girl Charlie is also added to the mix.

  • A raft of newbies join Valco and Colin is horrified when he recognises one of the fresh faces strolling down the aisle - it's his nan, Rose!

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