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The television series is about a man who has the custody of his nine years old son and works at a computer store. In episode one of the first season of the series, Marcus is not happy about having to live with his father and wants his mother to have the custody of him. So Tim decides to quit his job at the computer store and find a better job that he hopes his son will be proud of his dad having.

When Tim goes to an agency to get help finding a new job, the agent sends him to a place to take an exam for being a data processor for the Civil Service. However, Tim goes to the wrong room at the office and takes an exam that is for a job with the Secret Intelligence Service. Tim completes the exam in 17 minutes, which surprises the Examiner who tells him to return in the afternoon for an interview for the job.

While sitting on a park bench Tim meets Caitlin who also took the exam for the Secret Intelligence Service. After Caitlin has a short conversation with Tim, she suspects that he already works for the service and is wearing a recording device to test her on how well she can perform for being secretive.

When Tim tells his son that he has started a new job, Marcus wants to know what type of work his dad will be doing, and Tim tells him that the work involves entering data information for the company. However, Marcus is still not happy with living with his father and continues to try to find a way for the courts to grant custody of him to his mother.

Marcus makes a list of things that are wrong with the place where him and his dad live. He shows the list to a counselor who is working with Tim and his ex-wife. Marcus's plan is that by showing the list to the counselor, his mother will be able to use the information in court to regain custody of him.

Spy is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (18 episodes). The series first aired on October 14, 2011.

Spy is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Spy on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, Tubi TV online.

Sky One
2 Seasons, 18 Episodes
October 14, 2011
Cast: Darren Boyd, Jude Wright, Robert Lindsay, Rebekah Staton
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Spy Full Episode Guide

  • Marcus' has to make alternative arrangements for the Christmas party when the other kids go on strike. Meanwhile, Portis realizes that Tim and Caitlin have feelings for each other.

  • When Tim finds himself on an assassin's hit list, he realises this may be his last time to romance Caitlin. Meanwhile, Marcus is out to humiliate Nick at Justine's dinner party.

  • Chris' efforts to turn Marcus into a celebrated author get out of control when he tells a few too many lies. Meanwhile, Tim tries to sabotage Portis' preparations for Caitlin's birthday.

  • Tim finds out the he has a genius MI5 body double, so he agrees to compete for custody of Marcus. Moritz is trying to romance a hostage's anxious girlfriend.

  • When the dreaded Mrs Godfrey usurps Philip as school head, Marcus' hopes of organizing the Summer Ball are dashed. Meanwhile, Tim struggles to find a date.

  • When Judith receives a blow to the head, she awakes believing that she and Tim are still married. Chris takes Philip out dating and Owen is enlisted to help Marcus with his music recital.

  • When the Examiner selects Tim and Caitlin to star in a recruitment video, their disguised identities go to their head. Meanwhile, Chris agrees to partner Marcus in a TV quiz but will his nerves hold.

  • Tim's identity as an MI5 officer risks being revealed when he is forced to take Marcus to work with him. Meanwhile, Owen leads Philip and Judith in an elaborate role play exercise.

  • When Tim falls for a woman in the Witness Protection Programme, Chris and Judith team up to get rid of her. Meanwhile, Marcus tries to teach himself how to ride a bicycle.

  • Tim tried to help the new boy Nick with his campaign for school president. In the meantime at MI5, Tim attempts to sabotage Caitlin and Portis' relationship with some dubious advice.

  • It's the day of the custody hearing and MI5 final exams. Things are looking positive but when Tim is encouraged by the exuberant judge to act upon his feelings for Caitlin, he arrives to find a former lover has beaten him to it.

  • Things start to look up for Tim when he accepts a promotion in exchange for helping the Examiner out of a tight spot with the internal drug test. But it all starts falling apart when Tim is sent off to rehab.

  • When Marcus forbids Tim from joining his book club until he can demonstrate greater cultural awareness, Tim asks for Caitlin's help to educate him. But when he discovers he has romantic feelings for her, he follows Chris' advice on how to seduce her.

  • When Marcus excludes Tim from the school Parent/Teacher evening, Tim takes his revenge by hacking into the school database and changing his grades.

  • When the obsessive family counsellor encourages Tim to be more of a hero to his son, Tim opportunistically pretends to have saved the life of a helpless tramp. But the plan backfires when the tramp moves in and makes Tim's life a misery.

  • When the obsessive family counsellor encourages Tim to be more of a hero to his son, Tim opportunistically pretends to have saved the life of a helpless tramp. But the plan backfires when the tramp moves in and makes Tim's life a misery.

  • When Tim is forced to confront the fact that his son doesn't respect him, he quits his dead end job. But his interview for an entry position in the Civil Service is in fact the MI5 entrance exam.

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