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The Only Way Is Essex which is also known by the abbreviation TOWIE is a reality type show that is set in Essex, England. The show puts what they consider to be real people in situations that have been modified. This show has been compared to the British version of the Jersey Shore.

Each season of the show there are different cast members. Each season is ten episodes long. The cast is announced to the public before the show starts so they can get a little background on the people that will be watching. The producers try to pick a diverse cast. Since the show is so popular in England there have been additional episodes made with the cast including a Christmas special.

The first season aired in 2010 which featured cast member involved in a love triangle and being a big hit with the fans. Season two which premiered in 2011 was an entertaining bunch even making their own parody of a music video. Series three which began in the latter half of 2011 saw the departure of some of the members of the original cast which were replace with new members. Season four began in early 2012 which featured many new people. The series plans on showing a live episode which is a first for this type of show. The Only way in Essex is so popular the television show is rumored to be turned into a movie.

Many of the cast members have became household names. Jessica Wright was the sister of Mark Wright who was also on the show; She recently released her first music single. Sam Faires is the co owner of a boutique and is a former model. Kirk Norcross had a revelry with another member of the show which was made public. These a just some of the cast members that have become household names and had their lives broadcast on television for all to see.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on ITV2
22 Seasons, 270 Episodes
October 10, 2010
Cast: Denise Van Outen, Chloe Sims, James Argent, James Bennewith
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The Only Way Is Essex Full Episode Guide

  • As Gemma returns from Spain, Sims expresses her exasperation over Arg - she's so annoyed she's had to block him.

  • Dean hasn't heard a peep from Chloe Sims since their date in London.

  • After his fiery row with Bobby, can Arg see the error of his ways and apologise?

  • After an emotional roller coaster in Brighton, Yaz's jealousy issues continue to haunt her.

  • But will a trip to the seaside smooth the emotional roller coaster that is Arg and Gemma's relationship?

  • The Arg and Gemma love train may already be headed for derailment.

  • As Pete's new relationship with Shelby goes from strength to strength, his friends are concerned that he's isolating himself from the rest of the group.

  • Yaz escapes to her family home and admits to her problems with Lockie - his sexist and rude behaviour has affected her friendships and left her feeling embarrassed.

  • The rumours surrounding Megan's alleged cheating finally get back to Megan and, as she vehemently denies the accusations being spread throughout Essex, the emotion of her split with Pete and its aftermath gets too much for her and she breaks down.

  • Rumours begin to circulate in the wake of Megan and Pete's split as word spreads that Megan has been seeing her ex boyfriend.

  • Pete and Megan's turbulent eighteen month relationship looks set to be over for good as both turn to friends Lockie and Amber T for support in the aftermath of their break up.

  • After a year away from Essex, Arg returns to the fold and finds himself straight back in the heart of the drama.

  • It's an emotional day for Chloe S as she reflects on her ongoing lack of love life, and breaks down in tears in front of Mike and Bobby when she talks about the man she thought she would be with forever.

  • The fall out between Chloe M and Myles escalates as Myles and Chloe M's boyfriend Taylor come to blows over Myles' comments about their relationship.

  • The gang are once again off to London for a change of scenery, but the drama is about to escalate as tensions brew between Gemma and Bobby, Chloe M and Myles and Chloe and Jon and Jordan...

  • Could Lauren and Jon's budding relationship be under threat already? Myles moans to the boys about Chloe M and Chloe L's involvement in Courtney's love life. Amber T and Dan go on a proper date, while Bobby embarks on a new career.

  • Megan McKenna is once again the name on everyone in Essex's lips as the girls begin to speculate on her true intentions making up with Chloe M and Courtney.

  • Is there a new TOWIE Power couple on the horizon? Jon Clark finally arrives in Marbella and immediately sets his sights on Lauren, but as their flirtation develops, is this just a holiday romance or will they take things back to Essex?

  • The Essex favourites are rejoined by Mario Falcone, Lauren Pope and Mike Hassini as they jet off to Marbella for their annual festivities, with tears, friendship fall outs, insecurities and new romances quick to follow.

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