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The Only Way Is Essex which is also known by the abbreviation TOWIE is a reality type show that is set in Essex, England. The show puts what they consider to be real people in situations that have been modified. This show has been compared to the British version of the Jersey Shore.

Each season of the show there are different cast members. Each season is ten episodes long. The cast is announced to the public before the show starts so they can get a little background on the people that will be watching. The producers try to pick a diverse cast. Since the show is so popular in England there have been additional episodes made with the cast including a Christmas special.

The first season aired in 2010 which featured cast member involved in a love triangle and being a big hit with the fans. Season two which premiered in 2011 was an entertaining bunch even making their own parody of a music video. Series three which began in the latter half of 2011 saw the departure of some of the members of the original cast which were replace with new members. Season four began in early 2012 which featured many new people. The series plans on showing a live episode which is a first for this type of show. The Only way in Essex is so popular the television show is rumored to be turned into a movie.

Many of the cast members have became household names. Jessica Wright was the sister of Mark Wright who was also on the show; She recently released her first music single. Sam Faires is the co owner of a boutique and is a former model. Kirk Norcross had a revelry with another member of the show which was made public. These a just some of the cast members that have become household names and had their lives broadcast on television for all to see.

The Only Way Is Essex is a series that is currently running and has 25 seasons (306 episodes). The series first aired on October 10, 2010.

Where do I stream The Only Way Is Essex online? The Only Way Is Essex is available for streaming on ITV2, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Only Way Is Essex on demand at Amazon Prime, Hulu, Tubi TV, Pluto TV online.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on ITV2
25 Seasons, 306 Episodes
October 10, 2010
Cast: Denise Van Outen, Chloe Sims, James Bennewith, Bobby Cole Norris
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The Only Way Is Essex Full Episode Guide

  • It's the party of the year: Diags has organised a glittery joint birthday bash for Pete and Chloe Sims, and everyone is invited.

  • Liv came to blows with longtime enemies at Halloween but pal Joey got caught in the cross-fire too, when she called him out for constantly swapping alliances between Chloe B and Ella. Now, she's determined to get to the root of his fickle behaviour.

  • Diags and Amber finally put their misunderstanding behind them when they were forced to work together to navigate their way out of a forest; an unlikely but effective bonding session organised by Dan.

  • Harry might have thought he'd ironed out his problems with love interest Frankie, but now it's emerged that there was more to his texts with Ella than he made out.

  • Dan and Amber had a major wobble in Marbella when his partying ways brought her insecurities to the surface.

  • Dan has been in doting boyfriend mode for some time, cementing himself firmly in Amber's good books. But how will she react when he heads out on a wild night with the boys?

  • The tension steps up a gear as the gang swap Essex for Marbella.

  • Shelby may have made amends with Liv, but relations with Clelia are still frosty after she voiced some brutal opinions about Shelby's approach to friendship. Now boyfriend Sam's back in town, will he pull Clelia up on the comments she made about his girl?

  • After an acrimonious breakup, Yaz and Lockie both swore never again. But since then, they've been texting daily AND they've shared a cheeky peck on a night out. When Lockie's ex Danni gives Yaz some words of wisdom, will she convince her to stay single?

  • Sam and Shelby's stint in the honeymoon period was brought to an abrupt halt when their tempers got the better of them at Bobby's birthday bash. Forget couple goals - can they get themselves out of the couple's hole they've dug themselves?

  • A brand-new series kicks off in Essex, where fractured friendships and some controversial couples make for a healthy dose of drama.

  • Essex's finest head to Southend as the drama steps up a gear in the final episode of the series.

  • With Beverly Hills calling, Gemma is putting plans in place for her departure. Those kaftans won't sell themselves, so she's on the hunt for an apprentice to look after the shop while she's gone. And she's got her sights set on Joey Turner.

  • Dan might have put his woman troubles to bed, but he's going to have to put in work if he wants to get things back on track with former best mate Diags.

  • After Amber's shock return, she's yet to confront either Dan or Chloe, but the pair has unfinished business to sort first. Will Dan come clean and tell Chloe every single painful detail about Amber?

  • Dan has been out of the Essex scene for a week, but is it time for his return? Will he face the music and clear his name after all those rumours?

  • Bobby's getting political, and he means business. Horrified by the online abuse he's received, Bobby vows to put a stop to homophobic trolling, and what better place to start than in Parliament?

  • The drama continues as a blossoming relationship creates shockwaves around Essex.

  • The drama continues as Essex's finest contend with the fallout from their trip to Thailand.

  • Essex's finest kick off a brand-new series with a trip to Thailand, whilst back at home a raft of fresh faces are making their mark.

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