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The Only Way Is Essex which is also known by the abbreviation TOWIE is a reality type show that is set in Essex, England. The show puts what they consider to be real people in situations that have been modified. This show has been compared to the British version of the Jersey Shore.

Each season of the show there are different cast members. Each season is ten episodes long. The cast is announced to the public before the show starts so they can get a little background on the people that will be watching. The producers try to pick a diverse cast. Since the show is so popular in England there have been additional episodes made with the cast including a Christmas special.

The first season aired in 2010 which featured cast member involved in a love triangle and being a big hit with the fans. Season two which premiered in 2011 was an entertaining bunch even making their own parody of a music video. Series three which began in the latter half of 2011 saw the departure of some of the members of the original cast which were replace with new members. Season four began in early 2012 which featured many new people. The series plans on showing a live episode which is a first for this type of show. The Only way in Essex is so popular the television show is rumored to be turned into a movie.

Many of the cast members have became household names. Jessica Wright was the sister of Mark Wright who was also on the show; She recently released her first music single. Sam Faires is the co owner of a boutique and is a former model. Kirk Norcross had a revelry with another member of the show which was made public. These a just some of the cast members that have become household names and had their lives broadcast on television for all to see.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on ITV2
20 Seasons, 246 Episodes
October 10, 2010
Cast: Denise Van Outen, Chloe Sims, James Argent, James Bennewith
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The Only Way Is Essex Full Episode Guide

  • Unresolved tensions between Megan and Chloe M finally come to a head as the former best friends speak at Dan's birthday, after Chloe L pays a visit to Megan to urge her to resolve things.

  • The rivalry between former friends Megan and Chloe M resumes as Megan prepares for her long anticipated restaurant opening, before getting word that Chloe M is refusing to attend.

  • Pete and Megan's break up aftermath continues to divide Essex, and this time round TOWIE power couple Tommy and Georgia are getting involved.

  • Amber T comes to blows with Jamie and his new girlfriend Jade after rumours spread suggesting that Jamie is saying Amber T is trying to make contact with him.

  • It's the aftermath of Megan vs Chloe S, and with the dust finally settling on Megan's recent row with Pete, she reaches out to him with a phone call. Can they put their animosities to one side and move forward as friends?

  • The confrontation Essex has been waiting for finally takes place as Megan and Chloe S square up at the Easter Ball and go head to head over Megan's recent comments about Chloe S and Pete

  • The ramifications of Megan and Pete's break up continue to divide Essex, with Chloe S angered by the constant rumours about her friendship with Pete, and insulting Megan simply loves to play the victim.

  • Half of the gang head to Amsterdam, where Georgia's recent feud with Lockie's girlfriend Yaz is the centre point of the conversation.

  • It's a big day for Gemma as she goes to the clinic for the verdict on her fertility options, but as she mulls over her predicament before hand with Carol and Debbie.

  • Charlie King settles back into Essex, but he's a hard task on his hands as he tries to persuade Gemma to embrace healthy eating.

  • It's an emotional day for Megan as she and Georgia come face to face to discuss Megan's comments about Georgia and Tommy skipping the couples' dinner.

  • Pete and Megan's relationship begins to reach breaking point when, as they celebrate one year together, long standing tensions come to a head. With the situation becoming more heated, both of them share their own frustrations.

  • .As Amber T and Dan's relationship continues to be the talk of Essex, the girls of Essex remain wary about Amber T. The plot later thickens when Chloe L later has a shocking admission for Kate and Georgia about Dan...

  • Amber T has an awkward encounter with an outspoken Georgia, who pulls her up on her recent behaviour, and pleads forgiveness with best friend Megan over her dishonesty.

  • The fall out of Liam's rumour about Dan and Amber T is in full flow, with virtually everyone in Essex caught up in the ensuing drama. Pete vents his frustrations about Liam to Lockie, but could there be an underlying cause behind Pete losing his cool?

  • Half of the gang head to Tenerife, but the gossip quickly goes into overdrive when Liam starts a rumour about Megan's best friend Amber T and Dan Edgar.

  • Liverpool for a very Mersey Christmas.After finding the courage to tell Lockie about her new beau, Danni was upset at his harsh revelation that he's been dating someone 'stunning'. Will Danni want to salvage their friendship?

  • You'll wish it could be Christmas everyday as the TOWIE gang return for the first of two specials, they'll be LOLs and drama aplenty when Lockie's whisks half the gang off to Liverpool for a very Mersey Christmas.

  • After weeks of begging for forgiveness only for Megan to blow up again, has Pete had enough? It's Chloe Sims' 35th Birthday and she's joined at her birthday lunch by cousin Frankie.

  • Pete and Megan's rollercoaster relationship goes from down to up to down again, with the Essex power couple's future left hanging firmly in the balance...

  • Several familiar faces are back in Essex, as Lauren Goodger returns to offer Megan McKenna more advice, and Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde pop into Tommy's birthday party with some news about a new arrival...

  • Megan arrives at the Halloween party alone, with Pete laid up ill at home. Having updated Lockie on where her head's at, she's less than prepared when Danni tells her what Lockie's told her about her relationship with Pete.

  • Pete's efforts to win back Megan step up a gear as he whisks her off to a spa for the night, where Megan insists on separate bedrooms.

  • Pete and Megan's relationship continues its state of limbo, as Megan discusses the situation with her family and weighs up her future. Pete remains undeterred, and seeks out Megan while she is at Chloe S's salon to make a declaration to her.

  • Chloe L is right in the thick of the action when she finally reaches out to Kate to speak about the rumours surrounding her comments on Dan.

  • Tensions simmer amongst the various girl groups in Essex, as Lydia takes offence to comments Danni has made about her night with Arg.

  • Happiness turns to heartache for Megan as Danni drops a bombshell about girls Pete has been text, and Pete then feels the full force of a hurt and humiliated Megan.

  • Arg feels guilty having sent Lydia a venomous email which he shares with a shocked Diags and Dan, but later that night, ends up back in bed with Lydia. While Arg remains hopeful of a reunion, Lydia is filled with instant regret.

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