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This sitcom brings the humor and sensibilities of modern youth to the context of ancient Rome. In it, three young men struggle with the typical hilarious challenges of daily life in the 21st century, with the wacky twist that they're actually ancient Romans living on the outskirts of the city centuries ago. The series debuted in 2013 on the ITV2 network.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on ITV2
3 Seasons, 22 Episodes
March 25, 2013
Cast: Tom Rosenthal
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Plebs Full Episode Guide

  • After a row in the supermarket, Grumio injures slave Terrence and has to fill in for him whilst he recovers. New master Tarquin proves to be very strict, but Grumio knows how to outwit him, encouraging the other slaves to rebel.

  • Egyptian Ramases comes to Marcus's office on work experience and impresses with his wealth since his father owns the company, teaching Stylax and Marcus the game of jugball whilst Grumio uses his credit card in the local food hall. When Flavia protests Ra

  • After they are mugged Stylax enrols the trio in a self-defence class, run by ex-legionnaire Hector, who delights in humiliating Marcus in front of Delphine. Meanwhile Grumio falls for cake baker Agatha but fears she is fattening him up to make him depende

  • Grumio is spotted in the street by actress and director Iona Ruffina, who casts him as Cupid in her play 'Bastardus Rex' and Stylus, anxious to meet groupies, understudies leading man Sebastus. When Sebastus has an accident Stylax is called upon to go on

  • Marcus's Parents visit and shower them with presents, Marcus tries hiding his new Gaulfriend from them. Grumio invents blue cheese, landlord finds new ways to make money. Stylax has his eyes on the vestal virgins with disastrous results.

  • Grumio's long lost father comes calling. Marcus meets Delphine's ex and Stylax dates a discus thrower.

  • Though anxious for himself, Stylax and Grumio to see a beast show in the arena, Marcus is sufficiently captivated by the Gallic animal rights activist, Delphine.

  • Marcus is stressed at the idea of the girls been deported if they don't raise 3,000 denari.

  • The boys have a meeting with Fabianus, a school friend who's now a huge lawyer living the high life in Rome. Stylax reconnects with his old flame, Cordelia.

  • The boys buy an eccentric slave called Mushki at an auction. Grumio finds his position in the household gradually usurped as the new guy impresses Marcus. Stylax, however, has a sneaking suspicion that Mushki might be a psychopath.

  • Grumio falls ill after eating an apple on the loo. Marcus refuses to pay for his medical treatment preferring instead to go with Cynthia's remedy of candlelight and prayer. Stylax strikes up a rapport with a rich nobleman Gaius who agrees to fund his charioteering career

  • While doing the recycling, Grumio finds a baby behind the bins and takes it home to raise as his own. Stylax uses it to strike up a relationship with an attractive young wet nurse. Meanwhile, Marcus tries to avoid seeing Cynthia's painfully boring one-woman play.

  • Surprisingly, Aurelius is getting married. Even more surprisingly, he invites his "best mate" Marcus to be his best man. Reluctant to say the least, Marcus plans a night on the cheap, avoiding the hottest club in town.

  • Having won 100 denari each through Stylax's betting on a chariot race, he and Marcus have very different ideas on how to spend the money. Marcus, naturally, wants to spend it on Cynthia, whilst Stylax prefers a more laddish approach.

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