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Mushishi is mostly comprised of stand-alone stories featuring mushi, ethereal creatures often described as the most basic life forms. Neither good nor evil, they simply exist. Mushi exhibit supernatural powers which affect people and wildlife in strange and sometimes problematic ways. However, the mushi follow basic instincts and are merely trying to survive in the world.

Though most people are unaware of their existence, a few are able to see the mushi. Ginko, the protagonist who has taken it upon himself to become a mushi master, is one of these people. Throughout the series, he travels across Japan and researches these creatures. Ginko is unique in that the mushi are drawn to him. This forces him not to stay in one place too long or else he risks attracting dangerous quantities of mushi to the area. On his journey, he follows rumors of mushi and does his best to help those suffering from the troubles they have caused. Ginko approaches the mushi not as pests but as a way to deeper understand the ebb and flow of life.

Mushishi is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on October 22, 2005.

Mushishi is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Mushishi on demand atAmazon online.

Fuji TV
1 Season, 26 Episodes
October 22, 2005
Anime, Drama
Cast: Yûto Nakano, Travis Willingham, Kôjun Itô, Jennifer Seman
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Mushishi Full Episode Guide

  • Taku is a peculiar young boy who has always wondered who the people were that constantly passed by the mountains during the rainy seasons. One day he meets a boy named Isaza, while catching fish

  • Finally able to reach a city, Ginko comes across a "biwa hoshi" named Amane, who sings songs about Mushi, and she is immediately able tell that he is a Mushi-shi.

  • Ginko arrives on an island asking about the so called "Rebirths" but to no luck. At night he later meets a peculiar lady who happens to be able to see a strange light in the sea and she ends up inviting him to her home.

  • A lady named Aki discovered a green stain on her wedding gown, one year later she gave birth to a boy who, now grown up, has the same marks on his body.

  • Ginko arrives at a secluded place to meet an old acquaintance, who seems to be in charge of an archive with a lot of confidential texts. Ginko is allowed to read the texts and ends up reading some of the writer, Tan'yu's work.

  • This story is about a mysterious genius artist named Kai who left his family to become better known for his talents.

  • Ginko receives a letter in a cocoon, however it isn't to him but to someone he already knows, called Aya, so he later goes to meet this old acquaintance.

  • It is spring and Ginko is taking a boat through a river, when the boat's man, Kaji asks Ginko whether he could help his mum who's forgetting things and can't sleep.

  • Caught in a blizzard, Ginko is decides to look for shelter and finds a home where the owner, Suzu, allows him to stay the night. The next day Ginko sees a boy, Miharu, who seems to be fascinated by Mushi.

  • Ginko is approached by an odd man, while resting in the bamboo forest, and then the man, Kisuke, tells Ginko that he has been lost in the forest for 3 years.

  • Just managing to cross the treacherous Kazura Bridge, Ginko meets up with a man on the other side who takes him to meet a lady called Hana, who fell from the same bridge 3 years ago.

  • A boy named Yoki, who's able to see Mushi, was found in the woods by some mysterious lady named Nui with only one eye.

  • Ginko arrives at a village where the men are in a heated discussion about a nearby mountain.

  • One man is responsible for a village destroying itself. The cycle of life and death, the equation unbalanced, requires knowing sacrifice. Here, eternal repentance will bear the greatest fruit.

  • A marriage is caught in the birth of a legend. Both will lose something already mislaid, guilt will leave one to endure. But where the semblance of love must be left behind, sorrow and solace await.

  • Manabu is confused when Louise tries to back out of their newly assigned mission: to guard President Drake of the Clarious Stellar Cluster.

  • A strange glowing sludge besets a passenger train in deep space. Suddenly the train explodes!