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The animated, comedy television series Ranma 1/2 chronicles the rivalries and romances of a group of Japanese high school students with super-powered martial arts skills. A large part of the series is driven by the budding, often-denied relationship between the title character (Ranma Saotome) and his unwilling fianc

Ranma 1/2 is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (227 episodes). The series first aired on April 15, 1989.

Where do I stream Ranma 1/2 online? Ranma 1/2 is available for streaming on Fuji TV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Ranma 1/2 on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Google Play online.

Fuji TV
7 Seasons, 227 Episodes
April 15, 1989
Cast: Minami Takayama, Noriko Hidaka, Koichi Yamadera, Saeko Shimazu, Ryunosuke Ohbayashi
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Ranma 1/2 Full Episode Guide

  • Ranma is still pretending to be Ranko in front of his mother. He wants to meet her as himself, but Genma keeps trying to stop him. In the end, Ranma decides to wait until he can be normal before telling his mother the truth.

  • Akane and Ranma took a strange fish home as a class project. Later, they realized that the fish is actually an infant dragon. Dr. Tofu tells them that eating the dragons meat will grant anyone immortality.

  • Ryoga adopted a black and white dog which has saves him. Out of gratitude, the dog takes a love letter written by Ryoga and delivers it to Akane.

  • Kuno found an ancient taiko drum which has devastating power when it is played. Meanwhile, Kodachi too has found herself an equally devastating lute.

  • Ranma has learned all the necessarily moves and is prepared for a showdown with Mariko. However, it turns out that Ranma has to cheer for Kuno in the kendo match.

  • After Akane was injured by Mariko Konjo who masters in the Martial-Arts Cheerleading, Ranma decides to learn the technique himself.

  • Ranma and the whole gang are at the beach. Akane, Shampoo, Ukyo, Tsubasa Kurenai and even Ranma have entered into a bathing-suit competition.

  • Hikaru Gosunkugi has finally found the girl of his dreams. However, what he doesn't know is that the girl is Kogane, a ghost.

  • Sentaro asked Ranma and Akane to rescue his kidnapped grandmother. Apparently, the incident is linked to a rival school that has been fighting with them for generations.

  • Kuno and Kodaichi are having a big fight over their love one. Kuno is in love with the girl-type Ranma, while Kodachi adores the boy-type Ranma.

  • Happosai always used his Happo Dai-Karin or Happo Fire-Burst technique to terrorize everyone. However, the weather is making this technique impossible to use.

  • Akane was told that whoever has the mark of the sakura after eating the cherry blossom rice-cake, is the one destined to be with her.

  • After a fall, Akane meet the legendary Weaver Princess and the Cowherd. The famous couple seems to have some problem with each other.

  • Picolet Chardin, the master of the martial arts of dining started to behave strangely after drinking a blue wine. Madame. St Paul has no choice but to ask for Ranma's help.

  • Ranma and Genma are fighting with each other again. This time over a cup of ramen and it became serious when they challenge each other to a duel.

  • When everyone in the Tendo Dojo accidentally ate some poison mushrooms, Ranma and Akane must find the cure before it is too late. Unknown to them, they have been poisoned too and without the antidotes, they will remain in love forever.

  • Ranma tried to help to fulfill the wishes of a ghost before his time is up.

  • Unexpectedly, Ranma is trying to save the kidnapped Shampoo from being forced to marry the Ghost Cat.

  • Ranma found out that the more despair the person feel, the more powerful Shishi Hoko-Dantechnique will become.

  • Ryoga has learned a new technique which is the Shishi Hoko-Dan (the Lion's Roar Blast). Now, he has finally got a chance of defeating Ranma.

  • Happosai obtained a pack of magical and powerful cards. Now, there are 6 of him running around and causing havoc everywhere.

  • The guide from Jusenkyo's spring is in Japan and he is searching for a new cursed spring, the Spring of Drowned Man. Seeing this as an opportunity to cure his curse, Ranma became very excited.

  • Happosai asks Ranma to help him fight in the Ogre Festival of the Dark. He personally trained Ranma for the match. According to Happosai, if Ranma loses in the match then, it will be the end of the Anything-Goes School.

  • Kuno is in charge of the school when Aloha, the Principle went on a vacation. He decides to enforce a new school rule of no close personal relationships between both sexes in the school grounds.

  • After days of rain, Happosai's Happo Fire Burst grows damp and is defeated by Ranma.

  • Ranma and Mariko Konjo, master of Martial Arts Cheerleading, decide to have a cheering battle.

  • The day to battle Mariko has arrived.

  • Happosai wants to teach Ranma to respect him by giving him some magic pills. But those magic pills make them physically stick together.

  • Tenjo Dojo is visited by a mysterious young boy who claims to have the ability to read people's minds. However, no one seems to believe him. He decides to take it out on Ranma.

  • After Gosunkugi obtains a set of magic paper dolls which enable him to make anyone to do his bidding, he sees it as a chance for dating Akane.

  • Ranma and Akane decide to follow Nabiki's plan of pretending to be married to deceive Ukyo. However, she still doesn't want to give Ranma up. So, Ranma and Akane have to keep up the charade around the clock.

  • Ukyo opened up the special okonomiyaki sauce that she made as a child after 10 years of fermentation. However, the sauce turn out real bad and even made her fainted. All of a sudden, Ranma becomes real nice to Ukyo, thus, making Akane very jealous.

  • Soun, Genma and Ranma were hired by the people of a seaside resort to get rid of a thief marauding as an octopus pot.

  • When Genma falls into a river and hits his head, he found himself transported back in time. He arrived at a village inhabited by many familiar faces.

  • At a fair, Ranma accidentally sets free 3 evil spirits. While Genma, Soun and Happosai tried to capture 2 of them, one of which is a living panda doodle wants a date with Ranma.

  • Akane was injured during gym class and has to stay at Dr. Tofu's clinic. Everyone has comes to visit her except for Ranma.

  • One night, Ryoga shows on the Tendo's doorstep half frozen to death and keeps on rambling about a giant snow monster. Akane and Ranma decide to investigate.

  • Sentaro once again came seeking Ranma's help. He fears for his life and need Ranma to rescue his kidnapped grandmother.

  • Ranma, Ryoga, Shampoo and Mousse tried to reach to Taro's cliff top hideout and save Akane, but the place is surrounded by water everywhere and thus, makes it very hard for them.

  • Akane has been kidnapped a young man who is able to turn into a winged monster. Ranma and the gang have to rescue her.

  • Kuno has lost his memory when he was found washes up on the beach, with a watermelon on his head.

  • Suddenly, Ranma became the main suspect when a masked man sporting a black pigtail is stalking the girls of Furinkan at night.

  • When Dr. Tofu has a free pass to an amusement park, he invites Kasumi to go with him, but she instead brought her whole family with her. When they ran out of money and with all their lunches gone, they have no choice but enter a race for food.

  • After Ranma ate the sweets that he was saving for himself, Genma became very angry and decides to take Ryoga as his disciple and heir instead.

  • Ranma, Ryoga and Mousse each came into possession of a bag of magic powder which can enable them to cure their curses. However, only one of those bags contains the cure while the 2 others will turn them into anything.

  • Ranma accidentally discovered an old school store under the Furinkan High which is being runs by a crazy old man. Unknown to Ranma, the Principal is desperately trying to keep a secret that the old man have from getting out.

  • Ranma wants to defeat a master of martial arts calligraphy who hasn't been defeated before. However, the man will only accept challenges from people who have beautiful handwriting and Ranma isn't one of them.

  • Ranma tried to save Hikaru Gosunkugi from suffering after eating Akane's lunches, but the young man who has a crush on Akane became enraged instead. Now, he wants to use Voodoo to take revenge on Ranma.

  • Kodachi has finally found out that the Principal is her real father. Then, she invites him to stay at the Kuno residence with her, but Kuno is still unable to forgive him and thus, starts to have a fight with his sister.

  • Ranma, Mousse and Ryoga each purchase Spring of Drowned Man powder from a Chinese merchant. However, of the three packets, only one is real.

  • A stalker appears around Furinkan High School.

  • A man has stolen the Jusenkyo guestbook and appeared in Japan.

  • The handsome young man kidnaps Akane and hides out in the Fortress of Water.

  • Akane gets separated from Ranma while they shop on Christmas Eve. Akane decides to go search for Ranma after she gets tired of waiting for him to come home.

  • During his training, Genma falls into the river. When he awakes as a panda, a samurai who looks exactly like Kuno chases after him. Then, villagers who look exactly like Ranma and Akane hail the panda as Sir Panda.

  • Ukyo's secret sauce, which marinated for the past ten years, results in a huge failure!

  • Ranma and Akane pretend to be married in order to fool Ukyo, who is staying at the Tendo House.

  • A mysterious boy named Satori shows up at the Tendo House who claims to be able to read minds.

  • Happosai makes Ranma take a secret pill in hopes of turning him into a more obedient pupil.

  • Kuno has been appointed acting principal while the real principal is out on a trip.

  • A sacred object, which is also an invitation to the "Secret Demon Festival," is delivered to Happosai.