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  • TV-14
  • 2020
  • 1 Season
  • 7.2  (3,325)

BNA is a thrilling Japanese anime series produced by Studio Trigger and directed by Yoh Yoshinari. The show premiered on Fuji TV in April 2020 and has gained a massive following worldwide due to its unique and captivating storyline. Set in a fictional city called Anima City, which is created as a safe haven for the Beastmen, BNA delves into the lives of the main characters, Michiru Kagemori (voiced by Sumire Morohoshi) and Shirou Ogami (voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya), as they navigate through their complex universe. Along with a group of other Beastmen, they are on a quest to uncover the secrets behind the city's creation and why it's being targeted by humans who want to destroy it.

The series centers around the conflict between the human and animal worlds. Beastmen are people who can transform into animals, living undetected amongst humans. Over the years, they have been discriminated against, forced to hide their true nature to avoid persecution. In an effort to unite their people and secure their safety, a group of Beastmen led by Boris Cliff (voiced by Kenji Nomura) created Anima City as a place for them to flourish without fear of persecution from humans. The city is a beacon of hope for Beastmen everywhere, a place where they can live free of isolation, hatred, and oppression.

The story of BNA kicks off when a young girl named Michiru Kagemori wakes up one day to find herself transformed into a tanuki, a type of raccoon dog. Confused and scared, she flees to Anima City in search of a cure. Along the way, she meets Shirou Ogami, a powerful and fierce wolf Beastman, who becomes her protector as she navigates the dangers of the city. Michiru quickly discovers that there is more to Anima City than meets the eye.

As the story unfolds, we see Michiru and Shirou forming a bond that goes beyond their different species. Together they discover the secrets hidden behind the city's creation and the true purpose it serves. Along the way, they encounter a host of unique and fascinating characters, including the ambitious mayor of Anima City, Barbaray Rose (voiced by Gara Takashima) and the enigmatic scientist Alan Sylvasta (voiced by Kaito Ishikawa).

Aside from the central theme of discrimination and oppression that is prevalent throughout the show, BNA also explores other prevalent themes such as identity, friendship, and the power of unity. The characters in the series confront their challenges in their own unique ways and showcase the importance of personal growth.

The animation quality of BNA is top-notch, and the soundtrack is not far off. The series boasts a unique art style that perfectly captures the vibrant and diverse world of Anima City. The opening and the ending songs are both composed and performed by Gentoku Himuro and are a great complement to the series.

In conclusion, BNA is an excellent anime series that does not disappoint. It is an adventure that features well-written characters, an intriguing plot, and first-class animation. The heart of the story lies in its message, which is an essential one that we need in this day and age. The fight for equality and freedom is very reflective of current events, and the show does a great job of bringing out these issues in a way that is engaging for viewers of all ages. The series is definitely worth watching, particularly if you are a fan of the anime genre, as it offers something unique and exciting.

BNA is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on April 8, 2020.

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12. Anima-City
June 24, 2020
The mayor proves that a serum based on Michiru's blood cures Nirvasyl Syndrome, but Alan moves forward with his plan to "solve" the beastman problem.
A Beastly Feast
11. A Beastly Feast
June 17, 2020
While Barbaray escapes from her captivity and heads back to Anima-City with Pinga's help, Marie informs Shirou that Nazuna is planned to reveal that she is a human, which Nazuna is told is supposed to calm the beastkin. As the concert gets underway, Shirou informs Michiru thats Nazuna's confession will actually trigger the Nirvasyl Syndrome. Michiru convinces Nazuna not to make the confession, only for Cliff to expose her himself which, along with weapons sent in by Alan, sets off the syndrome in several beastkin. Shocked by this, Shirou also succumbs to the syndrome and attacks Michiru.
Rabid Wolf
10. Rabid Wolf
June 10, 2020
Upon encountering another berserk beastkin, Michiru and Shirou attempt to take it down when a group of drones called Engel Machines appear and capture it. Following the trail to the medical center, they find that the drones were sent by Alan, who claims that the so-called "Nirvasyl Syndrome" is the result of stress caused by several species of beastkin amassing together and is what wiped out Shirou's village. When Alan reveals he intends to prevent this by developing a vaccine to turn beastkin into regular humans, Shirou becomes furious at the idea, going against both Michiru and the police. While Alan tasks Michiru and Nazuna with putting on a concert to calm the beastkin until the vaccine is complete, Barbaray tells Shirou she is planning on dismantling Anima-City to disperse the beastkin to keep them safe. However, when Barbaray goes to visit Minister Shiramizu regarding the matter, he places her under arrest, as it is revealed he is working alongside Alan.
Human Scapegoat
9. Human Scapegoat
June 3, 2020
Upon seeing Nazuna being allegedly abducted, Michiru breaks into the medical center to rescue her, only to discover she is there for an MRI scan. Alan then tells Michiru that she and Nazuna became beastkin as a result of a blood transfusion mishap and he is working with Nazuna to develop a cure.
The Mole Rat Speaks
8. The Mole Rat Speaks
May 27, 2020
Following Alan's rescue, support for the Silver Wolf cult increases, leading to their refuge being approved. Just as Shirou and Michiru go to visit the prison to find out the assassin's motives, Yaba, one of the doctors that Shirou stopped before, goes berserk following a visit from Silver Wolf priest Cliff Boris. As both Shirou and Michiru struggle against the powered up Yaba, Shirou is forced to reveal his true identity as the legendary wolf Ginrou in order to defeat him. While Shirou recovers, Barbaray explains to Michiru how Shirou became Ginrou over a thousand years ago, when the beastkin of Nirvasyl were allegedly wiped out by humans.
Easy Albatross
7. Easy Albatross
May 20, 2020
Michiru meets a albatross beastkin named Pinga, whose species has faced trouble migrating to the beastkin restrictions placed on them. Meanwhile, Barbaray and Shirou have an encounter with Alan Sylvasta, head of Sylvasta Pharmaceuticals, who advises against giving the Silver Wolf cult refuge. After Pingu flies Michiru across the city, Shirou suspects that Pingu may be a terrorist. Spotting Pingu approach the Mayor's office, Shirou stops him with the help of Michiru's new flight ability, finding his planned terrorism was a bluff and deciding to let him go. Meanwhile, Alan is attacked by a hitman but is rescued by Nazuna.
Fox Waltz
6. Fox Waltz
May 13, 2020
Michiru discovers that Nazuna Hiwatashi, her best friend who caught the beastkin disease before she did, has joined a cult dedicated to the mythology of a silver wolf. Wanting to help cure Nazuna's condition too, Michiru arranges for Nazuna to meet with Barbaray. However, Nazuna takes advantage of the situation to secure a settlement for her cult, stating that she prefers being the cult's idol and leaving Michiru downhearted.
Greedy Bears
5. Greedy Bears
May 6, 2020
While watching a deadly baseball game, Michiru's powers catch the attention of the Bears team, helping them win their match as their pitcher. Enjoying the feeling, Michiru continues to play with them, unaware that their coach has been gambling on them losing. During a finals match, where the team is being bribed to lose, an incident in which the coach attempts to steal all the gambled money for himself leads to the crowd going wild. As Shirou resolves this matter, Michiru shows the importance of what baseball truly means, and despite the Bears ultimately losing, they appreciate playing fair and square.
Dolphin Daydream
4. Dolphin Daydream
April 29, 2020
Michiru meets Nina, the dolphin beastkin daughter of a gang boss, who has posting to social media in human form. Managing to regain the ability to turn into human form, Michiru joins Nina as she attends a human party, which initially seems to accept Nina even after she accidentally reveals herself as a beastkin. During the party however, one of the girls puts Nina into a fishtank without realizing she can't actually breathe, forcing Michiru to use her transformation powers to save her. Despite the incident, Nina feels happy about the small bit of shining she got to experience.
Rhino Melancholy
3. Rhino Melancholy
April 22, 2020
The mayor of Anima City, Barbaray Rose, approaches Shirou about stopping bombers from attacking the city's medical center. Feeling the center could help cure her alleged disease, Michiru reveals her condition to Barbaray and insists she aid. Although Michiru and Shirou stop a gang from sneaking into the center, an explosion still goes off, which Shirou deduces was caused by two of the doctors trying to eliminate evidence. One of the doctors tries to take Michiru hostage, but Shirou manages to save her.
Rabbit Town
2. Rabbit Town
April 15, 2020
As Shirou remains doubtful of Michiru's claims that she is a human, Michiru is told by Mary to meet with Gram Grandma in Rabbit Town to retrieve her stolen wallet. Michiru begins teaching orphan kids how to read and write, until Gram Grandma decides to sell them all off to pay off a debt to a gang. While attempting to escape with the children in tow, Michiru becomes able to change the size of her arms to free herself. After Gram Grandma is arrested, Michiru becomes upset with Shirou for not intervening sooner, proving with her student ID that she was human.
Runaway Raccoon
1. Runaway Raccoon
April 8, 2020
In a world where both humans and beastkin exist, a tanuki beastkin named Michiru Kagemori travels to the beastkin-dedicated city, Anima City, with help from shady mink beastkin Mary Itami. Upon arriving in the city, which is holding a festival celebrating its tenth anniversary, Michiru's wallet is stolen. While trying to track down the thief, Michiru is caught up in a bombing, where she is saved by a wolf beastkin named Shirou Ogami. Discovering that the bomb was planted by beastkin mercenaries paid by anti-beastkin humans to sabotage the festival, Shirou violently beats up the attackers before he is stopped by Michiru, who reveals she used to be human.
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BNA is available for streaming on the Fuji TV website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch BNA on demand at Netflix.
  • Premiere Date
    April 8, 2020
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (3,325)