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Ai Yori Aoshi is an animated television series based on the Japanese seinen manga. This was written and created by Kou Fumizuki. The show and its content was made from 1998 to 2005. The show is a love story between two childhood friends who haven't seen each other in years. This show was directed by Masami Shimoda along with having its animation done by JC Staff. The series was made in animation form during the years of 2002 and 2003. There are 37 episodes in the series and it was released in English by Tokyopop.

Like most other drama shows and animations this story has a central plot. A young man named Kaoru Hanabishi who is just a normal university student. However he is actually the eldest son of a man named Yuji Hanabishi who is the head of the Hanabishi Zaibatsu. Yuji was going to take over the Zaibatsu once his father retired. Kaoru's parents never married and as a result life was a bit difficult for him and his mother. Another factor in Kaoru's upbringing was the fact that his father died when he was only five years old. However, Kaoru's grandfather Genichiro Hanabashi mentored Kaoru and groomed him for succeeding him and taking over the zaibatsu. Once his mother died, Kaoru never felt comfortable with his family and therefore went his own way. Over time he felt very lonely and began to think that he had no reason to continue living his life.

Despite the loneliness there was someone who loved Kaoru and someone who wanted to be with him. This person was a woman named Aoi Shakuraba. She is the only daughter of a prominent store owner. In the past the families of both Kaoru and Aoi agreed to have the both of them married to each other. However due to Kaoru declining, the marriage was therefore cancelled. The two families got along very well and Aoi was very much in love with Kaoru. Although Aoi's family searched for a suitable replacement, Aoi was not willing to marry another person and continued her pursuit of Kaoru.

Once the two parties were away from their families they looked for a way to earn a living. They would be able to live in a summer house and own a dormitory. In the end Aoi and Kaoru have their long awaited weeding and get married.

Ai Yori Aoshi is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (36 episodes). The series first aired on April 10, 2002.

Where do I stream Ai Yori Aoshi online? Ai Yori Aoshi is available for streaming on Fuji TV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Ai Yori Aoshi on demand at Vudu, Apple TV, Crunchyroll, Tubi TV online.

Fuji TV
2 Seasons, 36 Episodes
April 10, 2002
Drama, Anime
Cast: Ayako Kawasumi, Souichiro Hoshi, Akiko Hiramatsu, Haruko Momoi, Kaori Mizuhashi
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Ai Yori Aoshi Full Episode Guide

  • Months pass and Tina still hasn't returned from America. Kaoru and Aoi, the two closest to her, comfort each other at one of Tina's favorite spots. Their long kept secret may be discovered before they can recover from a happy surprise!

  • Tina's going back to America for a homecoming party. She gets a digital camera and has everyone don costumes for a photo shoot. Her love for everyone, especially for Kaoru, forms a smile on her face to hide a sorrow she can't reveal before she slips away.

  • The whole gang, Chika's friends, and yes, Mayu too, enjoy the luxuries of a spa resort. Taeko takes a break with a few drinks, Miyabi gets a massage, and Tina and Aoi try out a private bath - the same one Kaoru got in just a few minutes before!

  • Kaoru's graduate professor rewards him for his dutiful work with two tickets for a cruise. After receiving Miyabi's blessing, Kaoru and Aoi cherish the time alone without the usual worrying over possible interruption.

  • Chika and her two friends are the only known members of their high school's swim club. The district's swimming competition is approaching, but Chizuru still can't finish a lap. Tina offers to coach them and splashes in some trademark mischief.

  • A hard-earned get-away calls Kaoru and his flock to a resort in the mountains, where Mayu just happens to be nearby at her family's vacation home. A game much like truth or dare gets interesting-especially when Aoi is asked some personal questions.

  • Kaoru's got to pull an all-nighter to finish a big report, or else he'll be writing more all summer long. Graduate studies are demanding, but so are four admiring girls all trying to ease his stress.

  • Mayu audaciously asks Kaoru on a date in front of the entire household. Since his engagement to Aoi is still a secret, he fails to decline. Stunningly dressed but ill-prepared, Mayu reveals her one passion to Kaoru in response to his sensitive request.

  • Mysterious noises spook the mansion's residents. Taeko, the authority on ghostly matters, leads the attempted exorcism through a dusty attic. Mayu finds it prudent to sneak into Kaoru's bed for a cuddle, resulting in a heap of hilarious frights.

  • The game is on when Miyabi volunteers to teach Chika how to play tennis. Kaoru and the rest of the girls come along for some friendly matches. Kaoru tries his best to focus in between glances at Aoi's impressive form in her endearing tennis attire.

  • Chika's high school friends Chizuru and Natsuki get the impression that Kaoru's her live-in boyfriend - she relishes the thought and replies to inquiries vaguely. The girls' insist on satisfaction, resulting in a raucous and embarrassing house visit!

  • It's been two eventful years since that fateful day Aoi and Kaoru were reunited. He takes a break from his graduate classes, and the clandestine lovebirds celebrate their anniversary filled with memories and fantasies of the future.

  • Fearful yet resolute, Kaoru and Aoi desperately confront her headstrong father to convince him to accept Kaoru as his future son-in-law. Should they fail, Aoi will be forced to marry someone else and lose her true love forever.

  • Miyabi takes Kaoru to Aoi, leaving them alone at a nostalgic spot from their childhood. Kaoru can't help his brain, but Aoi has serious matters to explain. Her father's mind must be changed or Kaoru may never see her again!

  • Kaoru takes Aoi on a special trip-to visit his mother's grave. Upon their return, and with no explanation, a solemn Miyabi takes Aoi home for a visit. Premonitions trouble Kaoru.

  • A fever leaves Aoi bedridden, and the house nearly falls to shambles when her friends split household duties - how did one girl do it all so well?

  • When the photo club's cosplay cafe idea goes south during a school festival, everyone helps Aoi run a Japanese tea shop. During the hustle and bustle of work Aoi and Kaoru yearn for a little private time.

  • Chika shows up at the Sakuraba house for help finishing her summer homework. One assignment on family leaves her stumped, but when everyone searches for her after she gets lost on an errand, the words come easy.

  • Tina and Kaoru take a trip to the zoo, but a storm and a landslide force the two to find shelter at a cheesy hotel for lovers. Will the night end with true intentions?

  • Aoi and Kaoru take a trip down memory lane on a shopping trip through Tokyo.

  • Desperate to impress Kaoru into marrying her, Mayu shows up at the mansion demanding to learn domestic skills from the talented landlord.

  • Aoi's birthday falls on the Star Festival, the most romantic holiday of the year. To afford the perfect gift Kaoru secretly works all week, but Aoi's worried he's avoiding her. Both are in for a surprise.

  • Aoi yearns to learn more about her beloved Kaoru after seeing Tina's old photos of him. Aoi gets lost at the University looking for him and attracts plenty of attention along the way.

  • Aoi and Miyabi take a trip to a memorial service and Taeko is required for a photo shoot. How will a stormy night alone result for Tina and Kaoru?

  • Aoi is useful everywhere she goes. She saves the day for the photo club at a hot springs vacation. An improbable challenge for Taeko sends her off searching for spirits.

  • Taeko comes to the Sakuraba house looking for a job as housekeeper. She serves to be extremely clumsy much to Miyabi's chagrin. Tina, Kaoru and Aoi team up to help Taeko keep her job.

  • Old photo club buddy Tina has returned from adventures abroad, and she shares a special souvenir with a side of mischief. She's also in the market for a place to live, and suspiciously make's it home with Kaoru.

  • Aoi confronts her mother, who personally appears to claim her and is impressed by her commitment. Aoi and Kaoru are sent to live at the Sakuraba summer home, but under Miyabi's thumb and must keep their union a secret!

  • Aoi's guardian, Miyabi, unexpectedly arrives at Kaoru's apartment to take Aoi home. Kaoru's unfortunate past and why he can't return to the Hanabishi is revealed. Aoi escapes again, renounces her family, and proposes to Kaoru.

  • After Aoi confesses her lifelong dream, Kaoru still can't bring himself to resume his role as the Hanabishi heir. Despite Kaoru's reluctance, Aoi insists on serving Kaoru and hints of romance fill the air.

  • Kaoru helps an adorable girl dressed in a kimono navigate the Tokyo train station. When the address she clutches leads to an empty lot, an old photo proves their meeting was more than a fluke.