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A complicated story of conflict between two factions fighting over the well-being of humans, Yuji Sakai is your normal school student or so he thought. Through an incident he gets thrown in the middle of this conflict and later learns that he is just a replacement for himself and that the real him is already dead. Being in the middle of all this trouble he meets Shana, a girl that happens to be a member of the faction trying to protect humans the Flame Haze. Together they discover that Yuji has an artifact inside of him that helps him regain lost energy every night at midnight. The Denizens, a faction that attempts to steal the Power of Existence from human beings hear about the artifact inside Yuji and attempt to steal it throwing Shane and Yuji into many misadventures that end in huge fights between the factions.

The television series is based on a light novel with the same title written by Yashichiro Takahashi. It was produced by J.C Staff into 24 beautiful episodes and is now licensed by FUNImations. The graphics of the anime series are truly remarkable and gorgeous with a very realistic feeling. The soundtracks played an important role in every scene as they not only set the mood but showed inner emotions between the characters and enhanced mood sensations when needed. The story line has a lot of romance and psychological as well as emotional disturbances the character will have to cooperate with.

The series is better for the older audience as there is quite a bit of gore involved in it as well as a fair amount of echi references with lots of fan service and insinuating material. The genders that compose this anime are romance, action, drama and some slight comedy used mostly for relieving the tension on the atmosphere in the scene. This is a great anime for any anime fan as it has many factors that will leave the viewer wanting more.

Shakugan No Shana is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (72 episodes). The series first aired on October 5, 2005.

Shakugan No Shana is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Shakugan No Shana on demand atHulu, iTunes, Crunchyroll online.

3 Seasons, 72 Episodes
October 5, 2005
Anime, Action & Adventure
Cast: Satoshi Hino, Rie Kugimiya, Ayako Kawasumi, Mitsuo Iwata, Kimiko Koyama
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Shakugan No Shana Full Episode Guide

  • The gate is open, and the Crimson Denizens have left for Xanadu. All that's left now is to settle things between Shana and Yuji. Yuji is intent on leaving Shana behind, and she's intent on stopping him...

  • Sophie's plan works, and the Thunderous Chant of Awakening speaks. But she speaks of something unexpected: a new form of life being created by Engage Link...

  • Hyakki Yakou is surrounded by thousands of Denizens as they seek refuge in the tower. Sale's battle with the professor comes to an end, as Shana's true plan is revealed.

  • Shana has altered the spell that creates Xanadu. In the new world, no one will be able to devour humans to gain their power of existence. So that no one ever eats humans again, the Four Gods of the Earth start killing as many Denizens as possible.

  • As Hyakki Yakou carries Kazumi off the battlefield, Earnest goes to meet with Rofocale. Rofocale is a servant of the God of Guidance, and he needs an oracle...

  • The battle over Xanadu intensifies. As Bal Masque temporarily gains the upper hand, surprising faces show up to change the tide.

  • Yuji is ready for his final declaration, and begins the process of creating Xanadu in Misaki City. The remaining Gods of the Earth help the heroes intervene, but will they make it in time?

  • As denizens all over the world head to Japan for the creation of Xanadu, Flame Hazes begin a campaign of airport terrorism to stop them. Meanwhile, Yuji goes to Misaki City where he meets with Yoshida. He needs her help for the final phase of his plan...

  • Sophie gives the defeated Outlaw forces four hours to make a decision: to attempt a desperate final plan with Shana, or to allow Yuji and the Snake of the Festival to create Xanadu, buying a temporary peace but endangering the world in the distant future.

  • Outlaw's last hope is to get the surviving members of its team to the Heaven's Road Palace and escape. The task seems hopeless, but help is offered from a surprising source...

  • The Snake of the Festival has returned, and all is lost. Yuji declares his Grand Order, and the remaining Flame Hazes attempt to retreat to the Heaven's Road Palace as Haborym follows.

  • The Divine Gate is under attack, but who can prevent its destruction, and at what cost?

  • Inside the rift between worlds, Shana is confronted by the powerful Crimson Lord, the Destructive Blade Sabrac. Shana goes on ahead and leaves her friends to fight it. Still, she's too late, and the Snake of the Festival revives...

  • Shana heads into the Divine Gate as the Outlaw forces attempt to take the castle. Decarabia, the commander of the Bal Masque armies, is forced to appear in our world to buy a few moments of time.

  • The Crimson Lord Uval attempts to stop Shana from escaping. As she tears through his clones, she remembers her training with Margery.

  • Striking through a hidden passage, Wilhelmina and her friends attack the Castle of Crystal Darkness while Yuji and Trinity are away. As they tear through the castle's defenses, Shana takes advantage of the distraction to escape.

  • The Grand Order reaches its second stage, and the forces of Bal Masque begin their assault. They launch huge attacks both in Europe and Asia. Wilhelmina searches for a certain Treasure, which she believes to be the key to rescuing Shana.

  • A jealous Hecate attempts to kill Shana. Yuji tells her why he's keeping her alive: if Alastor can find a new contractor, he can use his ultimate magic to ruin their plans. Meanwhile, Yoshida wonders why she was given the Hiralda, and what it means.

  • Satou has gone to the Tokyo Outlaw to act as a messenger, but when he gets there he's locked in a room and held hostage. Outlaw wants to use him as bait to get Wilhelmina to help them, but Flame Haze Rebecca Reed has other ideas.

  • Margery's mind has been destroyed, and Shana captured by Yuji. Cut off, and with no support from Outlaw, Wilhelmina plots to infiltrate the Star of Darkness Castle alone.

  • The Crimson Lord that appeared in Misaki City was Yuji. None of them are willing to believe it, until he wreathes himself in black flames and rises into the sky.

  • Yuji is in back in Misaki City. He visits all the places he used to go and remembers how he came to this point. At the same time, Margery detects the presence of a powerful Crimson Lord, and prepares for a fight.

  • Sydonay destroys the Shanghai Outlaw forces. Meanwhile, the master of Bal Masque revives, and with Yuji's body. Yuji, however, doesn't seem all that upset by this...

  • Yuji has vanished, and Bal Masque is gearing up for a final assault. Shana returns to Misaki City, believing he's still alive, but uncertain of what to do next as Outlaw prepares for the last battle.

  • Finally inside the Bal Masque's forcefield, the three Flame Haze give it their all in a fiery battle to the finish. Shana and Yuji fight side by side to topple the armored giant and retrieve Yuji's power of existence before he fades away!

  • The time is nigh for the Bal Masque to reap the Midnight Lost Child for their own sinister plan. Shana and the others struggle against an impenetrable bubble while Yuji battles countless bots inside!

  • Yuji's dad returns home to share some shocking news. Then, Shana and Kazumi plan to put Yuji's true feelings to the test, but just as he arrives at their rendezvous, a horrendous scheme from the..

  • Yuji devises a plan to crack Sabrac's seemingly endless source of power. When his strategy comes together, Shana makes her biggest flame yet to defeat the nearly invincible Denizen.

  • Sabrac ascends from the wake of Shana's attack on the Wanderer. Everyone is badly hurt, and a spell worsens their injuries by the minute!

  • Forced to follow his abductor, Yuji finds himself caught in a conundrum. But when he figures out the odd Denizen's trap, he takes matters into his own hands.

  • Yuji trains feverishly to turn his power into a useful flame. He's determined to leave the city with Shana - but she senses a faltering in his resolve when his mother falls ill

  • Yuji hones his fighting skills in order to protect himself from a foe that once nearly killed Wilhelmina. Then, two friends decide to take separate paths

  • The festival is over, but after school activities involve making a plan to counter the Bal Masque. Kazumi dwells on her desire to be closer to Yuji and ponders the parting gift Pheles gave her. Will she be strong enough to use it when the time comes?

  • The Bal Masque makes their next move right in the middle of Pheles' attack! Shana and the other Flame Haze take action, but a girl everyone had grown to trust takes a stab at Yuji. His transformation comes as a surprise - especially to Pheles.

  • Yuji lends Pheles some of his power from the Midnight Lost Child. After enjoying the last day of the festival with the girls, Pheles takes a moment to thank everyone for allowing her true self to arrive-so she can try once more to take Yuji's core!

  • The school grounds transforms into a supernatural warzone. When Pheles reaches for the object of her desire, Yuji's silver flame sends Margery Daw into destructive rage!

  • While Yuji's school kicks off the festival with a parade, Wilhelmina and Margery Daw discuss the heavier matters at hand. Shana's dead set on dropping the "L" word to Yuji on stage, but a big wind...

  • The entire school is bustling with preparations for the upcoming festival. Wilhelmina returns from her research abroad with news that an infamous member of the crimson world will come for something inside Yuji.

  • Shana can't explain Yuji's silver flame. At school, a festival calls for picking costume couples, and one pair will be famous star-crossed lovers! Kazumi and Shana ask Yuji's mom for help-and get a love talk from the man of the house!

  • Margery continues to share her painful history against a shape-shifting foe and his time-altering accomplice. Yuji has more control of his power of existence than ever before. When he tries a new move, the results defy expectations.

  • Sato has a burning desire to become a Flame Haze, so he asks Margery Daw to train him. She's reminded of the last time she agreed to train someone in New York during the Great Depression.

  • ke painstakingly plans a group outing at the amusement park with high hopes of a having a romantic moment on the Ferris wheel with his favorite gal. But he forgot to factor in that every ride gives him the urge to lose his lunch!

  • The gang gets together for a study session at Satou's place, but a hungover Flame Haze won't budge from her spot on the couch. When she finally crawls out, she ends up sharing some insight on the ins and outs of jealousy.

  • Konoe doesn't seem to want to leave Yuji's side. When the transfer student starts getting more and more of Yuji's attention, the other girls can't help but feel snubbed.

  • Wilhelmina wraps Yuji a little too hard in training, but they discover something new about his Power of Existence. Later at school, Shana and Yuji find themselves trapped in the same dream-and Kazumi is their only hope of escape!

  • The second semester has just begun, but Yuji is having a bad case of deja-vu-the whole day seems to be a repeat of events from last semester! Could it be the work of a Denizen?