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Several years prior to the beginning of the series' opening, all the inhabitants of the Otsuka village were wiped out in a plague, leaving only three survivors: Shino Inuzuka, Sosuke Inukawa and Hamaji. Shino and Sosuke subsequently took care of and looked after Hamaji, and the two shared a strange, peony-shaped birthmark on their bodies.

As it turns out, those with the peony-shaped birthmark are one of the eight bead holders, those who had previously joined forces with the Princess Fuse in order to battle against Tama-Azusa in the dark times. These eight have, at some point in time, died, and come back in resurrection, and have a guardian or ability in their possession; all of them hold the same peony-shaped birthmark on their bodies.

The Imperial Church desires the eight beads for their power, and are searching for Shino and Sosuke. When Hajime is kidnapped by the Imperial Church, Shino and Sosuke must search for the remaining five beads and their owners, or face a fate worse than death at the hands of the church.

Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (50 episodes). The series first aired on January 10, 2013.

Where do I stream Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East online? Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East is available for streaming on Anime Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East on demand at iTunes online.

Anime Network
2 Seasons, 50 Episodes
January 10, 2013
Cast: Hiroshi Kamiya, Tomoaki Maeno, Tetsuya Kakihara, Daisuke Namikawa, Jun'ichi Miyake
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Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East Full Episode Guide

  • In the final battle against Princess Tamazusa, Murasame overtakes Shino's body and goes on a rampage! Will the combined forces of all of Shino's friends be enough to suppress the raging beast and save Shino?

  • Shino is desperate to get Sosuke’s gem back, but neither Ao nor Tamazusa is going to make this easy. All of his friends are willing to help, but is it really wise to gather all eight of the Dog Warriors in one place...?

  • Shino has many epiphanies this time around. First Sosuje is falling apart and second Finnegan knows more than Shino wants to believe.

  • Shinobu is fatally injured when trying to protect Hazuki from Ao! Now it is Hazuki’s turn to save Shinobu at the cost of half of his own life. With Ao still after them, does Hazuki have the strength left to protect Shinobu and his gem?

  • Ao breaks the anti-Tengu barriers that have been keeping Shinobu hidden from the Tengu that had spirited him away. Hazuki is quick to retrieve his “son” once he finds him. While on the other side, Shinobu’s sealed memories resurface...

  • Shino and Sosuke visit a village to investigate a young boy was recently found after getting spirited away. Shino is intrigued with how the boy looks the exact same as when he vanished a year ago. Could this be the owner of the eighth gem?

  • Dosetsu comes to the Imperial Capital in search for his long lost sister, Mutsuki. Kobungo agrees to help look for her, but only manages to make matters worse when he accidentally enlists the aid of a goblin.

  • Shino protects Ao from his own shadow and helps Princess Yana realize who she should really be granting wishes for.

  • When Shino learns Ao’s current whereabouts, he runs off to find him. While in the countryside, he meets Princess Yana, who harbors the other half of a regional deity Ao killed! Can he protect Princess Yana from Ao and get Sosuke’s gem back?

  • Sometimes Shino touches the lives of others without it. From reading a book to an orphan girl and giving meaning to her name, to helping a steamed bun chef come up with some new recipes, Shino warms the hearts of everyone he encounters.

  • Shino breaks the cat goblin’s barrier around Daikaku’s house, allowing a grotesque monster to return. Who could Daikaku’s old cat be trying to protect him from? With the barrier released, Daikaku’s sealed memories are returning...

  • hino, Sosuke and Genpachi set out to a rural mountain to retrieve a set of dolls for Finnegan. Shino treats the errand like a mini vacation until he learns that the doll maker, Norikiyo, has gone missing!

  • With Shino injured, Tamazusa plans to turn him into a vessel for her dead son and take her revenge on the city that took her sons from her. Will her plans commence and will Sosuke survive as Ao becomes stronger?

  • Shino and the other Dog warriors band together to find and retrieve Sosuke's gem, but they find themselves in a precarious situation instead.

  • Shino has many epiphanies this time around. Sosuje is falling apart and second Finnegan knows more than Shino wants to believe.

  • Hazuki puts his life on the line to protect the gem and Shinobu from the attacks.

  • Shinobu is now exposed and is no longer hidden as a result of Ao breaking the Anti-Tengu barriers

  • Amazed by the boy who was spirited away,Shino and Sosuke head to the village to see if he possesses the eighth gem.

  • Shino and Sosuke head to the village to see if the boy who spirited away possesses the eighth gem.

  • Dosetsu goes in search of his lost sister Mutsuki at the imperial Capital. Though he means well, Kobungo tries to help Dosetsu find his sister but ends up causing more trouble when he gets help from a goblin.

  • After Kaede runs away, Shino sets out to search for him.

  • Shino protects Ao from his own shadow and helps Princess Yana recognize who she should actually be granting wishes for.

  • Tasked with getting Sosuke's gem, Shino has to find Ao and defend Princess Yana from harm.

  • Shino attempts to bring joy to everyone he encounters.

  • The cat goblin's protection over Daikaku's house has been broken down leaving Daikaku defenseless to a lurking monster.

  • Looking to retrieve a set of dolls for Finnegan. Hino, Sosuke, and Genpachi go to find Norikiyo in the mountains.

  • Satomi is forced to bring Shino before the elders. Meanwhile, Shino learns some devastating secrets.

  • The Church is forcing Satomi to bring Shino before the Elders. To make matters worse, the man that looks like Sosuke shared with Shino some devastating secrets.

  • The curse is temporarily lifted, Shino reverts to his real age, but he has to deal with Kohaku.

  • The curse, being temporary lifted, has caused Shino to revert to his real age. His excitement is short lived as he must deal with Kohaku.

  • Recovering from being shot, Murasame feeds, which causes the demon to want more blood.

  • After being shot, Murasame is released and feeds causing the demon to want more, more blood.

  • A man who closely resembles Sosuke is spotted within the Imperial City, and Keno rushes to find him.

  • A man that resembles Sosuke has been spotted in the Imperial Capital; this has Keno up in racing around the city to exact his revenge.

  • Hamaji enters an all female school. When Shino comes to deliver her books, he is promptly met by the campus guard.

  • Hamaji has decided to enter an all-girls school and has told Shino to deliver her books to her. When he arrives at the campus he is met with the unofficial campus guard.

  • On a familiar train ride home, Shino encounters an old friend.

  • On the train ride home Shino meets an old friend to the surprise of Sosuke.

  • When they discover the gold, the villagers force Shino and friends to take them up the mountain.

  • The villagers have discovered the gold the monkey god gave Shino and has forced him and his friends to take them up the mountain. That forces Akane to make return to the mountain where she spent her childhood.

  • Shino takes a trip that could end in disaster.

  • A tale of a mountain that always rain, a man eating monkey god, and a woman who will show travelers the way. These stories have lead Shino to take a dangerous trip.

  • On the day of the new moon, Sosuke must sleep and even Murasame has to rest. This leaves Shino vulnerable to the mansions other residents.

  • When Sosuke is injured in a fight, Kobungo once again comes to the rescue and shares his unbelievable story.

  • After the fight with the monks Sosuke is injured, they are once again taken in by Kobungo who is shares his and Genpachi immortal story.

  • Hamaji receives an offer that might keep her in the Imperial Capital. Shino and Sosuke sit down with Satomi to get the real reason why they were summoned.

  • While Hamaji makes demands of her kidnapper, Shino and Sosuke visit the city and get a warm greeting from the Church.

  • Five years ago, a village was engulfed by flames. The only three survivors have moved on and try to live peacefully in a new city....until a powerful organization sniffs them out!

  • Five years ago a village was burned to the ground, only three children survived. Now, as they live in peace outside a new city, it seems that a powerful organization has come looking for them.

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