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Mushi-Uta is about the story of bizarre creatures called "Mushi" start showing up in town. These creatures are known to absorb people thoughts and dreams in exchange for supernatural abilities. The story focuses on a young man named Daisuke, who meets a young girl named Shiika.

Shiika is a convict who had recently escaped a prison facility called "GARDEN". This facility captures humans who have been possessed by the Mushi.

After she escapes, she later finds out that GARDEN's military force is out to track her down.

Kadokawa Pictures Inc.
1 Season, 12 Episodes
December 8, 2010
Cast: Shintarô Asanuma

Mushi-Uta Full Episode Guide

  • Kakkō manages to retrieve Rina from inside her mushi, but it was too late for her. While he struggles against Nanahoshi, Haji ends up seriously hurt and a wounded Shiika fights to stop her mushi from going berserk too.

  • While Rina is surrounded by Haji's forces at GARDEN, Shiika ends up alone to defend herself against Minmin and Kabuto.

  • Rina learns from Minmin about GARDEN's location, and determined to rescue the fallen imprisoned there by herself, she leaves Shiika to the care of her Mushibane fellows.

  • Shiika and Daisuke go on a date to the planetarium, but when they are seen together by Rina. Soon, each girl realizes the other's feelings for him.

  • Kasuo chases Asami into digital space, where Kakk? barely saves her.

  • Three new hunters from SEPB are sent into ?ka to aid in the search for Shiika. Meanwhile, Asami also discovers the truth about her.

  • Rina grants Shiika's request to visit her school, while one of her friends starts to experience some strange phenomena.

  • After the incident at the park, Shiika ends up finding shelter at Rina's place. While getting used to her new life, she and Kakk? reminisce about the day when they first met.

  • While struggling to protect Rina, Centi's mushi enters the maturation process and becomes a giant monster, and she finds no option but to take it down in order to save Centi's life.

  • Daisuke and Shiika meet again at the city's Kaihin Park.

  • Kakk? and Shiika start to get to know each other better, whilst Kakk?'s classmates start to get somewhat curious about his relationship with Shiika.

  • A Mushitsuki by the name of Yuki is hunted down and killed by the Special Environmental Conservation Executive Office. The Mushibane almost save him, but eventually fail. In the second half of the episode, Kakkō is introduced to his new school as Daisuke Kusuriya, and the episode concludes with the meeting between Kakkō and Shiika.