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What would happen if Sherlock were to transforms into a tiny young woman? He'd become the mystery-solving Victorique du Blois from "Gosick," an anime focusing on a series of mysteries around a school and its surrounding population. While most anime shows are based on comics, "Gosick" is based on a number of novels; the original series was written by Japanese author Kazuki Sakuraba. The show is about Kazuya Kujo, a son of a Japanese soldier living in 1924. After dropping his military school duties and responsibilities to study abroad, the young man finds himself at St. Margeurite Academy, a place shrouded in mystery and local folklore. While investigating the "golden fairy" that supposedly haunts the school's enormous library, Kujo finds Victorique dwelling at the top of the library. A pint-sized girl with extremely long hair, a sweet-tooth, and an aptitude for solving mysteries (even smoking a pipe as she thinks and reveals the truth of each mystery), Victorique bonds with Kujo - though she continues to show affection through the show by calling Kujo a number of names and speaking down on him as she solves the various mysteries the two characters are dragged into. It's as the show progresses that Kujo learns more about Victorique - where her brilliance comes from, why she avoids people at all costs, why she is essentially a prisoner within the very school she's enrolled it, and, as his adventures with Victorique draw to a close, what it means to fight to survive.

The show's episodes are a mix of story-driven and stand alone mysteries; what unites these two types of episodes is the fact that each one highlights the evolving relationship between the two main characters. In addition to its mingling cast of notably brilliant and average characters, the world in "Gosick" is a world where legends and lore are a strange mix of fact and fiction. It's filled with secrets, many of which are dark and twisted; it is, in many ways, a fine blend of a silly comedy and decent melodrama.

Gosick is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (36 episodes). The series first aired on January 7, 2011.

Where do I stream Gosick online? Gosick is available for streaming on Kadokawa Pictures Inc., both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Gosick on demand at Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV, Crunchyroll online.

Kadokawa Pictures Inc.
2 Seasons, 36 Episodes
January 7, 2011
Cast: Aoi Yûki, Takuya Eguchi, Matt Shipman, Apphia Yu
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Gosick Full Episode Guide

  • With the help of Brian Roscoe, Victorique evades her pursuers and escapes Saubure. As war breaks out, Kujo joins the Japanese army. Letter after letter, he writes to Victorique. Will they be reunited in the end?

  • After exposing the Minister of Science and his secret plans, the Marquis rises to power and pushes Saubure toward a military alliance with Germany. But Victorique's mother, Cordelia, has other plans.

  • After Kujo receives a Christmas gift from Victorique, soldiers seize him—intent on removing him, along with all foreigners, from the country under the king's orders. When Kujo escapes, is it only to flee into the clutches of a more devious faction?

  • Armed with knowledge gained from Nicole Lulu's grave and watching the play from a box seat, Victorique reveals how the Queen's death was executed and covered up. But does Victorique know more than she tells Grevil?

  • As Victorique is escorted into a room below the theater filled with old articles and clippings, the Marquis demands she solve the unsolved murder of Coco Rose, the Queen. Kujo aids her by independently rounding up clues around a missing dancer.

  • The Marquis arranges for a performance of the Blue Rose of Saubreme to draw out Cordelia. While Cordelia recollects her past, Victorique is summoned by the Marquis to solve the unsolved mystery behind Coco Rose, the Queen of Saubure.

  • Victorique and Kujo find themselves in the middle of a bloody feud between the Ministry of the Occult and the Royal Science Academy of Saubure. In a train headed toward disaster, how will the friends save themselves and everyone aboard?

  • Two people are murdered in the midst of an illusionist performance. Cordelia, Victorique's mother, gives Kujo a keepsake and a riddle for her daughter to solve. And Kujo confronts the Marquis, Victorique's father.

  • Kujo is shocked to discover that the Marquis has moved his daughter, Victorique, to a convent in Lithuania. With the inspector's assistance, Kujo travels there to rescue her when he learns of an unusual performance and a bigger political plot.

  • Kujo has an unsettling encounter with an associate of Victorique's mother. Later, Victorique ushers everyone inside the tower to unravel the murders and mystery of the missing alchemist.

  • Avril leads Kujo into a forbidden clock tower and tells him the ghost story of the alchemist who is said to haunt it. Later, Kujo follows a stranger into the clock tower and witnesses his mysterious death.

  • Victorique, along with Roscoe, continue to escape from the agents of the Marquis de Blois. When Roscoe, who also sees Cordelia when he looks at Victorique, finally gets everything off his chest as he quietly begins to speak of his past. Meanwhile, Kazuya is at war, on the front line as a soldier, but even though he's thousands of miles away from Victorique, he continues to think about her. The two have been pulled apart by the unyielding current of history. But in the end, spring comes to the age...

  • Victorique is being held captive in the basement of the Ministry of the Occult. Meanwhile, the wind of the Second World War begins to sweep through Europe. The Marquis de Blois, desiring war, uses Victorique as "Monstre Charmant" to divine the future of Saubure and manipulates the king and commoners alike. While Saubure, and indeed the entire world, faces war, Victorique continues to grip the pendant she received from Kazuya.

  • There's a masquerade Christmas party at the academy. Cecile takes two costumes out of storage in the attic, with the intention of outfitting Kazuya and Victorique. The costumes, a pink dress and a rabbit suit, are based on the fairy tale, "Monstre Charmant". Victorique and Kazuya go to the party in costume and have a good time, but a gust of wind is about to blow between them...

  • After Kazuya rescues Victorique, it's with renewed confidence that she has the grave of a one-time dancer dug up in order to get at the truth behind the Queen's murder. Victorique finds an important fragment of Chaos lying there and soon she begins expounding on a story of Coco Rose that is quite different from the one that's being performed at the same time.

  • "The Blue Rose of Saubreme", a dramatization of the tragic life and death of Queen Coco, is going to be performed at the Phantom Theatre. In order to expose the truth behind the queen's murder, the Marquis de Blois has Victorique brought to the theater. Why are they after the queen's killer? Victorique is in imminent danger in the hotbed of the Ministry of the Occult's ulterior motive!

  • Kazuya is excited by his first snowfall in Saubure. He heads to Saubreme to buy Victorique a present. In the capital, a presentation of "The Blue Rose of Saubreme" is being put on at the Phantom Theater, where Cordelia was once employed as a dancer. Meanwhile, the curtain comes up on the secret of Victorique's birth and her mother Cordelia's past...

  • Most people escaped from Beelzebub's Skull by train, the Masquerade. There, Kazuya and Victorique meet fellow passengers who only identify themselves as "an orphan", "a scarecrow", "a woodcutter" and "a knight". However, they're all actually agents of either the Ministry of the Occult or the Science Academy, and all are after the memento box that Roscoe hid in the convent many years ago. Suddenly, the room that Victorique and Kazuya are in is plunged into darkness!

  • Kazuya successfully finds Victorique and she tells him that the Marquis de Blois's purpose is using her to draw out Cordelia. Meanwhile, a variety of "miracles" are happening at Phantasmagoria. Victorique easily sees through the tricks, but the prior of the convent has a hardline stance that won't be budged. Before long, a murder in the guise of a "miracle" takes place before everyone's eyes!

  • Victorique has disappeared. The Marquis de Blois has had her taken to a remote convent known as "Beelzebub's Skull". Worried about Victorique and determined to get her back, Kazuya arranges a plan to retrieve her. On the train over, he meets other people who are also heading for the convent. They say their purpose is to experience Phantasmagoria, a secret soir?e held there, but...

  • The alchemy of Leviathan, once the favorite of the Queen, was denounced before the entire kingdom through the manipulation of Baron Musgrave. Leviathan, furious, killed an innocent boy. Fallen from power, a person approached Leviathan trying to get him to create artificial soldiers, Homunculi, to prepare for the oncoming war...

  • A murder has occurred in the clock tower. As Victorique leaves the library tower to investigate the mystery written in Leviathan's book, she meets Avril for the first time and quickly gets into a fight with her. Meanwhile, Inspector Blois warns Kazuya that the academy is a place where Saubure's dark history lies sleeping and that he should back off or be in danger. Finally, a mystery man with some connection to Victorique closes in on her!

  • Avril has returned to the academy early on account of her infatuation with Kazuya. After seeing a movie together, the two of them come across a clock tower that's exactly the same as the one in the movie. Inside, they find the workshop of Leviathan the Alchemist. Meanwhile, at the library, Victorique is hit on the head by a falling book, which turns out to be the memoirs of none other than Leviathan!

  • It's summer vacation at the academy and all of the students are going on retreats from the heat, except for Victorique, who is forced to spend the boring break alone there. However, after Kazuya turns down Avril's invitation, he pays Victorique a visit, bringing along the most recent goodies sent from Japan. Among them is the answer to the puzzle Victorique posed to Kazuya's second elder brother. Under the midsummer sun, Kazuya's thoughts go to earlier summer days in Japan.

  • A visitor comes to the academy and it turns out to be Jacqueline, wife of the police superintendent general and seemingly close acquaintance of Inspector Blois. Kazuya is entrusted with giving her a tour, but the innocent Jacqueline soon takes the reins, directing them to the library. There, Jacqueline encounters Victorique, and confides that she was at the center of a murder investigation several years before...

  • In the basement of Jeantan, Kazuya found a real girl mixed amongst mannequins. Thinking that some kind of criminal activity is afoot, he consults with Blois at police headquarters. However, no evidence can be found. Kazuya calls Victorique for her help while at the same time pursuing a lead with Luigi, the boy he met in town.

  • On a shopping errand for his older sister back home, Kazuya heads for Jiangtan, a department store in the capital city of Saubreme. One of the things on his shopping list is a piece of merchandise based on the Blue Rose, a blue diamond once owned by the royal family, but stolen during the Great War. Meanwhile, Victorique is at home with a cold and Blois is in the capital trying to track down smugglers of stolen works of art.

  • Two visiting outsiders have been murdered at the village's midsummer festival, but Victorique solves the mystery of their deaths. However, the village elder claims, "This isn't Saubure" and won't allow the murderer to stand trial. And then, Victorique and Kazuya are on the verge of proving Cordelia Gallo innocent of the crime she was found guilty of 20 years earlier.

  • Kazuya and Victorique arrive at the Village of the Gray Wolves. The villagers speak of a maid, Cordelia Gallo, who murdered the former village elder, Theodore. She was expelled from the village from her crime, but now, Victorique aims to prove the woman's innocence. To that end, Victorique and Kazuya head for the house she once lived in...

  • Ghost story-loving Avril tells Kazuya about the rumor of a gray wolf who can speak the human tongue. Soon after, the two of them become involved in the theft of a Dresden plate at an open-air market. Victorique effortlessly solves that mystery, but the newspaper has no information about the case being cracked. Instead, the paper prints a classified ad invitation to the upcoming summer solstice festival at the Village of Gray Wolves!

  • One morning, when Kazuya is walking down the road to the village, he sees someone racing by on a motorbike. In the next instant, the driver's head is soaring through the air. Kazuya, a witness to the peculiar death, is arrested for suspicion of murder. Meanwhile, a new foreign exchange student arrives at the academy, Avril from England. And a mummified knight is discovered in the school's long-unused crypt?!

  • The time is 1924, the place a small nation with a long, majestic history to be proud of, the kingdom of Saubure. The prestigious St. Marguerite's Academy, a school that caters to the children of aristocrats, gets a new arrival, Kujo Kazuya, an exchange student from an Eastern island nation. One day, in a botanical garden at the very top of the academy's library tower, Kazuya encounters a girl who is as beautiful as a doll...