A Dark Rabbit has Seven Lives

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A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives, focuses on Taito, a blue-haired freshman at Miyasaka High. After snapping a tendon and unable to practice karate anymore, he believes himself to be completely mundane. However, a forgotten promise he made nine years ago with the "Most Ancient Sorcerer," Saitohimea, gave him the power of conditional immortality; Taito is unable to die unless he is killed seven times within the span of fifteen minutes. Shortly after the magic promise, Kurenai attacks them and kills Taito six times. To prevent Taito from dying, Saitohimea leaves with Kurenai and wipes Taito's memory. Taito is able to continue living as a normal human, while Saitohimea was powerless and sent to an alien world.

Taito has a recurring dream of his time with Saitohimea, though her name constantly eludes him. After saving someone from a vehicle crash, Taito winds up decapitated but alive. Taito's conditional immortality kicks in and jarring his memories of Saitohimea return once he reattaches his head. This shift also revives Saitohimea's magical powers and the two are able to reunite where they first met one another.

A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives is a twelve episode series produced by Zexcs Studio.

Kadokawa Pictures Inc.
1 Season, 12 Episodes
July 15, 2011
Cast: Yuichi Nakamura
A Dark Rabbit has Seven Lives

A Dark Rabbit has Seven Lives Full Episode Guide

  • After saving Hime and Haruka, Taito is granted a brief respite. The Miyasaka High School student council members gather together at a certain location for a break from their brutal experience. A location where girls can chat freely without any boys around. Meanwhile, the boys are engaged in a battle of pride...?

  • The Spell Breakers have sealed Taito's powers of immortality. As Hasga relentlessly attacks, Taito must choose between Himea and Haruka. Back in the student council room, Gekkou is forced to kneel before Kurosu's overwhelming power. That is when someone unexpected appears... How strong is their desire to protect those who are dear?

  • On the day after the student council training camp ended, Shigure Haruka disappeared. The military's indifferent reaction and Taito's disgust with how powerless he is leave Himea feeling miserable, which is when the half-breed Serge appears before her. Serge proposes a deal which will return Haruka to Taito. What are the Spell Breakers Serge and Hasga trying to accomplish...

  • Kurosu has sent Himea, Taito, Gekkou, Mirai, and Izumi, the newest member of the Miyasaka High School student council, to a sunny beach with a barrier to keep away trespassers. Kurosu plans to train the members on their combat abilities. And then the exhausted members are dealt one last blow when faced with Izumi's cooking.

  • Taito has promised to become stronger so he can protect Himea, so he knocks on the door of the student council office. Gekkou opens a dimensional rift for Taito, who finds Edelka inside. Will Taito receive the power to protect Himea, in return for a price? At the same time, Gekkou finds a suspicious-looking man in a suit who claims to be a new teacher waiting in the student council office.

  • Himea asks Taito out on a date, but Taito doesn't believe that he is capable of protecting Himea. His hesitation ends up hurting Himea. Taito wishes to protect Himea, who has been alone for too long. Himea wishes to never be separated from Taito. A moment of misunderstanding is driving them apart...

  • Gekkou passes through the dimensional rift to come face to face with the Seraphim. The Seraphim offer Gekkou the power to kill Saitohimea. Meanwhile, Taito attempts to save Himea from a new persona inside her. Taito refuses to give up on the stricken Himea, and eventually? Finally, a dark figure approaches Haruka. What is the prophecy that the Seraphim speak of? And who is Ramiel Lilith...?

  • Taito and Himea run inside the school building to escape the red rain that is lethal to the touch. Once inside, Himea's body is possessed by some other being. Taito faces off against the invisible enemy to keep his promise to Himea. As Himea's love for Taito and Taito's desire to protect Himea come together, the wheels of fate begin to turn.

  • Miyasaka High School's student council president, Kurenai Gekkou, has named Taito and Himea as student council members. Soon after, Taito learns about how Gekkou and Mirai first met, as well as the military which is secretly behind Miyasaka High School. Meanwhile, Gekkou reminiscences about his younger twin brother, Hinata. The student council members believed that the battle was finally over, but then a sinister red rain began to fall.

  • Taito has remembered his promise to the ancient magician (vampire) Saitohimea. After Gekkou injures Himea, Taito and Gekkou get into a fierce fight. That is when Gekkou's twin brother, Kurenai Hinata, appears. Taito confronts Kurenai Hinata, who was the one reason Taito was separated from Himea nine years ago. Meanwhile, Gekkou appears intent on illing his brother. A fateful battle is about to begin.

  • Kurogane Taito is an ordinary high school student who keeps having a dream about a mysterious girl who says that she loves him. On this particular day, he's on his way home from school when he sees a truck barreling down on Andou Mirai, a fellow student at Miyasaka High School. Taito quickly moves to save her...