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The series entitled Kiddy Girls-AND is about the adventures of three colleagues Ascoeur, Q-feuille and Di-air on mission. Ascoeur who is the main character of the series has an unpredictable personaility. Sometimes she appears childish and behaves like someone suffering from cerebral palsy. At other times she gets very thoughtless and easy going. She works as a waitress at a well known restaurant alongside her friend and colleague Q-feuille. She is addicted to pumpkin pudding so much so that she will do anything just to get it. She has a special ability to bend-space and after she kisses Di-air she develops the ability to teleport other people at the fastest possible speed.

As time goes on she realizes she no longer needs Di-air's kiss to be able to do that. Not long after she also discovers her name is Lieselotte and that she has a brother called Geacht'er, this however makes her unhappy. She also finds out she was a member of Nouvlesse and was locked up in a certain facility where experiments were being carried out and they were later separated after they had both lost their memory. That explains the reason why all her life she had no idea that she has a brother.

Q-feuille is a very serious and intelligent lady who just like Ascoeur is also an ES candidate. She has a special ability to foresee the future though she hardly uses it as she considers it to be poorly developed. When she kisses Di-air she develops the ability to forecast the future with great deal of accuracy. Sometimes she behaves like a naughty spoiled brat.

Di-air is the youngest member of the team and she trains under the supervision of Ascouer and Q-feuille to become a full ES candidate. She has a a mysterious past which she is not even aware of. She has a special capacity to enhance the abilities of other people just by kissing them.

Kiddy GiRL-AND is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on December 8, 2010.

Where do I stream Kiddy GiRL-AND online? Kiddy GiRL-AND is available for streaming on Kadokawa Pictures Inc., both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Kiddy GiRL-AND on demand at Google Play, iTunes online.

Kadokawa Pictures Inc.
1 Season, 24 Episodes
December 8, 2010
Cast: Aya Uchida, Chiharu Kitaoka, Yumeha Kouda, Norio Wakamoto, Kaori Mizuhashi
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Kiddy GiRL-AND Full Episode Guide

  • Q-feuille joins Letuchaia and Pauki on a trip to the hospital to visit their grandmother, but things quickly turn sour when various people mention how Q-feuille replaced Letuchaia as Geacht'er's little sister princess. This confuses Q-feuille because her altered memories tell her that it's only ever been her, and in frustration, Letuchaia tells Q-feuille the truth about her GTO ES-member origins. This leads to Q-feuille remembering Ascoeur and Di-air, but her hair ornament causes her to lose consciousness. Shade and Torch then take her back to her room, and Shade makes her forget all about this incident. Meanwhile, over at GTO headquarters, Ascoeur and Di-air decide to move out to go get Q-feuille back, and this time Hiver lets them because she's also ready to act on the frozen time space. After saying goodbye to their friends, Ascoeur and Di-air take the Mistral to G-Society's Erde Meteor and sneak onboard while their ship keeps the defense forces occupied. On the way in, Ascoeur gets the feeling that she's been there before and experiences several flashbacks, including one of her brother. The girls soon get attacked by Q-feuille who's there with Geacht'er. He calls Ascoeur by the Lieselotte name, but she declares that she's Q-feuille's partner Ascoeur.

  • With GTO set to be dismantled, its ES-members are being sent elsewhere, leaving just Ascoeur, Di-air, Hiver, and Sommer. Ascoeur really wants to go save Q-feuille, but Hiver and Sommer stop her and make her reveal everything that happened with Geacht'er. Q-feuille meanwhile remains brainwashed and her acting lovey-dovey with Geacht'er really pisses off Letuchaia. Letuchaia thus tries to get back at her, but her attempts fail and Letuchaia instead finds herself becoming Q-feuille's friend. Back at GTO, Hiver has Ascoeur learn more about Q-feuille from the database, and Ascoeur finds out that Q-feuille was part of an ES-member duplication plan that was in response to the time freeze incident. Trixie and Troisienne were the third generation and Q-feuille was the fourth, but Q-feuille didn't get a partner because Eclipse died. Hiver explains that Q-feuille had been lonely for a long time, so she was happy to have Ascoeur and had thus wanted to save her. She also thinks that as long as the two girls have their deep bond, they can call out to each other and will meet again someday. This occurs sooner than anticipated because Q-feuille, Shade, and Torch suddenly arrive at the GTO headquarters and come face to face with Ascoeur.

  • After the Geacht'er incident, Ascoeur hasn't told Q-feuille the truth, but Q-feuille has also been hiding her memory problems from Ascoeur. For the time being, the two are informed that Saphir has apparently defected from the G-Society and has taken refuge on an ice planet. The girls decide to go out to get her, and when they arrive, they find Rubis there too. After a brief battle, Saphir manages to make Rubis retreat, and she's soon able to gain the girls' trust. Saphir's plan is to wait until nighttime so that Rubis can't pursue them, but this is a trap in reality, and she makes it so cold that the girls want to sleep. This was all part of Geacht'er's plan to capture Ascoeur, however Q-feuille now complicates things by being re-energized from a Di-air kiss and freezing Saphir. Di-air also kisses Ascoeur, but Ascoeur isn't able to do anything after getting poisoned by Rubis. Q-feuille ends up freezing Rubis too, but this is too much strain on her, so she has TAMA carry Di-air and Ascoeur back to the ship to escape without her. In the aftermath, Ascoeur wakes up back at the GTO, and Q-feuille wakes up at the G Society.

  • Ascoeur recently has been experiencing some vivid dreams involving her friends and colleagues, including one where she and Q-feuille are in their school's drama club. What she doesn't realize is that Shade is responsible for them and has been probing her mind while she sleeps. Based on this, Shade is able to report to Geacht'er that Ascoeur has lost her memories of the past after some accident in space. Geacht'er then heads down to the planet and tries to talk to Ascoeur, but she sees him as the enemy and attacks immediately. None of her attacks have any effect on him though, and he reveals that he has the same birthmark on his neck that she has on her leg. What's more, he calls Ascoeur his little sister Lieselotte and explains that she had escaped from a research laboratory where they had been kept. Geacht'er now wants her to join him, but Ascoeur, after remembering how he killed Trixie and Troisienne, refuses and tries to run away. Geacht'er, however, has the power to mess with time and easily catches her, and he names himself Ascoeur's true partner. Fortunately for her, Q-feuille and Di-air show up, and Ascoeur calls upon a huge amount of power to try to bring Geacht'er down. Geacht'er is able to avoid her attack, but he decides to give Ascoeur some time to say goodbye to her friends, and he departs for now.

  • While Ascoeur, Q-feuille, and Di-air are getting briefed on the G-Society’s various Shadow Workers, over in the G-Society, Letuchaia and Pauki are visiting their hospitalized grandmother who is getting special treatment thanks to their status. Letuchaia reveals to their grandmother that she’s been collecting information on their fellow Shadow Workers by sending in a maid as a spy. This maid learned that Rubis eats a lot, tries to live life without waste and regret, and finds Letuchaia and Pauki bothersome. Saphir, on the other hand, keeps a messy room and returns home with hickeys on her chest. The maid also learned that Torch is a bit of a womanizer in his free time, but he and Shade are close and used to be on the galactic police force together until they switched sides to the G-Society. It turns out that Letuchaia gathered all this information because Geacht’er asked her to, but what she doesn’t know is that Geacht’er also had Saphir and Shade spying on their fellow Shadow Workers. Back at the GTO, Sommer informs everyone that the G-Society is trying to replace the GTO, and they’ve got some powerful allies. The GTO thus needs Ascoeur, Q-feuille, and Di-air to fight for them, but first the girls need to know about the time freeze incident from 25 years ago.

  • The GTO anniversary event is interrupted almost as soon as it begins by the sudden appearance of a giant image of Gacktoel. Torch and Shade are already there, and they use their powers to turn the GTO soldiers against the crowd. Gacktoel then deploys his own soldiers, so Chief Hiver has no choice but to send out the top ES members. While Un-ou, A-ou, Tweedledee, and Tweedledum face off against the enemy forces, Trixie and Troisienne cover up the giant image with smoke. Ascoeur and Q-feuille try to help as well, but after Un-ou and Tweedledum get hurt, it’s Trixie and Troisienne who come back to save the day. They appear to drive off all the Shadow Workers, but Gacktoel himself then uses the opportunity to strike down both Trixie and Troisienne. Realizing that they’re dying, the two ask Ascoeur and Q-feuille to protect the future of the galaxy before they lose consciousness.

  • With Di-air now part of their team, Ascoeur and Q-feuille are given a mission to investigate the old GOTT building. Once inside of the place, Q-feuille is scared, and things only get worse for her when both Di-air and Ascoeur run off, leaving her by herself. The unfamiliar place, darkness, and weird noises really get to her, and she runs across what appears to be a shape-shifting monster. She’s able to escape from it and eventually finds Ascoeur, however there’s still no sign of Di-air. The two then make their way to a laboratory-like area, and they come across what appear to be the ghosts of Alv and Dvergr. The ghosts disappear though, and Di-air suddenly reappears, unconcerned and without a scratch on her. The girls don’t get much time to rest however because they are attacked by a mechanical-looking monster that Di-air identifies as a Genetech Beast. It can change forms, and Ascoeur and Q-feuille have trouble against it until Di-air kisses them both and powers them both up. They’re then able to defeat it and find out afterward that its real form is that of a small creature, and Di-air was playing with it all along. Di-air even decides to adopt it and brings it back with her to GTO.

  • 25 years after Éclair and Lumière used their powers to stop the explosion of a planet, cadet partners Ascoeur and Q-feuille are working in the cafe of the Galactic Trade Organization's main office on the planet Aineias. Ascoeur is a bit over-eager, naive, and clumsy while Q-feuille is the level-headed, yet hypersensitive one. On this particular day, Ascoeur gets into an argument with her manager over her wearing bloomers, and Ascoeur inadvertently takes them off right in front of GTO Chief Hiver. She goes on to realize that she accidentally took off her underwear as well, but before she can do anything about it, assassins who are after Chief Hiver show up. Ascoeur jumps into action and manages to defeat the assassins, but they then combine their armor into a mechanical dragon. Ascoeur's attack on the dragon's head causes it to go berserk, and she's forced to ride it throughout the GTO building, causing tons of damage in the process. She's eventually able to cut it in half, and the guards finish it off and go on to arrest the assassins. In the aftermath, Ascoeur and Q-feuille are scolded by Chief Hiver inside her ruined office, but ES members Trixie and Troisienne see promise in them.