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Nana is the anime TV show based on the Shojo manga of the same name. Nana, tells the story of two girls, with the same name, who move to Tokyo, Japan and become roommates. The TV show Nana, tells the story from each character's point of view, and then merges them when they meet for the first time. Nana Komatsu is a naive, small town girl with big dreams. Nana Komatsu moves to Tokyo, with no job or place to live and little ambition save to be there with her boyfriend and best friends. Since she was never good in school, Nana must work hard to find a job and make it in the big city. On the train to Tokyo, Nana meets another young and mysterious girl, with the same name.

Nana Osaki, is the private and tough punk girl who grew up mostly on her own. Nana Osaki was the singer to her popular hometown band, until they broke up due to their bassist, (and Nana's boyfriend) Ren joining another band. Ren asks Nana to move with him so they can be together, but she is proud and doesn't want to depend on him for her livelihood. Nana later moves to Tokyo alone, with the hopes of making it as a singer with a new band. Some members from Nana's band follow her to Tokyo, where they start to grow a strong following.

During a snowstorm, on a train to Tokyo, Nana Osaki meets Nana Komatsu and they form a fast friendship. The Nana's lose each other when the train arrives at its destination, but meet again by chance while looking at the same apartment. The two decide to share the apartment and become roommates. The show then shows Nana Komatsu's relationship woes and job hunting troubles as she struggles to become more mature and stable. Independent and single Nana Osaki divides her time with odd jobs during the day, and forming a new band and writing songs by night. In each episode, both Nanas support one another through hardships and heartbreaks.

4 Seasons, 98 Episodes
April 5, 2006
Anime, Drama
Cast: Romi Pak, Kaori, Brian Drummond, Toshiyuki Morikawa

Nana Full Episode Guide

  • With Nana K and Takumi's wedding two weeks away, both Nana K and Nobu are nervous about seeing each other, but Nana O is determined to bring them together at the fireworks show that the band is attending in disguise.

  • Yasu gets permission from their manager for everyone to attend the fireworks show. Disguised to protect themselves from ardent fans, the band members wait in apt. 707 for Nana K.

  • Nana K is overcome with fan fever when she sees Blast's live performance on TV. Hoping to reconnect with Nana O and apologize to Nobu, she texts Shin with an invitation to a fireworks show.

  • Blast and Trapnest prepare to appear on the same show together, giving Ren an opportunity to ambush Nana in her dressing room with a shocking proposal.

  • Nana O recovers from her collapse, and Blast's schedule becomes crammed. Nana relies on Yasu to handle the stress, but the image of Ren is always at the back of her mind.

  • Blast records at a training camp, while in Nana K's hometown, Takumi charms and is charmed by the Komatsu family.

  • Takumi returns from London and prepares to meet Nana's parents, while Ren ponders if he can ever love Nana O the way that Yasu does.

  • While Blast deals with the repercussions of the media attention, Nana K makes up with Takumi, only to discover he's going away--to London.

  • Nana O and Ren suddenly find themselves in the spotlight when their relationship becomes fodder for the entertainment media. Everyone's on edge, including Takumi and Nana K, who have their first fight.

  • Nana O is ready at last to see Nana K again, but is turned away at their building as a stalker fan! Nana K is actually only steps away at a coffee shop with Shin, who tells her to stand by her decision.

  • Takumi and Nana K are blissful in their new apartment, but Reira is torn apart by the engagement, prompting Shin to rush to her side.

  • Nana O stays away from apt. 707, but unknown to her, Nana K has moved into a luxurious new apartment and is spending her days knitting for the baby.

  • A brokenhearted Reira has rushed to Yasu for comfort, sending the recording studio in an uproar at her disappearance.

  • Nana O is disgusted to find Takumi at the apartment, walking around like he owns the place, and the general unrest deepens when Takumi reveals his and Nana's engagement to the rest of Trapnest.

  • Reeling from the Nana K's news, Nana O runs to her usual source of comfort--Yasu. Nana K in the meantime runs to Junko and Kyosuke, and when she returns home, she finds Takumi waiting for her.

  • Takumi surprisingly steps up to take responsibility for Nana's pregnancy, but Nana O is devastated and Nobu heartbroken.

  • Misato and Nana O worry over Nana K. When Shin reveals details of his family's past, Nana O and Nana K launch into a discussion of motherhood.

  • Nana O is worried about Nana K, Misato is worried about Blast's contract, and Nana K is worried about a possible pregnancy!

  • Nana and Nobu fall in love under the stars, but the shadow of Takumi still lingers between them, unless Nana can make the final break.

  • Nana K wants someone to love for the rest of her life, and she begins to think it won't be Takumi. Then she and Nobu share a moment alone...

  • A producer invites Blast out to dinner after their live show, while Nana K prepares a feast at home, only to be let down and run straight to Takumi's arms.

  • Nana K is torn between her affection for Nobu and her undeniable attraction to Takumi, but finds that Takumi's draw is irresistible, leaving Nobu feeling betrayed.

  • Blast is on the verge of getting a recording deal and prepare for a live show. Behind the scenes, Nana O decides to stay at Ren's for a while, leaving Nana K brokenhearted.

  • Nana O confesses her worries about Takumi's womanizing to Yasu. Nana K, happily oblivious, pursues her relationship with Takumi, while Nobo works up the courage to reveal his feelings.