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  • 2012
  • 1 Season
  • 7.7  (133)

My Little Nightmare is a television drama from Japan that premiered in 2012 on ntv. The show stars Keiko Kitagawa, a popular Japanese actress known for her work in various films and television dramas, as well as her modeling work for fashion brands like L'Oreal Paris.

The show follows the story of a young woman named Suzume who is struggling to find direction in her life after her mother's death. When her father remarries, Suzume finds herself feeling even more lost and uncertain about her future. To make matters worse, she begins experiencing strange and terrifying nightmares that seem to be linked to a dark and dangerous mystery from her past.

As Suzume tries to unravel the truth behind her nightmares and her mother's death, she must also navigate the complicated relationships in her new family, including her stepmother and stepsister. As she delves deeper into the world of her nightmares, Suzume discovers that there may be more to her past than she ever realized, and that she may hold the key to solving a long-standing and dangerous mystery.

My Little Nightmare is a suspenseful and engaging drama that combines elements of horror, mystery, and family drama. The show is well-written, with strong character development and compelling plotlines that keep viewers on the edge of their seats from episode to episode. Keiko Kitagawa gives a standout performance as Suzume, imbuing the character with vulnerability, strength, and determination as she faces the challenges of her past and present.

One of the most impressive aspects of My Little Nightmare is the show's visual style. The series employs a range of techniques to create a sense of unease and tension, including eerie lighting, disturbing sound effects, and surreal dream sequences that blur the line between reality and nightmare. The show's sets and locations are also beautifully designed, creating a lush and atmospheric world that draws viewers in and keeps them engaged.

Throughout its run, My Little Nightmare garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base, with many viewers praising the show's unique blend of genres and its strong cast and writing. The series has also been hailed for its feminist themes and its empowering portrayal of a young woman who defies societal expectations and takes control of her own life.

Overall, My Little Nightmare is a must-see for fans of Japanese television drama, horror, and mystery. With its strong writing, stunning visuals, and standout performances, the show is a standout addition to the ntv lineup and a classic of the genre. Whether you're in search of suspenseful thrills, compelling characters, or engrossing storytelling, My Little Nightmare has something to offer every viewer.

My Little Nightmare is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (11 episodes). The series first aired on October 13, 2012.

My Little Nightmare
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E 11
11. E 11
December 28, 2012
The shock of her mistaken assumption that Ayami killed Shiki Takashi has left Yuiko in a deep sleep, during which she continues to dream. Ayami follows one of her precognitive dreams back to the orphanage to learn all the details behind the human trafficking organization. In the process, she learns more than she ever expected about her own past - as well as Yuiko's.
E 10
10. E 10
December 21, 2012
Ayami continues her search to find the missing students of Meike Elementary and the criminals who kidnapped them. As she pursues the trail of her student, Kondou Nanami, Yuiko has a nightmare depicting a terrible situation for Ayami and Shiki...
E 9
9. E 9
December 14, 2012
Children are being scouted by a mysterious organization to take part in a magazine photoshoot, and later disappearing without a trace. Both Ayami and Yuiko find something oddly familiar about the peculiar swing pictured in the organization's logo...
E 8
8. E 8
December 7, 2012
Yuiko's classmate's father has a disorder that causes him to physically and violently act out his dream actions. As Yuiko and Ayami try to unlock the secret to his nightmares, Professor Kotou finally tells Ayami about her own past.
E 7
7. E 7
November 30, 2012
Shiki has exposed the reality of precognitive dreams to the media, coercing Yuiko into helping him fulfill his ambitions. Meanwhile, Ayami tries to distance herself from Yuiko and the professor, afraid that they might bring her own dark past into the light.
E 6
6. E 6
November 23, 2012
Two of Yuiko's classmates, Miku and Rion, have been working hard in preparation for their upcoming ballet recital... but Yuiko's latest nightmare foretells of danger in their future. Meanwhile, Professor Kotou's assistant, Shiki, deserts him and sets out to handle dream research his own way...
E 5
5. E 5
November 16, 2012
Yuiko has had another nightmare involving her classmate, Shou, falling into a hole and being attacked by zombies. He ignores her warning, but an adventure with his younger brother brings the two boys to a deep forest, where they stumble across an unusually large hole...
E 4
4. E 4
November 9, 2012
Curious and concerned by Ayami-sensei's sudden change in personality, a few girls from class 5-2 decide to pay her a home visit and find out what's going on. But instead they find Shiki, her "boyfriend," alone in her apartment...
E 3
3. E 3
November 2, 2012
At school a manga about an Invisible Kid is making its round s in a negative way. Ayami is dealing with her complicated relationship with Shiki and his demands.
E 2
2. E 2
October 26, 2012
A call from Professor Kotou informs Ayami that "Nightmare-chan" has had another nightmare. This time the dream stars another classmate, Touma, being attacked by a giant snake...
1. Duty
Mutoi Ayami is a well-respected teacher that hides a secret. Her carefully crafted world is broken with the introduction of a new student and a website.
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My Little Nightmare is available for streaming on the ntv website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch My Little Nightmare on demand at and Viki.
  • Premiere Date
    October 13, 2012
  • IMDB Rating
    7.7  (133)