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  • TV-14
  • 2006
  • 1 Season
  • 8.2  (11,400)

Ouran High School Host Club was an anime television show produced by Chukyo TV that aired in 2006. It is based on the manga series of the same name by Bisco Hatori. The series revolves around a group of students who are part of the titular high school's host club. The show stars Maaya Sakamoto as Haruhi Fujioka, Monica Rial as Renge Hoshakuji, Vic Mignogna as Tamaki Suoh, Luci Christian as Honey Bunny, Mamoru Miyano as Tamaki Suoh (young), Kenichi Suzumura as Hikaru Hitachiin, Mike McFarland as Ranka Fujioka, Caitlin Glass as Haruhi Fujioka (young), Ayaka Saito as Ryouko Kawasaki, and Daisuke Kirii as Mitsukuni Haninozuka.

The show primarily focuses on Haruhi Fujioka, a poor but brilliant student who attends Ouran High School on scholarship. One day, while trying to find a place to study, she stumbles upon the host club, a group of six male students who entertain female clients by flirting with them and catering to their every need. Mistaking Haruhi for a boy, the host club recruits her as a host, much to her surprise.

Despite initially clashing with the host club's narcissistic leader, Tamaki Suoh, Haruhi quickly becomes a popular host thanks to her blunt demeanor and straightforward personality. As she navigates the world of the host club, she also forms friendships with its other members, each of whom has their own unique personality and backstory. These members include the mischievous Hitachiin twins, the cute and childlike Honey Bunny, the cool and aloof Kyoya Ootori, and the flamboyant and charming Tamaki.

Throughout the show's 26-episode run, Haruhi and the host club go on various adventures, from attending a cosplay convention to participating in a host club competition. Along the way, they encounter new characters and form new friendships, while also dealing with their own personal struggles and conflicts.

One of the major themes of the show is the exploration of gender roles and expectations. Haruhi, who is mistaken for a boy due to her short hair and masculine clothing, challenges the notion that gender determines one's worth or abilities. The show also tackles issues such as class divide and societal expectations, particularly with regards to the host club's wealthy clientele and high-class upbringing.

Overall, Ouran High School Host Club is a charming and lighthearted anime that blends comedy, romance, and drama seamlessly. Its colorful cast of characters and witty humor make it a fan favorite among anime enthusiasts, while its exploration of deeper themes gives it a lasting impact.

Ouran High School Host Club is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on April 4, 2006.

Ouran High School Host Club
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This is Our Ouran Festival
26. This is Our Ouran Festival
September 26, 2006
Tamaki has dissolved the Ouran Host Club and is leaving Japan with Eclair for France. Eclair's family has bought Kyouya's birthright and Kyouya will be left with no company to run when he grows up. Haruhi and the others have to try to stop Tamaki from leaving Japan and Ouran forever, and Kyouya must prove his worth to his father once and for all.
The Host Club's Declaration of Dissolution
25. The Host Club's Declaration of Dissolution
September 19, 2006
It's time for the Ouran school festival and Tamaki has plans for the host club that even more extravagant then usual, but with the festival comes the families of the club members. Haruhi finally learns of Tamaki's tragic past after his hateful grandmother forces him to escort the beautiful Eclair for the length of the festival. When Tamaki is called selfish by more then one person and is then made an offer by Eclair, will he make the surprising announcement to dissolve the Host Club?
And Kyouya Met
24. And Kyouya Met
September 12, 2006
Tamaki's set up kotetsu's in the Host Club! He wants everyone to enjoy it even if it's a bit too early for winter. This brings Haruhi to finally asking how someone as cool as Kyouya ended up being one of the people starting the Host Club. 2 years before, Kyouya was told to befriend Tamaki because their family ties were known as enemies. "Be nice to your allies. Be even nicer to your enemies."is what Kyouya's dad used as advice. But Tamaki was different than he imagined. They ended up spending holidays together (from Tamaki's nagging) and once Kyouya would finally be prepared for the next trip, Tamaki decides that studying would be more important. A few words get Kyouya mad at Tamaki and a few more words from Tamaki get Kyouya's mind changed. This is how Kyouya truly met Tamaki.
Tamaki's Unrealized Melancholy
23. Tamaki's Unrealized Melancholy
September 5, 2006
This episode follows along from the last one. Now that Ritsu knows that Haruhi is a girl, he's got his mind on her 24/7. He goes to the Host Club to talk to her and all the customers are furious at first. After a while, they realize that it's all MOE! Tamaki's an empty shell halfway through until he actually moves in and ends up being pushed aside. Ritsu gets dumped before he even confesses, but Tamaki is suprisingly unmoved by it. He unconsciously thinks about something and everyone kicks cans together at the end. Honey is obviously aware that in the end, Kyouya and Kaoru are gonna get left out of the picture. Will things really change before they graduate?
The Desire to Apprentice to Mori-senpai
22. The Desire to Apprentice to Mori-senpai
August 29, 2006
Class 1D's Kasanoda Ritsu shows up spying on Mori in the 3rd Music Room one peaceful afternoon. He wants people to be less scared of him. He thinks that since Mori's so scary looking and yet, he has so many friends, that Mori might tell him some secrets to keeping his scary look but making a keeping friends! Haruhi is the one that ends up making him feel all weird inside. But he finds something out at the end of the episode that was just as surprising as before!
The Day Until It Turns Into A Pumpkin
21. The Day Until It Turns Into A Pumpkin
August 22, 2006
Haruhi, Hikaru and Kaoru's class have to decide what to do as a special event for Halloween. Renge steps in and decides for them! She gives the idea trying to scare each other at night at the school. Haruhi, Hikaru, Kaoru and their class president, Kazukiyo Souga, end up being Team B and they're sent out to be scared by Team A. A skull and a creepy looking woman end up splitting the team up putting Haruhi and Hikaru left alone! Tamaki can't stand seeing this from his point of view. Kaoru doesn't want his carriage to turn into a pumpkin so he's trying to enjoy what he has while he has it. But when Hikaru realizes something, what's Kaoru going to do?
The Door Opened by the Twins
20. The Door Opened by the Twins
August 15, 2006
How were Kaoru and Hikaru before they met Tamaki? Who was the one that made them create a barrier thinking that no one would be able to tell the difference between them? Who would have known that meeting one persistent person would change your life forever? If Haruhi would have done what she didn't do at the end of the episode, things would have never happened the way they did.
Roberia Girls' Academy Strikes Back
19. Roberia Girls' Academy Strikes Back
August 8, 2006
The Host Club take a trip to Haruhi's house again due to Tamaki's idea of surprising her. They find Haruhi's dad at home and find out that she went out earlier and was taken by the Roberia Girls' Academy! They find out that she's acting in one of their musicals because their heroine got into a car accident and something movied Haruhi to help them. It turns out that Benibara, the Zuka club's leader, wants to steal something from Tamaki! And Benibara finds out something surprising in the very end...
Chika-kun's 'Overthrow Honey' Declaration
18. Chika-kun's 'Overthrow Honey' Declaration
August 1, 2006
A young boy shows up asking for Honey and right when the boy sees him, he starts a fight! It turns out that the boy is Yasuchika Haninozuka, Honey's younger brother! Chika-kun thinks of his older brother as an alien and the only thing that can settle this brotherly quarrel is one final match using the Haninozuka style! But what caused the sudden change in Honey that made him take in everything cute and enjoy all kinds of cake? Mori is deeply taken in by what happens and something interesting makes him pretty sad...
Kyoya's Reluctant Day Off
17. Kyoya's Reluctant Day Off
July 25, 2006
Kyouya wakes up in an unknown place. Haruhi ends up finding him here! It's the last day of summer vacation and Tamaki wanted explore the commoners' expo. Kyouya does something that allows Haruhi to realize something interesting about him.
Haruhi and Hikaru, the Great First Date Strategy
16. Haruhi and Hikaru, the Great First Date Strategy
July 18, 2006
Kaoru suddenly gets sick and he leaves Hikaru to escort Haruhi around Karuizawa for him! But this was of course on purpose. Kaoru wants Hikaru to learn something that everyone never thought he paid attention to. He does indeed learn, and Hikaru feels much closer to Haruhi by the end of their date.
Karuizawa Refreshing Battle
15. Karuizawa Refreshing Battle
July 11, 2006
Haruhi's missing?!?!?! Tamaki's on a rampage trying to find his missing daughter. But, Kyouya informs him that she's simply working a part-time job in Karuizawa for the summer. The Host Club want to stay at the inn that Haruhi's working in, but there's only one room left! Thus, the battle for the most refreshing employee begins.
Interview the famous host club
14. Interview the famous host club
July 4, 2006
The newspaper club is about to be dismantled unless they make a big story that will catch everyone's attention. Everyone's eyes seem to be on the Host Club right now, so they've got a plan! But apparently, the president of the newspaper club has something against Tamaki! But why?...
Haruhi in Wonderland
13. Haruhi in Wonderland
June 27, 2006
Haruhi wanders off while her father's doing her paperwork for going into Ouran. She follows Honey's usa-chan and a lot of strange things happen. Kyouya on a mushroom? Tamaki wearing a silk hat? The twins wearing cat suits?!? Everything makes sense at the very end...
Honey-senpai's Three Unsweet Days
12. Honey-senpai's Three Unsweet Days
June 20, 2006
A incident with Honey's usa-chan starts off with everyone in panic. But Mori comes to the rescue! Right when Haruhi warns Honey about cavities, he gets one. He's in big trouble now! Mori is acting strange and everyone finds out something pretty interesting...
Onii-chama Is A Prince
11. Onii-chama Is A Prince
June 13, 2006
A young girl enters the Third Music Room and runs up to Tamaki. She believes that he's her brother! We find out that her real brother is Nekozawa and that they have a problem which results in Renge having to step in...
The Fujioka Household's Daily Life
10. The Fujioka Household's Daily Life
June 6, 2006
Tamaki wakes up from a nightmare of Haruhi being extremely poor and decides to go visit her house just to make sure that she's fine. And so, the Host Club ends up taking a trip to the Fujioka house...
The Challenge of Roberia Girls School
9. The Challenge of Roberia Girls School
May 30, 2006
Tamaki never realized it, but Haruhi was always able to transfer to a different school anytime. The Roberia Girls' Academy find Haruhi and surprisingly, they automatically know that she's a girl! The three main members of the Zuka club, which is the most popular club that the school is known for, want Haruhi to join them! Well, Haruhi makes Tamaki pretty surprised at the end.
The Sun, Ocean and Host Club
8. The Sun, Ocean and Host Club
May 23, 2006
Everyone agrees to go to the beach, but Tamaki brings the costumers along as well! An incident causes Tamaki getting mad at Haruhi and he says he doesn't want to speak to her again! But this just so happens to make Tamaki a little closer to Haruhi...
Jungle pool SOS
7. Jungle pool SOS
May 16, 2006
The host club take a break by going to Kyouya's family's relaxation clinic which is virtually made to look and feel like a jungle. While Haruhi just wants to go home, Honey gets washed away by a huge wave! What will everyone do to get him back safe and sound?!
Elementary School Student's Mischievous System
6. Elementary School Student's Mischievous System
May 9, 2006
A young elementary school boy decides that he wants to become a host for an unknown reason. Tamaki decides to make this boy his apprentice but the training doesn't start off too well...
Twins' Quarrel
5. Twins' Quarrel
May 2, 2006
After Haruhi correctly identifies which twin is which, she points out that one is slightly meaner than the other. They fight for days and then Haruhi decides enough is enough and tries to put a stop to it.
Manageress Invades
4. Manageress Invades
April 25, 2006
A French girl develops a crush on Kyouya because he looks just like a star in a virtual reality game. After finding out he's at Ouran High, she moves to Japan to be with him. Soon after she gets into the host club, she makes herself the manager.
Beware Of Physical Examinations
3. Beware Of Physical Examinations
April 18, 2006
Every student has to take a public health exam. This could reveal Haruhi's sex to everyone at school making it impossible for her to repay the rest of her debt.
A High School Student Host's Job
2. A High School Student Host's Job
April 11, 2006
There is a dance party being planned. At this time, the host club wishes to cure one girl's host hopping.
You're A Host From Now On
1. You're A Host From Now On
April 4, 2006
While searching for a quiet place to study, Fujioka stumbles across the Ouran High School Hosting Club. When its president hits on her, she gets scared and accidentally knocks over a vase valued at 8 million yen. Now in order to pay it off, she must work as the club's dog.
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  • Premiere Date
    April 4, 2006
  • IMDB Rating
    8.2  (11,400)