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My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Too! is about a teenage shut-in named Hikigaya Hachiman. He's not only lacking in a girlfriend, but any kind of friendships or relationships. A teacher decides that something has to be done about the situation. As a result, he becomes the second member of the Volunteer Services Club. As such he's stuck trying to help his classmates. And in the process it's hoped that he'll begin to form social bonds. It seems to be a success, but the Fall brings a whole host of new problems for his fellow students. And it's up to him to keep things running smoothly.

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Too! is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on April 3, 2015.

Where do I stream My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Too! online? My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Too! is available for streaming on Sentai Filmworks, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Too! on demand at iTunes online.

Friday 1:46 PM et/pt on Sentai Filmworks
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
April 3, 2015
Cast: Takuya Eguchi, Saori Hayami, Nao Tôyama, Melissa Molano
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My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Too! Full Episode Guide

  • As Yukino is leaving school, Haruno shows up and says their mother suggested she live at Yukino's place with her for a while. With nowhere else to go, Yukino takes up Yui's invitation to spend the night at the Yuigahama home. When Yui asks Yukino what she wants to do, she's unable to answer. Then Yui comes to a decision that could change the relationship between the three Service Club members. How will Yukino and Hachiman answer?

  • As Valentine's Day draws near, Miura and Iroha approach the Service Club for advice on giving chocolate to Hayama. Since Hayama doesn't accept gifts of chocolate, Hachiman suggests holding a cooking class so the girls can have Hayama taste-test the chocolates they make.

  • As a rumor that Yukino and Hayama are a couple floats around the school, Miura approaches the Service Club to ask them to find out Hayama's plans for the future. When Hayama refuses to answer, Hachiman devises a plan utilizing the school marathon race...

  • Tamanawa and his schoolmates still can't make any decisions, and Hachiman and Yukino directly point out the irresponsibility and emptiness of their words. By laying everything out clearly, Iroha and the Service Club manage to guide the Christmas event toward success. Things are finally peaceful again in the Service Club, and then, after New Year's, Hachiman and Yui set out to find a birthday gift for Yukino...

  • Hachiman agonizes as he remembers his own words, but all three members of the Service Club are now helping with the Christmas event together. Hiratsuka-sensei hands them tickets to Destiny Land and tells them to go find out what Christmas really means. The trio is joined by Iroha, Hayama, Miura, Ebina, and Tobe, but Hachiman and Yukino end up separated from the others. Meanwhile, as fireworks light the sky, Iroha takes a surprising action...

  • "You don't have to force yourself to attend anymore..." Yukino's words leave Hachiman in deep turmoil as he reflects on his way of doing things. Hiratsuka finds him leaving the Christmas event planning meeting and gives him some advice, guiding him toward an answer...

  • Hachiman wasn't able to consult with anyone about the student council president election or the Service Club, but after a conversation with his sister Komachi, he's finally able to take action. Komachi wants both Yukino and Yui to remain in the Service Club, so Hachiman ponders what he can do himself.

  • Hachiman still hasn't found a solution to the student council president election issue before he ends up on a double date with Orimoto and her friend at Hayama's request (and Haruno's threatening).

  • Yukino and Yui couldn't hide their shock after the action Hachiman took on their field trip. The mood in the Service Club is awkward when they're approached with a new request. Isshiki Iroha has been entered in the running for student council president as a prank, and she wants help getting out of the election without making herself look bad.

  • Hachiman and the Service Club are working to solve their classmates' relationship issues during their field trip in Kyoto. As the classmates visit various tour spots in their respective groups, Hachiman makes a realization, and arrives at an unexpected solution...

  • The cultural festival has ended, and it's now November. Hachiman and company are preparing for a field trip when Hayama and Tobe pay a visit to the Service Club to ask for help with matters of love. But behind the scenes, Hayama and the others in the guys' group have their own plans...

  • An awkward visit from Yukino€™s sister causes Yukino to spend the night at Yui€™s. But when only Yui seems able to make up her mind, the Service Club may never be the same.

  • With the approach of Valentine€™s Day, the Service Club is overwhelmed with requests regarding chocolate. In an attempt to solve the issue, Hachiman concocts a sweet plan.

  • While the group attempts to figure out what their respective future plans are, a rumor is sparked regarding Yukino and Hayama that makes the whole school curious.

  • It will take all three members of the Service Club to fix the disastrous Christmas event. After, Yui and Hachiman head out to pick a present for Yukino's birthday.

  • Ms. Hiratsuka gives the trio and Iroha tickets a theme park and tells them to discover what Christmas really means.

  • After Hachiman and Yukino€™s conversation, Hachiman is left contemplating the faults in his thinking. Ms. Hiratsuka offers him a car ride and her advice on the matter.

  • Iroha€™s first event as president isn€™t going well. All of the people on the partnering student council just want to look smart, but can€™t actually make decisions!

  • After the student council election, Hachiman has his reservations as to whether he made the right choice as the new president struggles with her first event.

  • Hachiman has yet to figure out how to fix the student council president election problem. But a discussion with his sister finally gives him the ability to take action.

  • Hachiman ends up in an awkward situation with Orimoto, while still searching for the solution to the student election prank. However, a resolution is closer than he thinks.

  • The tension between Yukino and Hachiman is thick enough to cut with a knife. Meanwhile, Kaker is planning something for Hina.

  • The field trip in Kyoto continues, with the Service Club trying their best to help solve their problems. Later, Hachiman makes a surprising realization.

  • The Service Club's new task is to help Tobecchi find a way to confess his true feelings to Ebino, but she's got a different agenda in mind, and it includes Hachiman.

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