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Ginza, Tokyo is usually a very peaceful part of the city. This is true until a portal from another world opens and legions of soldiers and monsters come through to terrorize the city. The Japan Self-Defense Forces battle these creatures until they are no longer able to terrorize the city anymore. In order to ensure that this never happens again, the Japan Self-Defense Forces pass through the gate and set up a base of operations in this other world. Their mission is to force peace negotiations. In a world where goblins, wizards, elves, and magic are all real those who have knowledge of fantasy literature become the best fighters and negotiators. This amazing adventure is a mixture of many different genres of adventure stories. The main characters range from a 33-year-old soldier to a 961-year-old demi-goddess.

Gate is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on July 3, 2015.

Where do I stream Gate online? Gate is available for streaming on Sentai Filmworks, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Gate on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, The Roku Channel online.

Saturday 12:30 AM et/pt on Sentai Filmworks
1 Season, 24 Episodes
July 3, 2015
Cast: Jun'ichi Suwabe, Nao Tôyama, Hisako Kanemoto, Risa Taneda
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Gate Full Episode Guide

  • Itami and the rest of Recon 3 launch one final assault on the palace to recover the captured princess. A new dawn begins for the Empire, and some surprising relationships are revealed.

  • The SDF has gotten the go-ahead to assault the capital and protect the diplomats and pro-peace senators. A huge combined arms operation begins, as dragons are shot down by jets and spearman are slain by snipers. But will they be able to reach the Jade Palace before the exhausted Rose Knights are finally defeated?

  • The Pied Piper strikes as Lelei delivers her speech for her masters. Princess Pinya is impressed by Zolzal's new government, and Chule is now the de-facto ruler of the empire.

  • With the Emperor out of the picture, the crown prince is free to run things as he sees fit. He establishes a reign of terror over the empire, and his thugs imprison anyone who speaks out against him. Sherry's parents are killed and she's forced to flee to safety, but Japan refuses to take her in.

  • Lelei's sister is jealous of her success in money, academics, and wealth. She challenges Lelei to a duel, which threatens to burn down the entire city!

  • With the Fire Dragon slain, Itami's next stop is the magic city of Londol, where Lelei is about to present at a prestigious academy. Meanwhile, peace talks between the Empire and Japan are about to begin...

  • It's the final showdown with the Fire Dragon as Itami, Rory, Chuka, and Lelei join forces with a squad of rocket-launcher-equipped elves. Can swords, magic, artillery, and fighter jets defeat a dragon?

  • Itami has left in search of the powerful fire dragon. The SDF prepares a force to support him. Meanwhile, Chule baits Delilah into an assassination attempt on Noriko.

  • Chuka has gone insane and refuses to face the fact that her father is dead. She thinks that Itami is her father. The only way to snap her back to sanity is to kill the Fire Dragon, but engaging it would mean getting most of Itami's squad killed.

  • An earthquake strikes the empire, and the SDF visit the Imperial Palace to give advice on relief. There, they find that the Empire has been keeping Japanese slaves. An enraged Kuribayashi beats the Imperial Prince to a pulp. How will the SDF respond?

  • The SDF hold a banquet in the imperial capital to try and bribe the senators to their side. Yao plans to do something nice for Itami.

  • Yao Ha Ducy pleads with the SDF to help defeat the Fire Dragon, but to no avail. Everyone begins to wonder what Itami would do in this situation.

  • Itami and co. return to the Special Region, where a bustling town is being created around the SDF base. The base has attracted many visitors, including a dark elf who wants to find the "Green People".

  • Enemies from multiple countries converge on the resort where Itami and crew are staying. Japan has called off its defense teams, and it's up to Itami to get them out safely.

  • Mysterious armed men are after the visitors from the other world, and the Japanese Special Forces are waiting for them. But the enemy has plans, and things take an unexpected turn.

  • Cultures clash as the people from beyond the Gate visit Japan for the first time. After a speech at the Diet, a mysterious group attacks them on the streets of Tokyo.

  • SDF reinforcements lay waste to the invaders trying to seize Italica. Itami tries to secure peace with the city's rulers, but fails to account for Pinya's knights.

  • Itami's unit agrees to help defend Italica from siege. But will a tactical miscalculation still cause the city's fall?

  • Isami and the rest of his group take the refugees to a camp created near the SDF base. They're shocked by their first interactions with Japanese culture, but gradually come to enjoy the food and baths.

  • After the fire dragon attack, the team finds an elf girl in the village well. When escorting her back to the camp, the team is forced to engage the dragon in the ultimate battle: dragon versus rocket launcher.

  • The JSDF goes through the Gate and finds a giant army waiting for them. After repelling the army's attack, the JSDF puts together a small team to make friends with the locals. Isami is put in charge of squad three, which encounters a fire dragon attacking a village. When the flames have died down, the village is destroyed. Investigating the ruins, Isami finds...

  • Itami's efforts to save a doujinshi exhibit turn him into an accidental hero. Now second lieutenant, he's sent through the gate into the other world.