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God Eater is an anime television show based on a Playstation game called God Eater Burst. The television show is set in postapocalyptic Japan in the year 2071. The apocalypse was brought on by the Oracle Cells, a group of cells that collectively for one extremely powerful, intelligent, and adaptable being, but are also separately semi-sentient. The Oracle Cells begins to veraciously consume all living things in the early 2050s.

For the survival of the human race, the characters must learn to fight and kill the Oracle Cells, which later becomes know as Aragami, or violent god. The Aragami, however, is extremely adaptable and can change into any form,as low as plant life, all the way to mythical creatures. Conventional weapons of war fail to be effective against this enemy.

In come Fenrir, or "God Eaters," an origination of fighters and scientists formed to destroy the Aragami. They wild living, dual mode, gun-and-blade style weapons know as God Arcs, that are created with cells from the Aragami, while others research to make weapons more effective and create protection from the Aragami's many adaptations.

God Eater is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on July 5, 2015.

Where do I stream God Eater online? God Eater is available for streaming on Daisuki, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch God Eater on demand at Netflix, Hulu online.

Sunday 10:30 PM et/pt on Daisuki
1 Season, 13 Episodes
July 5, 2015
Action & Adventure Anime Fantasy
Cast: Tomohisa Asô, Kira Buckland, Robbie Daymond, Dorah Fine
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God Eater Full Episode Guide

  • Lenka and the others rush to Asyl, leaving Lindow to destroy Pita. But Pita catches up to them. Seeing Lindow's bracelet in its mouth throws the unit into shock. But Lenka tells them to remember Lindow and believe that they can destroy Pita.

  • Operation Meteorite, a plan to lure Aragami to harvest their core, begins. But the Aragami turn away from the guidance devices and head northwest. Lindow is shocked when he realizes they are heading toward Asyl.

  • Lenka was found as an infant 15 years ago and taken in by the Utsugi family. They now live in Agir, a refugee commune. God Eater Lindow Amamiya appears one day and urges everyone to take the patch test which could mean entry into Fenrir.

  • Over-adaptation to the Oracle Cell will eventually kill Lenka and he is faced with a choice. A briefing is held on the Meteorite Strategy to complete Aegis, and Lenka is named a leader. Lenka learns the hidden past of Soma who is shunned as a “shinigami.”

  • Back on base, Alisa suffers post-traumatic stress. Lenka’s God Arc is badly damaged and Sakaki discovers what caused it to break. Lindow questions Tsubaki and is shown shocking data. And even without the New-Types, Johannes launches a new strategy.

  • On a mission, the 1st Unit encounters a powerful black Vajra that devours its own kind. Lenka’s God Arc is broken and Alisa is terrified as she relives her parents being killed by the black Vajra. They escape, but end up surrounded by a pack of Ogretails.

  • Lenka learns that the Aegis Project needs huge amounts of Aragami core for completion. Lindow and Soma are away, so Sakuya is left with the rookies for a mission. Instead of smaller-type Aragami, Lenka suggests that they target Vajra for its larger core.

  • The mission to rescue Alisa is a success, and Lenka, Kota and Alisa are assigned to the 1st Unit. In the city, Lenka learns about Aegis Project to build a giant island to protect mankind. And the trio sets out on their first mission as the 1st Unit.

  • The transport plane carrying Alisa, a New-Type God Eater like Lenka, is attacked by countless small Aragami. The 1st Unit goes to her rescue, but she refuses to leave the plane even as Aragami reinforcements appear. Why won't she abandon the plane...?

  • Lenka rushes out with his God Arc to save Eric. The First Unit comes to help, but Vajra is too powerful, and Lenka is injured. He comes to in a cell, detained for disobeying orders. Meanwhile, a girl God Eater is headed there from the Russian Branch.

  • Mysterious beings known as Aragami threaten the world. Lenka Utsugi and Kota Fujiki come to Fenrir Far East Branch to train as God Eaters under Tsubaki Amamiya. When Aragami infiltrate Fenrir, Lenka's wish to take part in a real battle comes true.