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Sometime in the future, Mars has been successfully colonized by humans. The Outer colonies, as they have come to be called, begin a battle with Earth. This war is known as the Calamity War which was won by Earth. It is now the year 323 Post Disaster. Many of the humans on Mars seek freedom from Earth but are still dependent on Earth for most economic development. A young Martian Princess named Kudelia Aina Bernstein has plans to give her nation independence from Earth. An orphan named Mikazuki is part of her Chryse Guard Security. An Earth military organization called Gjallarhorn attacks the Chryse Guard in order to stop the Marian Independence movement. The children have been left as decoys and their leader rebels against all adults or higher ups. Piloting he legendary mobile suit, the Gundam Barbatos, Mika enters the battle just when things become dark for the children.

Sunday 5:00 PM et/pt on Daisuki
2 Seasons, 50 Episodes
October 4, 2015
Cast: Bill Rogers, Adin Rudd, Jennifer Alyx, Sean Finkle
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Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Full Episode Guide

  • Gjallarhorn begins its Tekkadan mopping-up operation. Facing this, Tekkadan's future is...

  • Gjallarhorn intends to launch a mopping-up operation against Tekkadan. The hour of its commencement is drawing steadily closer...

  • Tekkadan is in a difficult predicament. A huge Gjallarhorn force then begins deploying around its Martian headquarters.

  • Tekkadan plans to return to its Martian headquarters and start over. The situation, however, has undergone a dramatic reversal.

  • Tekkadan revives and launches an attack, aiming to escape the battlefield. Meanwhile, the fight between McGillis and Gaelio becomes increasingly ferocious.

  • After many complications, Tekkadan finally joins the battle against the Arianrhod fleet, but...

  • The Arianrhod fleet, led by Rustal Elion, attempts to gather all its forces to fight the coup d'etat.

  • Gjallarhorn's Earth headquarters has been captured in a coup d'etat by young officers. Among them is McGillis, who heads for a facility underneath the headquarters.

  • With the repairs to the Barbatos complete, Tekkadan musters its fighting strength. The members ready their resolve for the confrontation with Jasley.

  • Tekkadan has been thwarted in its attempt to rescue Turbines from danger. Orga restrains himself in response to Naze's wishes, but€¦

  • Lafter and the other Turbines members take their leave of Tekkadan. Meanwhile, at Teiwaz, the organization's number two Jasley Donomikols plans a new maneuver.

  • Mikazuki faces off against the mobile armor. The battle continues with mounting intensity.

  • Outnumbered, Tekkadan turns to McGillis for assistance, and launches a mobile armor mopping-up operation. Meanwhile, a strange phenomenon occurs in the Gundam Frames that are confronting the mobile armor.

  • The awakened mobile armor, along with a huge quantity of sub-units, heads for a densely populated area to begin its attack. Tekkadan attempts to hold back the onslaught, but is helpless against its overwhelming power and superior numbers.

  • Tekkadan has discovered a huge object at a mine it is managing. Having received a message from Orga about the object's true nature, McGillis decides to pay a secret visit to Mars.

  • Via a certain matter on Earth, the connection between Tekkadan and McGillis grows even stronger. Meanwhile, the Gundam Vidar, which has been undergoing adjustment by the Arianrhod fleet, finally rolls out.

  • The fighting ends as the rival economic blocs SAU and Arbrau agree to peace negotiations. As they remember their fallen comrades, the members of Tekkadan decide to withdraw from Earth.

  • Gjallarhorn has received a mediation request from the SAU. In order to break the prolonged stalemate, McGillis personally enters the battlefield in a mobile suit. Galan launches an attack on McGillis, who is whittling down Arbrau's fighting strength.

  • A conflict between the rival economic blocs Arbrau and SAU breaks out as their armies clash on the Balfour Plain. Tekkadan also joins the battle under the command of Galan Mossa, but they become exhausted as the war of attrition continues day after day.

  • Tekkadan's Earth branch, which is now serving as a military advisor to Arbrau, is consumed with preparing the launch ceremony for the Arbrau Defense Forces. At Makanai's request, They take charge of security for the ceremony venue.

  • Mikazuki and Orga visit Allium, leader of the idealogical group Terra Liberionis, to resolve the issues surrounding the attacks of the Dawn Horizon Corps.

  • Deploying all the fighting strength it possibly can, Tekkadan attempts to capture Sandoval Reuters, the leader of the Dawn Horizon Corps. During a fight against unequal odds, Gjallarhorn's outer lunar orbit joint fleet Arianrhod also joins the battle.

  • Despite some casualties, Tekkadan has successfully repulsed the space pirates of the Dawn Horizon Corps. It appears, however, that this enemy was just one part of a huge group, and Orga decides to counterattack in anticipation of further assaults.

  • Mikazuki's group, Tekkadan, has been commissioned to escort Kudelia on an inspection of a halfmetal mine. Under their protection, she completes the inspection schedule without incident. But suddenly, Tekkadan finds itself under attack by space pirates.

  • As the fierce battle between Tekkadan and Gjallarhorn continues, a new threat appears. To protect Kudelia and the others, Mikazuki must confront it alone.

  • Orga and the other Tekkadan members have finally reached Edmonton, but they are attacked by Gjallarhorn, which seeks to prevent Makanai from making it to the parliamentary session.

  • As Tekkadan heads for Edmonton, it finds Carta blocking the way, seeking a showdown. However, Mikazuki and the others won't let their progress be halted, and they press on ahead.

  • Though Tekkadan is exhausted by its repeated battles with Gjallarhorn, its members are still determined to get to Edmonton, and they hasten toward their goal.

  • During preparations to depart for Edmonton, Tekkadan finds itself under attack by Gjallarhorn. Setting a trap for their relentless pursuers, Orga makes a counterattack.

  • Tekkadan has finally made it to Earth, successfully introducing Kudelia to Arbrau's representative, Makanai Togonosuke. However, they will have to accompany Makanai to a parliamentary general session taking place in Edmonton.

  • With its path blocked by Gjallarhorn's fleet, Tekkadan attempts to descend to Earth in response to Kudelia's request. The battle against Gjallarhorn soon becomes very fierce.

  • Tekkadan's members attempt to leave the colonies behind and descend to Earth at last, but they miss their chance due to one last item of business in the colonies. They are contacted by someone who claims to be their supporter.

  • Kudelia and Tekkadan witness Gjallarhorn's brutal suppression of the workers. Seeing the true situation of the colonies, Kudelia makes a fateful decision.

  • The colony workers have launched a protest movement against the company that employs them. As they grow more radical, the situation finally develops to the point of a Gjallarhorn intervention.

  • Just as on Mars, the colonies suffer great disparities with Earth, and a protest movement has begun among the increasingly dissatisfied workers. As it gradually intensifies, Tekkadan is caught up in various schemes.

  • After overcoming many difficulties, Tekkadan is finally about to reach Earth. Its members head for the Dort colony cluster, to deliver an item that Teiwaz asked them to transport when they were aboard the Saisei.

  • The battle with Brewers has cost many lives on both sides. The survivors hold a funeral service to pray for the rebirth of their fallen comrades.

  • Mikazuki and Orga learn that Akihiro's long-lost younger brother is one of the Brewers mobile suit pilots. Tekkadan challenges Brewers in order to get back Akihiro's brother.

  • While on patrol, Akihiro and Takaki encounter unknown enemies and engage them in battle. The attackers turn out to be Brewers, a pirate group that operates between Mars and Earth.

  • Tekkadan and Turbines go on ahead to Earth, leaving Mikazuki and Yukinojo on the Saisei to complete final adjustments to the Barbatos. But the events aboard the Saisei have greatly affected their respective states of mind.

  • Accompanied by Naze, Tekkadan visits the Saisei, the stronghold of Teiwaz, in order to meet with Teiwaz's representative McMurdo Barriston. Here, Orga receives a surprising proposal from Naze.

  • Having demonstrated Tekkadan's strength and legitimacy to Naze, the leader of Turbines, Orga and the others renew their negotiations with Teiwaz. Meanwhile Atra visits Turbines's warship, bringing the frustrated Kudelia with her.

  • Tekkadan has made contact with Turbines, which runs Teiwaz's transport division. But they find themselves clashing with Turbines over their group's origins and property.

  • The members of Tekkadan need a guide in order to reach Earth despite Gjallarhorn's surveillance. To gain a powerful backer, they attempt to negotiate with Teiwaz, which is based in the Jupiter Sphere.

  • Kudelia and Tekkadan finally leave Mars behind them and head for Earth. With a ship waiting for them, they attempt to travel by shuttle to a low-orbital station, but are attacked by Coral's Gjallarhorn forces.

  • Kudelia is distressed that so many boys have lost their lives because of her. Mikazuki takes her to the farm run by Biscuit's grandmother, where an unexpected encounter awaits.

  • The adults of CGS flee in the face of Gjallarhorn's attack, using Mikazuki and the other children as decoys. Gathering the children who have been left behind, Orga decides to fight back against Gjallarhorn, and puts a certain plan into motion.

  • Mikazuki belongs to the private security company CGS, at the Martian city of Chryse, which has been hired to escort a girl named Kudelia to Earth. But just as preparations for departure are underway, Gjallarhorn attacks CGS in an attempt on Kudelia's life

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