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  • 1985
  • 1 Season
  • 8.1  (1,259)

Mobile Suit Zeta, a sequel to the legendary Mobile Suit Gundam, is a Japanese sci-fi anime about a war in space fought in massive man shaped robots called mobile suits. The story follows a civilian teenager named Kamille Bidan. He is drawn into the conflict between rebels fighting for equal rights for people living in space and the Titans, an elite military group hunting down dissidents. Explosive action and an escalating conflict provides the backdrop for a series about war and the damage that it can have on young soldiers.

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Run Through The Cosmos
50. Run Through The Cosmos
February 22, 1986
With her last breath, Emma asks Kamille to bring the fighting to an end, and he returns to the battlefield determined to defeat Scirocco and Haman. Scirocco enters Gryps 2 to disable the colony laser before it can destroy the Titan fleet, then teams up with Haman to fight off Char's pursuit, but he is unable to prevent the AEUG from unleashing the colony laser's devastating power. Though the AEUG and Titan fleets have both sustained terrible losses, the final battle isn't over yet...
Scattered Souls
49. Scattered Souls
February 1, 1986
After changing the course of the asteroid, the Argama rushes back to Gryps 2, where the AEUG, Titan, and Axis fleets are battling for control of the colony laser. As the Argama pilots reach the battlefield they find their old enemies Jerid Messa and Yazan Gable waiting in ambush, and the lives of friends and foes alike are lost in the fierce battle. Emma confronts her former comrade Reccoa, and the outcome of their duel fills Kamille with grief and despair.
From Rosamia's Heart
48. From Rosamia's Heart
January 25, 1986
After colliding with the Gate of Zedan, the asteroid Axis is now falling toward the lunar city of Granada. The Argama travels to Axis, hoping to use the asteroid's communications facilities to contact the AEUG fleet so that they can deflect it with the captured colony laser. Their efforts are interrupted when Rosamia attacks in a formidable new Psyco Gundam, and Kamille makes one last attempt to reach out to the woman he once knew as Rosammy.
Universal Maelstrom
47. Universal Maelstrom
January 18, 1986
The AEUG launch Operation Maelstrom, surrounding Gryps 2 in a whirlpool formation in order to recapture the colony laser from the Axis forces. Kamille is sent to distract the enemy and finds himself in single combat with Haman herself. The two powerful Newtypes experience a mental connection, but Haman rejects this rapport and lashes out against Kamille with violent anger, crushing his hopes that they might come to understand one another.
Scirocco Steps Forward
46. Scirocco Steps Forward
January 11, 1986
Scirocco and Jamitov visit the Axis flagship for a final round of negotiations with Haman. The AEUG learn of the meeting, and hotheaded Katz Kobayashi decides to sneak aboard the ship and get rid of Scirocco and Haman. As the situation descends into chaos, the treacherous Scirocco takes his opportunity to seize control of the Titans. Haman confronts Scirocco as he makes his escape, and Katz intervenes in their duel with tragic results.
Celestial Body
45. Celestial Body
January 4, 1986
Haman has set the asteroid Axis on a collision course with the Gate of Zedan, and the AEUG now launch an all-out attack on the Gate of Zedan to prevent the Titan fleet from escaping the impact. Scirocco, watching the battle from the sidelines, sends Reccoa to rescue Sarah from captivity aboard the Argama. And as the AEUG and Titan fleets clash, the Axis forces take advantage of the confusion to seize control of the Gryps 2 colony laser.
The Gate Of Zedan
44. The Gate Of Zedan
December 28, 1985
Haman travels to the Gate of Zedan, the asteroid fortress that serves as the Titans' greatest stronghold, to meet with Titan leader Jamitov Hymem. Their discussions soon break down, and Haman attempts to assassinate the Titan leader, then calls in her AEUG allies to cover her escape. Meanwhile, Paptimus Scirocco dispatches Sarah Zabiarov to divert the Argama. Kamille is able to capture her, but Sarah's presence further disrupts an already chaotic battle.
Haman's Sneer
43. Haman's Sneer
December 21, 1985
Desperate to save Granada from the colony laser, the AEUG's sponsors send the Argama to negotiate an alliance with the Axis forces. Axis leader Haman Karn accepts the AEUG proposal and agrees to betray the Titans. As the Argama and Radish launch a diversionary attack on the Titan fleet that surrounds Gryps 2, the Axis flagship moves into position to attack the colony laser. But can they trust Haman to keep her word?
Goodbye Rosamia
42. Goodbye Rosamia
December 14, 1985
The Titans are moving their Gryps 2 colony laser into position to fire on the lunar city of Granada. In order to divert the AEUG from this threat, Bask begins another attack on Side 2. Rosamia, who has now returned to the Titans, joins the battle in a powerful new mobile armor. Kamille tries to reason with her, only to find that she is no longer the Rosammy he once knew.
The Awakening
41. The Awakening
December 7, 1985
Titan commander Bask Om launches a poison gas attack against the space colonies of Side 2, assigning Reccoa Londe to command the operation as a test of her loyalty. The Argama rushes to the rescue, but its mobile suits arrive too late to save the target colony. And when Rosammy enters the fray to help Kamille, the stress of battle and the shock of seeing the attack's victims cause her to reawaken as the Cyber-Newtype Rosamia Badam.
Gryps' Debut
40. Gryps' Debut
November 30, 1985
Rosammy joins Kamille aboard the Argama, but the other AEUG members are suspicious of this strange young woman, and suspect she may be one of the Titans' Cyber-Newtypes. Meanwhile, the AEUG learn that the Titans have converted the space colony Gryps 2 into a giant laser cannon. Kamille is dispatched on a reconnaissance mission to confirm these reports, only to find himself confronting a dear friend who has now joined forces with the enemy.
39. Lakeside
November 23, 1985
The Argama docks at Side 2's Colony 13, a neutral sightseeing colony, for another round of repairs. Kamille and Fa enter the colony to enjoy some leisure time, only to encounter a young woman named Rosammy who insists that Kamille is her long-lost brother, as well as a vacationing Mineva Zabi. Char discovers that the Titans have stationed snipers inside the colony's agricultural modules, and the ensuing fighting soon spills over into the colony itself.
Reccoa's Sign
38. Reccoa's Sign
November 16, 1985
Char and Kamille launch into orbit aboard a space shuttle to rejoin the Argama. They arrive to find the Argama under attack by the Alexandria and its mobile suits. Char targets the enemy ship with his mega bazooka launcher, but the Alexandria withdraws from the firing line just in time. Kamille senses a familiar presence aboard the Alexandria, but he can't bring himself to believe that Reccoa is still alive.
Dakar's Day
37. Dakar's Day
November 9, 1985
Char and Kamille travel with their Karaba allies to the Earth Federation capital at Dakar. Here they take control of the Federation assembly so that Char can deliver a speech denouncing the evils of the Titans. Jerid and his comrades attempt to destroy Dakar's communications center in order to stop the broadcast, but their actions serve to turn both the politicians and the public against the Titans.
Four To Infinity
36. Four To Infinity
November 2, 1985
Returning alone to the Kilimanjaro base, Kamille is finally reunited with Four Murasame. But Kamille's old enemy Jerid Messa is also at the base, and when he recognizes Kamille the pair are forced to flee for their lives. The Karaba forces resume their attack, and Four undergoes a dramatic personality shift, turning before Kamille's eyes into an emotionless fighting machine. As Kamille struggles to reason with her, Jerid intervenes with tragic results.
The Storm Over Kilimanjaro
35. The Storm Over Kilimanjaro
October 26, 1985
The AEUG's Karaba allies are staging an assault on a Titan base at Mount Kilimanjaro. The Argama descends into satellite orbit to support the operation, and Char and Kamille accidentally fall into Earth's atmosphere and find themselves in the middle of the battle. Kamille is astonished to see the Psyco Gundam enter the fray, and when he and Char infiltrate the Kilimanjaro base, they discover that its pilot Four Murasame is very much alive.
Call From Space
34. Call From Space
October 19, 1985
Despite the Argama's desperate need for repairs, the AEUG ships are ordered to continue their pursuit of the Gwadan and Dogosse Gier. Meanwhile, Reccoa is recovering from the injury she sustained while protecting Char, but she is frustrated by his callous attitude. When Yazan Gable launches an attack on the AEUG ships, Reccoa ignores Char's warnings and joins the battle, convinced that somebody is calling to her from the darkness of space.
The Messenger From Axis
33. The Messenger From Axis
October 12, 1985
Bright, Char, and Kamille join an AEUG delegation to the Axis warship Gwadan. Here they meet Mineva Lao Zabi, the child leader of the Axis forces. Char is outraged to discover that Mineva is being used as a puppet by her regent Haman Karn, and the negotiations quickly collapse. As the AEUG members make their escape from the Gwadan, Paptimus Scirocco sees an opportunity to establish his own alliance with Axis.
The Mysterious Mobile Suits
32. The Mysterious Mobile Suits
October 5, 1985
Forced to leave Von Braun City before completing its repairs, the Argama sets off on its diplomatic mission, only to find that the Titan flagship Dogosse Gier is also on its way to meet the Axis forces. With the AEUG's sponsors determined to contact Axis first, Char and Reccoa attempt a daring preemptive strike on the enemy ship. As the fighting intensifies, a new power enters the battlefield.
Half-Moon Love
31. Half-Moon Love
September 28, 1985
The asteroid Axis and its army of Zeon renegades are returning to the Earth Sphere, and the AEUG hopes to enlist their help in the struggle against the Titans. Before contacting the Axis forces, the Argama docks at the lunar city of Von Braun for repair and resupply. But when Kamille runs into Sarah Zabiarov in Von Braun City, he learns that the Argama is in deadly danger from the bomb she has planted at the city's spaceport.
Jerid's Suicide Attack
30. Jerid's Suicide Attack
September 21, 1985
In an attempt to destroy the Argama, the Alexandria uses Yazan's forces to drive the AEUG warship into a ruined space colony, where Jerid and Mouar are waiting in ambush. Kamille rushes back to protect the Argama and begins a fierce duel with Jerid. But Mouar, who has sworn to protect her partner, won't let him fall before the power of the Zeta Gundam.
Side 2 Crisis
29. Side 2 Crisis
September 14, 1985
The Titans launch a new offensive against the space colonies of Side 2, where the AEUG enjoys strong support. Side 2's civilian leaders attempt to surrender, but the Titans are intent on carrying out a poison gas attack to teach the rebellious colonies a lesson, and the Argama and its mobile suits are the only ones who can save millions of innocent people from being massacred at the Titans' hands.
Jupitris Infiltration
28. Jupitris Infiltration
September 7, 1985
After the completion of Operation Apollo, Paptimus Scirocco has returned to his own ship, the interplanetary helium carrier Jupitris. The AEUG sends Reccoa to infiltrate the ship and gather information, with Kamille following in the Zeta Gundam to provide backup. While Reccoa boards the Jupitris and meets the mysterious Scirocco in person, Sarah Zabiarov spots Kamille waiting outside and engages him in combat.
Char's Return
27. Char's Return
August 31, 1985
The Argama and Radish descend into Earth orbit to collect Char as he returns from Earth, but the Alexandria is once again in hot pursuit. Yazan's mobile suit forces attack the AEUG warships, while Jerid, Mouar, and Sarah prepare a trap for the Zeta Gundam. As Char's shuttle arrives in orbit to rendezvous with the Argama, Sarah targets the Zeta with a powerful mega launcher.
The Spirit Of Zeon
26. The Spirit Of Zeon
August 24, 1985
After the failure of Jamaican's colony drop, the ferocious Titan pilot Yazan Gable launches his own attack on the AEUG. As Emma and Katz battle Yazan's forces, they stumble across the wreckage of one of the Principality of Zeon's old battleships, which becomes the scene of a duel between Yazan and Kamille. His mobile suit damaged, Yazan retreats to the Alexandria, but he has one more surprise in store.
The Day Of The Colony Drop
25. The Day Of The Colony Drop
August 17, 1985
Titan officer Jamaican Daninghan plans to drop an abandoned space colony onto the lunar city of Granada, one of the AEUG's main strongholds. However, his rival Scirocco sends Sarah Zabiarov to warn the AEUG, and the Argama rushes to stop the colony drop. Sarah, now a captive aboard the Argama, plays a cruel trick on the young AEUG member Katz Kobayashi in order to make her escape.
24. Counterattack
August 10, 1985
Kamille sneaks into the occupied Von Braun City to gather intelligence, only to run into Jerid and Mouar. As the AEUG forces attempt to recapture the city from the Titans, the fighting spreads into Von Braun's interior, and Kamille and his enemies take refuge inside the city's shelters. Meanwhile, Char travels to Earth with AEUG leader Blex Forer to attend a meeting of the Federation Assembly, with tragic results.
Moon Attack
23. Moon Attack
August 3, 1985
The Titans launch Operation Apollo, whose goal is the capture of the lunar city of Von Braun, and Scirocco dispatches Jerid to divert the AEUG's attention while the Titan fleet begins its attack. The AEUG pilots fight valiantly but are unable to stop the Dogosse Gier from breaking through into Von Braun's airspace, and they sense the power of Scirocco's presence as the Titan flagship descends into the city.
Scirocco's Vision
22. Scirocco's Vision
July 27, 1985
Jerid is assigned to lead a pair of Titan pilot cadets on a training flight. When he discovers Reccoa Londe transporting new machines to the Argama, he impulsively launches an attack. As Kamille comes to the rescue in his new Zeta Gundam, and Titan cadet Sarah Zabiarov experiences the terror of combat for the first time, Scirocco quietly observes the battle from the bridge of the Dogosse Gier.
Zeta's Heartbeat
21. Zeta's Heartbeat
July 20, 1985
Kamille returns to space and rejoins the Argama crew, but his experiences on Earth have left him shaken and heartsick. Meanwhile, the enigmatic Paptimus Scirocco joins forces with the Titans and is placed in command of their flagship Dogosse Gier. Also under Scirocco's command are Jerid Messa and his new partner Mouar Pharaoh, and Kamille finds himself in deadly peril when Jerid and Mouar attack with their powerful new transformable mobile suits.
A Fiery Escape
20. A Fiery Escape
July 13, 1985
The Audhumla resumes its journey and sets off to attack the Titans' New Guinea base. Desperate to stop the rebels, Wooder once again dispatches Four and the Psyco Gundam, and prepares to ram his own transport plane into the Audhumla. In the midst of battle, Kamille makes one last attempt to reach Four and tell her of his true feelings.
Cinderella Four
19. Cinderella Four
July 6, 1985
Ordered to depart Hong Kong City, the Audhumla makes its preparations for departure. As the midnight deadline looms, Kamille and Four enjoy their last few hours together, but their romance is interrupted as Wooder launches a brutal attack on the city. Four returns to the Psyco Gundam's cockpit, and she and Kamille face each other in battle once again.
Captive Mirai
18. Captive Mirai
June 29, 1985
The former Mirai Yashima, now Bright Noa's wife, has brought her children to Hong Kong City in hopes of taking them into space. But her reunion with Amuro now puts her family in danger, as Wooder takes Mirai and her children hostage in an attempt to capture the Audhumla. Meanwhile, Kamille encounters Four in person, and the two enemies experience a powerful mutual attraction.
Hong Kong City
17. Hong Kong City
June 22, 1985
After crossing the Pacific, the Audhumla stops at Hong Kong City for resupply. But the rebels are still being pursued by Buran's forces, now commanded by his aide Ben Wooder. The Federation's Murasame Newtype Lab, responding to Wooder's request for reinforcements, dispatches the Cyber-Newtype Four Murasame and the immense Psyco Gundam to attack the city.
Through The White Mist
16. Through The White Mist
June 15, 1985
The Audhumla reaches Hickory and the Karaba members prepare to send Char and Kamille back to space. As Buran begins another attack on the rebels, Amuro enters combat to buy time for the shuttle launch. Kamille leaves the shuttle to help Amuro, and the former and current Gundam pilots find themselves fighting side by side to ensure that Char returns to space.
Katz's Sortie
15. Katz's Sortie
June 8, 1985
Karaba agent Beltorchika Irma arrives aboard the Audhumla to guide it to Hickory, and she is immediately fascinated by the famous Amuro Ray. But even though Amuro has regained his freedom, he still lacks the will to fight, and Katz is disappointed by his hero's hesitation. When the Audhumla is attacked by the Cyber-Newtype Rosamia Badam, Katz steals the Gundam Mark II and attempts to defeat the enemy himself.
Amuro Again
14. Amuro Again
June 1, 1985
Char and Kamille, left behind on Earth, join their Karaba allies aboard the transport plane Audhumla and set off for Karaba's Hickory base. Buran's forces continue their pursuit, with the help of reinforcements from the Federation's Newtype Labs. And Amuro Ray, the former war hero and Gundam pilot, escapes from his government caretakers with the help of young Katz Kobayashi and comes to join the rebel cause.
Shuttle Launch
13. Shuttle Launch
May 25, 1985
The AEUG pilots have escaped from Jaburo and joined forces with Hayato Kobayashi, a leader of the Karaba resistance group which fights the Titans on Earth. Hayato leads them to the Kennedy Spaceport, whose shuttles will send the AEUG pilots back to space. As the launch countdown begins, Char and Kamille struggle to protect their comrades from a Federation pursuit force led by Buran Blutarch.
Winds of Jaburo
12. Winds of Jaburo
May 18, 1985
The AEUG mobile suits descend to Jaburo and fight their way into the underground base, easily overcoming the unexpectedly light resistance of the Federation Forces. Inside the base, Kamille faces off against a vengeful Jerid and attempts to locate the captive Reccoa. Meanwhile, the AEUG pilots learn that they have walked into a lethal trap, and must now race against time to escape from Jaburo.
Plunge into the Atmosphere
11. Plunge into the Atmosphere
May 11, 1985
The Argama, now commanded by former White Base captain Bright Noa, joins the AEUG fleet to launch an orbital attack on the Federation Forces' Jaburo base. But as the AEUG mobile suits prepare to descend to Earth, the fleet suffers a surprise attack by Paptimus Scirocco, the pilot of the mysterious mobile armor that attacked Bright's shuttle. And as the AEUG forces enter the atmosphere, Jerid and his Titan comrades join the fray as well.
10. Reunion
May 4, 1985
Having successfully captured several ships at Granada, the AEUG launches its new fleet to carry out the Jaburo operation. As the Argama leaves the moon, its crew see a space shuttle under attack by a mysterious mobile armor. Char and Kamille rescue the shuttle's passengers, and find a couple of familiar faces among them.
A New Tie
9. A New Tie
April 27, 1985
The AEUG mobile suit pilots carry out a daring raid on the lunar city of Granada, hoping to capture the Titan and Federation Forces warships that are docked there. But when the Titans attack the vulnerable Argama, Kamille must rush back to help Emma defend the ship. And on Earth, Reccoa and her new ally make a disturbing discovery as they spy on the Jaburo base.
The Dark Side of the Moon
8. The Dark Side of the Moon
October 12, 2010
The Argama reaches the moon, with the Alexandria still in hot pursuit. Jerid launches on his own to seek revenge for Lila, but Kamille is able to fend him off, and the Argama finds safe harbor at the lunar city of Amman. Here the AEUG officers meet with their sponsors to discuss their next major operation--an attack on the Federation Forces stronghold of Jaburo.
Dark Side of the Moon
7. Dark Side of the Moon
April 20, 1985
The Argama reaches the moon, with the Alexandria still in hot pursuit. Jerid launches on his own to seek revenge for Lila, but Kamille is able to fend him off, and the Argama finds safe harbor at the lunar city of Amman. Here the AEUG officers meet with their sponsors to discuss their next major operation--an attack on the Federation Forces stronghold of Jaburo.
To the Terrestrial Range
6. To the Terrestrial Range
April 6, 1985
The Argama descends into Earth orbit to send AEUG agent Reccoa Londe on a reconnaissance mission to the planet's surface. To distract the Titans, Char leads a diversionary attack on a solar power satellite. Meanwhile, after being repeatedly humiliated in battle with Kamille, the Titan pilot Jerid Messa seeks guidance from Federation Forces ace Lila Milla Rira.
Father and Son
5. Father and Son
March 30, 1985
With all three Gundams now in their hands, the AEUG begin breaking the machines down for research and spare parts. In the middle of this, Kamille's father steals one of the AEUG's own mobile suits and sets off for the Alexandria, hoping to regain the favor of the Titans' leaders. The AEUG and Titan ships begin a pitched battle as Kamille and his father confront one another.
Emma's Defection
4. Emma's Defection
March 23, 1985
After Kamille fails to rescue his mother from the Titans, the AEUG are forced to hand him and the captured Gundams over to the enemy. But Emma, horrified by the actions of her commanders, decides to defect to the AEUG. With Kamille, his father, and all three Gundams in tow, she makes a desperate attempt to escape to the Argama.
Inside the Capsule
3. Inside the Capsule
March 16, 1985
Char and Kamille return to the AEUG flagship Argama with the captured Gundams. Meanwhile, the Titans dispatch the warship Alexandria, as well as reinforcements from the regular Federation Forces, to pursue the rebels. Titan pilot Emma Sheen is sent to the Argama to deliver a message from her commander Bask Om, but she is as shocked as the AEUG when the nature of Bask's ultimatum is revealed.
The Journey Begins
2. The Journey Begins
March 9, 1985
Char's team breaks into Green Noa 1 and begins a running battle with Federation Forces mobile suits. During the confusion, a young civilian named Kamille Bidan escapes from the Titans' custody and commandeers one of the new Gundam Mark II units. Out of hatred for the Titans, Kamille helps the AEUG capture a second Gundam and then joins the rebels in their escape from Green Noa 1.
Black Gundam
1. Black Gundam
March 2, 1985
A mysterious mobile suit infiltrates the space colony known as Gryps, headquarters of the dreaded Titans. Its pilot is Char Aznable, the infamous Red Comet, who now fights for the rebel AEUG group under the alias Quattro Bajeena. After confirming that the Titans are developing a new Gundam mobile suit, Char rejoins his teammates at the civilian colony Green Noa 1, where more of the new Gundams are being tested, and signals the AEUG flagship to begin its attack.

Mobile Suit Zeta, a sequel to the legendary Mobile Suit Gundam, is a Japanese sci-fi anime about a war in space fought in massive man shaped robots called mobile suits. The story follows a civilian teenager named Kamille Bidan. He is drawn into the conflict between rebels fighting for equal rights for people living in space and the Titans, an elite military group hunting down dissidents. Explosive action and an escalating conflict provides the backdrop for a series about war and the damage that it can have on young soldiers.

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (51 episodes). The series first aired on March 2, 1985.

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  • Premiere Date
    March 2, 1985
  • IMDB Rating
    8.1  (1,259)