Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny

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"Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny" (2004) is a Japanese anime that's a sequel to the original " Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" and is set two years later. The protagonist is a genetically altered soldier. The story involves a war between normal humans, called Naturals, and their genetically altered relatives.

Saturday 6:30 PM et/pt on TBS
1 Season, 50 Episodes
October 9, 2004
Anime, Science Fiction
Cast: Rie Tanaka, Takehito Koyasu, Masakazu Morita, Houko Kuwashima, Akira Ishida
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Full Episode Guide

  • Kira and Athrun face off against Shinn and Rey as the battle of Messiah continues...

  • Kira and Athrun work to destroy Requiem's first relay point. As Orb forces close in on the Requiem, Dullindal reveals Messiah's secret weapon.

  • Aboard the Minerva, Rey works to quell Shinn's doubts about the Destiny Plan. As Orb and the Kingdom of Scandanavia announce their refusal of the plan, Dullindal uses Requiem on the EAF's Althea Base...

  • Lacus stumbles across Meer's diary. Dullindal official announces his Destiny Plan to the world...

  • The crew of the Minerva enjoys some downtime after their string of battles. Meanwhile at the Lunar city, Copernicus, Lacus receives a message from Meer.

  • The Minerva leads an attack on Djibril's moon base as Djirbil prepares for the Requiem's second movement.

  • The confusion brought on by Lacus' speech soon turns to anger as Djibril fires the Requiem and wipes out a small cluster of PLANT's.

  • Athrun launches into battle with his new Gundam, Infinite Justice, and tries to reason with Shinn. Meanwhile, Djibril makes his move to escape Orb.

  • Cagalli and Shinn's duel is interupted by Kira's appearance on the battlefield. As Kira challenges Shinn to a rematch in his new Gundam, Cagalli goes to Orb's national defense HQ to interrogate Yuuna about the location of Djirbil. Aboard the ArchAngel, Lacus presents Athrun with a new Gundam.

  • Athrun and Kira share their thoughts of what has happened during the war.

  • After a trip to the Mendel Colony, Lacus and the Eternal's location is discovered by ZAFT. Just when it looks bleak for the Eternal, Kira comes to the rescue...

  • ZAFT leads an offensive on the EAF's Heaven's Base in hopes of defeating Logos.

  • Shinn is reluctant to shoot down Athrun's Gouf. However, Rey manages to relieve him of his doubts and convinces him to shoot down Athrun and Meyrin!

  • After his less than warm reception to Dullindal and his new Gundams, Dullindal decides that Athrun will only hinder his goals. With Special Ops soldiers after his life, Athrun decides to, once again, leave ZAFT.

  • As the ArchAngel crew scrambles to stabilize their ship, Cagalli rescues an incapacitated Kira. Aboard the Minerva, Shinn gloats to Athrun about his victory. Dullindal decides to make his way towards Earth to present two new Gundams to Athrun and Shinn...

  • As the Arch-Angel makes its way towards Orb, it is attacked by the Minerva. Having studied up on the Freedom, Shinn prepares to destroy it.

  • Shinn, swearing vengance on Kira, studies up on FREEDOM with hopes of defeating the Gundam that killed Stellar. Meanwhile, the Earth Sphere is thrown into chaos as Dullindal announces to the world that Logos is behind the war and the hatred.

  • The Minerva and ArchAngel work to stop the Destroy Gundam and its destructive rampage through Europe. Shinn is shocked to learn that Stellar is the unit's pilot.

  • Shinn and Rey both recieve pardons for freeing Stellar, a Prisoner of War, much to Talia and Athrun's surprise. Meanwhile, a revitalized Stellar pilots the EAF's new Destroy Gundam and wipes out several villages on the Russian front.

  • In order to save Stellar's life, Shinn brings her back to Neo.

  • As Dullindal plays a lonely game of chess, he reflects upon the past and the philosophy of his dear friend, Rau Le Crueset.

  • All hell breaks loose in a three way battle between the Minerva, Orb/Earth fleets and the ArchAngel.

  • In Space, Lacus & Andy reunite with the Eternal and its crew. Lunamaria reports her findings from Athrun's rende-vous with Kira to Talia as Stellar's condition worsens. Elsewhere, Miriallia rejoins the ArchAngel and decodes a message that informs the group of an upcoming battle between Minerva and ORB/Phantom Pain.

  • Shinn rushes an injured Stellar aboard the Minerva. Once aboard, he learns startling information about Stellar. Elsewhere, Lacus decides to go to PLANT and scope the situation out.

  • The Minerva crew investigates the Lodonia Laboratory and learns the secret behind the EA's "Living CPU's." After hearing her "trigger," Stellar rushes off in Gaia to protect the lab, her birthplace.

  • With Milliaria's help, Athrun is able to meet up with Kira and Cagalli to discuss recent events.

  • Cagalli's attempts to stop the Orb fleet fails and a battle between the Minerva, Orb/EA fleet and the Arch-Angel breaks out.

  • An EF fleet led by Orb forces heads towards to Black Sea to deal a critical blow to ZAFT. However, a third party is waiting in the wings to stop the battle.

  • After a misunderstanding between Athrun, Lunamaria and Meer, Shinn takes advantage of his shore leave by exploring the countryside. On his travels he stumbles across Stellar dancing on a cliff, she then accidentally falls into the sea. Shinn dives in after her. While waiting to be rescued, Shinn and Stellar share some bonding time.

  • Shinn narrates flashbacks covering the events that have transpired in Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny. He also sheds some light on how he got to the PLANT's after his tragic loss in Orb.

  • The Minerva lands on the Black Sea town of Diokia. In Diokia the Minerva pilots are welcomed by Dullindal, who shares a discussion on war with them.

  • With the help from a young rebel, the Minerva team is able to take out the EAF's Lohengrin and end their oppression on a town.

  • The Minerva lands at ZAFT's Muhamal base and gets details on their next assignment. Later, Athrun has a "heart-to-heart" conversation with Shinn.

  • The Minerva engages Neo and the 3 stolen Gundams in a battle over the Indian Ocean.

  • Athrun, now a member of the super elite ZAFT task force FAITH, returns to the Minerva. Once aboard, he delivers the Minerva's new mission to Talia.

  • As the crew congratulate Shinn on his job well done, Kira takes the Freedom out into battle once more to take out the assassins that are after Lacus.

  • After departing Orb, the Minerva is thrown into battle against an Atlantic Federation fleet. Due to their new alliance with the Federation, Orb quickly sets up a baracade of ships preventing the Minerva from retreat back to the safety of Orb territory.

  • Orb decides to ally itself with the Atlantic Federation, much to Cagalli's dismay. While about the PLANT's, Athrun recieves some help making his decision from some old comrades.

  • As Athrun meets with Dullindal, the Dullindal-endorsed psedo-Lacus, Meer Campbell, rallies the citizens of the PLANT's look away from war and look towards peace. Later, Dullindal offers Athrun a chance to pilot the Saviour Gundam.

  • Eager for retaliation, the Atlantic Federation declares war on ZAFT (who they blame for the Junius-7 drop). In defense of the oncoming nuclear onslaught, ZAFT unleashes its newest weapon, the Neutron Stampeder, against the Atlantic Federation forces.

  • The Minerva arrives at Orb. While the crew enjoys some downtime. Cagalli learns some unsettling information about the future of Orb. While Athrun decides to return to PLANT once more and meet with Dullindal.

  • As a last ditch effort, the Mireva uses is Tanhäuser to break up the remaining chunk of Junius-7. Unfortunatey, several of the pieces fall to Earth destroying several of Earth's cities. The battle-damaged Minerva makes its way to Orb to re-supply and to drop Cagalli off.

  • The battle on Junius-7 instifies, as the Gaia, Chaos & Abyss make the Joule team's attempt at the destroying the falling colony much more difficult.

  • As Junius-7 plummets towards the Earth, the Minerva team-up with the Joule team to try and destroy it.

  • During the battle with the Girty Lue, Athrun helps the Minerva out of a bind with his strategizing.

  • Shinn continues to battle the three stolen Gundams. In the midst of the battle, the three Gundams work to escape from Armory-1 and rendevous with their ship, Earth's "Girtty Lue", which is under the command of the mysterious Neo Roanoake.

  • It's now CE 73 and three of ZAFT's new Gundams are stolen. During the Gundam-Jack, Cagalli, now Orb's head of state, and Athrun, now her bodyguard, are meeting with Zaft's new head honcho.