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After War Gundam X, also known as simply Gundam X, is a Japanese anime set in "AW 15," 15 years after the conclusion of the 7th Space War. Humanity has plunged into a post-apocalyptic world, with Mobile Suits and other pre-war weaponry landing into the clutches of various factions. In order to restore order to the planet, Jamil Neate tasks his "Vultures" to find and shelter Newtypes. As Jamil's Vultures scour the wastes, an old regime rises to control the earth against the NUNE and SRA factions. Jamil's ship, the Freeden, serves as a last bastion against a second apocalypse.

TV Asahi
1 Season, 39 Episodes
May 1, 1996
Anime Science Fiction
Cast: Isshin Chiba
Gundam X

Gundam X Full Episode Guide

  • As the Freeden II nears the battle between the SRA and the New UNE, Garrod activates the Satellite Cannons of the Double X, using the microwave circuit to clear a path to the moon between the two waring factions. The Gundams and Freeden II rush forward towards the moon only to be caught up in the fighting with the SRA and New UNE in the 8th Space War.As Garrod gets closer to the moon, the defense system of the lunar base sends up its mobile bits to escort him safely to the surface, and gather all those that are needed for the special meeting. The leaders of the SRA and New UNE call a cease fire as they head to the moon under the protected escort of the lunar defense system, to finally meet with the object they are fighting over ... D.O.M.E.

  • As Garrod, Tiffa, and Pala flee from the New UNE and the Frost brothers, they are rescued by Carris Nautilius and the crew of the Freeden. Taken aboard a large carrier plane, they head to the New Orleans base of the North American Resistance Force, a group of Vultures and people that have banded together to fight the New UNE and keep their independence.Returning to Bloodman, the Frost brothers learn of the councils reluctance to go to war with the SRA now that the Colony Laser has been destroyed and instead are pushing for peace, and take matters into their own hands to insure that their vision and plans go ahead. As the crew of the Freeden rest at the New Orleans base, news comes that the New UNE has launched its space fleet and are heading for the moon in mass.

  • While returning to Earth, the Double X is intercepted and captured by the Frost brothers in their upgraded Gundams and a fleet of New UNE ships and mobile suits. Taken to Earth, Garrod and Tiffa are brought before Fixx Bloodman, the leader of the New United Nations Earth and Tiffa uses her powers once more to discover the very same word as the SRA leaders heart in the man. Escaping from their guards, Garrod and Tiffa free Pala and recover the Double X and G-Falcon.As Garrod and Tiffa are escaping, a train carrying Jamil Neate and the crew of the Freeden stops in the middle of the deserted area, and the group is lined up for execution by the soldiers. But the execution is cut short, as a group of mobile suits appear and attack the train and New UNE soldiers.

  • With the destruction of Satyricon, Lancerow returns to the Cloud 9 and is honored as a hero in a special award ceremony by Seidel Rasso. After the ceremony, he attends a special lunch with the SRA leader and invites Tiffa to come along with him as a special guest. As they talk about what a Newtype is and Seidels steadfast beliefs, Tiffa looks into his heart with her Newtype powers and picks one word out... D.O.M.E.Surviving the destruction of Satyricon, Pala and Garrod plan to take revenge for those killed in the SRA attack and rescue Tiffa at the same time by completeing the mission that they would have done. Using the Satellite Cannons of the Double X, Garrod disrupts the firing of the Colony Laser, and forces Seidle to return Tiffa to him, firing the Satellite cannon one more time before headking back towards the Earth with Tiffa and Pala.

  • Waking up days later, Garrod accepts the offer of Pala Sys to join with the anti-SRA group Satyricon whose belief is that the Earth and it's people should be left alone by the spacenoids, and instead be left alone to heal from the war. In return for his joining them, the technicians at Satyricon's base repair the Double X.Lancerow meets Tiffa and is stunned to find out that she knows Jamil Neate, and that she openly tells him who the pilot is of the new Gundam mobile suit that he faught. While out on a special mission by the SRA leader to wipe out Satyricon, Lancerow meets Garrod in combat and talks to him to find out what Jamil is doing now, and to warn him of the incoming attack of the SRA warships.

  • Garrod sits staring at the sky at the base of his Gundam, the contrail of the rocket and shuttle fading away along with Tiffa, the girl kinapped by Nicol Faphus of the Space Revolutionary Army and taking onto the shuttle bound for the space colonies. Finally snapping out of his daze by the Freeden's doctor with the use of one of Tiffa's drawings of Garrod and her together, he tells the crew everything that he saw.Returning to the ship, they encounter Ennil El, the womans arrival and warning about the planned kidnapping coming to late. But using the other information that she has, the Freeden makes its way to a captured base belonging to the New UNE taken over by SRA spies. Making a deal to give the spies the Double X and Garrod to help them test the mobile suit, the S.R.A. agents allow Garrod to board a space warship that they are stealing from the New UNE for study. As the ship starts to depart, the base comes under attack by New UNE forces and the Frost brothers...

  • Escaping from Estard as it surreneders, the Freeden starts to make its way north into Asia to try and find the Newtype Labs that Jamil and Tiffa were going to be taken to my General Aimzat. The long hard battles have caused a rift to grow between Garrod and Tiffa, as the young boy starts to concentrate more on his duties as a pilot and less on his feelings for the young girl.As the Freeden makes its way through the forest, it is attacked by a new mobile suit of the New UNE and the Frost brothers, the pilot of the new suit being able to activate the Flash System of the experimental mobile suit and prove himself to be a Newtype. Out numbered by the bit mobile suits of the enemy, the Gundam pilots start to find themselves faltering under the attack. During the heavy fighting, Tiffa runs to the top deck of the ship, to try and help Garrod in the battle and protect him from being killed by the ace New UNE pilot.

  • While staying with Yurina Sonohara in a part of Estard occupied by the New UNE, Roybea discovers that she is part of a Resistance force that is fighting against the New UNE to regain independence. As he has breakfast with her the leader, Tessa Tain, of the group comes to visit and ask him to join with them in their fight, and uses his skills as a Gundam pilot to fight for independence. When Roybea refuses, the resistance leader pulls a gun on him, but is stopped by Yurina.The group has little time to argue as they discover that they are being surrounded by New UNE military and try to sneak out of the back window of Yurina's home, only to come under attack. Shot by a sniper, Yurina tells Roybea to go back to the Freeden and defend the people that he loves and cares for, and Roybea watches as Tessa shows him his own defiance of the New UNE and his belief in independence. Returning to the Freeden, he finds the ship under attack by a new giant mobile suit for the New United Nations Earth military...

  • After surviving the trap laid out for them and destroying the airbase, the crew of the Freeden head back toe Estard where they are hailed as heroes to their cause. Unsure of his committment to what is going on Roybea leaves the Freeden, leaving his Gundam Leopard behind, heading off unescorted into Estard as Witz takes up an offer from General Lee Jackson to upgrade his Gundam Airmaster to more better compete with the newer mobile suits and mobile armors being made by the New UNE military.The Frost brothers, tired of losing to Garrod and his new mobile suit, take part in a card game with ace pilots from the New UNE to see which order the would fight the Gundam. The person who draws the highest card fights first, followed by the second highest and so on, with the first battle taking place in the capital of the United Kingdom of Northernbell.

  • After escaping from Zonda Epta and evading the New UNE Navy, the Freeden lands in a country in southern Asia called the People's Republic of Estard and are approached by its leader and generals to join with them in their fight against the New UNE military. At first declining the offer, the crew changes their mind after they survive and witness the aftermath of a large carpet bombing raid carried out by the New UNE on civilian areas.Taking part in an operation with the allies of Estard, the Freeden crew launch a two prong assault on an airbase that is responsible for the bombing raids into Estard and its allied neighbors. Garrod leads one team behind the enemy only to encounter the Frost brothers waiting for him, and finds out that the rest of the force is walking into a trap.

  • Captured and imprisoned on the island, Garrod tells off Katokk, striking a nerve with the soldier and causing him to almost knock him out with one punch. As the crew of the Freeden is held in a cell, Jamil and Tiffa are taken to meet with Aimzat as he plans to move them to the Newtype Labs for research into their powers and abilities.Over hearing the conversation, and interrupting it briefly to put his own two cents in, Katokk leaves to his quarters and looks at a picture drawn by Tiffa, a picture of his dead wife and daughter. As the crew is held captive, they start to plan their escape and recover their Gundams then their ship and the others, but before their plan can be put into action fully, they are betrayed...

  • Stopped by Tiffa from turning himself into a human bomb, Katokk is placed in a room on the Freeden under armed guard and interrogated by Jamil Neate as to the location of the island base of the New united Nations Earth. But the questions change as they two start to talk about the war, and how the soldiers in the regular army called Jamil "Hero". While on patrol, Witz and Garrod find Ennil in the remains of her mobile armor, bringing both her and the black box to the Freeden for questioning and finding out the location of the base Zonda Epta.Using an explosive device hidden in his candy, Katokk escapes from his holding cell and dis-arms his guards, using their weapons to capture the bridge of the Freeden as it enters Zonda Epta's waters. Holding Jamil at gun point, he tells him the reason why he hates him and Newtypes as well as what is on the island.

  • Damaged and short on supplies, the Freeden puts into port at Saints Island, and independent nation that is thriving because of a power station left undamaged by the war. After being inspected by the customs and immigration officier, Miles Goodman, the Freeden is allowed to stay at the island and the crew to get some rest. Sent out on her own to get most of the shopping done for the ship, Toniya runs across Ennil El, neither knowing who the other is.Becoming friends with the red head, she goes to her bar for a girls night out, and runs into Miles Goodman who is engaged to the woman. Recognizing her as a member of the Freeden's crew, and the encounter with her on the ship, he says so and causes Ennil to leave quickly to the sea port. Quickly purchasing a new prototype mobile armor, Ennil plans an assault on the ship as it leaves the protected waters of Saints Island...

  • Free of the hold of the Ashtaron and of the mysterious power, Garrod lands a crippling blow to the Orc submarine, forcing it to surface and withdrawal along with Olba Frost. Going back to the Freeden, he learns that Tiffa has become possessed by the mind and power of a Newtype stronger then her, they mysterious woman on the Orc ship and the former instructor to Jamil Neate. She revels to all what happened to her 15 years ago shortly before the end of the war, and the crew agree to help Jamil free her from the ship and her capsule.Turning over control of the Gundam X Divider to Jamil, Garrod instead takes charge on the bridge of the Freeden for a short time, allowing Jamil to take part personally in the rescue of his friend. After defeating the Orc mobile suits, causing enough damage to their sub for them to abandon ship, the Gundam Pilots of the Freeden are faced with a new challenge as a large unknown force appears over the horizon.

  • While on a recovery mission in the Sea of Lorelei, Olba Frost and an Orc captain named Marcus Guy come across a mysterious woman in a sealed container resting on the bottom of the ocean floor. Unsure as to who she is, Olba contacts his brother for information, and as the two brothers try to resolve what is going on the Orc submarine that Olba is on encounters the Freeden. Lead by Tiffa, the Freeden comes under attack by the Orc ship and its mobile suits, the Gundams holding out till Olba enters the battle in his own Gundam.Captured by the massive scissor claws of the Ashtaron, Garrod is helpless in its grasp till all power to his mobile suits and those around him mysteriously shuts off. While on the bridge of the Freeden, Tiffa stands before Jamil and introduces herself as Lucille Liliant...

  • The narrator speaks, "Fifteen years after the war which nearly destroyed the Earth, people started to rebuild their normal lives. But... in this world without order, there was still a hell where the strong prey on the weak." While he speaks a peaceful farming community is suddenly attacked by a group of vultures, which quickly kill all resistance.Witz and Roybea are waiting at a fork in the road, wondering what a sign says. Roybea suggests "Heaven and Hell." Witz says he hates people who say things like that, then insists that his side is Heaven. The two then part, going off on small vacations because of the taxation of being on the Freeden all the time when they were used to small intervals as free lancers. In the Leopard, Roybea has hundreds of red roses, which he says are for love. And a yellow one which is "special." He then decides to, "start with "A"s." He then proceeds to visit girl after girl, explaining why he can't live with them and be their love forever, and that he cam

  • Carris pauses, beam saber held over the GX's cockpit. He tells Tifa that Garrod's life depends on her, and begins to lower the saber, heating the cockpit to a burning red. She exits to the roof and Carris takes her away. The Gundam X still lies helpless on the ground, and the other two gundams collapse as the bits leave them. Ennil grumbles about Garrod's survival, and then wonders why a Vertigo was there.In the infirmary, Witz and Roybea complain to Tonya and Sarah about their bandaging abilities. The captain comes to check Garrod, and he begins to scream in mental agony. They begin to talk about the newtype they came searching for beating them, and Witz begins yelling about saving Tiffa for Garrod's sake so he can calm down.While supervising gundam repairs, Kid has an idea and requests that Jamil let him upgrade the GX. Jamil agrees, and asks Kid to help Techs in a favor for him (curing his cockpit phobia).In Fort Severn, Carris arrives and everyone spreads the news of him savi

  • In Fort Severn, Mayor Nomoa Long speaks and introduces the leader of the Army, Newtype Carris Nautilus. Carris said everyone must become newtypes with high judgment and recognition abilities, but the war killed out most of the race. He was born as one and plans to use his power for peace.On the way to Fort Severn, the Frieden's bridge discusses how fast they'll get to Fort Severn and the accuracy of Tiffa's drawing to it's picture. They then discuss what to do if Newtypes are found.In the mechanics bay, Kid asks the mechanics what they thing must be done to prepare mobile suits for snow combat. When Garrod enters, he tells them there are 25 more answers and leaves them to figure them out. He begs Garrod to let him upgrade the gundam, claiming he needs to test parts out so he can sell them. Garrod asks about these "really cool parts," and Kid goes about telling him everything about every single one of them. He finishes off by saying, "It really turns me on!" At this time, he realize

  • Roybea wonders aloud to Witz if the two should commit a double suicide with the Frieden, but Witz says the treasure on the ship is too valuable. Roybea says he can't leave because he was hired. Suddenly a shower of beams hit the ground near the two. Roybea has a bad feeling about the attack, and his suspicions were confirmed by the Ashtaron's grabbing of his Gatling gun. The Virsago shows up from the smoke and Olba says (from the Ashtaron) that he can finally get his revenge. Witz and Roybea begin to battle the two, to prove that they are wrong in the assumption that they can gain their revenge.The enemy vultures continue to put everything around the Frieden to flame, as the GX watches from above a cliff. Garrod remembers being slapped by Sarah, told to leave Tiffa alone (by Tiffa herself), and Ennil's moves on him.The Freeden is shaken by several blasts as the Doctor worries over Jamil's condition. In her room, Tiffa has completed a drawing.Ennil jumps onto the Freeden and aims

  • The Freeden dodges to the side, only taking a little damage on the side of the main engine. The other Vultures send out mobile suits to provide cover for the Freeden. Shagia sends Olba off and easily destroys several vulture mobile suits.Garrod tries to take the GX, but Jamil stops him. He asks Garrod why he is going to help, and Garrod says it is natural because he wants to help Tiffa. Jamil gives him the control unit and lets him go out to battle the "mysterious gundam." Jamil tells Kid that Garrod is better than him, because of his cockpit phobia.Garrod rushes out to save Tiffa, and the Gundam Virsago stops him. Garrod fights a defensive battle against the skillful pilot of the Virsago, and the Freeden crew wonders why Jamil is fighting so oddly until he walks into the room and confirms Garrod as the pilot. Garrod continues to fight, slowly getting more skillful as the battle progresses.Outside of a party that he is the very host of, Roybea seems to regret leaving the Freeden.

  • The Frieden has approached Garrod, he tries to fire upon it with the satellite cannon but realizes it takes too long to charge for him to be able to shoot. Jamil runs out on top of the ship and fires a magnetic grappling gun at the Gundam X. Garrod flies back but Jamil already has the gun attached and is pulled to the gundam. Jamil opens the cockpit and the gundam automatically stops flying back. Jamil takes the gundam back to the Frieden after telling Garrod he has no right to have the gundam or Tiffa.Jamil talks with Doctor Techs Farzenberg about Tiffa's condition, anymore worse would be fatal though, and they must hide from battles until she recovers. At this time, Garrod is struggling with Roybea and Witz who are dragging him down the hallway. Garrod demands Jamil repeatedly to return Tiffa. Jamil tells Garrod that Tiffa was hurt because her newtype powers allowed her to feel the pain and fear of everyone that died to the satellite cannon. Jamil says because of this, she can't be

  • In a small market town, two con artists are claiming to be newtype soldiers from the war, saying that they are needed and the people should hire them. A man in the audience taunts them by saying that they are just looking for a job. Before the men can defend themselves, a lone mobile suit attacks the town. While the "Twin Red Comets" (con artists..) are running off, the civilians are fighting back or hiding the children. Though the town has a large number of artillery, they are able to do little against the mechanical terror. A shot to the cockpit makes the mobile suit look down, giving Garrod the chance to run out of hiding and blind the mobile suit with a flash bomb. He uses a magnetic grapple gun and gets to the cockpit, throwing the punk out. Rantu Aiko approaches Garrod with a job offer, which they discuss after Garrod sells the mobile suit he captured to a black market dealer.The job Garrod is hired for is to save Tiffa Adil from a vulture group aboard the Freeden. He sneaks ab