The Knight in the Area

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The Knight in the Area is a Japanese anime cartoon. The main character in this series in Kakeru Aizawa. He is the younger brother of Suguru Aizawa who is a football hero. Sugura belongs to one of the only 15 national teams in Japan. Kakeru used to play them sport as well but quits due to an injury. He settles for a management position with the team.

More trouble strikes the bothers. They are both hit by a bus. Sugura dies and Kakeru is given his heart in order to survive. Kakeru is able to go back to the sport and dreams of winning the World Cup for this brother. Each episode tells a little bit more of the story and follows Kakeru on his mission to win the World Cup.

Friday 2:30pm PST/EST on TV Asahi
1 Season, 37 Episodes
January 7, 2012
Anime, Sports
Cast: Shizuka Ito
The Knight in the Area

The Knight in the Area Full Episode Guide

  • Kakeru, Araki, and Seven have their own individual battles on the field to finish.

  • After much practicing, Enoshima can only hope that after much practice, they will be ready for Atsukikita.

  • Enoshima first match for the championship is against Keisei, and the results are shocking.

  • Kamakura is hosting a 2 day training camp for Enoshima soccer club. This is their last time to play as a team before Arakai leaves for the under 16 training camp and the start of the winter championship.

  • The soccer club has agreed to help the theater club put on their production of Romeo and Juliet.

  • USA vs. Japan, this game will decide the fate of those who stays for team Japan.

  • Over 100 players have been invited to the U-16 Representative Training Camp, but there is only space for 30. The players only have 15 minutes to demonstrate they have what it takes to be there.

  • The team watches Kamagaku play against Shukyu; the level of play on the field has the team questioning their own abilities.

  • The team is working at a local beach restaurant, where a battle for love breaks out between Ryouma and Araki.

  • The gang goes to watch Silva play in a match. Later on Mai stops by to play with the team during practice and Kakeru becomes enthralled with her capoeira-inspired playing style.

  • The battle is over, one team will walk away winners and the other team will have a player carried out.

  • The goal that should have happened, didn't. With the score 3 to 1, it's time for an old player to make his comeback.

  • The match against Yoin continues and they are proving to be a well-trained team, able to counter any strategy Enoshima throws at them. The team is waiting for a miracle.

  • Yoin High is a fierce team with cunning plays and pro level players, Enoshima has been off guard. Watching in the stands are some of Japan's top players, waiting to see what Kakeru will do.

  • The team is currently on edge, to relax them Coach Iwaki has given them the day off. A festival nearby is the perfect place. While there Kakeru is pulled away by Mai-chan, and the rest of the team tries to win an exclusive prize.

  • Kakeru took the full force of Hibino's free kick to the head. Will the force of the blow bring back the Suguru personality from before or something worse?

  • After a dashing first goal by Araki, Shonan has successfully locked down Enoshima offense. When Kakeru is put into the game he must face Hibino.

  • Nadeshiko Japan is having a sendoff match against JWSL. The new player Mai views Seven has her rival and it is causing a team breakdown. Can the new coach of Nadeshiko Japan pull the team together?

  • Suguru is alive within Kakeru is what a few people think. Mine his therapist, believes it's the answer to new found wants and skills. Leonardo Silva believes it's true, so his rivalry against Suguru can continue.

  • After a fierce tackle, Kakeru gets back up a new man. His skills and footwork are eerily similar to those of a past player. Both teams want the win and continue pushing themserlves to the breaking point.

  • Enoshima has never played against such an unorthodox team before. Tsujidou's physically strong and defensive style of play is cause for concern. Can the Enoshima players get control of the game before one them explode?

  • Coming down off their first win, Kakeru lack of dribbling skills has become the topic of conversation. Does he have what it takes to be a true striker? Later, while practicing at the park, he is confronted by Hibino‚Ķ

  • Enoshima first match is against Shonan High, a team they lost to in the 2nd match. Kakeru former school mates have come to cheer him on. Will the knight get his chance on the field?

  • With the Soccer club still split the former Coach Kondu has returned to talk to his former players. He will show the unsatisfied players the rhyme and reason behind Coach Iwaki's management.

  • A rift has formed between the former SC and FC soccer clubs. The SC players consider the coach weak while FC wants to keep soccer fun. To make matter s worst, Kakeru has found out some news about Leonardo Silver, Suguru's biggest rival.

  • Nana's secret is out. Kakeru, Motoba, and Kota discover Nana's secret and have a chance to witness her skills during an exhibition match against Germany. The match is intense and Kakeru swells with conflicting emotions.

  • The 64 members of the Enoshima Soccer club are on a training camp in Shizuoka. During the camp, Seven leaves to play in an exhibition match against the Miami Hurricanes and pulls off some amazing plays. At the end of their training, a test of courage is performed with the winner receiving a special gift.

  • After a heart pounding game, the coaches of the SC and FC club share some big news. And Seven receives an unexpected request; Looks like her past in America is catching up on her.

  • The King of FC Soccer has returned and is forcing SC players to break from their script. Araki's trick style of play rejuvenates the tired FC players and Kakeru's heart beats with a new determination.

  • The representation match, FC vs. SC has started and as predicted the Soccer Club is physically dominating. Down by 2 with only 25 minutes left in the second half, FC is going to need a King size miracle to turn the game around.

  • It is the inaugural ceremony for Enoshima High school, and the clubs are out in full force looking for new members. Mako, over hearing Kakeru desire to join the Soccer club, invites him to join the Enoshima High FC. But wait, what is the Enoshima High SC?

  • Meeting Renaldo Silver, discovering the identity of the mysterious grey, and finding Suguru's diary. It all leads to Kakeru making an important decision, but is his heart in the right place?

  • Kakeru has finally awoken and is recovering well. He is stronger, faster, and more energetic than before. He has come to terms with the loss of his older brother, but his friends and family seem to be keeping a secret from him.

  • Kakeru is the only one who can keep pace Suguru, but after each failed goal, his old nick name of 'Mr. No Goal' starts to be heard. Suguru keeps the pressure on Kakeru hoping he will change, but the change coming might be for the best.

  • Kakeru is the manager of the junior high school soccer team, while his older brother Suguru, is the captain and rising star in Japans soccer world. During an intrasquad game, Kakeru is placed as the forward. Will this bring back his love for soccer or will old memories stop him dead?