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  • 2019
  • 1 Season

Kamen Rider Zero-One is a popular Japanese tokusatsu television series that aired on TV Asahi in the year 2019. The show was created by Toei Company, who have produced popular television shows like Super Sentai and Kamen Rider. The show revolves around a futuristic world where robots have taken over many human jobs, causing a shift in societal structures. This leads to the creation of Hiden Intelligence, one of the largest and most profitable companies in the world, led by its president, Korenosuke Hiden.

The protagonist of the series is a young man named Aruto Hiden, who becomes the CEO of Hiden Intelligence after his grandfather's sudden death. Aruto is initially a failed comedian who doesn't seem to have any particular skills, unlike the other executives of Hiden Intelligence. However, he soon discovers that he has a crucial role to play in the fight against a rogue A.I. known as Metsuboujinrai.net.

Metsuboujinrai.net is a hacking organization that seeks to destroy humanity by using various robots to cause chaos and harm. The group comprises several human-like A.I. known as the "Metsuboujinrai members," who are led by an A.I. known as Ark-Zero.

When Aruto's life is threatened by the Metsuboujinrai members, he is saved by the HumaGear (humanoid robot) nicknamed Izu. She was made sensitive enough to experience emotions to understand human activities. Izu reveals that she was created by Aruto's grandfather to eventually assist him in the fight against the Metsuboujinrai.net.

To stop the Metsuboujinrai.net, Aruto becomes Kamen Rider Zero-One, a masked hero who fights evil robots while protecting the people of the world. He is aided by Izu and several other HumaGears such as Fuwa Isamu, A.I.M.S. Officer, Yua Yaiba, A.I.M.S. Assist Officer and the motorcycle riding assistant, Ito Gai.

As Kamen Rider Zero-One, Aruto battles against the Metsuboujinrai members, including Horobi, Jin, and the mysterious Ark-Zero. Along the way, he becomes friends with several other characters, including the mischievous and unpredictable Kamen Rider Vulcan (who is also Fuwa Isamu in his guise as a Kamen Rider), the elegant but deadly Kamen Rider Valkyrie (who is also Yua Yaiba in disguise), and more.

The show progresses with a mix of action and drama, with a focus on Aruto's development as both a CEO and Kamen Rider. It also introduces a variety of characters, such as the HumaGear idol, Azu, who becomes close friends with Aruto.

As the show progresses, Aruto and the other characters encounter numerous challenges, like the HumaGear being outlawed, hidden objectives for the creation of HumaGears and its consequences.

Kamen Rider Zero-One’s tight script writing, compelling characters, and intense action sequences have impressed audiences all over Japan, making this show a hit. The show's producers also use CGI extensively, which creates rather realistic and convincing visual effects.

Overall, Kamen Rider Zero-One is an excellent tokusatsu television show with an interesting premise and compelling characters. The show explores a range of themes that include human relationships, loyalty, empathy, and the dangers of advanced technology. It is a must-watch for fans of Japanese sci-fi and action television programming.

Kamen Rider Zero-One: Series is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (50 episodes). The series first aired on September 1, 2019.

Kamen Rider Zero-One: Series
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Kamen Rider Zero-One: S1 E51 - Their Respective Futures
51. Kamen Rider Zero-One: S1 E51 - Their Respective Futures
August 30, 2020
The battle between Aruto and Horobi represents all-out war between humans and Humagears. Nevertheless, the conclusion Aruto chose is a direct confrontation with Horobi. Obtaining the power of the Ark, Horobi transforms in order to bring down Aruto. Wielding the same power of the Ark, Aruto goes to meet the enemy as Kamen Rider Ark-One....
Kamen Rider Zero-One: S1 E50 - There Is Only One Person Who Can Stop You
50. Kamen Rider Zero-One: S1 E50 - There Is Only One Person Who Can Stop You
August 23, 2020
The one who falls victim to Aruto's revenge after his transformation into Ark-One is not Horobi but Jin. As his grief over the loss of Jin amplifies the malice inside him, will the Ark be created inside Horobi as well? If Aruto and Horobi battle again, it's likely to turn into an all-out war between humans and Humagears.
Kamen Rider Zero-One: S1 E48 - As Long As There Is Malice
48. Kamen Rider Zero-One: S1 E48 - As Long As There Is Malice
August 9, 2020
The joint forces of Zero-Two and Horobi, as well as the cooperation of humans and Humagears, have destroyed the Ark. However, the scars left by the Ark have yet to disappear. As long as humanity exists, the Ark will return once more. Believing this, Horobi's insistence that humanity is still an enemy that must be destroyed remains unchanged.
Kamen Rider Zero-One: S1 E47 - Thou, Take Thy Neighbor's Hand!
47. Kamen Rider Zero-One: S1 E47 - Thou, Take Thy Neighbor's Hand!
August 2, 2020
Through the dream Aruto entrusted to Is, Kamen Rider Zero-Two is born at last! Zero-Two surpasses the Ark's predictions and Kamen Rider Ark-Zero is defeated... or so it appeared. But the Ark's data still exists in the satellite floating in space. As long as there is that satellite, the Ark can be restored again and again.
Kamen Rider Zero-One: S1 E46 - Towards Our Dream
46. Kamen Rider Zero-One: S1 E46 - Towards Our Dream
July 26, 2020
Satellite There, the intelligence behind Zero-One, has been taken over and the Zero-One driver has been stolen by the Ark! Having been driven into a corner, even Jin who had made it his mission to take down the Ark now feels hopeless. But Aruto hasn't given up. He proposes a new Kamen Rider concept and sets out to implement it.
The Future of Each
45. The Future of Each
August 30, 2020
The battle between Aruto Hiden and Horobi sparks a war between humanity and Humagears! Nevertheless, the conclusion that was reached resulted in Aruto having no choice but to directly fight against Horobi! Horobi, who has now also obtained the power of the Ark, transforms into a new Rider in order to defeat Aruto! This new Rider is now on the same level as Ark-One himself!
There's Only One Person Who Can Stop You
44. There's Only One Person Who Can Stop You
August 23, 2020
Jin became the sacrifice who was annihilated at the hands of Ark-One! Will the malicious intent amplified by the sadness of Jin's loss be enough to create another Ark in Horobi?! If Horobi and Aruto fight again, it could lead to an all-out war between humans and Humagears alike! All of the other Kamen Riders, alongside everyone from Hiden Intelligence, are now going to move in to put a stop to this rampage!
That is a Heart
43. That is a Heart
August 16, 2020
Ironically, it was none other than Aruto who proved that "As long as the malice of humanity exists, the Ark will never die"! After the intense fight against Horobi spurring the destruction of humanity, Izu's loss triggers Aruto's uncontrollable desire for revenge! In order to prevent the escalation of the conflict between Aruto and Horobi, the other Kamen Riders start to make their move! However, such a conclusion can also lead to a great tragedy...
As Long As There's Malice
42. As Long As There's Malice
August 9, 2020
The Ark has been destroyed thanks to the combined efforts of both Zero-Two and Horobi, and the union of humans and Humagears alike! However, the impact of the Ark has not vanished yet! The human race is still believed to be targeted under the presumption that "As long as humanity exists, the Ark will continue to return"! Meanwhile, a new president of ZAIA Enterprise Japan who rivals Gai's original position suddenly appears, and his goal is to destroy Horobi! In time, a full-scale confrontation between humans and Humagears is about to begin!
Thou, Take Thine Neighbor's Hand!
41. Thou, Take Thine Neighbor's Hand!
August 2, 2020
Kamen Rider Zero-Two has finally been created from the dream that Izu entrusted to Aruto! Zero-Two was able to outsmart the Ark's predictions, and destroy Kamen Rider Ark-Zero! However, the Ark's data still exists in Satellite Zea orbiting around the Earth in space, and as long as it exists, the Ark can be revived as many times as possible! Meanwhile, the Ark changes his plans to target Aruto Hiden, and initiates his destruction of the city from above! The destruction of humankind is now upon us! So, just what kind of decision will Aruto Hiden and the other Kamen Riders come to...?!
Towards My Dream And Mine Alone
40. Towards My Dream And Mine Alone
July 26, 2020
Satellite Zea, who was known as the intelligence behind Zero-One, has been taken over by the Ark after Aruto had his Zero-One Driver stolen! Even in a situation of such despair, even Jin, who was determined to destroy the Ark, is starting to doubt himself. However, Aruto has not given up just yet, as he is trying to create a new kind of Kamen Rider! However, Kamen Rider Ark-Zero then suddenly appears before Aruto, and fatally wounds him!!
This Conclusion, Unpredictable
39. This Conclusion, Unpredictable
July 19, 2020
After remembering that it was Hiden's Artificial Intelligence who supported him when he was a child, Gai confesses to Aruto that he in fact loves Hiden Intelligence! Both of them compromise in an effort to defeat the Ark, however, Fuwa and Yua cannot forgive Gai so easily. Meanwhile, the Ark changes his strategy in order to engage Zero-One and Thouser in combat, but Ikazuchi is experiencing memories of when he lived as a Humagear in Hiden Intelligence! Ikazuchi, who immediately starts to malfunction, suddenly takes a very unexpected action...!
I'm 1000% Your Friend
38. I'm 1000% Your Friend
July 12, 2020
Vice-President Fukuzoe and others have reported and found evidence that connects Gai Amatsu directly to all of the dangerous and suspicious events surrounding the Ark! However, Gai claims that he will violently suppress all of the evidence at once! Fukuzoe asks Aruto for support and he consults with Gai, but Gai doesn't seem to budge on his resolve! Meanwhile, the Ark, who has now transformed into a Kamen Rider, has initiated the next stage of his operation! The Ark appears at Hiden Intelligence's Space Development Center! Just what on Earth is the Ark trying to do?!
It Can't Be Stopped
37. It Can't Be Stopped
July 5, 2020
Finally, the Ark has manifested itself as a Kamen Rider and appeared before Aruto and the others! Zero-One and Vulcan were completely powerless standing before such an overwhelming force! This translated into a moment where Aruto is starting to fear the prospects of advancing artificial intelligence innovations beyond human comprehension. Aruto is starting to lose sight of himself, as he doesn't know how to handle the new emergence of the Ark... Meanwhile, a newly revived Ark hands Naki a new Progrisekey...!
I am the Ark and a Kamen Rider
36. I am the Ark and a Kamen Rider
June 28, 2020
An incident suddenly erupts in Daybreak Town, where Horobi, Jin, Naki, and Ikazuchi are based! Something the likes of which no one has ever seen before is about to be created! Something so wicked that it exceeds human knowledge! Meanwhile, Aruto, who is holding on to his dream that Horobi can become a father, becomes aware of the development of a new kind of artificial intelligence technology that can only be developed by Hiden Manufacturing! It was just then when Aruto noticed Fuwa looking in...
What Do Humagears Dream Of?
35. What Do Humagears Dream Of?
May 10, 2020
MetsubouJinrai.net's terrorist member Ikazuchi's data was stolen from Aruto by Jin, who had previously chosen to stake a bet on Aruto's dream! Furthermore, with Yua Yaiba's help, Jin was able to completely restore Naki and free them from Fuwa! Now all that is left for them is to revive Ikazuchi and then MetsubouJinrai.net will be restored once again! Zero-One, who refuses to allow that to happen, engages Jin in a heated confrontation! However, the one who decides to take his place in order to protect Jin is Horobi!
This is the Path of Destruction
34. This is the Path of Destruction
May 3, 2020
Aruto visits a local vegetable plantation and factory, only to discover that since most of their operations were conducted under AI, since the Humagear recall all production has stopped, leaving them alone and confused! Aruto, after hearing their complaint, decides to restore the Agricultural Management-Type Humagear Midori and deliver it to the factory! The factory manager is overjoyed by Midori's return, however, suddenly Horobi launches an attack on the same vegetable factory!
Are Dreams Important to You?
33. Are Dreams Important to You?
April 26, 2020
A discarded Tennis Coach-Type Humagear known as Love-chan is brought into HIDEN Manufacturing! Love-chan has taken on the dream of a young high schooler named Keita, who wishes to become a professional tennis player in the Grand Slam! However, the exact reason as to why this Humagear was discarded remains a mystery... Meanwhile, Yua receives an unbelievable order from Gai! "Take out Fuwa..." Furthermore, a surprised and shocked Yua listens to Gai's revelation about another of Fuwa's secrets...!
My Pride! Runway Dream
32. My Pride! Runway Dream
April 19, 2020
HIDEN Manufacturing, created and founded by Aruto, has become the leading company supporting individuals who have lost their Humagears! The customer this time is a man in charge of casting models for fashion shows! Luckily, the charismatic Model-Type Humagear Derumo, was one of the Humagears they were able to recover after ZAIA's sudden suspension of Humagear services! Furthermore, Derumo's presence is required in order to hold a successful fashion show! Aruto then decides to restore her data using her respective Progrisekey, however, ZAIA's interference has also been growing relative to the success of HIDEN Manufacturing!
Take Off Toward Your Dream!
31. Take Off Toward Your Dream!
April 12, 2020
Aruto has created and founded a new company, known as HIDEN Manufacturing Co. Ltd.! All of a sudden a new client rushes in to see them! "I want to help people who are being affected by the sudden disappearances of their Humagears!" It was none other than Choichiro Ishizumi, the famous manga artist who had previously enlisted the assistance of the Manga Artist-Type Humagear, Morifude G-Pen! He wishes for G-Pen, who has been deactivated ever since ZAIA Japan shut down the Humagears, to be reactivated again! Aruto decides to help by using a "turnover" system to restart G-Pen once again!
After All, I am the President and a Kamen Rider
30. After All, I am the President and a Kamen Rider
April 5, 2020
Finally ZAIA Enterprise Japan has successfully acquired Hiden Intelligence as all Humagears are instantly recalled and ordered to be shut down immediately! Aruto, who has lost his position as president to Gai Amatsu, has strayed away from Hiden Intelligence, and decided to save any Humagears that are being displaced from society and discarded! In the midst of Aruto's struggles, he goes to meet with Jin, who has made it his mission to liberate all of the Humagears...
Our Dreams Don't Break
29. Our Dreams Don't Break
March 29, 2020
The final round of the "5-Round Workplace Competition", with a referendum over the creation of a Humagear automated city on the line, has the Rapper-Type Humagear, MC Che.ck-It-Out, suddenly leaning against Hiden Intelligence! Vulcan arrives at the scene caused by the runaway Humagear MC Che.ck-It-Out, only to find Gai speaking some difficult words to him. "Become a tool of ZAIA and defeat Zero-One". Despite Vulcan barely hearing Gai's orders, he slowly turns his sights on Zero-One...!
My Rap Changes the World!
28. My Rap Changes the World!
March 22, 2020
At long last, the final round of the "5-Round Workplace Competition" between Hiden Intelligence and ZAIA Enterprise has arrived! With a referendum on whether or not to implement the creation of a Humagear automated city on the table, the result of this round of the competition will decide the victor between the pro-Humagear company, Hiden Intelligence, against the anti-Humagear company, ZAIA Enterprise! The final round involves a persuasive speech to the public! ZAIA Enterprise has sent forward a politician who opposes Humagears, whereas Hiden Intelligence is unable to send up their own Politician-Type Humagear, for a politician elected by humans cannot end up being a non-human Humagear! However, Hiden Intelligence has chosen a suitable Humagear designed to promote the Humagear Automated City to its highest capacity, the Rapper-Type Humagear, MC Che.ck-It-Out!
I Won't Give Up These Lives
27. I Won't Give Up These Lives
March 15, 2020
A real fire has been started after a Raider sabotaged the 4th round of Hiden Intelligence and ZAIA Enterprise's "5-Round Workplace Showdown!" Therefore, a rescue operation to save Vice President Fukuzoe, Senior Managing Director Yamashita, and their Humagear Secretary Shester between humans and Humagear is now currently underway! The Firefighter-Type Humagear 119 Nosuke, after being taught the importance of never giving up on people's lives by fire commander Homura, finds the most likely rescue route to be blocked by rubble! Meanwhile, Aruto goes after the Raider who was the one responsible for this attack!
Firefighters Battling the Blaze
26. Firefighters Battling the Blaze
March 8, 2020
The fourth round of the "5-Round Workplace Showdown" between Hiden Intelligence and ZAIA Enterprise has arrived! This time, it is a showdown among firefighters! By creating drills simulating real-life fire scenarios, both sides will determine whether a Firefighter-Type Humagear or a human firefighter with a ZAIASpec will be able to rescue the most civilians! A building has been set up to recreate a rubble rescue on the basement floor, the first floor a fire rescue, and the second floor from a smoke rescue! However, suddenly during the midst of their competition, a mysterious Raider appears and causes an explosion!
I'll Save the Humagears
25. I'll Save the Humagears
March 1, 2020
All of a sudden, communication with Satellite Zea has been cut off! An investigation further reveals that someone is intentionally jamming the frequencies! Izu summons the Doctor Humagear Bot, who is responsible for Humagear systems manufacturing and development, to the Hiden Intelligence lab to diagnose the issue. Furthermore, they start an investigation into Horobi's sudden disappearance from his containment within the A.I.M.S. facility! "I didn't create him to be a terrorist..." Bot's words reveal that he created Horobi, the Humagear who would become the archetype for MestubouJinrai.net, as he unravels the history behind the Zero-One system! Meanwhile, a mysterious Kamen Rider stands on the roof of Hiden Intelligence...
It's Our Turn
24. It's Our Turn
February 23, 2020
The mock wedding ceremony between a human and a Humagear challenged the notion of establishing themselves as a couple! However, Match goes berserk at the wedding and turns into a Magia, just when another Raider suddenly appears as well! Aruto transforms into the forbidden MetalCluster Hopper form to stop the fight, but he is unable to control his new form, and he also goes on a rampage! Gai Amatsu transforms into Kamen Rider Thouser to fight him, but as Zero-One and Thouser are fighting, the Humagear Enji Matsuda, who played the role of the pastor in the mock wedding ceremony, is suddenly taken over by the power of the Ark emerging from MetalCluster Hopper!
I'm in Love With Your Intelligence!
23. I'm in Love With Your Intelligence!
February 16, 2020
Zero-One has assumed a new form thanks to the insertion of the MetalCluster Hopper Progrisekey into the Zero-One Driver! However, the power of the MetalCluster Progrisekey inhibits the Zero-One Driver from authorizing other Progrisekeys! Just then, some unexpected visitors appear before Aruto and the others! It was Chiharu, the victim from the marriage fraud scandal, as she desperately asks Aruto to find her marriage partner! And to add to the pressure, Aruto is about to introduce a Human-Humagear marriage consultation service!
He Still Didn't Do It
22. He Still Didn't Do It
February 9, 2020
In the midst of the third competition in Hiden Intelligence vs ZAIA Enterprise's "5-Round Workplace Competition" involving a trial, Hiden Intelligence's own Lawyer-Type Humagear has gone berserk and been destroyed by Thouser, while the clues leading to the identity of a Raider have fallen short! But just then, a surprising encounter by Fuwa starts to help Hiden Intelligence, leading to an interesting collaboration between Fuwa and the Humagear!
Objection! That Trial
21. Objection! That Trial
February 2, 2020
ZAIA Enterprise has now beaten Hiden Intelligence at two of the five parts of their "5-Part Workplace Competition"! The next stage of the competition involves a case between the Attorney-Type Humagear and a ZAIA Spec user prosecutor, in which there has been a lawsuit presented due to marriage fraud! If the accused is guilty, then ZAIA Enterprise wins the trial, but if the accused is proven to be innocent, then Hiden Intelligence will win! However, it appears that the prosecutor seems to be suppressing some conclusive evidence in this trial...!
That is 1000% the Best House
20. That is 1000% the Best House
January 26, 2020
The second round of Hiden vs ZAIA's Workplace Competition is a real-estate competition! ZAIA's top real-estate salesmen, equipped with the ZAIASpec, utilized some underhanded maneuvers to undercut Hiden's Real-Estate Humagear, Smile Sumida! The showdown between humans and Humagears now rests in the hands of a seemingly human victory, but just then, a couple of millionaires on a budget seek to purchase a house of their own! It is not an exaggeration to say that selling a house to a millionaire will essentially win you the competition, so the final battle between a restored Humagear and the ZAIASpec human will now begin!
She is a Home-Selling Humagear
19. She is a Home-Selling Humagear
January 19, 2020
ZAIA Enterprise has successfully beaten Hiden Intelligence at the first match of the "5 Step Workplace Competition!" The next step in the competition involves selling houses, according to ZAIA's president, which consists of which company can sell more houses and make the most money, pitting Humagears against humans wearing ZAIASpec devices! ZAIA Enterprise will work alongside the industry's top real-estate salespeople, while Hiden Intelligence will make use of the real-estate type Humagear, Smile Sumida, whose motto is "Selling and living with a smile!" But just where exactly is this game headed? And who is the mysterious hooded figure spreading the Raidrisers around the city?
This is My Floristry
18. This is My Floristry
January 12, 2020
ZAIA Enterprise has set out to acquire Hiden Intelligence through a "5-Step Workplace Challenge"! The first challenge, the Flower Arrangement Challenge, had the human-Humagear representative Rentaro Tachibana seemingly perform splendidly during the competition! However, Thouser ends up destroying and subsequently resetting the Humagear who lost the challenge, the Flower-Arrangement Type Humagear, Sakuyo Ichirin, much to Aruto's surprise! A bewildered Aruto mentions that "I was fooled by him", all the meanwhile a suspicious dark shadow slowly approaches Rentaro...
I am the Only President and Kamen Rider
17. I am the Only President and Kamen Rider
January 5, 2020
ZAIA Enterprise Japan has embarked on their acquisition of Hiden Intelligence! Furthermore, ZAIA's president, Gai Amatsu, introduces a surprising new condition to Aruto. Gai introduces the world to the "ZAIASpec" device, which gives humans the ability to think on par with Hiden Intelligence's own Humagears and ZAIA's own technology! The goal is to compete against each other in order to decide which technological implementation is better for society as a whole. And so, the "5th Workplace Competition" has now begun! If Hiden Intelligence wins, then they will be able to withdraw from ZAIA's acquisition! But just where is this game headed towards...?!
This is the Dawn of ZAIA
16. This is the Dawn of ZAIA
December 22, 2019
Zero-One has just transformed into Shining Assault Hopper thanks to the assistance of Vulcan's Assault Wolf form! The final battle against Jin of MetsubouJinrai.net has finally begun! But just why did Jin come to accept his mission to destroy humanity? Furthermore, what will become of Izu who was nearly destroyed by Jin's deadly attack? And what will be the outcome of Zero-One vs Jin's final battle? This is the moment where endings and beginnings are starting to intersect!
The End of Each
15. The End of Each
December 15, 2019
After an intense fight against Kamen Rider Ikazuchi, A.I.M.S. discovers that the hideout of MetsubouJinrai.net is located somewhere near Daybreak Town, and they proceed to carry out an operation in the area! With the awakening of the Ark, the powers of the MetsubouJinrai.net terrorists have increased significantly, as they engage A.I.M.S. operatives in battle! Meanwhile, Aruto visits his family grave alongside the Astronaut-Type Humagear who had just lost his elder brother, Raiden. Aruto starts to think about the Humagear's ability to have a dying wish as he is standing before these graves. Aruto receives an incoming report regarding the activities of MetsubouJinrai.net, which means that the final confrontation between humans and Humagears is about to begin!
We are the Astronaut Brothers!
14. We are the Astronaut Brothers!
December 8, 2019
The two Astronaut Brothers suddenly storm their way into the president of Hiden Intelligence's office! Raiden, who is the Astronaut-Type Humagear in charge of managing Satellite Zea in space, is frustrated by his superior's decision. As a result, Raiden ends up taking both his younger brother Subaru and Aruto down to Hiden's Space Development Center! But why do A.I.M.S. and MetsubouJinrai.net start to appear all of a sudden?!
I Work as the President's Secretary
13. I Work as the President's Secretary
December 1, 2019
Zero-One, who has evolved into a shining new form known as Shining Hopper, will engage in a confrontation against the Dodo Magia who has evolved beyond comprehension! Despite the fact that Izu believes that Zero-One will be able to win using the Shining Hopper Progrisekey, she starts to notice something strange about Zero-One's state. Izu begins to feel like she is unqualified to be the president's secretary in the presence of this new form...
The Famous Detective is Coming
12. The Famous Detective is Coming
November 24, 2019
The police have opened up an investigation into the assassination attempt on Shinya Owada's life. The police make their way into the headquarters of Hiden Intelligence alongside A.I.M.S., however, they are unable to find any evidence that Hiden Intelligence created the assassin-type Humagear. In order to catch the criminal assassin-type Humagear, the police bring in the self-proclaimed "Detective" Humagear, Wazu Nazotoku to Hiden Intelligence headquarters!
Don't Stop the Camera, Stop That Guy!
11. Don't Stop the Camera, Stop That Guy!
November 17, 2019
Hiden Intelligence's television drama development project is suddenly in danger! Shinya Owada feels that his co-star, the actor Humagear Enji Matsuda, is unable to convey the profound elements of humans, and requests to leave his role on the drama project! Aruto makes his attempts to persuade Owada, while the order to "Assassinate Shinya Owada" was given to the assassin Humagear, who Owada recognizes as one of his disciples!
I am an Actor, Shinya Owada
10. I am an Actor, Shinya Owada
November 10, 2019
The reputation of Hiden Intelligence has gone down significantly due to the Humagear rampage at the hospital. Vice President Jun Fukuzoe decides to restore the image of Hiden Intelligence by creating a drama television show that stars an actor Humagear! The lead actor in this production is Shinya Owada, a very well renowned actor! "I never forget a line!" Owada seems to acknowledge the Humagear on the surface, but will the production of this drama end up going well?
I'll Take Care of Your Life
9. I'll Take Care of Your Life
October 27, 2019
Vulcan was completely decimated before Horobi's Kamen Rider transformation! Yua immediately transports him to the hospital and in the care of a surgeon Humagear! "If we don't operate right away, his injuries might become life-threatening," says the Doctor. Due to the level of destruction Metsuboujinrai.net inflicted upon the hospital, there is no time to gather any other doctors. Furthermore, in order to prevent an outbreak of the already rampaging Humagear, Vice-President Jun Fukuzoe issues an emergency command: "Shut down all the Humagears inside the hospital!" At this rate, can Isamu's life still be saved?! And when faced with the difficult decision to either stop the rampaging Humagear or preserve the life-saving Humagear, what conclusion will Aruto end up coming to?!
The Destruction Begins Now
8. The Destruction Begins Now
October 20, 2019
Aruto visits the local hospital for his regular medical examinations, and when he gets there he notices that the hospital is full of Humagears! This is due to developments in medicine that require the usage of artificial intelligence! These medical Humagear are locally managed by the hospital's own network, so security is expected to be extremely tough, and they should be unaffected by the corrupting virus inputted by Metsuboujinrai.net. Just then, however, Horobi and Jin appear in front of the hospital...
I am a Hot-Blooded Humagear Teacher!
7. I am a Hot-Blooded Humagear Teacher!
October 13, 2019
Aruto visits a local high school after being called in to see if they can reboot their local Humagear basketball coach! A.I.M.S. also takes interest in this and appears on the scene as well. Apparently, this particular Humagear is nearing singularity, adopting aspects of a hot-blooded coach, which is starting to seem somewhat problematic...
I Want to Hear Your Voice
6. I Want to Hear Your Voice
October 6, 2019
The voice actress Humagear, Seine Kanazawa, is currently working hard dubbing the anime of the manga "Perfuman Tsurugi". Aruto is witnessing the dub in person as a big fan of "Perfuman Tsurugi" himself, but then suddenly A.I.M.S. appears at the scene! It appears that Seina is in violation of Specialized Artificial Intelligence Law...!
His Passionate Path of Manga
5. His Passionate Path of Manga
September 29, 2019
Aruto and Izu go and visit the home of the popular manga artist Choichiro Ishizumi. Aruto says that he is there as president to deliver a new illustrator-type Humagear, but in reality, he is actually a very big fan! At long last he's met the artist behind his favorite manga "Perfuman Tsurugi", but Aruto realizes that he no longer draws his own manga...
The Bus Guide Saw It! Anna's Truth
4. The Bus Guide Saw It! Anna's Truth
September 22, 2019
Aruto and Izu participate in a guided bus tour of Daybreak Town, organized by the tour guide Humagear, Anna. Speaking of Daybreak Town, it was once the site of a Humagear operations experimental city! It was in this same city where a large-scale experiment was conducted to launch the first Humagear controlling satellite into outer space, but an unfortunate explosion occurred there nearly twelve years ago. Its because of this that the area is currently closed off, and appears to have been inundated by a lake. Meanwhile, a young boy who is also on the tour seems to be the target of other friends' mocking and bullying. Just then, he slipped out the words... "The one behind that accident was my father!"
That Man, Sushi Chef
3. That Man, Sushi Chef
September 15, 2019
Aruto's days as the president and CEO of Hiden Intelligence have now begun! Aruto and Izu decide to go and visit the 3-star sushi restaurant Magokoro Sushi, where a Humagear sushi chef will have a Nigiro program installed. Aruto and the others are visiting several workplaces around the city advising them about the dangerous actions that Metsuboujinrai.net have taken to hijack AI Humagear systems. It was just then, however, that the technical advisor for A.I.M.S., Yua Yaiba, suddenly pays a visit to the same sushi restaurant...
Is AI The Enemy? The Ally?
2. Is AI The Enemy? The Ally?
September 8, 2019
Representatives Isamu Fuwa and Yua Yaiba from A.I.M.S., a special government agency that investigates AI crimes, pay a visit to Aruto Hiden, the new CEO of Hiden Intelligence. They are suspicious that Hiden Intelligence is trying to cover up the events that occurred over at the amusement park...
I am the President and a Kamen Rider
1. I am the President and a Kamen Rider
September 1, 2019
The headquarters for Hiden Intelligence, a massively large building, towers over the center of the city. Hiden Intelligence is a renowned company whose work is at the forefront of cutting edge technology, such as artificial intelligence and robotics systems. It's a company that exists to support humanity with its advancements and creations. A news report suddenly emerges that the current president of the company has passed away. A young man by the name of Aruto Hiden is riding his bicycle to the local amusement park to perform on stage as a comedian. Little does he know, it is his destiny to take up ownership of the technology that authorizes his transformation into Kamen Rider Zero-One!
Where to Watch Kamen Rider Zero-One: Series
Kamen Rider Zero-One: Series is available for streaming on the TV Asahi website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Kamen Rider Zero-One: Series on demand at Amazon Prime and Amazon.
  • Premiere Date
    September 1, 2019