Watch TV Shows on TV Asahi

TV Asahi is one of the top television networks in Japan. Based out of Roppongi, the company also runs the All-Nippon News Network. The channel first debuted during the early age of television in the year 1957. The original purpose of the channel was to produce education programming although the structure of the channel was devised as a for-profit entity.

Within three years, Asahi turned into a standard television channel producing a mix of news, sports, educational programming, foreign films, and kid's programming. Asahi quickly became very popular among the populace thanks to the large audiences the programming was drawing.

Asahi did not maintain its popularity throughout its life and struggled in fourth place for many years. The 1970's and 1980's did not reflect much growth for the television network and other channels drew much larger audiences although the network was never in poor fiscal position.

Eventually, the channel would reach a consistent number two position. The growth in newfound popularity was based on late night programming and acquiring the rights to air World Cup Soccer.

After establishing the All-Nippon News Network, Asahi worked heavily in rebranding itself and correcting difficulties with drawing and audience. The new direction of the channel helped resurrect the channel's past success.