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Digimon Fusion is an anime children's adventure television show. It is also the sixth series in the entire Digimon franchise; this series is also called Xros Wars. Digimon Fusion is about a 7th grade boy named Taiki Kudo who finds a strange creature named Shoutmon dying in an alley. Shoutmon is part of a group of monsters called Digimon, which the whole series is named after. Two of his friends, Angie and Jeremy, also try to help but the three of them are suddenly whisked off into another dimension called the Digital World, when they notice a tool called a Digivice land in front of them. Once the three kids get to the Digital World, they notice it's being taken over by an evil emperor named Bagramon who wants to rule over every single area. In order to deal with this, Taiki and company form their own team, which is known as the Fusion Fighters, and they all ally themselves with other Digimon in order to defeat Bagramon and save the world.

The Digimon Fusion series went on for three seasons and was originally written by Yuki Nakashima.

Digimon Fusion is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (55 episodes). The series first aired on July 6, 2010.

Where do I stream Digimon Fusion online? Digimon Fusion is available for streaming on TV Asahi, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Digimon Fusion on demand at Microsoft Movies & TV, iTunes online.

TV Asahi
2 Seasons, 55 Episodes
July 6, 2010
Cast: Bin Shimada, Ben Diskin, Chika Sakamoto, Colleen O'Shaughnessy, Daisuke Kishio
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Digimon Fusion Full Episode Guide

  • Mikey sets out to save Shoutmon; good and evil Digimon clash in an epic battle.

  • Mikey escapes from Prison Land and with the help of the Fusion Fighters confronts Lord Bagra.

  • In an attempt to save his friends, Mikey allows Axeknightmon to extract his Digi-Core and is sent to the dreaded Holding Cell of Prison Land. There, he comes face to face with the cores of the seven Dark Generals, who are only too happy to band together and defeat the Fusion Fighter General.

  • The Fusion Fighters arrive at Lord Bagra's castle; all seven of the Dark Generals have regenerated to battle the Fighters.

  • Mikey works to escape the Underworld with the Fusion Fighters before all end up trapped there.

  • Apollomon Whispered grows more and more, which forces Mikey to realize that Apollomon may be gone.

  • As the dark side of Apollomon, Apollomon Whispered, grows stronger, Mikey must come to terms with the fact that his ally may be lost to him forever. With a new sense of teamwork and dedication to each other, the Fusion Fighters regroup in order to try and defeat the last Dark General.

  • As Ewan finally comes to grips with the idea that the Digital World isn't a game, Mikey and the Fusion Fighters must find a way to escape the Underworld before they are trapped there forever.

  • Christopher, Nene and the Fusion Fighters battle Apollomon Whispered and his evil comrades.

  • While trapped in the Underworld, Mikey and his friends are challenged to a final battle by Ewan, who intends to annihilate the Fusion Fighters.

  • Fusion Fighters pour their energy into the fight against Dark General Gravimon, who has set his sights on taking the power of X7 for himself.

  • The Fusion Fighters are left reeling when they are betrayed by Christopher.

  • Christopher's competitive nature turns disastrous when he insists on defeating the Dark General of Canyon Land all by himself.

  • Shoutmon must team up with Christopher and Team Blue Flare to save their friends and return Ballistamon to his true self.

  • The Dark General of Gold Land casts a spell on Shoutmon and several of the team members.

  • The shape-shifting Dark General of Cyber Land works to break up Mikey, Shoutmon and their friends with a series of impersonations and traps.

  • As the team enters Cyber Land, they discover a friendly girl who is eager to join their team; Dorulumon is suspicious of Luca's intentions.

  • Nene's search for her little brother finally comes to an end, but she is devastated to learn that Ewan is a general for Lord Bagra.

  • The Dark General of Honeyland invites Mikey and the Fusion Fighters to a day of horrors in his own personal theme park.

  • The Fusion Fighters travel to Honeyland where innocent Digimon are being drained of their energy.

  • When Metal Greymon is absorbed by NeoMyotismon, Mikey and Shoutmon search for the legendary White Lopmon to help.

  • The Blue Flare and the Fusion Fighters head to Vampire Land; a group of helpless Digimon are kidnapped by NeoMyotismon.

  • The Dark General prepares to delete the rest of the Fusion Fighters; Christopher and Metal Greymon help Mikey and Shoutmon on a rescue mission.

  • Mikey and Shoutmon return to the Digital World and find that it has been taken over by the evil Bagra Empire and is ruled by seven Dark Generals.

  • When the team end up back in the real world, they are shocked that no-one believes in what has happened to them.

  • Mikey's team comes to the Sword Zone and is attacked by the Bagra Army swordsmen led by Grademon.

  • Taiki and the gang attempt to reunite everyone only to be surrounded by Raremon.

  • Taiki and the team help out Spadamon when he reveals the Sweet Zone has been taken over.

  • Taiki quickly transfers the Digimon to the Shinobi zone when the Disc Zone collapses.

  • Kiriha gets hold of the code crown and has to battle Blastmon. Xros Heart discover the destruction that has been caused by DeckerGreymon.

  • Mikey's team defends the Monitamon village and works to rescue the Princess. When Musyamon has Jeremy in a tight spot, the unconfident Monitamons and Nene come to help him.

  • The gang get to the home of Monitamon who reveal they have been following the gangs exploits. Musyamon has taken over the majority of the zone and has taken the Princess of the region hostage.

  • Nene discovers from Taiki that her Black Xros Loader no longer works. When she collapses the team take her to the home of Monimaton in the Shinobi Zone.

  • When forced to fight DarkKnightmon and Kirtha, Xros Heart escape with the help of Puppetmon. Sparrowman convinces Taiki to save Nene.

  • Taiki is hit by a wave of darkness that is soon revealed to be DarkKnightmon trying to recruit him.

  • The gang continue their adventure in the Jungle Zone.

  • The fall sees the fighters split into two separate groups in the Jungle Zone. Dorulumon leads the search for Angie's group, but the Bagra forces are closing in on Mikey.

  • Mikey asks Sparrowmon to work with him to save Nene. Sparrowmon then tries to get DarkKnightmon to help them.

  • Lucemon wins the support of the zone's Digimon and becomes the new president. After his election, he reveals his hidden wicked nature.

  • Mikey and friends are forced to the Sky Zone, where the police presence is so strong the Bagra Empire can't touch it.

  • Mikey and the Fusion Fighters are surrounded by the enemy. Meanwhile, Reapmon takes part in a healing ritual, sacrificing himself to be reborn.

  • When Reapmon observes the goddess statue emitting light to Mikey, he recalls his past with the Warriors of the Goddess, who were tragically destroyed.

  • While looking for treasure in the Sand Zone, Team Fusion Heart ends up falling into an underground Bagra Base.

  • Since Mikey is too exhausted to battle, the Fusion Fighters band together under Jeremy's leadership. Angie hears Beastmon talking in her sleep.

  • Mikey goes to the Lake Zone and saves Knightmon. Meanwhile, the Bagra forces led by IceDevimon attack the castle under orders from Laylamon.

  • While Mikey and Dorulumon await their fate in a cell, Christopher shows up to fight Tactimon just in time.

  • The Magma Zone caves are threatened by AncientVolcamon with the team inside.

  • Local Digimon have been rounded up by AncientVolcanomon in an attempt to excavate the Code Crown at the ruins where the Bagra base is located.

  • When Mikey's team is surrounded by Seadramons on the island, Christopher shows up and offers to help in exchange for the Digi-Memory Card.

  • Evil Neptunemon learns the Code Crown is inside Whamon's belly, so he drops a mixture of DigiByte snacks and bombs to weaken the gigantic Digimon.

  • With proof that controlling a Code Crown makes you the ruler of that zone, Mikey and Team Fusion Heart hope to protect it from the Bagra Forces.

  • Mikey, Angie and Jeremy have aligned with Shoutmon. Still trying to defeat the Bagra Empire, they meet two other humans living in the digital world.

  • Shoutmon holds a banquet in an attempt to keep Mikey from leaving the Digital World. The evil Bagra Army attacks, and Shoutmon is at a disadvantage.

  • Mikey, an upbeat seventh-grader who can't resist helping people in trouble, encounters a Digimon named Shoutmon who brings him to the Digital World.