Digimon: The Movie

The Digimon TV show is an anime, originally in Japanese, but available in dubbed English. It tells a story of seven children at summer camp who were suddenly ripped through a portal into a totally new world. This new world, called the Digiworld, is surreal. It's mostly made up of harsh jungle and mountain terrain, but it is accented with odd scenes that are unmistakably man made. In one episode, the children find a beach with a long row of phone booths. In another, they discover a working refrigerator next to a hot spring, completely full of chicken eggs.

The Digiworld isn't entirely whimsical; it's also incredibly dangerous. Almost immediately, the lost kids are set upon by slavering beasts, driving them from hiding spot to hiding spot. But, they're not entirely lost and alone. Each child finds a companion Digimon, an intelligent digital monster who bonds to them and protects them from the other wild Digimon.

Together, these 14 characters make their way through a confusing world, uncovering the mystery of where they are, why they were brought there, and who is trying to hurt them.

Cast: Lara Jill Miller, Joshua Seth, Bob Papenbrook, David Lodge
Digimon: The Movie

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