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The young battle master, Masaru, meets and befriends Agumon, a top-secret Digital Monster. The two join forces to solve various strange mysteries involving the Digital World and Digital Monsters. Journeying along with the partners in detection is Thomas Nordstein, Gaomon, Yoshino Fujieda, and Lalamon. Join the crew on their adventures in the digital world.

Digimon Data Squad is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (48 episodes). The series first aired on October 1, 2007.

Where do I stream Digimon Data Squad online? Digimon Data Squad is available for streaming on Toon Disney, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Digimon Data Squad on demand at Google Play, iTunes online.

Toon Disney
2 Seasons, 48 Episodes
October 1, 2007
Cast: Souichiro Hoshi, Yukana, Taiki Matsuno, Hirofumi Nojima, Yui Aragaki
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Digimon Data Squad Full Episode Guide

  • Everyone in the world watches fearfully as the human world and the digital world come closer and closer to colliding. The DATS team appear exhausted and unable to prevent tragedy from happening.

  • After BanchoLeomon and Spencer's destruction, King Drasil changes its shape to a robotic form and heads to the human world to eliminate it.

  • Craniamon had freed BanchoLeomon and taken his place to hold the Digital World from falling onto the human world. BanchoLeomon suddenly appears back in the digital world. He stops Marcus from getting closer to King Drasil and reveals a stunning truth.

  • The DATS team climb up King Drasil's Server Tree, hoping to confront the king himself. But the tree has automatic defenses which include lethal crystals that repel and then copy the DATS' digimon attacks!

  • Marcus and Agumon return to the Digital World to have a serious discussion with King Drasil, aka Maru's father. On their way to the Server Tree where the digimon king resides, Marcus and Agumon are intercepted by Craniamon.

  • Franz Norstein, Thomas' father, ignores the ban on air travel and stubbornly insists on flying back to Austria with the ever sickly, Relena and her doctors in tow on his private jet. Of course, they are immediately attacked.

  • Thanks to Kentaurosmon's nick-of-time intervention, the DATS team arrive back in the human world. But saving the team came at a high price and Kentaurosmon has suffered serious injuries. The injuries cause him to digivolve back to his usual form.

  • Marcus and the rest of the Data Squad make their way back to the Digital World. They need to find King Drasil and convince him to stop the digital world and the human world from colliding.

  • To everyone's surprise, Kurata is still alive inside Belphemon! In order to gain even more power, Kurata has Belphemon absorb electricity from the city itself. Then Belphemon swallows a space oscillation device to open a space rift.

  • Inspired by his anger toward Kurata, Keenan's DNA Charge allows Falcomon to digivole to his Mega level and become Ravemon. He suddenly has several different attacks to chose from.

  • Thomas builds Kurata a device to control Belphemon. Kurata can't wait to take the ancient digimon on a test-drive. He awakens Belphemon and puts him to work immediately, destroying the city.

  • Realizing Thomas has turned against DATS and pledged allegiance to their arch-enemy Kurata, Marcus is filled with uncontrollable rage. This causes him to unintentionally bring about the Burst Mode.

  • With the authorities convinced that they are responsible for unleashing destructive Digimon on Earth, Marcus, Agumon, Yoshi, Lalamon, Miki, Megumi, Keenan, and Falcomon hide out in an old, secret DATS base.

  • After incapacitating ElDradimon, Kurata opened up a massive digital gate that sucked the titanic Digimon along with all the Sacred City into the human world.

  • After being foiled in her attempts to convince Thomas to join her in a quest for world domination, Naomi still managed to drain all the water in the lake surrounding Eldradimon. With the Sacred City 's defenses down, Ivan directs a frontal assault.

  • The DATS crew and the Digimon inhabitants of the Sacred City are preparing for the impending battle with Kurata's forces. When news arrives that Kurata's camp has been discovered, Marcus naturally wants to head out and attack immediately.

  • What's left of the Data Squad arrive at the Sacred City, but once inside, they realize they were tricked. Baronmon's promises of a party to welcome them was a lie. They're quickly captured and placed in an arena for punishment!

  • The Digimon gang goes back to Wanderer's Cape to seek out Marcus' father so he can fix their digivices. Instead of finding the upside-down mansion that used to be there, they are surprised to now find BanchoLeomon and his DNA Charge Dojo.

  • The gang heads towards Cherrymon's forest to seek out his advice. On the way, they run into a group of Gizmon XT destroying village.

  • With DATS Headquarters destroyed and Kurata on his way to the Digital World, the former Data Squad seek out Professor Crier.

  • After the grueling battle with Kurata in the Digital World, the DATS team returns to the real world headquarters to find that Sampson and the others are missing.

  • Kurata's true ambition is the total annihilation of the Digimon race, and he intends to do it with the aid of his artificially made puppet Digimon, Gizumon AT. DATS and their Digimon partners fight back, but to no avail. But Marcus refuses to give up.

  • Keenan tries to stop a battle between Merukimon and Marcus by convincing them that Digimon and humans can be friends. Kurata, who shows up just then with soldiers, strongly disagrees. He thinks that all Digimon should be wiped out.

  • Professor Karuta convinces Director Hashima to send him to the Digital world to negotiate a peace treaty with Merukimon. He convinces DATS that they should join the mission as a back up.

  • Marcus and the others at DATS discuss the mysterious Digi-gate that opened and sucked in all the invading Digimon from the digital world, saving the human world from mass destruction. Who was powerful to do that?

  • Marcus, Yoshi, Agumon and Lalamon drive Keenan and Falcomon out to the Criers' home Keenan's home! Unfortunately, Keenan has no recollection of it, after all, he was merely a baby when he was transported through the Digital Gate in to the Digital World.

  • The DATS agents escaped Merukimon and returned to the human world with Keenan and Falcomon in tow. Marcus and Keenan both desperately want to get back to the digital world - although for very different reasons.

  • The DATS crew is on the brink of the Infinite Ice Ridge, searching for Merukimon, when they run into Yushima. He knows who they're searching for and is willing to lead them to him.

  • The Data Squad are in the Digital World, making their way to the Infinite Ice Ridge. Yoshi is tormented by dreams of her past when she was fraught with stage fright at a piano recital. To make things worse, her sisters were both musical prodigies.

  • Yoshi had passed out after their battle with MetalPhantomon in the Digital World. The Data Squad get her to a cave where she can recover from her dangerously high fever. But Keenan and Falcomon find them.

  • The DATS agents prepare to go to the Digital World! But before they do, Commander Sampson reveals that Marcus's father Spencer led the original team to the Digital World but never returned.

  • A new Ultimate level Digimon, Merukimon, crosses from the Digital World to the real world in search of Biyomon. Biyomon has become attached to Kristy.

  • To make amends for Agumon eating all the delicious manjuu Miki and Megumi brought back from Kyoto, Marcus agrees to replace the treats himself. He makes a trip to the 'Shitori Bakery', famous for making the best manjuu in Japan.

  • Marcus, Kristy, and Agumon go to Thomas's opulent house for dinner. Kristy is already anxious about the degree of wealth and formality in the Norstein home, and to make things worse, Marcus and Agumon can't help but embarrass her.

  • The great boxer, Hayase Harris is making a great comeback after an injury cut short his run to the championship. Harris was Thomas' childhood hero and he still follows his career.

  • All of DATS is atwitter because it's been discovered that Yoshino is secretly dating the famous pop star, Neon. Commander Sampson reveals that Yoshino is actually on a secret assignment.

  • Marcus has to take a make up exam at school on his little sister's birthday. So he asks Thomas to spend the day with Kristy in his place. Marcus and Kristy's mom, Sarah, thinks it is a good idea and Thomas agrees to do it.

  • Marcus and Agumon fight and defeat Tortomon, but Yoshino takes them to task for rushing into battle on their own. Marcus and Agumon remain confident in their ability to defeat whatever foe they face, even if they face it alone.

  • Moments after Thomas defies Sampson's orders and transports himself and Gaomon to the Digital World, Marcus sneaks into DATS, too.

  • The Digimon Data Squad is in hot pursuit of a rogue Digimon named Numemon. As usual, Marcus and Thomas are busy following their separate battle plans.

  • Yoshino brings Marcus and Agumon into DATS headquarters so Agumon can be sent back to the Digital World. Luckily, they manage to escape.

  • In the world we all know, there exists a secret organization called the Digimon Data Squad, or DATS for short.