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A fast paced futuristic anime-style action series that pits the forces of Ultimate Evil against a scrappy band of high-tech monkey warriors, led by a resourceful young teen boy. This epic coming of age sci-fi adventure centers on a boy named Chiro and his team of five Robot Monkeys, who defend their home, Shuggazoom City against the evil Skeleton King and his monster minions.

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on September 18, 2004.

Where do I stream Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! online? Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! is available for streaming on Toon Disney, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! on demand at Disney+ online.

Toon Disney
2 Seasons, 52 Episodes
September 18, 2004
Action & Adventure Animation & Cartoon Comedy Kids & Family
Cast: Greg Cipes, Kevin Michael Richardson, Tom Kenny, Kari Wahlgren
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Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! Full Episode Guide

  • The Monkey team save SPRX-77 from evil, but fails to stop Skull Sorceress.

  • The Monkey team races to stop the Skull Sorceress and Mandarin from bringing back Skeleton King.

  • The Monkey team awakens Captain Shuggazoom who tells them of his time with the Alchemist.

  • The Monkey team tries to stop Mandarin and the Skull Sorceress from resurrecting Skeleton King.

  • The Monkey Team are tricked by a sea captain trying to destroy Shuggazoom.

  • A gang called the “Wild Five” kidnaps Nova and Jinmay and reprograms Jinmay to become like them.

  • A mysterious stranger causes the Hyperforce's worst fears to come true.

  • The Hyperforce gets trapped into a series of historical adventures.

  • All of the citizens of Shuggazoom have been turned into strange flying Wraiths.

  • Highly intelligent locusts from the future eat their way into the present of Shuggazoom.

  • The Hyperforce's biggest fan Krinkle traps them in the most dangerous prison of all - his own mind.

  • Chiro must reunite the team to save Shuggazoom from destruction in the Galactic Smash tournament.

  • The Monkey Team is recruited to play Galactic Smash.

  • The Hyperforce is trapped inside the body of the Skeleton King Worm.

  • The Hyperforce catches up to the Skeleton King Worm and attempt to destroy it.

  • The Super Robot takes the Hyperforce to the mysterious planet of his origin.

  • The Super Robot is invaded by the wish-granting Wigglenog.

  • The Hyperforce stops at an interstellar minimart with a very strange sideshow attraction.

  • Chiro must battle to the finish in a Monster Fight Battle Club.

  • An attack from the Skeleton King Droid maroons Gibson on a planet with an enemy astronaut.

  • Chiro encounters two teenage girls on the run from a race of metamorphs.

  • The Super Robot crash lands on a planet inhabited by cat people.

  • Chiro and the Monkey Team encounter a mechanical entity with mysterious intentions.

  • The Hyperforce encounters a planet haunted by creepy forces.

  • The Monkey Team encounters a new Robot Monkey and a new threat to the Universe.

  • Transformed into a feral monkey boy, Chiro goes on a quest to restore a fallen Monkey Team member.

  • Shuggazoom City is educated against the diabolical methods of the Skeleton King.

  • The Hyperforce face Skeleton King in a climactic battle for Shuggazoom City.

  • Antauri and Chiro journey across the stars to investigate a disturbance in the Power Primate.

  • The Hyperforce discover that an irresistible alien fast food joint may be more than it appears.

  • Nova struggles to control her anger when the Hyperforce battles a frosty threat to Shuggazoom City.

  • The Hyperforce hunts the remnants of Skeleton King's former space fortress: The Citadel of Bone.

  • The Hyperforce discovers the villainous Sun Riders, who have seemingly become heroes.

  • The Hyperforce battles to stop an evil force from turning Shuggazoom City inhabitants into zombies.

  • Chiro's clone attempts to defeat the Hyperforce and take over Shuggazoom City.

  • A secret from the Team's past allows an evil to invade their dreams and endanger Shuggazoom City.

  • When a Super Robot crash lands on a desert planet, the Team reverts to primal animalistic monkeys.

  • The Hyperforce crash-lands on a planet of Giants.

  • With only Gibson and a half damaged Super Robot, Chiro must mount a rescue against the Citadel of Bone to save the Hyperforce from tortuous brainwashing by Mandarin and Sakko. As Chiro and Gibson explore the citadel's nightmarish interior they discover secrets of Chiro's past as well as a secret of Skeleton King himself. Can Chiro harness the Power Primate, free his friends, and defeat Skeleton King before he unleashes a wave of evil on Shuggazoom?

  • An unstoppable bounty hunter comes to Shuggazoom City after Chiro.

  • A creepy intergalactic circus visits Shuggazoom City, intent on forcing the Monkey Team to join their ranks.

  • Returning to Shuggazoom City from a mission in space, the Hyperforce find their world has been transformed into a planet of futuristic Robotic Apes.

  • Gyrus Krinkle, a deranged super fan, attempts to take over the Monkey Team and pit them against Chiro.

  • After relying on Chiro's new automated defense system, the Monkey Team becomes complacent. Skeleton King takes advantage of the situation, pitting the Hyperforce against a formidable winged beast.

  • When citizens mysteriously disappear from Shuggazoom City, Chiro attempts to prove to the Monkey Team he doesn't always need their help and attempts to solve the mystery without their aid.

  • A former Monkey Team member, the sixth monkey, Mandarin, returns to face the Hyperforce.

  • Chiro's television heroes, the Sun Riders, show up in Shuggazoom City. Chiro's ecstatic until their motives turn out to be less than heroic.

  • When Sparks goes missing, Chiro and the others track the red monkey to a strange orbiting junkyard.

  • Chiro discovers the key to the mysterious Power Primate as he and the Monkey Team attempt to stop a massive living planet from colliding with Shuggazoom City.

  • Chiro must overcome his fears to help the Monkey Team save Shuggazoom City from a watery subterranean threat.

  • Chiro falls for a girl, but keeps her a secret from the Monkey Team.