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  • TV-Y
  • 1993
  • 4 Seasons
  • 6.7  (1,660)

Bonkers is a classic animated series that aired on Toon Disney from 1993 to 1994. Created by Disney animation veteran Jymn Magon, the show follows the adventures of a lovable and quirky cartoon character named Bonkers D. Bobcat, voiced by Jim Cummings, who is a former cartoon star turned police officer in the city of Hollywood.

Bonkers is a zany character with a knack for getting himself into sticky situations, but he is also a dedicated policeman who takes his job seriously. He is partnered with gruff and straight-laced Detective Lucky Piquel, voiced by Earl Boen, who is not amused by Bonkers' antics but respected his abilities as a cartoon character with unusual skills, like his ability to change his shape or produce unusual sound effects to solve crimes.

Together, the odd couple sets out to solve a variety of crimes that take place in and around Hollywood, from petty theft to more serious crimes like organized crime and international espionage. Along the way, they encounter a diverse cast of characters, both human and cartoon, including some familiar faces from popular Disney movies, like Wile E. Coyote and Yosemite Sam.

One of the most unique aspects of Bonkers is its blending of traditional animation and live-action footage. The show features a combination of hand-drawn and computer-generated animation, overlaid on top of live-action backgrounds, creating a distinctive visual style that sets it apart from other animated series of its time.

Another standout element of the show is its voice cast, which includes some of the most accomplished voice actors in the industry, including the legendary Frank Welker, who voices a variety of characters throughout the series.

Overall, Bonkers is a fun, fast-paced cartoon series that offers a unique blend of comedy, action, and drama. It is a feast for the eyes and the ears, with its colorful animation and lively voice acting bringing its characters and settings to life in a way that is both entertaining and engaging.

While it only ran for a short time, Bonkers has gained a devoted following amongst fans of classic animated series, who appreciate its unique style and memorable characters. Whether you're a fan of traditional hand-drawn animation, or enjoy the blend of animation and live-action footage, Bonkers is a classic show that is well worth checking out.

Bonkers is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (63 episodes). The series first aired on September 6, 1993.

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Toon for a Day
9. Toon for a Day
June 6, 1994
When Grating gets konked on the head, he wakes up thinking he's Bucky Buzzsaw, a mayhem-making toon beaver! Bonkers loves the new Grating, but the fun is short-lived as Miranda and Bonkers scramble to save Grating from various self-inflicted life-threatening situations! Simultaneously, Wildman Wyatt
What You Read is What You Get
8. What You Read is What You Get
April 25, 1994
Bonkers gets hooked by the tabloid magazine, The National Trash. It seems that every story he reads about in the tabloid comes true. Grating, fed up with all of Bonkers’ shenanigans, warns him to knock it off - or else! Bonkers and Miranda set off to find out why those stories only show up in The Na
Fistful of Anvils
7. Fistful of Anvils
April 18, 1994
Bonkers tells Miranda's nephew, Timmy, a bedtime story that becomes a tale of the Wild West starring Trail Mix (Bonkers), Two Gun (Miranda), Varmit (Al Vermin), and his bug eyed bandits (Gnat, Tick, and Maggot). After Bonkers foils the bug eyed bandits' attempt to 'call the sheriff (Grating) out',
When the Spirit Moves You
6. When the Spirit Moves You
April 11, 1994
Called to investigate a haunted house, Bonkers and Miranda encounter Dobie, a 1930's toon ghost actor still inhabiting the site of his last location shoot. Their spooky confrontation ends with Bonkers arresting the ghost and bringing him to the station. Dobie wreaks havoc, and Grating's enmity for t
The Toon That Ate Hollywood
5. The Toon That Ate Hollywood
April 4, 1994
Bonkers and Miranda respond to a burglar alarm at Ludwig Von Drake's lab. Gloomy (a failed human clown) has stolen the humorizer, a device which can suck the comedy out of toons. Toons everywhere, including Bonkers, are zapped with the humorizer. When finally overloaded, it turns into a sixty foot t
Bobcat Fever
4. Bobcat Fever
March 21, 1994
Bonkers has been busy sniffing out all the toon explosives Al Vermin has smuggled in. Vermin is determined to get rid of Bonkers somehow when he spots a toon virus, Sheryl Germ, who was fired from her acting job in health films. Vermin, playing an agent, offers her a role that'll make her famous: th
The Stork Exchange
3. The Stork Exchange
March 14, 1994
Bonkers and Miranda respond to a missing person’s report from Silas Stork, proprietor of Stork's Service, the armada of feathered messengers who fly toon babies to their 'parents.' His storks are missing! Bonkers aids Silas' baby backlog dilemma by getting Jitters to fill in, setting up a running ga
Tokyo Bonkers
2. Tokyo Bonkers
March 7, 1994
Bonkers and Miranda travel to Japan to deliver the 'brain' of an evil toon transformer robot named Z-bot to the Tokyo police. At the airport, Sgt. Tetsuo crosses paths with Z-bot's evil henchmen (the ninja kitties) and Bonkers and Miranda miss their police escort. Bonkers discovers that he is a big
Trains, Toons, and Toon Trains
1. Trains, Toons, and Toon Trains
February 28, 1994
Bonkers and Miranda transport a prisoner, Vic 'Stiff-Lips' Sullivan, to the state pen via train. Only Vic knows the location of a secret mob treasure and he's not talking. But after five minutes alone with Bonkers, Vic spills the beans: Bonkers knows where the treasure is! Too bad, because when Stif
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Bonkers is available for streaming on the Toon Disney website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Bonkers on demand at and Disney+.
  • Premiere Date
    September 6, 1993
  • IMDB Rating
    6.7  (1,660)