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This anime series is the third season of the Digimon franchise. This season differs from the first two in that it has a meta element; the first two seasons exist in the universe of the third season as a TV show, and the card game on which the series is based is part of the season's plot. The series aired in 2001 and 2002 in Japan, and in the United States, it aired on the Fox Kids network.

Digimon Tamers is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (164 episodes). The series first aired on April 2, 2001.

Where do I stream Digimon Tamers online? Digimon Tamers is available for streaming on Toei Animation, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Digimon Tamers on demand at Hulu, iTunes online.

Toei Animation
4 Seasons, 164 Episodes
April 2, 2001
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Ikkei Seta, Hiroki Takahashi, Tada Aoi, Makoto Tsumura, Mayumi Yamaguchi
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Digimon Tamers Full Episode Guide

  • The six DigiDestined, assisted by DigiDestined all over the world and Oikawa's gathered children, destroy MaloMyotismon. Oikawa is left dying in the dream dimension and uses the power of the dimension to help restore the Digital World to its original state. Twenty-five years later, when everyone in the Real World has a Digimon partner, both groups of DigiDestined are grown and their children now hold the responsibility of protecting the worlds.

  • MaloMyotismon tempts the DigiDestined with illusions of their dreams coming true, but Davis, whose dream was that ExVeemon could grow more powerful to defeat the villain, guides them out. The others follow his example, causing the Digimon to evolve into all their forms at once.

  • Oikawa and the children infected with the Dark Spores try to go to the Digital World, but, due to BlackWarGreymon's sealing of the gate, travel to a different world, where MaloMyotismon, who had hidden within Oikawa ever since his defeat, makes his appearance.

  • One of the children's Dark Spores grows into a Dark Flower, which is harvested by Oikawa despite the DigiDestined's best efforts to stop him. Cody's grandfather tries to convince Oikawa to give up villainy, but fails. Before Oikawa can kill him, however, BlackWarGreymon takes the fatal blast. The dying mega uses the last remnants of power to seal the digital gate at Highton View Terrace.

  • Oikawa, having no more use for Ken, attempts to hand him off to Daemon, however, Davis intervenes. The other DigiDestined arrive, and with their help, Ken is able to open a gate to the Dark Ocean and send Daemon through it.

  • Yukio Oikawa and his cronies kidnap Ken, and use his Dark Spore to create new ones to implant in gathered children. Meanwhile, Daemon's servants engage the DigiDestined, and, in order to win, the DigiDestined must kill both of them.

  • A new enemy, Daemon, appears, along with his followers. With the aid of Azulongmon's power given up by the older digimon, Imperialdramon Dragon Mode triumphs against SkullSatamon by mode changing into his Fighter Mode!

  • Ken and Matt help out the a Mexican DigiDestined, while Sora and Yolei helped those in Russia and Siberia. They all return back to Japan, just in time for Christmas. However, Arukenimon is still up to something.

  • In Australia, Cody and Joe meet with Derek to fight marine Digimon. In Paris, T.K. and Tai receive help from T.K.'s grandfather to save a French DigiDestined held in Versailles.

  • The Japanese DigiDestined split up. Mimi and Davis team up with the American DigiDestined, while Kari and Izzy go to help those in Asia.

  • The DigiDestined receive one of Azulongmon's Digicores, which results in Paildramon mega digivolving into Imperialdramon Dragon Mode, who helps them to join the other DigiDestined worldwide. It also restores the original 8's ability to go to ultimate level.

  • As Christmas approaches, the DigiDestined take on a festive mood. Ken goes so far as to throw a party (the first time he was truly happy in a long time). The younger group brings the digimon partners of the original DigiDestined into the real world. However, their holiday cheer ends when control spires and rampaging digimon appear worldwide.

  • While the DNA digivolved digimon hold off BlackWarGreymon, Davis gets the idea of moving the last Destiny Stone with the D3s. Instead of moving it, this summons Azulongmon, the digimon that appeared as earlier destiny stones were destroyed. BlackWarGreymon attacks Azulongmon but quickly is shoved off and leaves after learning what his purpose is. After explaining many such things as the true purpose of the control spires and armor digivolving, Azulongmon warns the group about their true enemy, the one controlling Arukenimon and Mummymon. Davis sees a control spire in the real world.

  • Cody, worried about T.K., goes to see Matt, who tells him about how T.K. still carries the scars from the battle against Devimon. BlackWarGreymon destroys one of the final two destiny stones.

  • When BlackWarGreymon destroy the third stone, a digimon briefly appears and BlackWarGreymon becomes convinced that this is his worthy opponent. At the next site, despite Angemon digivolving to MagnaAngemon after he touches the Stone, the Destined lose the battle. Gabumon tells the children about Agumon's discussion with their foe.

  • Yolei, while on a school trip, encounters BlackWarGreymon and several other digimon in the real world after the mega just destroyed a second Destiny Stone. Ken brings her Poromon, who helps her to combat the digimon until they are suddenly brought back to the Digital World.

  • While Cody's doubts towards Ken causes Ken to leave the group, Mummymon and Arukenimon combine a hundred control spires to create BlackWarGreymon. Even after Yolei brings Ken back to the group so they could form Paildramon, BlackWarGreymon effortlessly defeats the DigiDestined, but refuses to finish the job, and instead leaves Mummymon and Arukenimon, to search for a "worthy opponent."

  • The DigiDestined arrive at the giant Giga House, where the strange woman lies in wait. As they draw closer to her, the group is attacked by different kinds of insect digimon. When they find the spider woman, however, she uses her flute to take control of Stingmon and Digmon as well.

  • The DigiDestined see that Ken's base is about to explode. Okuwamon, a digimon made from control spires, attacks the DigiDestined. Ken comes, and Davis talks about friendship. Suddenly, ExVeemon and Stingmon DNA digivolve to Paildramon.

  • Davis, Kari, and T.K. find that their Digimon can't Digivolve. Cody is attacked by Thundermon, leading to Armadillomon's unexpected digivolution into Ankylomon. Ken sees a strange woman in his room that won't tell him her name. When a mysterious digimon who is Stingmon, Wormmon's evolved form destroys Thundermon, it leads the DigiDestined to question Ken's behavior.

  • Ken reminisces about his brother Sam, his digivice, an e-mail he got, and when he first went into the Digital World (despite his temporary amnesia in the real world). He goes looking for Wormmon, and finds his baby form, Leafmon, in Primary Village.

  • Davis, in an effort to catch Kari's attention, wants Veemon to evolve like Patamon. His effort only manages to anger a Tortomon that chases them across the land. Veemon digivolves to ExVeemon to fight him off.

  • The Tamers enter the D-Reaper to fight and to rescue Jeri. At Hypnos, everybody is working on Operation Doodlebug that is supposed to revert the D-Reaper to its original harmless form using the Juggernaut program. The D-Reaper opens a wormhole connecting it to the D-Reaper in the Digital World and summons the Cable Reaper. Sakuyamon destroys some of the Agents which frees Jeri. Jeri's own determination boosted by Calumon causes her to start to fight again and the Kernel Sphere is cracked by her Digivice although Chaos Mass starts to flow in. Outside, some cops are attacked by an Agent but they're rescued by Kazu, Kenta, Guardromon and MarineAngemon who are then surronded by police (its never explained how they get away). Impmon, Ai and Mako escape the city on a bus, but Impmon is seriously injured and doesn't know if he'll survive. Suddenly a Dig-Nome grants Ai and Mako a Digivice which heals Impmon and officially confirms the two as his tamers. Gallantmon tries to reach the top of the Mother D-Reaper but falls. Grani then approaches him asking if he wants wings to fly. Grani sacrifices itself and enables Gallantmon to become Gallantmon Crimson Mode.

  • The Tamers try to get in Kemel Sphere to save Jeri and Calumon, but they receive a menssage from Yamaki to leave the area, so the Army can attack the Quantum Bubble with eletro-magnetic discharges. Despite this, the D-Reaper absorbs both the Jeri Type and the Gatekeeper Agents into itself, becoming the Mother D-Reaper

  • Calumon finds Jeri in the heart of the D-reaper. She opens her eyes but doesn't respond to Calumon. Meanwhile Takato tries to convince Mr. Katou (Jeri's father) to stop being angry at her. Yamaki is designing a more complex version of the D-arc which he calls "Grani" after a famous warhorse, which he plans to become a steed for Gallantmon. Jeri has flashbacks of when her mother died and begins to mutter, frightening Calumon. Meanwhile, the Tamers have to fight an ADR-07, who is using Jeri's voice.

  • A mysterious new Digimon arrives to help the tamers in their efforts to destroy the D-Reaper. Justimon - a half-man, half-cyborg - comes to aid the tamers in their epic battle!

  • The D-Reaper had been spying on the team all along and it finally reveals itself when Takato falls into the depths of the reaper with Guilmon.

  • The team meets a strange gothic girl named Alice McCoy. Her strange dog turns out to be Dobermon, a messenger of the Sovereigns. Better yet, he has a gift for the tamers.

  • The team finally confronts the D-Reaper, but they soon realize it is able to mimic their attacks. Unable to bio-merge, the team loses hope, until the mighty Impmon comes to the rescue!

  • After some serious difficulty, the Tamers and their partners finally arrive at the Real World and the Arc is dragged to the Digital world. Takato tries to talk with Jeri (actually ADR-01, a doppleganger created by the D-Reaper), but with no sucess. Meanwhile, the D-Reaper is spotted in Shinjuku, in the Hypnos Headquarters area.

  • Janyu's Ark is completed and the team races to get to the Ark before their time runs out, but after Renamon picks up his scent, Rika and Renamon rush to save Impmon and get back in time.

  • Sakuyamon was formed when Rika Biomerged with Renamon while they took a leap of faith to save Calumon from the D-Reaper. Rika fell back into Renamon and there was a blinding flash of blue light.

  • The crew meet Zhuqiaomon. Henry has self-doubt and Terriormon has to boost his confidence. With renewed strength and courage, Henry and Terriormon Biomerge to become MegaGargomon and defeat their foe.

  • Gallantmon faces Beelzemon in a tough one-on-one battle. During the battle, Gallantmon destroys Behemoth and rescues Kazu and Kenta which causes them to realize that Takato has merged with Guilmon. Meanwhile, the Sovereign sends his last Deva Chatsuramon to destroy Lopmon for being a traitor. Chatsuramon goes to kill Suzie and Lopmon, but Terriermon takes the hit, saving them and mortally injuring him. Before Chatsuramon can do more, Gallantmon destroys him, taking out the last Deva, but Beelzemon absorbs his data which makes him stronger. Beelzemon beats down Gallantmon and is about to kill him, but Guardromon and Kazu intervene and buy Gallantmon enough time to recover. Beelzemon's attacks do no damage to him after that and he runs out of ammo. Once that's done, Gallantmon blasts Beelzemon with his Shield of the Just, finally defeating him. Gallantmon goes to kill him, but Jeri stops him as it won't bring Leomon back. Beelzemon remembers his own Tamers and leaves regretting his actions.

  • With the unfortunate help of dark digivolution Guilmon digivolves into Megidramon. Megidramon battles Beezlemon and almost has him killed but Makuramon comes to confront Beezlemon on how useless his digivolution was. Beezlemon kills Makuramon and breaks free. He kicks Megidramon at his weak point, the chest. He reverts back to Guilmon. Takato goes through deep sorrow and reaffirms his friendship with his Digimon. After making a wish that he could fight, Takato and Guilmon Biomerge to become Gallantmon!

  • As the gang meet up again they are quickly attacked by Beelzemon. However after Beelzemon kills Leomon, Takato forces Guilmon to Digivolve to his Mega Form...but something goes wrong.

  • Henry's younger sister, Suzie Wong, arrives in the Digital World and quickly meets Antylamon, the Rabbit Deva Digimon. As the two become friends Henry, Takato and Terriermon track her down. But then Antylamon degenerates to Lopmon and becomes Suzie's partner.

  • Takato and Henry find a weird library in the Digital World. Inside one of its rooms they find Mr. Shibumi, a friend of Henry's Dad. Shibumi was also on the team who created Digimon. He explains many Theories on the Digimon and Human worlds as well as the Blue cards.

  • Rika and the others encounter an Andromon who's fighting a snake Digimon called Orochimon who's been terrorizing a bunch of Gekomon to make it milkshakes. The Tamers decide to help Andromon defeat Orochimon, but after a hard battle, Andromon de-digivolves into Guardromon. Orochimon is finally defeated when Jeri uses a LadyDevimon card on Leomon. When all is said and done, Kazu receives a Digivice and Guardromon becomes Kazu's partner. Meanwhile, Takato and Henry are still falling through the data stream leaving Guilmon to worry about Takato with Rika and the others.

  • While Takato and the others continue their search for Rika, Guilmon picks up Calumon's scent. Meanwhile, Beelzemon, still searching for the Tamers, come across a bunch of Chrysalimon. Wanting to test his power, he destroys a number of them before the remaining ones digivolve into an Infermon thanks to an unintentional boost by Calumon. Beelzemon defeats the Infermon and absorbs its data, satisfied with his new-found strength. After an encounter with the Digi Gnomes, Rika and Calumon are reunited with the others. Things get bad though when Beelzemon shows up, ready to fight the Tamers. Then things get worse when the Juggernaut program starts up again, with Beelzemon retreating and Henry and Takato are blown into a data stream. Catsuramon then appears and kidnaps Calumon.

  • While searching for Rika and the others, Takato, Jeri and Henry come across a village full of Chuchidarumon. The motorcycle, Behemoth, rampages throughout the village. Impmon encounters Chatsuramon, the Dog Deva and he offers to help Impmon digivolve. Seeking strength, Impmon relunctantly agrees to obey the sovereign and digivolves into Beelzemon. Beelzemon emerges in the village and takes control of Behemoth, riding off into the desert.

  • Blown far away from the other Tamers, Rika and the others meet the married couple Jijimon and Babamon. The two feed and leave the Tamers with a place to stay while the wind in the village dies down. Kazu and Kenta, desperate for Digimon partners, ask Babamon and Jijimon to be their partners. Rika and Renamon make a kite to take advantage of the winds. Along with Kazu and Kenta, the seperated Tamers fly off in hopes of being reunited with the others.

  • The Tamers finally make it to the Digital World and meet a Meramon along with a bunch of Jagyamon. The Jagyamon point them in the direction of where they had seen Makuramon. While on their way, a data stream appears and is about to suck up Kenta and Kazu. Rika goes after them with Renamon, but all three end up getting sucked up. Who knows where they'll end up now?

  • The Tamers find a way into the Digital World to save Calumon.

  • Just when the Tamers defeat Vikarylamon, the strange child who they keep running into reveals himself to be the Monkey Deva and kidnaps Calumon, taking the Digimon back to the Digital World. Meanwhile, Jeri receives a Digivice and a new partner...

  • When the Pig Deva appears, the Tamers find themselves outmatched and unable to keep the situation discreet--Vikaralamon is larger than life and wrecking havoc.

  • Kimeramon and Magnamon fight. Ken's base explodes, and Wormmon gives all the power he has to help Magnamon defeat Kimeramon. Kimeramon dies, and Ken gets upset because Wormmon is dead like his older brother, Sam. Davis finds the Crest of Kindness on the ground and gives it to Ken.

  • Impmon continues to battle Indramon to no avail, but Indramon retreated after the Juggernaut program started up again. Yamaki reunites the Monster Makers to try and find a way to destroy all Digimon. Meanwhile, Indramon returns and the Tamers have trouble until Guilmon digivolves into WarGrowlmon.

  • Impmon says he hates humans to cover up his own insecurities. While the Tamers are battling the Horse Deva Indramon, Impmon decides to battle this Deva all by himself.

  • The DigiDestined decide to remain in the Digital World until they locate Ken's base, with Tai, Matt, and Izzy on a camping trip with Matt's dad as a cover story for their trip. Yolei's recklessness causes Hawkmon to be hurt. Kari and Gatomon stay behind with her. Meanwhile, Ken works on creating a digimon named Kimeramon.

  • Henry was given a worthless card by one of Kenta's friend Jeramie, when the others left the card turned into a Blue card. After Henry, Rika and Takato go find Jeramie they where told he found the card after bumping into a mysterious man by a electronics store. While Takato, Henry and Rika wait for the mysterious man, they find an Ox and Sheep Deva, Vajramon and Pajiramon. During the battle between Gargomon, Renamon and the Deva, then Gargomon matrix digivolves into Rapidmon to win the battle.

  • During a school camping trip Takato, Henry, Guilmon, Terriermon and D have a fun time relaxing, but a series of black outs cause the gang to get suspicious. It turns out the Rooster Deva, Sinduramon is absorbing electricity and using it for power. The Rooster Deva heads for the dam for more power but Gargomon and Growlmon destroy it.

  • Takato is depressed after Henry and Rika have previous commitments and can't go Digimon patrolling, but he feels better when he goes with Guilmon to play with his school friends. But soon the Snake Deva Digimon, Sandiramon, attacks leaving Rika and Henry to fight it on their own, until Impmon helps out and tells Takato they need him.

  • As a strange tiger ultimate level Digimon, Mihiramon, attacks the tamers begin to fight it. However when its too strong for both Rika and Henry, Takato uses the power of the blue card to Digivolve Growlmon into his ultimate form: WarGrowlmon. Then, he gains a mental link with his Digimon and declares the "Atomic Blaster" attack.

  • Takato and Guilmon are about to defeat a DarkLizardmon when Yamaki comes and captures it. Back at Hypnos, they scan the data of the Digimon, destroying it and now know what Digimon are made of. Armed with this new knowledge, Yamaki prepares to launch the dangerous Juggernaut program to exterminate all the world's Digimon.

  • Rika and Renamon are thinking how much they don't need each other. Then Renamon is attacked by Flybeemon. She defeats her enemies. Later she is attacked by Harpymon. She can't win. She is about to be destroyed when Rika stabs Harypymon, giving Renamon time to digivolve into Kyubimon to destroy Harpymon.

  • As Musyamon attacks, Henry and Takato jump to the rescue. But Guilmon isn't able to win this battle alone and Henry has to fight with his own thoughts on the subject of Terriermon Digivolving since last time he couldn't handle the power of Gargomon.

  • After the battle with Devidramon, Takato tries to make Growlmon de-digivolve into Guilmon, but all to no avail. When it begins to rain, Takato despairs of ever getting his old friend back. However, when the rain ends, Growlmon de-digivolves into Guilmon while watching the rainbow.

  • While passing by a tunnel, Guilmon begins to disappear. Worried that Guilmon would disapear forever, he seeks advice from the other Tamers to see why it was happenning. It turns out that Mitsuo Yamaki was running a prototype of a program that would trap and eradicate Digimon. When Guilmon disappears before Takato's eyes, the Tamers seek to rescue him. Plunging into the energy field set by Yamaki, Takato rescues Guilmon from deletion.

  • Calumon watches kids in Takato's school play soccer and dreams to be a really good soccer player. He convinces Guilmon to come out of his hiding place and play with him. While they're in the school, a digital field appear and a Vilemon attacks them. Rika and Renamon save them and Rika still thinks digimon are just data and for fighting.

  • Gargomon manages to de-digivolve to Terriermon and Henry is left thinking about destroying real living digimon after talking to Rika. He remembers when he first got his digivice and later, Guilmon and Terriermon defeat Gorillamon, a digimon from Henry's nightmare and Henry doesn't want Terriermon to absorb Gorillamon's data.