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  • TV-Y7
  • 2001
  • 4 Seasons
  • 7.6  (2,331)

Digimon Tamers is a Japanese anime television series produced by Toei Animation in 2001. This series is the third installment of the Digimon franchise and follows a group of children who become Tamers to a group of digital monsters, called Digimon. The show's plot revolves around the world of the Digimon cards. Takato Matsuki, a young boy who loves Digimon, discovers a mysterious blue card that turns into a Digimon, Guilmon. Guilmon becomes Takato's partner and together they embark on an adventure to save both the real and digital world from invading evil Digimon.

Along with Takato, there are two other main Tamers: Henry Wong, a computer genius who prefers Digimon to humans, and Rika Nonaka, a tough girl who initially doesn't want to be involved with Digimon but eventually becomes a Tamer. The trio forms an alliance and begins working together to save both worlds.

The show introduces several supporting characters, including Juri Katou, a girl whose father is connected to the mysterious organization that seeks to control the Digimon, and Kazu Shioda and Kenta Kitagawa, Takato's friends who help him in battles.

One unique aspect of Digimon Tamers is that it takes place in a realistic world, rather than a digital one. The show uses a real city in Japan, Shinjuku, as the setting for much of the story. The realistic setting is crucial to building the tension and mood of the show, as it adds a layer of believability to the fantastical events occurring.

The Tamers must face a variety of threats, including the D-Reaper, a digital virus that is attempting to take over the digital world and destroy every human who dares to enter it. The Tamers' Digimon partners fight valiantly in battle against dangerous creatures and enemies, and the team must work together to overcome each obstacle.

The show explores themes of friendship, courage, and determination, as each character struggles to face their fears and come to terms with their responsibilities as Tamers. The growth of each character throughout the series is one of the show's most significant strengths, as they go from being ordinary children to heroes who can save both worlds.

One of the unique aspects of the show is the use of the Digimon's evolutions. In this series, the Digimon's evolution is based on their relationship with their Tamer, and the strength of their bond. The Digimon can reach higher levels of evolution when they are fighting alongside their partners and are in sync with their emotions.

The animation style of Digimon Tamers is fluid and exciting, with fast-paced action sequences that engage the viewer. The Digimon designs are unique and memorable, each with their own personality and traits. The music is also impressive, with a catchy opening theme song and a stirring score that adds tension and excitement to the battles.

Overall, Digimon Tamers is a thrilling, action-packed series that explores the themes of friendship and courage. It is a show that will appeal to viewers of all ages, with its engaging characters, exciting storyline, and fantastic animation. The unique aspects of the show, such as the use of a real-world setting and the evolution system, make it stand out from other anime series in the genre.

Digimon Tamers is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (164 episodes). The series first aired on April 2, 2001.

Digimon Tamers
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A Million Points of Light
29. A Million Points of Light
May 19, 2001
The six DigiDestined, assisted by DigiDestined all over the world and Oikawa's gathered children, destroy MaloMyotismon. Oikawa is left dying in the dream dimension and uses the power of the dimension to help restore the Digital World to its original state. Twenty-five years later, when everyone in the Real World has a Digimon partner, both groups of DigiDestined are grown and their children now hold the responsibility of protecting the worlds.
The Last Temptation of the DigiDestined
28. The Last Temptation of the DigiDestined
May 19, 2001
MaloMyotismon tempts the DigiDestined with illusions of their dreams coming true, but Davis, whose dream was that ExVeemon could grow more powerful to defeat the villain, guides them out. The others follow his example, causing the Digimon to evolve into all their forms at once.
Oikawa's Shame
27. Oikawa's Shame
May 12, 2001
Oikawa and the children infected with the Dark Spores try to go to the Digital World, but, due to BlackWarGreymon's sealing of the gate, travel to a different world, where MaloMyotismon, who had hidden within Oikawa ever since his defeat, makes his appearance.
Black WarGreymon's Destiny
26. Black WarGreymon's Destiny
May 12, 2001
One of the children's Dark Spores grows into a Dark Flower, which is harvested by Oikawa despite the DigiDestined's best efforts to stop him. Cody's grandfather tries to convince Oikawa to give up villainy, but fails. Before Oikawa can kill him, however, BlackWarGreymon takes the fatal blast. The dying mega uses the last remnants of power to seal the digital gate at Highton View Terrace.
Duel of the WarGreymon
25. Duel of the WarGreymon
May 5, 2001
BlackWarGreymon confronts Oikawa, who tells him the truth about his creation. The digimon tries to destroy Oikawa, but is stopped by both WarGreymon (which was the result of another power boost Agumon received from Azulongmon) and Imperialdramon Fighter Mode. After a fierce battle, they plead with BlackWarGreymon to befriend them.
The Dark Gate
24. The Dark Gate
May 5, 2001
Oikawa, having no more use for Ken, attempts to hand him off to Daemon, however, Davis intervenes. The other DigiDestined arrive, and with their help, Ken is able to open a gate to the Dark Ocean and send Daemon through it.
Dark Sun, Dark Spore
23. Dark Sun, Dark Spore
April 28, 2001
Yukio Oikawa and his cronies kidnap Ken, and use his Dark Spore to create new ones to implant in gathered children. Meanwhile, Daemon's servants engage the DigiDestined, and, in order to win, the DigiDestined must kill both of them.
Invasion of the Daemon Corps
22. Invasion of the Daemon Corps
April 28, 2001
A new enemy, Daemon, appears, along with his followers. With the aid of Azulongmon's power given up by the older digimon, Imperialdramon Dragon Mode triumphs against SkullSatamon by mode changing into his Fighter Mode!
Digimon World Tour, Part 3
21. Digimon World Tour, Part 3
April 21, 2001
Ken and Matt help out the a Mexican DigiDestined, while Sora and Yolei helped those in Russia and Siberia. They all return back to Japan, just in time for Christmas. However, Arukenimon is still up to something.
Digimon World Tour, Part 2
20. Digimon World Tour, Part 2
April 14, 2001
In Australia, Cody and Joe meet with Derek to fight marine Digimon. In Paris, T.K. and Tai receive help from T.K.'s grandfather to save a French DigiDestined held in Versailles.
Digimon World Tour, Part 1
19. Digimon World Tour, Part 1
April 7, 2001
The Japanese DigiDestined split up. Mimi and Davis team up with the American DigiDestined, while Kari and Izzy go to help those in Asia.
Dramon Power
18. Dramon Power
March 31, 2001
The DigiDestined receive one of Azulongmon's Digicores, which results in Paildramon mega digivolving into Imperialdramon Dragon Mode, who helps them to join the other DigiDestined worldwide. It also restores the original 8's ability to go to ultimate level.
A Very Digi-Christmas
17. A Very Digi-Christmas
March 24, 2001
As Christmas approaches, the DigiDestined take on a festive mood. Ken goes so far as to throw a party (the first time he was truly happy in a long time). The younger group brings the digimon partners of the original DigiDestined into the real world. However, their holiday cheer ends when control spires and rampaging digimon appear worldwide.
Kyoto Dragon
16. Kyoto Dragon
March 17, 2001
While the DNA digivolved digimon hold off BlackWarGreymon, Davis gets the idea of moving the last Destiny Stone with the D3s. Instead of moving it, this summons Azulongmon, the digimon that appeared as earlier destiny stones were destroyed. BlackWarGreymon attacks Azulongmon but quickly is shoved off and leaves after learning what his purpose is. After explaining many such things as the true purpose of the control spires and armor digivolving, Azulongmon warns the group about their true enemy, the one controlling Arukenimon and Mummymon. Davis sees a control spire in the real world.
Stone Soup
15. Stone Soup
March 10, 2001
The DigiDestined head out to eat at another Digitamamon restaurant. Arukenimon and Mummymon are already there, badgering the digimon to tell them what his soup recipe is. When he refuses, they look for themselves, and discover the final destiny stone in the soup springs. When BlackWarGreymon shows up, Angemon and Ankylomon DNA digivolve into Shakkoumon, and the episode ends.
Cody Takes a Stand
14. Cody Takes a Stand
March 3, 2001
Cody, worried about T.K., goes to see Matt, who tells him about how T.K. still carries the scars from the battle against Devimon. BlackWarGreymon destroys one of the final two destiny stones.
Destiny in Doubt
13. Destiny in Doubt
February 24, 2001
When BlackWarGreymon destroy the third stone, a digimon briefly appears and BlackWarGreymon becomes convinced that this is his worthy opponent. At the next site, despite Angemon digivolving to MagnaAngemon after he touches the Stone, the Destined lose the battle. Gabumon tells the children about Agumon's discussion with their foe.
A Chance Encounter
12. A Chance Encounter
February 24, 2001
Yolei, while on a school trip, encounters BlackWarGreymon and several other digimon in the real world after the mega just destroyed a second Destiny Stone. Ken brings her Poromon, who helps her to combat the digimon until they are suddenly brought back to the Digital World.
If I Only had a Heart
11. If I Only had a Heart
February 17, 2001
BlackWarGreymon has a discussion about life with Agumon. Arukenimon and Mummymon turn their attention to the fabled Destiny Stones, damaging one with Knightmon (another creation of Arukenimon) and somehow causing BlackWarGreymon great pain in the process.
Opposites Attract
10. Opposites Attract
February 17, 2001
While searching for Gatomon's tail ring, Yolei, Kari, Ken, and their Digimon stumble into the Dark Ocean. When they are attacked by Blossomon, another of Arukenimon's creations, Gatomon and Aquilamon DNA digivolve into Silphymon (only after Yolei slaps Kari in the face, something Kari did earlier in the episode).
Ultimate Anti-Hero
9. Ultimate Anti-Hero
February 10, 2001
While Cody's doubts towards Ken causes Ken to leave the group, Mummymon and Arukenimon combine a hundred control spires to create BlackWarGreymon. Even after Yolei brings Ken back to the group so they could form Paildramon, BlackWarGreymon effortlessly defeats the DigiDestined, but refuses to finish the job, and instead leaves Mummymon and Arukenimon, to search for a "worthy opponent."
Arukenimon's Tangled Web
8. Arukenimon's Tangled Web
February 10, 2001
Yolei creates a counter to the strange woman's music (because she worked with Matt's band). She transforms into a Digimon called Arukenimon and a fight breaks. As the gang is about to defeat her, another digimon, Mummymon, sweeps in to save her.
The Insect Master's Trap
7. The Insect Master's Trap
February 3, 2001
The DigiDestined arrive at the giant Giga House, where the strange woman lies in wait. As they draw closer to her, the group is attacked by different kinds of insect digimon. When they find the spider woman, however, she uses her flute to take control of Stingmon and Digmon as well.
Fusion Confusion
6. Fusion Confusion
February 3, 2001
Paildramon and Okuwamon continue fighting. Ken puts his crest of kindness into a slot in the base, but it does not do anything. Paildramon destroys the base entirely, and Izzy explains DNA digivolving and the story of how the original DigiDestined gave up the powers of their crests, which is why their Digimon can't digivolve to ultimate level anymore.
United We Stand
5. United We Stand
February 3, 2001
The DigiDestined see that Ken's base is about to explode. Okuwamon, a digimon made from control spires, attacks the DigiDestined. Ken comes, and Davis talks about friendship. Suddenly, ExVeemon and Stingmon DNA digivolve to Paildramon.
Spirit Needle
4. Spirit Needle
December 9, 2000
The strange woman changes control spires into digimon. She turns one into a Golemon who tries to destroy a dam where Mimi and Palmon are. The DigiDestined cannot destroy Golemon and are forced to get Ken and Stingmon's help to destroy Golemon. Once Palmon wakes up and reveals that Golemon is a fake digimon, which is deduced as the reason behind Ken's actions, Yolei is able to get Hawkmon to digivolve into Aquilamon and helps destroy Golemon.
If I had a Tail Hammer
3. If I had a Tail Hammer
December 9, 2000
Davis, Kari, and T.K. find that their Digimon can't Digivolve. Cody is attacked by Thundermon, leading to Armadillomon's unexpected digivolution into Ankylomon. Ken sees a strange woman in his room that won't tell him her name. When a mysterious digimon who is Stingmon, Wormmon's evolved form destroys Thundermon, it leads the DigiDestined to question Ken's behavior.
Genesis of Evil
2. Genesis of Evil
December 2, 2000
Ken reminisces about his brother Sam, his digivice, an e-mail he got, and when he first went into the Digital World (despite his temporary amnesia in the real world). He goes looking for Wormmon, and finds his baby form, Leafmon, in Primary Village.
Davis Cries Wolfmon
1. Davis Cries Wolfmon
December 2, 2000
Davis, in an effort to catch Kari's attention, wants Veemon to evolve like Patamon. His effort only manages to anger a Tortomon that chases them across the land. Veemon digivolves to ExVeemon to fight him off.
Where to Watch Digimon Tamers
Digimon Tamers is available for streaming on the Toei Animation website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Digimon Tamers on demand at Hulu.
  • Premiere Date
    April 2, 2001
  • IMDB Rating
    7.6  (2,331)