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  • 2015
  • 1 Season
  • 6.7  (16)

Shougo Ryujin is an ordinary high school student who notices strange occurrences all over the Earth. One afternoon he goes to his friend Saho's house to find out what the mysterious sound he's been hearing is. The ground collapses and he gets attacked by one of the unknown figures, but then a card transforms him into a fighter known as Dragon Bone.

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Somewhere to Return
52. Somewhere to Return
March 31, 2015
The Primordial Majin is starting to destroy the universe. As the Adept of Earth's core, Shougo should be able to use the Revelation Cocoon to contact the Primordial Majin, but the Primordial Majin does not respond to him.
The Beginning of the End
51. The Beginning of the End
March 24, 2015
Having obtained three planetary cores -- Dragon, Phoenix, and Griffon -- Cerberus conducts the Joining of the End. But Stolz equips Phoenix's Bone parts and calls to Phoenix's core bone, stopping Revolt's ambition.
The Joining of the End
50. The Joining of the End
March 17, 2015
Dragon keeps up the fight against Cerberus, and turns Rare Metal in his rage over Panther's defeat. But he has a hard fight against Cerberus, who has control over three elemental abilities. To make matters worse, out in space, Leo is the only one left to fight Unicorn and Basilisk, and he's been completely fossilized except for his left arm.
Wolf and Tiger
49. Wolf and Tiger
March 10, 2015
The Primordial Majin has begun to move. The Los Angeles laboratory notices this, and hurries to complete the Revelation Cocoon. They need the final version of the cocoon in order to deal with the Primordial Majin. Meanwhile, on Nepos Angelis, Shougo and Liebert have escaped from Revolt. Without the cocoon, Shougo can't equip Dragon Bone and fight. But just when it seems like running away is all he can do, Gregory and Victor appear before them. Shougo and Liebert brace for a fight, but...
Roar of Treason
48. Roar of Treason
March 3, 2015
Chie, Shougo and the others head to Nepos. With Liebert's guidance, they discover the basement room beneath Stolz's estate. Upon seeing the altar and the way the crest appears when Shougo touches it, Chie grasps the final clue needed to figure out the Joining of the End and Cocoon development.
Forbidden Memory
47. Forbidden Memory
February 24, 2015
Shougo learns that the Council is seeking "The Joining of the End", a ritual that will free them from the Primordial Majin. That is why they killed Stolz and invaded Earth. Unable to forgive this, Shougo and Rare Metal Jaguar drive away Socius and his comrades.
Unchanging Strength
46. Unchanging Strength
February 17, 2015
Gustos and Morse suddenly appear on Earth in front of Shougo and the others. They inform them of the tragedy that's occurred on Nepos. Revolt equipped the planet's core, Dark Phoenix, and attacked Stolz and Klude. Dark Bat covered to some degree, but Dark Phoenix's overwhelming power took the two men down. Dark Bat's power of space took Gustos and Morse to Earth to get them out of danger. Shougo is depressed to learn of Klude and Stolz's fate, but Antonio's performance cheers him up a little...
Wriggling Desires
45. Wriggling Desires
February 10, 2015
The Primordial Majin's appearance has had a powerful effect on the Earth in the form of unusual weather patterns. The next morning, while watching the news about the incident, Shougo learns that Saho witnessed the shadow of the Majins. The arrival of Nepos and the Primordial Majin are starting to chip away at Shougo's daily life in an unsettling way. With all that on his mind, Shougo challenges his sister Tomoko to a match, trying to grasp some hint of what he should do.
Majin, Once More
44. Majin, Once More
February 3, 2015
Ian informs Shougo and the others that the true purpose of the Revelation Cocoon is to call the Primordial Majin. It was developed for this purpose, and when it's completed, Chie's research will be finished. With this revelation, Shougo and the others leave the Lost Angeles laboratory for Japan, and Shougo returns to his life among family and friends. He swears anew to protect that daily life for the day that his mother comes home. Just then, a new Council Eques, Dark Unicorn, arrives.
Changing Despair into Hope
43. Changing Despair into Hope
January 27, 2015
The Majin of Earth has appeared, changing Rhino into a Rare Metal Bone. Research on Rare Metal and a new cocoon based on Rare Metal data is proceeding in the Los Angeles Laboratory. Meanwhile, on Nepos Angelis, Revolt is getting annoyed at having now two Majins siding with the Earth. Gregory and Victor decide to go to Earth to resolve the problem. Luke heads out of the laboratory on his own to patrol and keep watch. He has sworn he won't let it get destroyed the way the Melbourne Laboratory was, but...
Calm Fury
42. Calm Fury
January 20, 2015
The Melbourne Lab has been destroyed. Shougo and the others move to the Los Angeles laboratory to watch over the recovery of Rhino Bone, which was fossilized in battle. The damage to Rhino Bone is severe, and it's uncertain if it will recover at all. Tyrone watches the recovery process in concern. Meanwhile, things are happening on Nepos Angelis. Pellbrand and Barlish call for Revolt to be relieved of his council leadership because of his suspicious actions. But a member of the council, Dark Basilisk's adept, Raquelt, throws in his support of Revolt. And despite finding Revolt's actions strange, he goes to recover Dragon Bone for him.
The Road Taken, the Road You Must Take
41. The Road Taken, the Road You Must Take
January 13, 2015
Ouroboros has fossilized Rhino Bone and the Melbourne Lab has been destroyed. Danger keeps coming to Shougo and the Earth. In order to help move equipment from Melbourne to the Los Angeles lab, Shougo receives permission from his father to stay in Melbourne for a while. Before he leaves, he pauses to look at the progress being done on rebuilding Saho's house, and thinks back on everything that's happened since he first became Dragon Bone's adept. Meanwhile, Gregory and Victory get a surprise when they look at the data they stole from the Melbourne Lab.
Melbourne Assault
40. Melbourne Assault
January 6, 2015
As the New Year begins, Shougo is hosting shrine visitors with his family. Meanwhile, Luke holds a serious conversation with Higashio at the Melbourne laboratory. During their last battle, Dark Cerberus came to Earth in a battle that resulted in Rhino's fossilization.
Cerberus, to Earth!
39. Cerberus, to Earth!
December 23, 2014
With his experiment at equipping Griffon Bone having proved successful, Revolt finally decides to come to Earth. Meanwhile, Luke and the others are enjoying a christmas party at Cafe Eden with Tomoko and Saho, but Shougo seems restless.
As a Warrior of Nepos
38. As a Warrior of Nepos
December 16, 2014
With Klude and Stolz still hiding on Nepos, Revolt tries a plan to recover Dragon Bone without getting involved personally. He calls out Vyse, one of Klude's former subordinates. Vyse reveals to his comrade Drossas the anxiety he feels about using his White Bone, Eagle, against the Iron Bones of Dragon and the others.
The Mystery of Rare Metal
37. The Mystery of Rare Metal
December 9, 2014
Leonard wants to do some tests on Shougo, who became a Rare Metal Bone during the fight with Ouroboros. But there's no changes in his bio data or Majin Particles, and no trace of him having ever been a Rare Metal Bone. Luke and Liebert are stunned by the depths of the Rare Metal Bone mystery. Meanwhile, Klude and Stolz sneak back to Nepos and go into hiding.
Rare Metal Bone
36. Rare Metal Bone
December 2, 2014
Dark Ouroboros's attacks have taken out Dark Wyvern. From outside the Cocoon, Stolz, worried about Dark Wyvern's adept, Klude, finds himself thinking back to the time Klude recovered a certain Bone that served as a certain planet's core. Klude's recovery of the core Bone resulted in that planet's destruction.
Pride of the Eques
35. Pride of the Eques
November 25, 2014
Liebert, Klude, and the others return from Nepos, bearing injuries from an attack by Ouroboros. They are immediately taken for treatment at the Japanese laboratory. Liebert tells Shougo and the others of the unspeakable power wielded by the members of the Nepos council, of which Ouroboros is a member -- the power to drive a Bone to destruction.
Ouroboros Descends
34. Ouroboros Descends
November 18, 2014
During break time at school, Shougo's classmates mention the rumors they've heard that a beautiful foreigner is staying at the Ryuujin house. They ask Shougo to introduce her to them. Shougo agrees, deferring more questions, and otherwise returns to his typical, trivial conversations with classmates. Meanwhile, Liebert's Panther Bone recovers from its fossilization.
Being a Family
33. Being a Family
November 11, 2014
Shougo's mother, Chie, has been away from home for twlve years, doing cocoon research on the space station. Shougo uses the radio to speak to her for the first time since she left. When he returns to Japan, Shougo wants to let Kengo and Tomoko know that Chie's doing okay, but his plans are frustrated by the fact that he can't tell them about the Cocoon research.
The Truth of 12 Years Ago
32. The Truth of 12 Years Ago
November 4, 2014
After realizing she was speaking with Shougo for the first time in twelve years, Chie thinks back on the days she spent as a Bone Researcher and a mother. Ian apologizes to Shougo for being the one who took Chie away from her family by calling her back to the lab twelve years ago.
Aid from Space
31. Aid from Space
October 28, 2014
After barely escaping Nepos and returning to Earth with their lives, Shougo and friends are met by Anna, who just happens to have been dispatched to the Los Angeles laboratory. While Higashio and Ian rebuke him, Luke files a report about their safe return. But since their cocoon was destroyed by Wyvern/Klude's transformation into a Rare Metal Bone, the others need to remain inside the laboratory, which is protected by a barrier.
Wyvern vs. Cerberus
30. Wyvern vs. Cerberus
October 21, 2014
Shougo and the others head for Stolz's mansion in order to save him. But the mansion has no guards and no sign of life there at all. Wondering if it might be a trap, the group splits up to search the mansion.
To Nepos!
29. To Nepos!
October 14, 2014
In order to save her father Stolz, Liebert decides to return to Nepos. The others agree to accompany her, and together, they embark on a dangerous mission to infiltrate Nepos. Shougo learns that life on Nepos is very similar to that of Earth, but is also stunned at their advanced technology and how it exists in harmony with nature.
Coup d'Etat
28. Coup d'Etat
October 7, 2014
Liebert appears abruptly before Shougo. Then Higashio appears, as if he was waiting for her. Shougo is shocked, but Higashio proposes an exchange to Liebert. Since they can't return to Nepos, Liebert and her friends are having trouble making a life on Earth --
Stirring Ambition
27. Stirring Ambition
September 30, 2014
Dark Swordfish's attacks drive back Dragon and the other Bone Fighters, but Wolf and Tiger save them in their moment of deepest desperation. Wolf and Dragon seem to be protecting Dragon when they block Dark Swordfish's attack. Has their conversation with Dragon given them a change of heart?! Swordfish is angered by their actions.
The Brothers' Past
26. The Brothers' Past
September 23, 2014
Tyrone leads Director Higashio away from Shougo's house, and he gets surrounded by the adepts. Higashio reveals that Luke's theory is slightly flawed.
25. Cerberus
September 16, 2014
A warrior of Nepos, Cerberus, has succeeded in recovering a Bone from a certain planet. He's a merciless Eques, willing to go to any lengths to recover Bones, even kill all life on a planet. He returns to Nepos Angelis and begins setting things in motion. Meanwhile, Shougo is supposed to write about his strengths and weaknesses for a student-teacher conference questionnaire, but he doesn't know himself very well, and doesn't know what to write.
Unstoppable Urge
24. Unstoppable Urge
September 9, 2014
Liebert is troubled. Shougo and the Bone Fighters of Earth, have opposed her time after time. She can't reconcile their defiance against the Primordial Majin with her own beliefs which, as a Neposian, require her to honor and serve the Majin. When she hears that they have nevertheless somehow achieved Iron Bone status, she goes to ask Klude directly.
Family Portrait
23. Family Portrait
September 2, 2014
Saho is complaining to Shougo about how unfulfilling her summer has been, when suddenly her father, Katsuya, returns home from a long business trip. Meanwhile on Nepos, Klude meets with Stolz, who is keeping an eye on the young Eques while feeling concern for his daughter, Liebert.
Dragon's Awakening
22. Dragon's Awakening
August 26, 2014
Dark Wyvern's Adept, Klude, appears in the city of Melbourne. He asks Dragon Bone's Adept, Shougo, why Dragon Bone sides with the Earth. But Shougo doesn't know. Despite being an Adept, Shougo doesn't know anything about the situation, so Klude explains to him how the universe was born, and why the Primordial Majin wants to destroy Earth.
Three of Iron
21. Three of Iron
August 19, 2014
The examination of Leo Bone and Gilbert continues at the lab, as the scientists try to unlock the secrets of the Iron Bone. Meanwhile, Shougo, Antonio, and Tyrone are at a cafe in Melbourne. It seems that someone inside the laboratory took down the guard system to allow Dark Alligator to break in.
The Shadow of the Traitors
20. The Shadow of the Traitors
August 12, 2014
Despite the oppressive power of the Iron Bone, Dark Wyvern, Leo also becomes an Iron Bone and manages to drive it off.. but it seems unlikely that they'll be able to drive off Dark Wyvern should it appear again. In order to discover how the other Bones can become Iron Bones, Shougo and the team head to the Bone Laboratory in Melbourne.
Iron Bone
19. Iron Bone
August 5, 2014
As Dragon, Shark, and Jaguar fight against Wolf and Tiger; Dark Wyvern, Dark Eagle, and Dark Alligator appear. Gilbert and Tyrone note their appearance, and run to the vicinity of the Revelation Cocoon. But since their Bones are fossilized, they cannot enter the cocoon or help in any way.
Stray Cats and Stray Dogs
18. Stray Cats and Stray Dogs
July 29, 2014
During morning training at the dojo, Shougo watches in surprise as Antonio and Luke have a capoeira vs. aikido battle that indicates just how well they must know each other. After training, Antonio heads out for his part time job as usual. Shougo and Luke go to watch him at work, which turns out to be a juggling performance in town.
Gentle Big Brother
17. Gentle Big Brother
July 22, 2014
Leo drives Tiger and Wolf away with the incredible power unleashed by his Bone. For some reason, that power ends up fossilizing Leo Bone. Gilbert claims that when the power was unleashed, he heard the Bone's "voice," and Tyrone shows a reaction to that word. Long ago, Tyrone's brothers and sisters heard Rhino Bone's "voice" and carried its card to Tyrone...
Will of Steel
16. Will of Steel
July 15, 2014
Luke's descent of the Majin of Water has Gilbert feeling restless. When he looks back over their battles, he can't help but notice how far he's trailed behind his allies after his bragging about being the "Ace." Lost in these thoughts, Gilbert goes about his morning sparring in the park, where he runs into Saho.
Shaken Destiny
15. Shaken Destiny
July 8, 2014
Luke became an Adept when he was a child, almost as if guided by destiny. Later, when his father was promoted to head of the Bone Research Organization, the two parted ways. Luke had to live his destiny as a Bone Fighter all alone. As a result, Luke will not hesitate to sacrifice himself to protect Dragon. Shougo, Antonio, and the others are worried about Luke's reckless course of action.
Shark's Rampage
14. Shark's Rampage
July 1, 2014
Shougo notices something off in Luke's demeanor. Antonio and the others are worried that he might be conflicted over nearly going berserk in the last battle. They are told that is the son of the head of the Bone Research Organization, and that Luke bears the weight of expectation as a Bone Adept. Meanwhile, Gustos and Morse, in order to get revenge on Shougo and the others for beating Liebert, go on the attack, without asking permission from Klude or Liebert back on Nepos.
True Strength
13. True Strength
June 24, 2014
Shougo has been swallowed up by the berserk Dragon Bone. Leonard comes to Japan to bring him to the safety of a hospital. The Bone equip has released but Shougo remains unconscious. Luke and the other Bone Fighters are worried. So is Saho. Kengo remains unshaken, though, and calmly sees to Luke, Saho, and the others. While Shougo lies in his hospital bed, his consciousness converses with Dragon Bone.
Dragon's Rampage
12. Dragon's Rampage
June 17, 2014
The aftermath of the battle leaves the city deeply scarred. Shougo is disturbed by the reports of the incident as a natural disaster. To keep the real situation from reaching the public, the laboratory is controlling the release of information. But they still lack conclusive data about the giant Majin hand that crushed Dark Horse in battle.
The Primordial Majin
11. The Primordial Majin
June 10, 2014
When Dark Horse appears, Gilbert is secretly relieved to see that it wasn't the powerful Wolf and Tiger. Unable to forgive himself for that half-hearted way of thinking, he throws himself into training. Dark Horse, sent into a panic by Dragon's overwhelming strength, makes preparations to challenge Dragon to a final battle.
A Daily Life Worth Protecting
10. A Daily Life Worth Protecting
September 27, 2014
The group returns from the laboratory with the repaired Dragon. Saho notices that Shougo has changed somehow. Meanwhile, Gilbert gets upset at Shougo for getting back to his casual daily life too fast.
Fierce Resonance
9. Fierce Resonance
September 20, 2014
The two mystery fighters are revealed to be Victor and Gregory, and they enter the laboratory to steal Dragon Bone. The Bone Fighters other than Shougo equip and enter the Revelation Cocoon to fight Tiger and Wolf.
8. Invaders
September 13, 2014
At the Bone Research Facility, Higashio informs Shougo of a shocking truth: Dark Bone are extraterrestrial life forms, and they're invading Earth to get at Dragon Bone. Shougo learns that only by fighting can he protect his friends, family, and allies.
Bone Research Facility
7. Bone Research Facility
September 6, 2014
Dark Bone summons a Majin once again, but Dragon summons a Majin to oppose it. The Majin powers up Dragon and his kicks and punches manage to fossilize Bee completely. When the Dark Bone comes out of the armor he looks like a human.
Believe in Yourself
6. Believe in Yourself
August 30, 2014
Gilbert equips Leo Bone and fights Dark Bone for the first time, but Dark Bone forms a line and summons a Majin. Leo tries to get revenge against Dark Horse but is easily defeated. Dragon agrees to fight Horse, and when he refuses to give up he powers up.
Majin Descends
5. Majin Descends
August 23, 2014
The fourth bone adept, Gilbert, believes himself to be the strongest of the bone adepts because he chose to become a bone. When Dark Bones appear he thinks he has a chance to prove himself.
Warrior's Resolution
4. Warrior's Resolution
August 16, 2014
Dark Bone has appeared, but Shougo can't transform into Dragon, because his will and Dragon Bones wills aren't resonating. The Bone has the will to fight, but Shougo is unconsciously rejecting the fight.
Rejection of Bone
3. Rejection of Bone
August 9, 2014
After watching Shougo get a bone crush in one kick on Dark Spider, the three men: Antonio, Luke, and Tyrone reveal that Shougo is being attacked by the Dark Bones.
Chosen Warrior
2. Chosen Warrior
August 1, 2014
After transforming into Dragon Bone, Shougo gets transported to a strange alternate dimension, where he fights the mysterious enemy Dark Bone.
Visitors from the Darkness
1. Visitors from the Darkness
December 7, 2015
Shougo Ryujin, an ordinary high school student who notices strange occurrences all over the Earth. One afternoon he goes to his friend Saho's house to find out what the mysterious sound he's been hearing is.

Shougo Ryujin is an ordinary high school student who notices strange occurrences all over the Earth. One afternoon he goes to his friend Saho's house to find out what the mysterious sound he's been hearing is. The ground collapses and he gets attacked by one of the unknown figures, but then a card transforms him into a fighter known as Dragon Bone.

Majin Bone is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on December 7, 2015.

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    December 7, 2015
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    6.7  (16)