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Saint Seiya Omega (also depicted as Saint Seiya ?) is the newest edition of Masami Kurumada's Saint Seiya anime series, taking place. Omega takes place a quarter century in the future to parallel the quarter century anniversary of the Saint Seiya franchise. However, this series is not directly controlled by Kurumada in any form, but he is credited as the series creator. With that said, it's also worth noting that most of the original team behind Saint Seiya is behind Omega, such as the lead character designer and head writer.

As the story takes place 25 years after the events of the original Saint Seiya (as well as Next Demension, Episode G, and The Lost Canvas), the Holy Wars which were fought in the Twentieth Century have long since ended. The patron goddess Athena still lingers on the planet Earth, after reincarnating to purify it. Her Saints are still serving her as well. While these are a new generation of Bronze Saints, they are ever vigilant to thwart evil should it ever rear its ugly head again. Pegasus Seiya, of the previous series, is now venerated as a Saint of legend by the world.

Moving on to the Bronze Saints themselves, there is the lead protagonist, Koga. Koga is destined to become the Pegasus Bronze Saint and is even taught some life lessons by the vaunted Pegasus Bronze Saint Seiya. Koga later becomes aware of his ties to Erebus, which give him command over the element of Darkness. Souma is to be the Lionet Bronze Saint whose friendly, yet impulsive, nature shows even further when his elemental command of Fire is given consideration. Yuna is an independent female Aquila Saint. While she initially wore the traditional mask of a female Saint (requiring them to be hidden away from male Saints at all times), she has since discarded the mask and longs for a time when Saints-both male and female-can be treated with equal regard. Her free nature can be seen as an influence of her command over Wind. Ryuhou is the Dragon Bronze Saint, albeit only 12 years old and of a considerably weak constitution. He can be a powerful Saint who regards Koga as closely as a brother.

Toei Animation
1 Season, 97 Episodes
April 4, 2012
Cast: Hikaru Midorikawa, Tôru Furuya, Katsuyuki Konishi, Satsuki Yukino
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Saint Seiya Omega Full Episode Guide

  • With the aid of everyoen's cosmo, Pegasus's omega cloth evolves even further. Koga challenges Saturn again, and Saturn is shocked at his strength. During the battle, Saturn feels a strange excitement. It is a passion he's never felt in his long years as a god!

  • Seiya appears to have ended the battle with the golden dagger, but Saturn stops him at the last second. He attacks an exhausted Seiya mercilessly. Koga and the others fight Saturn, but Saturn has defeated the power of Omega and defeats them one by one.

  • Europa and Mira attack, trying to finish off Athena and Pallas. Hyouga and Shun try to stop them, but are unable to withstand their full power. Meanwhile, Koga gets to Saturn and challenges him, but he and his friends are overwhelmed by the god's power.

  • Koga and the other saints fly through the sky after Saturn. Meanwhile, Saturn's personal guard appears on Earth. The Steel Saints fight valiantly to stop them, but Aegir appears again, with his weapon enhanced by a fragment of the Cataclysm Slash.

  • In his New Gold Cloth, Seiya battles Titan! The two fight for the goddesses they believe in. In the midst of the battle, Seiya tells something to Titan, and when he hears it, Titan laughs.

  • At last the time has come for Saori and Pallas to fight. Seiya tries to intervene but Saori makes him stand down. In the age of myths, Pallas tried to destroy humanity because she wanted Athena's love all to herself. To protect the Earth, Athena was forced to defeat her.

  • Saori and the Golds finally reach Pallas's throne room. The last of the Four Kings, Titan, is waiting for them. Harbinger launches a sudden attack on Pallas, but Titan blocks him and blows him away.

  • Hyperion's Chrono Catastrophe has stopped Subaru's time. The bronzes rise to battle Hyperion and restore Subaru. And inside his mind, Subaru meets a mysterious man.

  • The Bronze Saints feel a huge cosmo explosion and run to the source. They find the horrible damage caused by the Athena Exclamation. The bronzes are struck silent by actions of the Gold Saints.

  • Hyperion, one of the four kings, goes to kill the golds. With his Cataclysm Slash, he overwhelms them. The Cataclysm Slash has the power to destroy the protons that make up atoms.

  • The Bronze Saints escape the labyrinth and reach the battlefield where Galia and the golds are fighting. Galia leads them to a new battleground where she attempts to wipe out the Saints, but the bronzes say that they will fight her alone and send the golds on ahead.

  • Galia, one of the four kings, appears in the middle of the battle between Paradox and Integra. With her Holy Blade, "War God's Manifestation", she deals a fatal blow to Paradox.

  • The Saints travel through four paths in the castle seeking Pallas. But 3 of them are endless loops without exists. Saori and the other Gold Saints have been lured into the one proper path, and are stopped by Paradox.

  • Ikki dies in a huge explosion, taking Aigaeon with him. The saints cry at his death. With one of the four kings down, Titan orders Class-2 Pallasite Rhea to kill Shiryuu and Ryuho with the divine spear Gae Bolg, which can peirce anything.

  • Ikki appears to save Shun from Aegaeon's Heavy Lightning Striker. He decides to fight Aegaeon alone, and sends Kouga along to Pallas. A deadly battle between Ikki and Aegaeon begins as their cosmo collides. Ikki repels the gravity of the Heavy Lighting Striker, but Aegaeon uses his ultimate lightning. It destroys the Phoenix Cloth, and at last Ikki falls to the ground!

  • A new Pallasite blocks Koga, Soma, and Yuna as they head into the castle. It is Surtr, wielder of the Mystic Stone, who has come at Aegaeon's orders. They try to break past him, but his ultimate barrier, "Cosmo Reflect", blocks all their attacks. But Shun comes to save them. Will his Nebula chain be able to break the ultimate barrier?

  • Athena's armies destroy the Gate of Time and secure the way into Pallas's castle. As they try to find their way through its labyrinth, Ikki and Integra go ahead. Shaina leads the forces protecting them from teh rear, and Koga and the rest go inside. Europa appears, and tells them there are four paths which may lead them to Pallas. They are forced to choose between four paths: Alfheim, Niflheim, Dvergar, and Vanaheim.

  • The "Gate of Time" is the final and greatest barrier to Pallas's castle. Titan, one of the Four Kings, has stopped time around the gate, and no attack will hurt it. Koga tries to open the gate, and the other bronzes fight off the Pallasites' best troops to open a path for him. With their help, he reaches the gate. Will he be able to open it, and secure the way into Pallas's castle?

  • The Saints make a forward base inside Pallasvelda. The wounded warriors gather there to heal. Kiki repairs their cloths, and Raki leads Koga's group there. Shaina and Geki and other old faces are there too. But Dione comes to avenge his loss against Kiki, and attacks. Shaina and the others fight him off while Kiki is busy repairing their cloths. And then their reinforcements arrive!

  • The underground passage to the castle is destroyed by the Pallasites, and the group is forced to go above ground once more. As the fierce battle between Saints and Pallasites continues, Koga senses a familiar cosmo and turns back. It is Raki, who has come at Kiki's orders. Koga and Subaru save her from Halimede at the last second. But Subaru is upset that the Equuleus Cloth isn't doing what he wants. Meanwhile at the Sanctuary, Saori goes to a massive statue of Athena to prepare for the final battle.

  • The party advances along the route to Pallas's castle, but Celeris stays behind to protect the people. But Hati attacks to get his revenge on Celeris once he sees Koga is gone. Subaru comes back, though, and Celeris tells him the story of how he got the Equuleus cloth. It was a story of the last Equuleus Saint, Kitalpha, who saved him when he was still a normal person.

  • Koga and friends save a young girl named Selene from the Pallasites, and meet Equuleus Celeris. Celeris leads them to an underground base where people are still moving, but on the way Subaru learns that the Equuleus cloth is called the cursed cloth. It gives its wearer great power, but they are destined to die in battle. Meanwhile, Titan sends Thebe and Hati to stop the Saints from getting any closer to Pallas's castle!

  • Soma and Yuna arrive at a heavily defended Pallasite gate. Yuna insists it's a shortcut to Pallas's castle, but Ymir and Metone, two twin Pallasites burning with vengeance, block their path. Soma and Yuna prepare to fight, but Metone makes an unexpected move.

  • Pallas gets tired of waiting and sneaks out of the castle to the town where the Saints and Pallasites are fighting. Koga meets her as she plays in town by chance, and thinks she's a normal person. He saves her from the Pallasites attacks, and she takes a liking to him.

  • The Titans send the class-2 Pallasite Europa to stop the advancing Koga. On his way, Europa encounters Eden, who has been led to the battlefield by a mysterious power. Seiya appears between them, and fearing the power of the gold saint, Europa flees. Seiya tells a doubting Eden to find his own answer to why he fights. And then Europa attacks Koga hoping to defeat the remaining bronzes!

  • The battle between the Saints and Pallasites continues in Pallasvelda. Many Steel Saints are there as well. Two of these Steel Saints, Kerry and Ema, are saved from near-certain death by Soma and Subaru. But this makes Ema question why she's there at all. As she wonders if the Steel Saints aren't just slowing the others down, Loge and his Pallasite Bees appear!

  • The Saints bust down the gate and enter the city of Pallasvelda. The Saints try to find the way to the castle. Seiya picks the path with the most Pallasites so he can be a decoy. Koga and his friends go the other way and are met by Tarvos. Tarvos is in his heavy armor, and seeing his power Koga sends the others ahead and fights alone. The battle between Koga and Tarvos begins, but...

  • Genbu lost his life defending the Palaestra. His death has many effects on the people around him. Koga and his friends resolve to fight the Pallasites, but many saints have lost the will to fight. Hati sees this as the ideal time to attack the Palaestra and leads his troops. Koga and his friends rally to fight them, but then a golden light appears!

  • Genbu defeats Aegir and stops him from entering the Palaestra. But Aegir gets the Holy Blade Cataclysm Slash frmo Hyperion and rises to fight again. Genbu is blown away by its destructive Cosmo. And then Aegir uses it to cut apart the time of the people in the Palaestra. To take back their time, Genbu draws the Libra Sword and challenges Aegir.

  • The Saints gather at the Palaestra as former Saints reunite with their current counterparts. Libra Genbu the Palaestra’s commander has harsh words for Kogo and his friends.

  • Koga is visiting a Steel Saint training facility and meets the former Wolf Bronze Saint and Lionet. He gets this chance to learn more about the Steel Saint and Subaru mysterious background.

  • As the Pallasites continue to attack small villages, the legendary Andromeda Shun joins the battle but must deal with his past involving Ray

  • Athena has summoned all the Saints for an important announcement as the four kings appear in front of Pallas to grant her every wish.

  • The promise of reviving those he lost and loved has convinced Eden to join Pallasite. Can Eden the son ofMars do what everyone else has failed and kill Koga?

  • With is battles over, Ryuho wants to live simple life with his parents, but his father continues to push and train him. Will Ryuho find meaning in his father’s reluctant training or give up the Dragon cloth completely.

  • Koga has travelled to the coliseum to speak with Athena about the rise of the Pallasites.

  • A young man has come to challenge Koga, but an older, wiser Koga doesn’t respond to his provocations.

  • Koga calls on his friends to burn their Cosmo!

  • A former Saint comes to help the team in their darkness moment.

  • Abzu has taken complete control, and things look bad for the Bronze Saints. But a chance of salvation might happen, but it is up to Eden.

  • Betrayed by his Sister, Amor tries to kill Koga but the seed planted before has sprouted and true darkness has arisen.

  • With Mars gone, Medea's final plan can finally start as her brother comes to finish off Koga and Eden.

  • Can Eden and Koga defeat the God of War, Mars whose power has surpassed Athena's?

  • Koga finally confronts Mars and before their battle reaches the peak, Eden steps in and Mars tell him how he became the war god.

  • Now that Koga has given himself to the dark side, will his friends be able to stop him and the Four Kings of Mars?

  • Koga is given a choice; remain in the light and watch his friends die or accept the darkness.

  • Ionia fights for his love of Athena and Koga fights for Saori.

  • Tokisada's cosmo has been heightened thanks to the being at the end of time. Haruto and Ryuho don't stand a chance against a powered up Tokisada.

  • Sonia has been given a Gold Cloth to fulfill her duty to Mars; Soma intendeds to fight her one on one to end things once and for all.

  • A battle between Gold Saints is said to be a battle of a thousand days, a fight that always end in a stalemate! The fight between Aquarius and Libra Genbu will rock the young Saints to their very core.

  • As Eden steps in to fight Virgo Fudo the other Saints take this opportunity to continue ahead to next battle against a Saint that Haruto has history with.

  • The Saints are together again but they are pitted against a Gold Saint that can defeat them without the need of his cloth.

  • Leo Mycenae thinks back to the time of Mars rise to power as he fights against two losing bronze. Mycenae's determination wavers as Eden comes to terms to what he must do.

  • Eden continues to mourn over Aria while Mars's forces see this as a sign of weakness. Leo Mycenae steps in and says he will train Eden.

  • It's the final battle in the House of Cancer as Yuna and Koga are sent to the gates of Hades by a Gold Saint. Badly wounded from their previous fights, will they be able to awaken to the Seventh Sense in time?

  • The secret to Paradox strength is revealed leaving Ryuho confused and Koga knocked out. Paradox love is what keeping Ryuho alive for now…

  • As Koga continues his fight against Taurus, Yuna must challenge Cancer Schiller who unique abilities will have her fight against those she cares for.

  • Ryuho has landed at the house of Gemini; he is escorted by a squirrel to a mysterious garden. There he meets the Gold Saint, Paradox, that doesn't want to fight, but just want love.

  • Taurus Harbinger, a Gold Saint who enjoys only hearing the sounds of the opponents bones break. With Koga down, his next 4 challengers will become a symphony of pain.

  • With the last of her strength, Aria saved her friends and sent them to an unexpected place. While there they meet come across an unexpected Saint.

  • A look back on the rise of Mars and the fall of the Saints.

  • Eden, Aria, and Koga have fought through their nightmares and won. Mars is furious and has appeared before the Saints to take what is his.

  • Sonia and Soma must face their past dealing with the death of Southern Cross Kazuma. Eden, Koga, and Aria face a much more difficult trial.

  • Ryuho, Haruto, and Yuna must face their regrets if they are to escape from darkness.

  • Shina-san has joined the team to help recover the Thunder Core, but first she must tell Koga and Aria of their true past.

  • The saints come together to attack Mars castle in hopes of rescuing Aria.

  • Koga has a battle with a mysterious man inside a cave. Eden tries to understand why Aria left him and the world he is wants to build for her.

  • With Sonia hurt, Eden has reached his tipping point and he will bring back Aria. Can Koga and Yuna stop the son of Mars?

  • The team continues onward toward the water pillar where they meet up with Ryuho?s parents and the legendary Dragon Shiryu.

  • A brief stop in Soma?s hometown is met with cheers and impromptu parties celebrating his arrival. But when he meets the person responsible for his father?s death, a new side of Soma explodes.

  • After finally making it across the ocean Koga and his team run into Raki, who has a special power and a unique job.

  • The next core is beyond the ocean and the Saints have lost their money. Are Saints allowed to have job?

  • Hydra Ichi has caught up to the bronze saints after their battle at Yuna?s hometown. He is there to help him but something doesn't seem right.

  • A trip to Yuna?s homeland has brought back old memories that she has never shared with anyone. And the next Saint sent to stop them is her old mentor.

  • The Silver Saint Hound Miguel has caught up to Koga , Aria, and Yuna. Koga has told Yuna and Aria to continue while he lured Miguel away. Can he really defeat a Silver Saint alone?

  • The Bonze Saints have been labeled traitors and have kidnapped Athena. Mars sends his daughter and two Silver Saints to kill the traitors.

  • After Koga and his friends escape from Palaestra, an impatient Koga decides to head straight to the Sanctuary to find Athena and rescue the mysterious girl. Can 5 young warriors go head to head against a Gold Saint loyal to Mars?

  • Trapped in a cell beneath the school, Koga meets a forgotten Saint. By working together they are able to break out of the jail cell, but the darkness has covered everything. Will Koga be able to save his friends and who is the mysterious girl pretending to be Athena?

  • After a rough win, Koga has a renewed vigor to win the tournament, but his next opponent might be his toughest. Yuna has her next match against the water element user, Delphinus Guney and the stage is set to his favor.

  • The fights are starting and the Saints are prepping, except for Koga. His focus is only toward beating Orion Eden and winning the tournament. His first opponent, Circinus Hook., gives Koga some prophetic advice

  • While attempting to leave the Palaestra, Koga is stopped by an unknown student. The next morning the students cheer as Riyuho, the wearer of the Dragon cloth has returned. Riyuho is adored by students and faculty alike, but there is a tension between him and Koga.

  • After recovering from his battle with Mars, Koga has decided to leave to find Athena. Early into his trip, he meets a fellow Saint, who quickly teaches Koga, that he has more to learn.

  • From the age of myths to the present day, whenever the earth is endangered by evil, the Saints have appeared to save it. Wearing holy armor called "Cloth", they have protected the goddess that rules over this world, Athena. The legends of the Pegasus Seiya, a Saint who saved Athena many times, have been told for generations. Many years have passed, and the God of war, Mars, who was sealed by Seiya, is about to revive. Meanwhile, a boy whose life was saved by Seiya years ago, is being raised by Athena and Saori to become a Saint and fight in the coming battle. When the power within him awakens, a new legend of the Saints begins!

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